MD Band To Follow - WVNDER

It's been a while since we've been excited about someone new, but Maryland alt-rock quartet, WVNDER has quickly become one of those bands tugging on our heart strings!

The Frederick, Maryland based quartet has beginnings in 2014 with a debut Bandcamp album - a band made up of core members, Andy Cizek (Vocals), Jack Rentschler (Guitar/Vocals), Danny Salsbury (Guitar/Vocals), and Brett Schleicher (Drums) - WVNDER quickly caught the attention of a few important people in the scene, which skyrocketed their short, however impressive career into the blossoming present it currently takes.

WVNDER signed with Boston label, We Are Triumphant - who re-released their debut album in August 2015, and otherwise allowed for an open door to the spotlight WVNDER wanted - and dare we say, deserves. WVNDER, a two year old band, has spent their time making moves, playing shows, affiliating themselves with companies who they hope will better their standing - and as a listener we admire that in a fellow group of artists. 

WVNDER released their full-length sophomore album back in August of 2016, solidifying their seats as a band you should be watching out for. With roots in pop punk, alt-rock, emo punk, WVNDER has transformed themselves with the use of technical musicianship and emotionally driven, cathartic lyricism. 

Precipice follows debut album WVNDER with 12 tracks, and maintains important footholds that WVNDER had established previously - we're thinking of lead singer Andy Cizek's voice that breaks through the wall of instrumental power, and delivers not only the weight of emotion that the lyrics exude, but also ground the listener in a specific moment that transforms each track into separate entities of being.

Check out the tracklist below!

Precipice Tracklist:
1. Afterimage
2. Character Blur
3. The Dark
4. Goodbye
5. Crier
6. Other Worlds
7. Spellbound
8. Limbo (feat. Bradley Walden)
9. Stay Away
10. Come Home
11. Dream Life
12. Bliss

Of course, what upholds Cizek's voice is the backing of powerful, heavier musical technical prowess of Jack Rentschler and Danny Salsbury. The duality of the guitar allows two separate sounds, one that steadies the beat, and another that highlights the working vocals. And, obviously, the importance of drummer Brett Schleicher to hold down each track with the constant beat. 

By definition, a precipice is a very steep rock face or a cliff - and this Precipice feels like the leap into freedom. That was what we, here at The Hook, most enjoyed about WVNDER and Precipice. WVNDER joins the ranks for band's we're watching out for - one that brings back memories of what we loved about pop punk, what we miss about it, and what the scene needs to uplift sometimes tiresome roots.

If you're in the Baltimore area, check out their show on December 8th!

Otherwise, definitely check out WVNDER - they're always up to something, especially really awesome shows, and in the meantime check out Precipice, or take a look at their social media to stay up to date on some really good fuckin' music.

WVNDER: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter