NJ Band To Follow - Semiotics

 Photography: Jersey Boy Photo

Photography: Jersey Boy Photo

The tri-state area continues to impress me with its hardworking and supremely talented DIY scene – and Semiotics lives and breathes DIY ethics. 

Budding from New Brunswick, New Jersey, Semiotics has spent the last three years making music, working hard, and throwing endless shows in their basement at self-titled, Naner Manor (see also: The Banana Stand). Enter in members Seth Blissenbach (vocals/guitar), Nick Rapon (vocals/guitar), Kenny Kabigting (Drums), and Kyle “KyBoi”  O’Connor (Bass). End result: Semiotics.

The DIY mentality that Semiotics cultivates means they’re booking their own shows – including shows and weekenders on the east coast, the Midwest, and the North-East! Their live sets feature both vocalists (Rapon and Blissenbach, if you’re not following along) who feed off of one another, exchanging wordy, expressive lyrics and dynamo harmonies that could remind listeners of late 90’s alt rock and Drive Thru Records influenced emo. We’re calling it Sad Boy Alternative (Thanks Taylor), but if you need a genre alt-rock works best.

Semiotics is a bunch of hardworking guys with hardworking music, and they’ve been busy in the scene, for sure! Besides self-booking, the band self-released their second EP, For How, on Halloween 2015! The six tracks were recorded at Barber Shop Studios with Brett Romnes (Drummer/Engineer of I Am The Avalanche.)

For How is the band’s most focused effort to date! Dedicated to Rapon’s late father, Howard, who passed away during the writing process. For How is an expressive, lyrically impressive culmination - available on iTunes and Bandcamp!

Along with all of their shows, self-promoting, and in general awesomeness, the band lives at their home/venue with their best friends and band friends - ROMP (Bad Timing Records), steve. , and girl hands. Which is a pretty rad, and creative set-up.

Meanwhile, Semiotics is still pushing forward! Both singers (Rapon and Blissenbach) are heading out on a 5-day acoustic run in late April/early May. You can check out those dates below to see if you’ll be able to catch them (which you should make time for that.)

They are also planning an all month weekender tour with a new band each Thursday and Sunday in late summer/early fall!

Needless to say, Semiotics is an impressive and talented group that I am stoked to be following – with the added, indefinite support of The Hook and countless local fans and listeners behind them. We’re excited for the future and you can look forward to an interview and an album review of For How on The Hook!

For more on Semiotics, check out their social media! Tell them your favorite color, watch their new music video, admire from afar, whatever you feel good about!

Check it below!

Semiotics: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp