CA Band To Follow - Crooked Teeth

Photography:  Ashly Nicole

Photography: Ashly Nicole

Crooked Teeth is one of the newest bands we've been into, but their freshness doesn't take away from the pure sound that they create - and we're adding them to The Hook's most watched band list!

Out of San Francisco, California, Crooked Teeth claim to be a "a cocktail of all of [our] favorite elements from (but not limited to) Emo, Pop, Punk rock, Pop punk and Alt Rock." Take it from us, Crooked Teeth is a gratifying collection of eclectic music. Not to mention, Crooked Teeth has spent the entirety of their short existence making sure that their resumé is nothing short of impressive. Having shared the stage with acts like Have Mercy, Cute Is What We Aim For, and This Wild Life, as well as having played for Common Ground Fest Wests Festival, and Emo Night LA.

And for all of these really cool accomplishments, we were even more surprised to find that Crooked Teeth is only a three piece comprised of Tyson Evans (Vox/Bass), Adam Miranda (Guitar) and Adam Galindo (Drums).

Photography:  Ashly Nicole

Photography: Ashly Nicole

According to Crooked Teeth, "The project was started out of a desire to not really have any limitations as far as sound or one particular genre association. The band was put together within six months of the completion of the debut EP, Out Here, A Lone. Adam Miranda (Guitar) ended up printing some shirts for me (Tyson), and I sent him the songs with no objective, which was when he reached out to play and invited his friend (now also mine) Adam Galindo of Strife to hop in on drums."

A band with a plan is what we like to see. Out Here, A Lone dropped on May 27th, 2016. It was produced/engineered/mixed by Matt Lang, percussion was done by Andy Rodesney, and finally mastered by Mike Kalijian. The 5-track EP is the perfect little teaser for what (we hope) is to come from Crooked Teeth.

Think about Green Day and Blink 182 for us, then check out their bandcamp to form your own opinion. Otherwise, check out the tracklist below.

Out Here, A Lone Tracklist:
1. Golden Boys
2. F@#k Up
3. Deal
4. Helpless
5. State Lines





Crooked Teeth is a really exciting new venture, and The Hook is on for the ride. In regards to their future and current goals, Crooked Teeth had this to say, "The project is still relatively fresh and we are just getting our feet wet under this new name and identity. Ultimately, our goals are to shred really fucking hard, have a kick ass time doing so, and write jams that we would want to turn up loud."

In the meantime, check out Crooked Teeth's social media plugs below, and stay tuned with this up & coming band.

Crooked Teeth: Facebook // Bandcamp