NJ Band To Follow - Circadian Frequency

Circadian Frequency joins the growing list of NJ bands that you should definitely be checking out, and The Hook welcomes Circadian Frequency as another Hook Approved band - one that is exploring music, concept, and story-telling all in one!

Circadian Frequency includes members Eric Sheffler (Bass), Josh Fagan (Drums), and Tom Bair (Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics, Recording, Mixing & Artwork), and describe themselves as progressive punk "power trio." We'd say very progressive, and very old school punk.

2012 was the year of Circadian Frequency, a project that came after frontman/guitarist Tom Bair started an idea that included only artwork and lyrics, at the time. Bair transformed his idea first into a “travel-log narration” which included segments similar to chapters; and these “entries” were inspired by the process of transformation, and in Bair’s words, “the writing became a planned escape route from a failing marriage.” Of course, Bair couldn’t do this alone – he soon teamed up with childhood friend and drummer, Josh Fagan. The pair, however, would have struggles ahead of them, especially trying to find a bassist to fit their sub-genre blending style. 

According to the band the struggle and endless search caused a “metaphoric revelation” that a band is similar to that of a ship’s crew, an un-ironic metaphoric realization for men trying to encapsulate The Odyssey in music. The eventual inclusion of Eric Scheffler was what gave this “three man crew” the ability to “escape the depths of the basement stagnation, while also documenting their journey to the surface through music and sound!” 

Since their formation, Circadian Frequency has spent their time cultivating music. More specifically, creating music that follows a linear thought pattern, a focus they especially took in writing their version of “Odyssey." The group began this massive conceptual project by patching things together from "cropped recordings of freeform jam sessions, these “sagas” evolved into mutated verse/chorus menageries."

Eventually the concept grew into an actuality: three EP’s. Each EP containing three tracks or “chapters,” self-recorded and released one by one in the order they were discovered. Maybe it's the writer in me, or maybe it's just a really cool idea, but music & story-telling? Are you hooked yet?

ORIGINS began as Volume 1 of the Trilogy. Circadian Frequency handed out 200 copies at local shows. The band states that "Track II, “LIBERATION,” was featured on the very first 502 Philly Rock Compilation released by The Art Is Not Dead Records, in 2013." The compilation allowed Circadian Frequency to enter a new age as a band in the nearby Philly music scene. Thus beginning a marathon of playing and organizing; an impressive 30 shows in their first year all across Philadelphia and Atlantic City.

Pretty impressive.

According to criticism, Circadian’s unique live show gained a reputation that stemmed from their "steampunk appearance, overcomplicated guitar effects, and half-naked cymbal bashing drummer." Nearly two years after their first release, Volume 2 MYTHOS is continuing where ORIGINS left off as planned, and paves the way for their next installment to complete their trilogy.

ORIGINS V. I Tracklist:
I. MUTINY 06:07

Their music is intense story-telling, nearly all tracks coming in over 6 minutes long - true sagas that exist not only within their own listening space, but also the space that their EP exists in, and the space the EP before and after them exist in as well. Circadian Frequency have been creating a universe, and we're ready for exploration.

Of course, Circadian Frequency doesn't allow the listener to be misunderstood - the pride they take in their storytelling spans from social media to social media. Explanations of songs, of wants, of artistic connection are told wherever the band sees fit - making this journey one that is guided, and The Hook is ready to dig in. Later this month we'll have a review up of MYTHOS, and what listeners can expect from that Volume 2 EP.

Until then, though, hopefully we've piqued your interest. Check out Circadian Frequency via the links below, read their stuff, listen to their really good music, tell them about the fish you caught last year. 

Circadian Frequency: Facebook // Bandcamp