NJ Band To Follow - Halogens


Straight out of Absury Park, NJ, Halogens makes there way on to The Hook's featured locals, and with good reason!

The four piece pop punk outfit consists of Zach Henry (lead vocals and guitar), Charlie Throckmorton (guitar), Tim Wuestneck (bass and vocals), and George Saives (drums). You should be taking notes, as the emo and punk scene gains momentum, Halogens has spent their time cultivating and crafting their own special and individualized space in the movement.

A "semi-serious" effort, you can see also bands like The Front Bottoms, or Sorority Noise. Halogens employs techniques similar to popular and thriving pop-punk and emo bands. However, the members of Halogens are way more fun - we'd say. Maybe I'm just over this sad-boy version of music, or maybe it's just exciting to hear something new, either way Halogens is most definitely getting me there.

The band spent around 5 years as an independent group, self-recording and releasing their music, up until recently! Halogens worked in tandem with Adam Cichocki of Timber Studios to produce their new, self-titled EP! The EP was released via Mayflower Collective and Why Bother Records back in January!

Halogens - EP is most definitely a collection you should be checking out. Made up of 5-tracks, the entire album skillfully employs half-screamed, half-sung lyrics, and an intricate mosaic structure with rhythms - while the members of Halogens then twist that to create a genre bending collection that utilizes and warps punk, alternative and indie into 5 equally creative, fun, and fitting tracks.

Not to mention, we had an opportunity to scope out Halogens recently in NYC - and they're amazing live, too. They bring a ton of energy to the stage, and their years of self-production shows most definitely in their performance.

Halogens is one of the most exciting groups I've had the opportunity to not only write about, but to see play live as well, and I've low-key been recommending them to everyone that I talk about music with because I care about nothing besides good jams and their song "Kitchen Sink," from the EP.

Bottom line, check Halogens out. Their social media is below so you have no reason not to say hey, or tell them a fun story. 

Halogens: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram