Remo Drive at Union Transfer - Show Review

Photographer: Josh Fewtrell

Photographer: Josh Fewtrell

The entire week prior, I didn’t know what to expect when seeing Remo Drive at Union Transfer here in Philadelphia, PA other than just wanting to have a blast with everyone else in the room. I was more than excited after listening to their newly released album, Natural Everyday Degradation, and to be able to experience Remo Drive up close & personal!

Photographer: Josh Fewtrell

Photographer: Josh Fewtrell

Once I got to the show I was immediately aware of how loved this new release is by their fans, packing the floor from front to back with an immense amount of excitement. They were jumping up and down before the music had even started - I was excited.

Slow Bullet & Slow Pulp were the first two bands that played and they were more than impressive. The crowd gave all the love that they could spare for them, the excitement only building as time went on. Slow Bullet & Slow Pulp kept the attention of those packed in the room, and sincerely set the tone for the rest of the night.

As Remo began setting their equipment up, you could hear the cheers and the excitement from the audience building up as each of the members stepped out on to the stage. Their presence seemed mesmerizing before they even started to play, which carried on to their opening song off of their last album, Greatest Hits. The first riff began and the audience went into a frenzy.

Photographer: Josh Fewtrell

Photographer: Josh Fewtrell

Once again, Remo’s high-energy showmanship had blasted off the performance. Their brand of high energy indie garage-punk continues to electrify the room, significantly improving and packing rooms with each passthrough in our wonderful city. You will find the dates for the rest of their tour on their website, as well as where you can check out the new album.

I highly recommend it!

Show Radar - Innerout Farewell Show October 6th


This one is for our friends down south - a show you definitely don’t want to miss! October 6th rings in the end of a tiny era for Innerout. The group is ringing out their noisy four year reign with a show in Charleston this Saturday! With the end in sight, the band has much to celebrate including their most recent 2-track EP, Sandcastles.

Go big or go home, as the kids say.

Joining them for this going away party are locals Cherry Blossom & Se’nam Palmer - big hitters down south. While the three locals are sure to bring a huge draw to this Charleston event, NY locals DRUSE, and Florida natives Gillian Carter stabilize this stack lineup.

With doors for The Purple Buffalo open up at 7:30PM, and if you’re in or around Charleston, South Carolina this is a show you definitely don’t want to miss. Check out the Facebook Event for more info about pricing - we’ve included everyone’s Bandcamp so no excuses not to yell some songs this Saturday night!

Stay tuned for more shows coming up!

Show Radar - Burned Out Still Glowing At The Barbary

This weekend “South Jersadelphia” band Burned Out Still Growing will be playing at The Barbary, opening up for Endless Taile.

While “South Jersadelphia” seems like a ridiculous, made up location, the band states that “it truly explains where the inspiration behind their music comes from” as they mix “smart guitar-driven indie rock and smart songwriting” to create a sound that sets them apart from the rest.

This show also features blues/groove/rock trio Endless Taile, touring “Rock 'N' Roll” band from Nashville, TN Sound & Shape, and the Philadelphia-based political power pop group I Am Not The Universe. Basically, an eclectic mix of bar faring genres that’ll get you moving as you down one or ten drinks to wrap up the weekend.

The show takes place Sunday, May 21, 2017 at The Barbary, located in the FIshtown section of Philadelphia. The cost of entry is $8 advance(which can be purchased online here) or $10 at the door. Doors at 7:00, show starts at 7:25. Check it out if you’re in you’re in the area and hungry for some solid live music this weekend!

Burned Out Still Glowing: Facebook