What Music Means To Me: Evan Balikos

Evan has been a good friend of mine since the days of Tumblr (hah). We bonded over our mutual love of music & writing, and have continued to remain friends since! Evan is an avid music listener, blogger, journalist & member of his college radio station! We had to ask him what music meant to him, and in return he gave us a poem interpreting the questions!

Check it out below!

Evan Balikos (Writer/Music Listener):

press play

It’s not magic but it’s cosmic

what can happen when our heads

connect to heads that are empty

pitchers waiting for sugar water

How they plead for meaning

How they fly across 10,000 globes

sharing their secrets lightning up the skies

cracking a ceiling they could never see in silence

And the words that drive those heads

up tall mountains born from fertile soil

are banners that demand to be hung from the sun

These sirens are unique Gods

They squeeze us into boxes or catapult us into bliss

their voices bind our eardrums to their lips

Never would we dare to try and stop them

We allow stringed weapons to rock us into submission

We are happily bending forward to an anthem

Demanding beats and kicks and strums and licks

that throws bodies into bodies and hands into hearts

Stirring the air into a twister of footwork

Creating colored effigies from ponderous banality

melting and buzzing and glowing all the time

They are able to feel and heal us by holding us in song

We bathe in earthquakes and headaches and mistakes of youth

We stand tall as an invulnerable world shakes within us

We spectate a battle of energy with no end in sight

And so it stands and so it remains

pressing play releases the army

pressing pause halts the war

Evan currently recommends Miami, FL locals - Palomino Blond.

Artist Interview - GreyMarket


The Hook had the opportunity to chat with GreyMarket recently about what's been going on during their super busy 2016 - especially with shows, and the release of their most recent album!

You can check out the interview below for the inside scoop on these really rad Tampa Electro-pop duo!

1. You guys have a ton of different influences which can make it difficult to find band members you mesh with. How did you guys link up?  
I (Mike) put up an ad seeking a bass player for my band at USF that Cave's sister found and handed over to him.  After some growing pains and cutting our teeth Cave switched to guitar and we went through some lineup changes until settling on what we're doing now as our preferred course.  Incidentally our musical tastes are remarkably similar.  

2. I’ve read that your guys’ music is not only inspired by other albums but film as well. What sort of films do you try to draw from?  
There are plenty, but we both love Sci-fi.  Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Trek.  

3. Favorite film? Director?  
Ohhh not fair.  Soo many.  Blade Runner, The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Goodfellas.  My (Mike) current favorites are the Wachowskis.  Obviously there are lots of favorites but they keep pushing the envelope.

4. What is your workflow like when you’re writing a new song? Where do you start/build from?Cave could probably answer this better but he composes mostly alone and brings ideas to me. I'll give feedback and cut drums, and then he'll finish fleshing it out. Fortunately our taste is similar so there is rarely disagreement on the general direction. 

5. Your music creates such an enormous wall of sound. Have you ever thought about making the duo into a trio?  
Actually we began under the assumption that we'd need at least 4, maybe even 5 members to make the sort of music we set out to make.  After auditioning people and testing out different lineups it was always the two of us left standing with this idea of what it was supposed to be.  It took a lot of work and experimentation but when we finally cracked our operational design we were off and running and never looked back.  

6. What’s your favorite U.S city to visit on tour?  
Another hard one. I'm a big fan of Charleston, SC.  

7. Who has been your favorite band to play/tour with thus far in your career?  
Probably Electric Six. They were really cool people, and completely down to earth.  

8. Have you ever toured in Europe before? If not, can you see that possibly happening in the future?  
We have not but yes that is a possibility.

9. Do you think you’ll release any music videos for any songs off The Stress Kills?  
Yes we will.  We've just been bogged down with other responsibilities and touring, as we're still an independent operation, but we'll get to it.  

10. When can we expect another release?
We're already working on new material so I'd guess in the fall.  

Huge thanks to GreyMarket for taking the time to tell us cool stuff, and we look forward to what's coming out next!

GreyMarket: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp