Emily's Top 5 Songs For Feeling Spooky

It’s important to feel spooky during the spooky season - so we’re here to help.

October is a time for many things - pumpkins, ghosts, saying you like scary movies but still having to sleep with your roommate after watching The Conjuring, and the like! We’ve created a playlist that’s sure to make you feel extra creepy crawly as you go about your day!

Gods & Monsters - Lana Del Rey

An oldie, but a goodie. I included this one for two reasons - Lana Del Rey is one spooky ass bitch who I would like to kiss, and also her voice lends itself to spooky season in basically all of her discography, so if you don’t like this song, feel free to choose any other one and it’ll have the same effect. With a cameo in American Horror Story: Freak Show, the spooky levels are confirmed by Hollywood. With Lana’s vintage style & sultry, pepper voice it’s easy to get lost in “Gods & Monsters.”

Holding On - Jenn Champion

This is one of the most recent tracks on the list, having been released earlier this year. The track is indie bliss - and Champion’s voice is eerie and soothing all at once. The track is off of her 2018 album Single Rider, and outlines being in a relationship with someone who definitely isn’t the right fit; and, while unlike any of the other tracks on this spooky list, (because it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with anything spooky), the tracks aesthetic and mood fits in perfectly with this list - plus, feelings are pretty scary, so.

Halloween - Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth is, arguably, always creepy. So, we just straight up chose “Halloween” for this playlist because, ha ha, it says Halloween in the name! Of course, we also chose this song simply because it “slaps” as the kids say. The ethereal, ghost-like sound of Sonic Youth lends itself perfectly to prepping for that Haunted House you’re going to, or prepping for trick or treating with friends.

Cannibal - Ke$ha

An old school classic about eating the hearts of men by our Lord & Savior, Ke$ha. A perfect Halloween bop for getting ready for a party, making out with your ‘BOO’ for the night. We love the empowerment of femme folx, and we love pop so what isn’t there to love about “Cannibal.” The track is an easy listen, and a classic from the “Tik ToK” era - and for feeling spooky, this will get you there!

Rattlin’ Bones - Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Do ya like jazz? Well, we’ve got some spooky jazz for you. We feel it’s important to keep the list as objective as possible, and this rendition of “Rattlin’ Bones” is sure to make you feel some type of spooky way.

We want to give a special shout out to literally any song called “Halloween” and also to everyone who said that the list wasn’t valid unless The Misfits were on it (hah, they aren’t).

Emily's Top 5 Songs For Kissing (Right Now)

It’s no secret that, sometimes, people like to kiss and listen to music. It’s even better when the person you’re kissing likes the music you’re kissing to, but how do you guarantee that mid-pause “wow, this playlist is great” validation you’ve been searching for?

Look no further!

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile 5 songs to add to your Makeout Playlist that are sure to make your boo (or not so boo) go, “wow, let’s kiss even more!” Of course, this list is yours to mix and match with, because we couldn’t give away all of our secrets now can we?

Check it out!

Redbone - Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino has evolved in many ways since his debut as the musical counterpart of Donald Glover. With his first studio album, Camp, Gambino rocketed into stardom with angry, bent out of shape tracks like “Heartbeat” & “Bonfire.” From there, Because The Internet introduced us to Gambino’s more ethereal side - the side that samples tracks and soothes, tracks like “3005” and “IV. Sweatpants.” In 2016, after 3 years without releasing anything substantial and threatening the end of the Childish Gambino era, Awaken, My Love! was released with a mixed bag of reviews. However, “Redbone” was one of the two featured tracks that Gambino released before the album dropped - an instant classic. With vibes reminiscent of funk, jazz and blues, Gambino hit’s on his ability to smooth over every syllable, every word. It’s sexy, and you can’t deny that - so “Redbone” makes it onto our makeout list because not only will your kissing partner think you’re suave af, who doesn’t want to makeout to this shit?

The Sun - Myd
Have you ever been sitting there, watching the sun set with your boo on the beach thinking, “damn, I really wish we had the perfect song to set the mood.” Well, Myd has provided us with the perfect kissing at dusk song, and aptly named “The Sun” is a groovy, indie little jam that pulls on retro European funk & disco vibes. The french native, Quentin Lepoutre, began their journey in 2008 primarily as a sound engineer. With EP releases happening promptly every two years beginning in 2011, Myd’s latest release, All Inclusive, is the best by far. “The Sun” is one of my favorites off of the release, and has been tested and proven as a great late afternoon, we’re both sweating and at the beach kind of song.

i don’t want to say too much - sagun
Maybe you’re looking for something with a lot less words and a lot more instrumental sounds. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Late night hook up with that boo who’s been incessantly liking your Instagram pics? This slow rolling, careful song is perfect for when things are better when they’re quiet - just without the silence that is. “i don’t want to say too much” is one of many from nepal native sagun. The producer and artist is aptly known for their instrumental work, but they have been known to do remixes and collaborations with other artists. While I specifically love this track for the ukulele chords that hold it down, the sound of water that keeps the tempo, and the gentle knocking - you could choose really any of sagun’s works to add to your makeout playlist.

Stolen Dance - Milky Chance
Of course I can’t forget all of you lucky fucks in relationships. Milky Chance is one of my favorite bands in the world, and one time I got to watch them play acoustic outside of Reading Terminal Market on the corner of 12th and Filbert here in Philly - but, I digress. “Stolen Dance” is the first single the German group ever put out in April 2013. The folky, indie vibes it gives off is timeless, though. I choose Stolen Dance because, lyrically, it is meaningful. The song lends itself perfectly to showing that person you like/love/care for that you really do like/love/care for them - especially when kissing.

I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend - girl in red
19 year old Norwegian DIY legend, girl in red has taken streaming by storm in the past year. With all of her music produced in her bedroom, she has begun performing festivals in Europe and taking the internet by storm. This song is steamy, guttural, and envelopes everything I love about DIY music.

Well, there ya have it. 5 songs you could sneak into your Makeout Playlist to see how they go - and if you don’t have a Makeout Playlist, then they’re just good songs to listen to. Let us know how they work out, drop us a comment or a message on any of our social media!

Stay tuned for more playlists coming in the future!

H O N O R A B L E ~ M E N T I O N S

* all music listed on this playlist has been personally tested for it’s credibility and accessibility for being made out to *

KnowLove Philly Interview MINKA

Interview By Shane Weller of KnowLove Philly.

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and Dick Rubin, the front man for Minka, retrieves a bottle from a well-stocked bar in his Olde Kensington home, and begins pouring me a Scotch on the rocks. He’s having his straight. His hand crafted wood table is littered with old Casio keyboards and drum machines that he likes to tinker with these to make new sounds. We sit down with our drinks and start what turns out to be an in depth conversation about living in a simulation, jumping out of cakes completely naked, and the legend that is Minka. 

You can hear the whole interview below, or read the transcripts provided!

KLP: What is the goal for Minka?
DR: As much as there’s a plan for any of us. I always remind the band when were in rehearsal that there’s a really good chance that we are living in a simulation and that none of this matters at all. Taking that in mind, you know, you could get very nihilistic, very quickly, and say, “Well any plan you have is futile because it’s just zeros’ and ones, but you know, I’m not going to take it that far, so I think the goal for Minka is the White House.

KLP: How many albums do you have out right now?
DR: We have two EP’s on Spotify, and then we had two previous EP’s before that, but we destroyed all copies of those.

KLP: Why would you destroy all copies?
DR: Sometimes destruction is a form of creation.

KLP: Alright, so you just decided to get rid of them?
DR: Yeah, it was pretty awkward going into our friends’ houses in the middle of the night and stealing them and destroying them.

KLP: They must have been pissed!
DR: No. They knew what we're about.

KLP: So they just gelled with it.
DR: They had no choice really, they were bound and gagged.

KLP: Jesus Christ you are down for the bound and gagging shit. 
DR: I’m actually a natural submissive, but I don’t think that’s for this podcast.

KLP: When you do the Prince Show are you going to do the whole circus thing?
DP: Well we have the Minkettes coming and we will be Prince and The Revolution, and we’re conducting a séance Thursdayearlier in the day. Were acutally going to resurrect the spirit. Im actually going to lease my body to Prince for about 12 hours.  

For more on MINKA and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Minka: YouTube // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

5 Stupid Questions With Backslider

Jake is bassist and lead stud muffin of Philadelphia based powerviolence/grunge outfit Backslider, and we got a chance to talk to him for our 5 stupid questions below!
Gene: Suhhhh duuuuu?
Jake: chillin on an airplane after drinking a bottle of tequila and putting tons of weed in my system in different ways. Backslider's West Coast tour ended yesterday in Portland and then we hung out with some close friends talking about Metallica and Norm Macdonald all day, and then I saw this fucking email after boarding at like 10:30pm.

G: You’re a Philly guy, so I gotta ask, who has better cheesesteaks, McDonalds or Burger King?
J: I guess 5 years makes me a Philly guy now? That's cool. I broke vedge in Philly so this is sort of appropriate. BK has French toast sticks and that's tight. Best cheesesteaks are Cosmi's.....or any cheesesteak that is less than 4 bucks at your nearest corner store.

G: I bet you I could throw a football over them mountains over there. Wanna put some money on it?
J: I always thought of you as an Uncle Rico. I can throw a football man, tight spiral. Fuck with it. Real talk though, I remember my mom being really supportive of me playing sports n shit....but years later she admitted that she was relieved when I put down the ball and picked up the fuckin axe. My mom shreds harder than Bandit, just sayin. 

G: Your band started as a powerviolence band but recently has shown strong grunge and noise rock influences, what inspired this musical shift? How do you think the band’s sound will develop moving forward?
J: Yea, I remember the first time I saw Backslider. Years before I was in the band, fuckin ding dongs just sounded like Lack Of Interest with jorts on. By the time I joined the band there was a bunch of sludgy crap goin on....like some STP meets Infest type shit. Then Pat bought a bunch of Unsane shirts and we wrote a song with a lot of tom hits and BOOM! The noise rock rumors started. But really, Backslider has been a band way too long to keep doing the same shit, so after awhile you change it up. We just got a new drummer who is famous for blast beats, but we're recording an ep at the end of the month with no blast beats. Just pummeling hardcore punk tunes for full grown adults to wreck their rooms to. You know what I'm talking about, Gene. You're angsty as fuck. 

G: If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, why does my Dad not love me?
J: Just remember, if your dad loves you, you ain't shit. Be grateful he thinks of you as a mistake. You couldn't do stand up comedy or play grind if he cared about you. 

Thanks to Jake and Backslider for slamming these out! To keep up with Backslider, check out their social media below!

Backslider: Facebook // Bandcamp

5 Stupid Questions with Die Choking

We're coming back with our 5 Stupid questions, and today we've spoken with Paul Herzog. The bassist and vocalist of Philadelphia based Technical Death/Grind unit, Die Choking.

Gene: So, when you agreed to do this interview you specifically requested no “Weird Al jokes”. Is this a common occurance in your life, being compared to Weird Al? I personally would love being compared to him, I imagine that would never get old, ever.
Paul: When either Weird Al or Kenny G pop up on the television my 3 kids are immediately like, "Look! It's Daddy!" Like Samson, my hair is the secret to my unholy and hate-filled power.  I too can slay an entire army with only the jawbone of a jackass.  

G: What food makes you fart the most? For me it’s literally anything I eat.
P: Crabs and beer. Hands down. Without question. Eternal pants-shitting frenzy. Most would consider it a shellfish allergy.  Not I. Consumption of sea insects is forever worth this high grade GI upset. Wait, do crustaceans have a nervous system capable of processing the experience of pain?  Fuck it. Ethics be damned. I so deserve to suffer. 

G: If a train is moving west at 78 miles per hour and it hits another train moving east at the same speed, why doesn’t my Dad love me?
P: My Dad will love you. I am a dad. I can love you too. Even the biggest turd on the planet deserves to be loved. 

G: Die Choking is known as one of the most technical bands in Philly, if not the entire East Coast. I’m curious, what is the daily/weekly regiment like in terms of practicing your instrument? Is practicing your instrument a cumulative process or is it about maintaining a certain level of dexterity and fluidity?
P: Die choking rehearsal is like a round table in telling the other band members how much they fucking blow.  We have a guitarist who can't play, a drummer who can't count, and a deaf bassist with awful tone. We're fucked! I do cringe at the "tech" label in metal though. I prefer "text" metal. We text or IM far more than we actually rehearse. 

G: I want to ask you a question, straight out, flat out, and I want you to give me the honest answer. What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me ending up together?
P: Hmmmm, your biceps and pecks seem quite splendid and you are getting your masters degree in some socially conscious fucking garbage.  I don't think you have tattoos either so that means you must be rebellious or different than the countless other grindcore cuties voraciously seeking my dong. We could be the ultimate grindcore power couple! Totally down. 

Thanks to Die Choking and Paul for speaking with us, and for more on Die Choking, check out their social media below!

Die Choking: Website // Bandcamp

5 Stupid Questions With Triac

5 Stupid Questions for Kevin Bernstein of Triac. Kevin Bernstein plays guitar in Baltimore based Triac and runs Developing Nations recording studio, also in Baltimore.

Gene: Hey Kevin, I was wondering, would you want to do my “5 Stupid Questions” interview thing?
Kevin: I can think of a lot of other things I'd rather be doing. Is this really the first question?

Gene: My band is recording at your studio and I’m actually looking at your back right now. Do you work out? If so, how do you get your back in such great shape?
Kevin: I don't work out enough to say that I work out. My mom and dad both have good backs. Luck of the draw, I guess.

Gene: Aren’t you a bit old to be messing around with this music nonsense? When are you gonna get a real job? And maybe a haircut too?
Kevin: Listen bud, the only thing getting old around here are these dumbass questions. I will, however, probably cut my hair soon. Long hair is mostly an annoyance. Looking cool isn't worth the hassle. A real job does sound nice though. 40 hours a week doing something I hate is probably better than 50-60+ hours of doing something I sometimes enjoy but mostly still sort of hate. Thanks for the tip, dad!

Gene: What is your favorite record you’ve ever worked on, either as a musician or a producer?Kevin: Hands down, Genocide Pact's "Forged Through Domination" is my favorite LP I've ever recorded. Top to bottom, the entire record is fantastic. An added bonus is that, sonically speaking, I don't think I fucked it up too badly. They're coming back very soon to record a follow up LP, and I really hope they don't blow it. That sophomore slump can be a real killer. Other than that, most of the rest of my catalog is crap, but the new Ilsa LP coming out later this year is also quite stellar.

Gene: What if God was one of us? You know, just like, a stranger on the bus?
Kevin: I don't often ride the bus. Thankfully I live above the studio, as I really try to not leave my house. So I'd probably never run into this god person. Are they cool? Should I have them over for tea?

For more useless info, check out Triacs below!

Triacs: Bandcamp

5 Stupid Questions With Hate5six

5 Stupid Questions with Sunny Singh of Hate5six. Sunny Singh is founder and head videographer of hate5six productions, a company that films hardcore and metal concerts up and down the east coast.

Gene: So Sunny, as a film-er of things, what would you say is your favorite movie? Personally I love Tom Hanks’s “The Money Pit.” It’s a classic comedy for the whole family that gets disparaged unfairly by the overtly cynical news media.
Sunny: Aronofsky's "Pi" is the reason I pursued math/computer science in college/grad school, so I can't deny its significance. I'm not as big of a film head as I'd like to be. Just watched "Lion" the other night and that fucked me up.

Gene: Aren’t you worried someone is gonna do a crazy mosh pit move and break your camera? Aren’t those things expensive? You kids and your mosh pits and your pac man video games…
Sunny: I've been filming as hate5six since 2007 and nothing serious has happened...until about two weeks ago. My camera got punched out of my hand at a small VFW show. The impact with the floor broke the eyepiece and tore a brand new battery apart. $500 repair. The only other incident was in 2015 when my camera got punched into my face, breaking two teeth. $70 dental repair. The camera was not hurt.

Gene: According to some of your facebbok profile pics, you also enjoy do extreme BMX biking tricks. Tell me, has Mountain Dew offered it’s sponsorship yet?
Sunny: They haven't! The only things I get are being asked by random couples at the Art Museum to do tricks in their wedding photos.

Gene: How did you get into filming hardcore shows and why do you think it’s a worthwhile venture?
Sunny: I needed something to do in 2001/2002 and decided to start filming bands my friends were in. It sort of grew from that. It's fun to relive shows but I get messages from people all over the world saying the videos make them feel less alone--from kids in countries where live hardcore doesn't exist to people stuck in Humvees in Afghanistan missing their friends and favorite bands. I also hear from people seriously on hospital beds saying the videos help them connect to a scene they can no longer experience in the flesh. That shit is so intense to process. But it's the reason I keep doing it.

Gene: So, do you always eat your eggs “Sunny side up”? Ha, get it? I fucking hate myself.
Sunny: This vegan hasn't had eggs since the mid/late 00s!

To check out Hate5six, we've got some links below! Really rad, quality videos on there too.

Hate5six: Website

5 Stupid Questions With Amnesian

Simon Millington does vocals and guitar for Amnesian, one of the best Grindcore bands in all of British Columbia, and of course we had to ask 5 stupid questions! 

Gene: Your band is called “Amnesian”? What are you guys trying to forget? More importantly, what are you guys running from? What are your deepest insecurities?
Simon: For me I'm more struggling to remember rather than forget. Maybe I'm running from some traumatic event from my childhood that's buried way deep in my psyche, what am I a psychologist? Probably my biggest insecurity is that no one will ever like any of the music I write as a direct result of the fact that no one likes me as a person. This is like three questions in one and now I'm sad so thanks a lot there Dr Phil.

Gene: You’re from Canada. Are there just hockey pucks flying around everywhere up there? How many moose do you live with?
Simon: Yes, but with our free health coverage it's not too big of an issue to take a puck to the face, or stomach, or even groin every now and then, and I'm only living with two at the moment.

Gene: Did you ever get an erection when you were climbing the rope during gym class?
Simon: No way, I was too busy struggling to climb and hating life to get aroused even at that age.

Gene: “Behind The Tropic of Cancer” is one of my all time favorite songs. Along with “Banished/No Haven Left” from last year’s self-titled LP, you guys have shown a serious proclivity to add a dark and foreboding atmosphere to your music which is fairly uncommon for a Grindcore band. Is this a conscious decision? And if so, why choose this route over the more standard “blast as many songs as we can into 10 minutes” ethos of most grind bands?
Simon: A lot of my biggest influences for fast music, such as Pig Destroyer, Converge, Discordance Axis etc. always had an experimental edge and complimented their albums with a few slower atmospheric songs, so to me it felt like the natural thing to do, or a tradition in heavy music I wanted to be a part of. In particular, Pig Destroyer's "Prowler in the Yard" to me was the perfect template on how to structure a grind album, by essentially starting off fast and straight forward and getting more experimental and dynamic by the album's end. Plus I've always loved sludgy/experimental/atmospheric bands like Neurosis, Thou, The Melvins etc. and have wanted to incorporate elements of those bands in our sound any way I could. I've been lucky enough to do pretty much whatever I want creatively with this band so if we can get slow and weird sometimes why the heck not? Staying in one style to me has always been boring.

Gene: In his 1988 hit single, Will Smith claimed that “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” What are your thoughts on such a controversial and bold artistic statement?
Simon: There will always be a generational gap or learning curve between kids and parents I suppose, maybe it's the kids who just don't understand? Will Smith is a dad now, does he understand? I'm not sure I understand.

Thanks for reading, check out Amnesian's links below!

Amnesian: Facebook // Bandcamp