NJ Band To Follow - With Sails Ahead

 Photography: Emily Tantuccio

Photography: Emily Tantuccio

There’s nothing like a band from your hometown.

Maybe it’s the connection to living somewhere and wanting to be able to carry that with you, or maybe it’s bragging rights, but whatever it is, it’s always exciting when you know a band from your hometown, added points if that band is also really stinkin’ good.

Enter in With Sails Ahead. The Toms River, NJ-grown, self-proclaimed rock band is definitely that really stinkin’ good band from my hometown that I was talking about, so yeah.

The up & coming five-piece includes Sierra Binondo (vocals), Josef Warner-Reyes (guitar), Santino Costa (guitar), Jaime Martinez (bass) and Andrew Rotundo (drums) to create a really cool, and unique sound. 

A sound that I personally haven’t heard from in the NJ scene – and I’m excited about it. 

With Sails Ahead formed in 2014, without any members except for lead singer, Sierra Binondo. Binondo took on the task of writing and recording music, including Open Letters, the debut EP from the band, created thanks to the help of fellow NJ musicians. It took Sierra two years to complete the band’s line-up with musicians that fit and worked with the specific sound With Sails Ahead was aiming towards. 

Open Letters was the metaphorical "open door" for the building of the band’s core structure. From there, they have been able to put out more music including Open Letters EP (Revisted) in 2016, and their newest addition to their discography, Years In Waiting which was released in June 2016!

To make up for time lost perfecting their sound and member line-up, With Sails Ahead then spent their energy carving their space into the alt-rock NJ scene, playing show after show with bands like Hail The Sun, Worthwhile, Movements, Hotel Books, and In Angels. 

The rising band catches The Hook’s attention because of this impressive stacked show bill experience, their unique sound, and their most recent music, Years In Waiting. This is an EP we’re stoked to be reviewing soon, but also one that blurs defined lines of genre music. The genre-blending EP incites techniques from alt-rock music and hardcore influences, and lyrics to empower.

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios, and Assistant Engineered by Augusto Sanchez. It features 4 tracks that set up the listener for some of those “hardcore influenced” instrumentals mentioned earlier, and the really nice juxtapose of Sierra’s voice to illustrate powerful and empowering lyrics for listeners.

But, we’ll get into that in our future review!

I’m just super stoked on With Sails Ahead and what they can achieve – and maybe that is my hometown pride, or maybe that’s just because With Sails Ahead is accessible, their music is fun and upbeat, instrumentally well done and complete – for their second EP they have jumped leaps and bounds as they continue to establish a name for themselves among their peers and listeners.

We’re hoping they’ve got some cool news in store for us, and until then, check out their social media for more on what’s going on. Otherwise, check back here at The Hook for a future album review! 

We're stoked on it, and you should be too.

Tell them a joke, tweet at them, buy them flowers – you know the drill, links below.

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