IL Musician To Follow - Jordanna

Photography:  Keeley Parenteau

Photography: Keeley Parenteau

Up north in Chicago, Illinois there’s a flowed humming sailing through the city wind - an illustrious bounce & hustle to the melody of Jordanna’s latest track, “Eu Quero Você,” and we’ve got it streaming right here for you to listen to!

Check it out below!

The windy city’s talented songstress, Hayley Jordanna (Jordanna) has been making soulful waves in her town with their recent EP release, Sweet Tooth, and boy is it sweet! With track titles like “Sugar,” and “I’m Your Girl,” Jordanna is bringing a honeyed take on some soulful blues with this 5-track dreamboat of an EP.

Jordanna’s newest installment of Chicago bliss is most emblazoned in aforementioned single, “Eu Quero Você.” This translates to “I Want You” and the song certainly lives up to its yearning, lustful title. Pressing play on this song feels like being invited back to someone’s place for red wine, dropping the needle, and letting the night unfold. Shrill & tender harmonies open the song up with a replying saxophone twiddling. The verse settles in with the promise that her lover’s secrets will be kept in a place of care & comfort - and we believe it.

“Eu Quero Você” tells the story we’ve all heard before; one lovers will never get tired of hearing. There’s something precise & intimate about love affairs, simply getting passionate with someone else, it’s all natural. I know Jordanna’s new jam will inspire the passion in all of us - so, we hope you check it out above!

You can find Jordanna on all of the usual suspect social media outlets, and we think you should - so we’ve got them all here for you!

Jordanna: Website // Facebook

Philly Band To Follow - Dear Friend

Philadelphia continues to grace The Hook with superb music, with a local scene that's out of this world, it's no wonder that we're adding Dear Friend to one of our newest local features - and sincere new summer faves!

Dear Friend is relatively new, but the four piece isn't shy when it comes to music. The band is centered around singer-songwriter Kenny Luu, and includes Julia Rainer (guitar & backing vocals), Will Wright (bass), and Branden King (drums). With a talented and driven group coming together, all of which have current backgrounds/side projects in the scene, Dear Friend has the opportunity to prove themselves to be a really stellar up & coming band!

And here at The Hook, we're really super stoked about it.

The Philly rock band is a really nice blend of music - maybe Weezer, or The Pixies. Dear Friend just put out their debut full-length, self-titled album - which impressively boasts 10-tracks. A self described "fuzzy, surf-y, pop-y, punk-y" sound of music, and we're going with that because they're totally right.

Their brand of music is refreshingly fun, with what seems to be more punk/shoegaze inspired instrumental work, and an indie/pop vocal to set up for this really interesting exchange! This is us saying you should check it out.

Check out the track-list below, and check back here for a review of the album soon!

Dear Friend Tracklist:
1. Fall Asleep
2. Friends Are Gone
3. Patient With Me
4. Hope You Know
5. On Our Own
6. The Sun
7. In My Mind
8. Wake Up
9. Hardly Ever Right
10. Want You To Stay

While Dear Friend is still really new (we said that) they've already made sure to spend their summer playing a ton of shows in and around Philly. They also have plenty of stuff planned for the fall including a music video, and an album release show (we hope we're invited) and honestly, Dear Friend is a really cool and different sound then what we've previously looked at!

The cool people at Dear Friend have a show planned for September 24th at Ortliebs, but we're sure they'll be playing more before then - especially with recent appearances at Indie Fest in Wildwood, NJ, or at Boot And Saddle opening for Prism Tats!

We're excited for what's to come, so keep posted here for more on Dear Friend!

Otherwise, you know the drill. Send them a meme, bake them a cake, wave from the other side of the street! Social media links below!

Dear Friend: Facebook // Bandcamp

Singer/Songwriter To Follow - Luca Di Fabio

I met Luca in a tiny apartment somewhere in Brooklyn at a self-proclaimed acoustic show back in May.

It was literally just people with guitars singing in the living room on this street that reminded me a lot of Philly, but it was definitely Brooklyn. It was raining when we met, and almost 9PM. I had to drive back home to Jersey that night.

I was excited to be there, though. I only knew Nick & Seth (from Semiotics) were there, so I took a chance and went even though I didn't know a single person. Anyway, I met Luca and a few other people - we started talking about The Hook and the difference between blogs, and musicians who spend the little money they make hiring publicists and the like.

I didn't know Luca was going to be playing. He looked like an artist, of course - but, I try not to make assumptions. That was until Luca got up to play and absolutely blew me away with his talent and voice and overall presence.

Luca Di Fabio was born in a small village in Italy, discovering his passion for music at a young age - just 8 years old when he started playing piano. Luca told me that he spent few years studying classical music, until the age of 14 when he fell in love with rock music. He say it was then that he "decided to grab a guitar and learn how to play it." Thank goodness for that.

At 16 Luca began taking lessons from a jazz guitarist, and he says "there was something very fascinating about jazz music that made me eager to learn as much as possible about it, so I dove right into it."

Luca then decided to move to London to pursue his dream of living in the country that gave birth to his absolute hero: Freddie Mercury. In London he spent a bunch of time gigging and building a fan base. He even entered a busking competition called “Gigs Big Busk” that saw over a thousand of aspiring buskers competing for a busking license and he was picked as one of the 6 finalists!

Luca recently decided to leave the UK to move in New York City, where he's pursuing his musical education at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary music - and now Luca is headed around the globe, currently in Japan playing music!

But, as I was saying earlier about Luca absolutely killing it - he recently released his debut album entitled The Liberty to Philosophise back in May, which is available for sale and streaming in all the major digital platforms which we'll have for you below!

Anyway, definitely check out Luca Di Fabio, who's voice absolutely melts this stone cold heart. You're missing out if you don't!

And as always, check out the links below for more!

Luca Di Fabio: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud
The Liberty To Philosophise: iTunes // Bandcamp // Spotify