NH Band To Follow - The City View

My favorite kind of music is the kind of music you aren't looking for, the kind of music that pops up in the background of some place else, so absent minded it's like you made it up in your head. The City View was just the band I wasn't looking for - and I'm so glad I found them.

Let me back track to the beginning.

The Hook throws shows, you guys know this, we do it once a month all around in the tri-state area. I had put together a show at The Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ - the band I manage WAYNOWAY offered up The CIty View as a last minute replacement for a band who had dropped or something like that - a band who was willing to drive 6+ hours each way to play my Wednesday night show.

Of course, I was stoked to have a full bill and everything was going to be going great! That's not how the story turned out, and that show was one of the worst I had ever put together, but hey you win some and lose some, but I think in this instance I definitely won.

The City View played last, and as I stood, tired and wet and cold in this venue not meant for us, I listened to the pure ethereal static that filled the room. I was standing still in this moment that felt so perfect - the kind of music I had been trying to find for years, so deep seeded in my brain I don't even know I'm looking for it.

The City View are still working on finalizing a collection of music - but, I couldn't be more excited for that day. Until then, The City View has a few singles on their Bandcamp to show off that dreamy bedroom pop sound that I've just fallen in love with - one that uses traditional instrumental sound, guitar, bass and drums - while also exploring how to manipulate noise with electronic technology.

Honestly when I saw them I was just so fascinated by the performance and the ability to incorporate all of these different elements to create a sound that mimicked early 2000's bedroom/electronic pop, but was modern and exciting.

Anyway, if I haven't turned you on to The City View, I've got a few bandcamp links streaming for you to check out - and definitely do listen for yourself. In the meantime, while I impatiently wait for TCV to put out new music (so I can fangirl some more), check out their social media! Give them a like, tell them why you also are now in love with them, eat a cookie near them, you know the drill.

The City View: Bandcamp // Facebook

NJ Band To Follow - As Astronauts

The NJ music scene has a lot to offer these days, and As Astronauts is a stellar example to get excited about.

Southern NJ locals, Ryan Donahue (Vocals), and Jimmy Taylor (Guitar) created As Astronauts in 2012 as a way to fulfill their desire to write music, and that was with zero boundaries in their way! This then allowed for the creation of an eclectic blend of Pop-Punk, Post-Hardcore, and Electronica. Sounds they have managed to build on to create a sound that turns heads.

Enter in the rest of the guys, Dan Birch (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Sean Alpaugh (Bass), and Sean Cahill (Drums) to complete As Astronauts as an impressive quintet.

As Astronauts is powered by Ryan’s high tenor, cathartic and tender lyrics, Dan and Jimmy’s technical, methodical guitar work, and a super precise and tight rhythm section powered by “The Seans”, as well as perfectly placed electronics. The band has been making huge, distinct progressions, which has allowed them to make a name for themselves since their creation. They've spent their time busy, releasing numerous singles and an EP over the past 5 years.

Meanwhile, their most recent single “Love Like Arson,” was made available in November! You can check the Soundcloud stream of "Love Like Arson" out below!

However, some of my favorite work from As Astronauts is their 2014 EP, Everything The Light Touches! Which is cultivating a pop-punk style with the same heavy hitting instrumentals as newer work! You can listen to Everything The Light Touches on their bandcamp below!

Dan Birch said this on where the band is going, "The band continues to push forward and evolve their sound in big ways. With a wide array of influences coming from each member, it’s difficult to determine where their sound will go next."

And we agree it may be difficult, but here at The Hook, we're excited to see where As Astronauts are going and what they have planned for listeners! We're here to follow them every step of the way!

For more information on As Astronauts and where you can heckle them about how awesome they are, check out their social media below!

As Astronauts: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud