Bo Mason Wants You to Evolve

Taking a look back at 2016, it truly was "the year about just realizing stuff...", as uttered through the voice of our generation's augmented lips. While many took this insightful quote as a confirmation of all the bad that transpired throughout the year, some let these words sink in a lil deeper...planting the seeds for inspiration. 

I look at this idea of "realizing stuff" as one's realization of their own true potential...however, it is then up to you to harness said potential, to come into your own and manifest what ever it is you desire. But how do you do this? Let's take a look at one of my best mates, Bo Mason, who is doing just that through the power of Twitter.

After receiving a lukewarm amount of hits on his debut LP, Doves In the Valley of the Shadows, Bo, a vocalist based out of Jersey City, NJ, took it upon himself to turn it up a couple notches. He was able to jump from a Soundcloud stream count of 50 up to (as of this writing) 240k+ in less than a month. How? It all started with this fateful tweet:

Shortly after posting the father-son blood pact, the tweet took off. People began to listen, they began to share and before long, the tweet transcended Twitter, appearing on various social media outlets. More and more people tuned in to hear Bo Mason - who is he? Some Soundcloud rapper? Why doesn't he just get a job? Why does he need to be freed? Is his music even worth listening to? Well, as recent history (and my personal bias) has shown, it very much is worth a listen(s).

After a few weeks of heavy RT'ing and steadily increasing Soundcloud streams, outspoken Canadian DJ, deadmau5 caught wind of the mysterious Bo Mason. He must have been impressed with what he heard, for he took to Reddit to let everyone know that if Bo hits a benchmark of 1 million streams, Mr. Mau5 himself will fly Bo out to mau5trap and co-produce an album with him. Wait, what? Yeah. Check out the post below:

So what happens next for Bo Mason? Only time will tell. As of deadmau5's endorsement, Bo's Soundcloud, which was already on fire, is seeing even more traffic...his album having jumped from 160k to 240k+ streams in a matter of days. deadmau5 even did a live stream of himself re-mixing "Drifting", a track off Doves, on his twitch needless to say, it's been a very interesting start to 2017 for Bo.

So what can we take away from this story? Are you to draft an agreement with one of your parents whenever you need to push your music? No. But you are to have faith. Faith in yourself and your ability. Have faith in your ability to create something undeniable. Something true. Something that resonates with you. Then what? You run with it. You take something you believe in wholeheartedly and you share it with many people as you can. You realize your potential, you harness it and thus, you manifest your desires...and evolve. You create the reality in which you wish to exist in. Bo's doing it. Why aren't you?

So if you're feeling inspired or if you just want to hear what all the hullaballoo is about, you best start streaming Doves in the Valley of the Shadows below:

After replaying the album 700 times, you can keep up with Bo's journey via his social media below!

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