PA Band To Follow - Serencia


Serencia is a sweet little project that stems from Lancaster, PA, and we can't stop listening!

The project was born with the collaborative effort of Derek Paris Frantz and Lily Eckman! While mostly an acoustic, singer/songwriter group - Serencia is constantly working on covers and creating! They recently released a brand new EP, A Leap Of Faith, A Violent Shove as well.

The 14-track album is a beautiful, tender, and warm hearted experience that touches upon aspects of folk, indie, and classic singer/songwriter fundamentals. Serencia recently put out a music video for their track off the album, "There She Goes," so check it out below!

Serencia has been busy since the spring, with the release of their new album, as well as a myriad of shows and small tours, they've been going out and making sure they're getting heard! We're adding them to The Hook's featured artists because Serencia are bringing out a quiet, but provocative sound that you definitely don't want to miss.

Here is one of our favorite tracks off of the new album, "Feels Like This" below via Bandcamp!

The mysticism of Serencia is captivating, and this track specifically feels so, so well rounded and tender. I want to hold it in my hands and listen to it like a shell. Does that make sense? Listen to it until it does.

Check out Serencia's social media for amazing covers of some of your favorite bands, as well as their own original music! You can catch up on tour dates and the new EP as well, and The Hook definitely approves!

Serencia: Facebook // Soundcloud

PA Artist To Follow - Overwinter

We've been busy listening to new music and going to shows, so it's safe to say we've been slacking in featuring amazing music that we've been hearing. But who better to make this comeback with than Philadelphia native, Sarah Ponton, otherwise known as Overwinter.

Overwinter is a singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from right here in Philadelphia, PA who has been hard at work being heard, and thank goodness we're hearing it. Inspired by Motown and soul, as well as modern indie electronic, Overwinter crafts melodies driven by deep emotions and trials. She has performed live at PVD Festival in Providence, RI, and regularly performs in the Philadelphia area.

An impressive repertoire for Overwinter, and her sound fits in a perfect loop of what is exciting about contemporary indie electronic music, with clear influences from aforementioned soul and Motown. Check out the original track off of Overwinter's Demo, "Not Mine," streaming via Soundcloud below!

Overwinter's sweet, provocative voice is captivating and exciting especially in a genre that is really on an interesting come up. The Philadelphia native has been busy playing shows in basements as well as venues, including one of The Hook's most recent showcases! 

When we asked Sarah of Overwinter what inspired her to make music, her response was the reason we all make art, "I started in music when I was four, when I picked up the violin. It's been my instinct ever since, to just play. It's also a great catharsis for all my stress and struggles that I deal with on a daily basis."

We couldn't agree more on that, and with electronic indie & singer/songwriter coming together in Overwinter, you're in for a treat. As of right now, Overwinter has plenty of instrumental demos as well as a few cover songs and original demos available to stream on Soundcloud, so you should check that out.

If you're into Overwinter (like we are) we hope you check out her social media accounts to keep up with upcoming shows and releases. You don't want to miss this one!

Overwinter: Facebook // Soundcloud

Singer/Songwriter To Follow - Luca Di Fabio

I met Luca in a tiny apartment somewhere in Brooklyn at a self-proclaimed acoustic show back in May.

It was literally just people with guitars singing in the living room on this street that reminded me a lot of Philly, but it was definitely Brooklyn. It was raining when we met, and almost 9PM. I had to drive back home to Jersey that night.

I was excited to be there, though. I only knew Nick & Seth (from Semiotics) were there, so I took a chance and went even though I didn't know a single person. Anyway, I met Luca and a few other people - we started talking about The Hook and the difference between blogs, and musicians who spend the little money they make hiring publicists and the like.

I didn't know Luca was going to be playing. He looked like an artist, of course - but, I try not to make assumptions. That was until Luca got up to play and absolutely blew me away with his talent and voice and overall presence.

Luca Di Fabio was born in a small village in Italy, discovering his passion for music at a young age - just 8 years old when he started playing piano. Luca told me that he spent few years studying classical music, until the age of 14 when he fell in love with rock music. He say it was then that he "decided to grab a guitar and learn how to play it." Thank goodness for that.

At 16 Luca began taking lessons from a jazz guitarist, and he says "there was something very fascinating about jazz music that made me eager to learn as much as possible about it, so I dove right into it."

