NJ Band To Follow - The Fifth Down

There are countless reasons I would defend New Jersey, and I'm adding The Fifth Down to my list.

Self-proclaimed indie-punk group, The Fifth Down, is one of my newest discoveries in the New Jersey local scene - and to be honest, thank goodness. 

After a supposed failed attempt as a Ska band in High School (Ska was in then, right?) the original members, Elias Kotsis (keys/vocals), Bobby Lussier (guitar/vocals), Kyle Murphy (lead vocals/guitar), and Ethan Wagner (bass) were joined by George Ford (drums), Dylan Levine (guitar/vocals) to begin their project in a new direction - of the indie punk variety.

If you're looking for a reference, you can think of bands like The Front Bottoms, Brand New, and The Wonder Years. 

The Fifth Down has been busy! Of course, why wouldn't they be. They're really good. Back in 2013, The Fifth Down released their self-recorded debut EP, A Reason to Celebrate. All of which using material dating as far back as eighth grade. I've listened to the EP, it's pretty rad - you can get it on iTunes. 

They're currently working on their upcoming full-length, More Than Just Your Own Kind. The band says that this LP is focused on "the story of growing out of one’s home to explore more genuine, organic relationships and what is needed to sustain them." More Than Just Your Own Kind will be released on June 3rd, 2016, and you should totally check back on The Hook because we're stoked to be reviewing it!

The Fifth Down also recently just shared their track, "Canada Dry," from More Than Just Your Own Kind! The guys premiered it with SIMGE on May 16th in preparation for the June 3rd release! You can check out "Canada Dry," streaming on Bandcamp, and you can also purchase the track - so you should be doing all of these things, right now.

And from me to you, I've been listening to More Than Just Your Own Kind, and you should be pumped. Obviously, we're going to be talking more about it on our review of the album, but here's a sneak peek: really stellar emotional lyrics, the best track titles I've ever encountered, and a soundtrack that's going to be your summer anthem.

I mean, what I admire most about them is how really relaxed their music feels. It's reminiscent of some of my old favorites, early 2000 jams. Also, there's a song called "Gas Station Sushi," which is gross and great. I don't know, maybe I don't know much about the indie-punk music scene, or I'm just ready for NJ to represent - but The Fifth Down is definitely representing. The Fifth Down is exciting. The Fifth Down and their music has a lifelong fan in me, I'm gonna be real. 

That's right, you heard it here: The Fifth Down is your new windows down, going to the beach, eating pb&j dudes. Listen to them in your backyard (I did), in your car (I did), while eating a banana with peanut butter on it (did that, too) - point is, just check these guys out. 

Check back here for an album review of More Than Just Your Own Kind in June - and a show review later that month as well!

As always, head over to their social media, take a listen to "Canada Dry," tell them your favorite color, why you can't eat pickles anymore - about your experiences with sushi from sketchy places. Just check it!

The Fifth Down: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram