PA Band To Follow- Carried Away

Pennsylvania, and Philly specifically, has been a hotbed for the turn-of-the-century punk music- which is focused on being energetic, honest, and inviting to listeners of all kinds. Though it is more widespread, it seems to have diluted in a sense.

This is not to say it's gotten worse, but it HAS lost a great deal of the bite that punk music of old so furiously held on to, capitalizing further on quirky personal flares and cleverly satirical writing and only occasionally getting rougher than the roughest Title Fight song. Think phenomenal bands like Hop Along, Ex Friends, and Radiator Hospital. Great punk, but not tooth-kicking-in punk. Few bands have found a home in the harder parts of punk, but bands like Philly's own Soul Glo have remained true to the piss-and-vinegar rawness. 

They aren't alone, though, as Bucks County has spawned a no-frills, all-thrills, Hook-Approved hardcore punk act by the name of Carried Away. Having come together early last year, this band has a raw spirit that is set to get heads a-banging, arms and legs a-swinging, and ears a-ringing.

Check out their song "Let It Go" below for a taste.

Seriously, this band is harsh. It builds on the blistering assault of bands like Righteous Jams, Desperate Measures, Cro-Mags, and Mother Of Mercy, staying stompy and steady to create a sense of crushing heaviness that would make any Hatebreed fan shed a tear of pride. All you need to do is listen to the band's demo, Common Case Of STFU, and you'll understand. Released in June, the demo showcases all the unhinged menace that is Carried Away.

Common Case Tracklist:
1. Let It Go
2. Don't Look
3. Unabashed

4. Never Enough
5. Memories

Each one of these five songs will have listeners begging for more.

When a band comes around and captures the essence of hardcore punk in its full breadth, you know shit's serious. Furthermore, vocalist Mitch Koehler dominates the tracks, asserting himself to the forefront to express just how much everything pisses him off (and we've got news for you: it's a lot). One only needs to hear the beginning of "Never Enough" or the end of "Don't Look" to understand where this dude is coming from. Moments like this set the band up to elevate the current scene, because while many a punk act maintains the attitude, these boys are more than happy to bring the aggression to boot. 

You can pick up this demo at their Bandcamp, and be sure to follow them on Facebook to see when they'll have shows in the area. Here's hoping they'll come through Philly soon! Until then, stay tuned for more punch-drunk punk ear-lovin'. 

Carried Away: Facebook // Bandcamp