Luca then decided to move to London to pursue his dream of living in the country that gave birth to his absolute hero: Freddie Mercury. In London he spent a bunch of time gigging and building a fan base. He even entered a busking competition called “Gigs Big Busk” that saw over a thousand of aspiring buskers competing for a busking license and he was picked as one of the 6 finalists!

Luca recently decided to leave the UK to move in New York City, where he's pursuing his musical education at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary music - and now Luca is headed around the globe, currently in Japan playing music!

But, as I was saying earlier about Luca absolutely killing it - he recently released his debut album entitled The Liberty to Philosophise back in May, which is available for sale and streaming in all the major digital platforms which we'll have for you below!

Anyway, definitely check out Luca Di Fabio, who's voice absolutely melts this stone cold heart. You're missing out if you don't!

And as always, check out the links below for more!

Luca Di Fabio: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud
The Liberty To Philosophise: iTunes // Bandcamp // Spotify


Philly Singer To Follow - Curtis Cooper

Album Art: Abi Reimold

Album Art: Abi Reimold

I first heard Curtis Cooper sing and play while at a Bernie Sanders support show, somewhere in North Philly - close to Temple. 

My friend Lauren and I were there to see Weatherhead (you know them, we talk about them all the time), but we were excited to see where the night would bring us. I'm pretty much brand new to the local scene in Philadelphia. In the garage, dudes in bands walked around moving instruments and lights, tested out their sound.

I remember being very cold, but huddled next to other people who look like me and like music like me, excited to see what this garage show could offer up. Enter in Curtis Cooper - singer/songwriter originally from Philadelphia, PA. He didn't introduce himself, he just began playing and I can remember thinking, "Ok, this is a good start."

Imagine Neutral Milk Hotel vibes had a baby with Elliot Smith, they call it Radiohead, or Bright Eyes. Forget how time works and just imagine that.

Originally from South Philly, Curtis Cooper began playing music when he was extremely young, influenced by his Father - guitar, cello, piano & choir. He attended Paul Green's School Of Rock, a place where he (at 13, mind you) was able to get into a lot of Classic Rock, something that fueled his drive to continue on with music, and especially guitar. Curtis explained to me that he hadn't played in many bands growing up, a few in High School with monickers like "The Stretchmarks," or "Don't Get Caught." Curtis explained it as a sort of thing he fooled around with - up until recently.

It wasn't until about a year ago that Curtis Cooper says he felt he became serious about music. It was at this time that he decided to really throw himself into the Curtis Cooper Project. To do this, Curtis took some old songs he had written (after wondering why he had never wanted to focus on making music he really felt for) and hit up some contacts to help him create his album including Scott Stitzer (drums, production), Jack Zaferes (Bass), Morgane Fouse (Ganou) (vocals on two tracks), and Nick Barnes (engineering). 

With the help from his fellow artists, Curtis Cooper was able to get Laughing In Line completed. The debut album includes 9 tracks, all written and created by Curtis - of course with the help of his collection of artistic minds also. Laughing In Line was the beginning of shows for Cooper - it garnered attraction, and he expressed to me in a recent interview, "I was able to play my songs, and I really just started doing this way more recently than I should have."

I would have to agree with Curtis on that sentiment. Laughing In Line is such a sincere and cathartic album which creates and utilizes sound to experience emotion with the listener. While the actual instrumental basis of Cooper's music is generally more upbeat and quickly paced, it is also deceiving in using it's ability to hide the fragility and sincerity of lyrical and vocal emotional movements - but, we'll talk about that more in our album review!

It would seem that the local Philly singer/songwriter/musician is on a brand new path. One that got me excited to look him up when I saw him play, to play the album at least once a day. It also seems to be one that seems to excite Curtis Cooper with endless possibilities as well - with talks of a second album to come!

The Hook will be following Curtis Cooper for as long as he'll let us! We'll have a review of Laughing In Line coming soon, as well as an exclusive interview with Curtis detailing his beginnings, his goals, his dream meal, and politics.

Laughing In Line is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and iTunes so there isn't any reason you shouldn't be checking this guy out.

Stay tuned for more on the impressive Philadelphia born & raised, Curtis Cooper - and for more on him and what he is up to (or anything I talked about in this article) check out his social media below to compliment him or suggest different ways to cook potatoes!

Curtis Cooper: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud