NJ Band To Follow - WAYNOWAY

As someone who has grown up surrounded by the ocean, living in Philadelphia has been a bit of a climate change for me. I exchanged sand and surf for city streets and apartment buildings - and while I love my life in Philadelphia, I do miss home, the ocean, and the people who encompassed all of those things, too.

Enter in Waynoway, born in the vintage boardwalk empire of Asbury Park, Waynoway has struck a chord within me that makes me excited for their future in the scene! The 4 piece has only been around for a short amount of time, but they've made sure to keep busy by playing shows in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania; as well as releasing an EP in spring of last year.

Waynoway released their EP, Who Will Pet My Dog When I Die, in May of 2016. The four track EP is one of my most favorite EP's since - a collection of smooth, surf-y vocals, contrasted by the quick, melodic instrumental background to create this perfect, consistent rhythm and sound. Check out the EP tracklist below, and check back soon for a review of Who Will Pet My Dog When I Die, too!

Who Will Pet My Dog When I Die:
1. Did You Leave?
2. Escape
3. I Don't Love You (At All)
4. I'll Be Okay





Let's get to some specifics: the four piece consists of Matt Bilbao, Thomas Louis, Alex Costantino, and Justin Genzo. They're in the studio, writing and working on putting out more music, which makes us here at The Hook excited to see what Waynoway has to offer for the future! Let's get more ethereal grooves bathed in salty, ocean waters. 

Of course, I can't say for sure, but I do think it's going to be great. I do know that the NJ locals will be heading to Philly to play at The Pharmacy on February 17th for a PAWs benefit show which you can check out the event for here.

Otherwise, check out out their social media to always keep up to date on what's happening with Waynoway! Ask them about their dog, Cloud, about their favorite food, or what meme fancies their style this month.

WAYNOWAY: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter