Artist Interview - Weatherhead

Photography: Rosie Becker

Photography: Rosie Becker

This week, The Hook had the opportunity to meet and talk with local Philadelphia band, Weatherhead. As covered previously, the guys have had an awesome start to 2016 - being one of The Hook's Local Bands to follow, as well as a stellar new EP, Cleaner Blood

Check out what Weatherhead's Evan King had to say to The Hook Journal about the artistic process, playing shows, and favorite animals below!

How does it feel to have Cleaner Blood finally out there?
Oh my gosh, it's such a relief. We worked on it for such a long time, the songs have gone through a crazy amount of changes, it's nice to finally just be done and satisfied with what we have. And I really am satisfied with it. It's for sure my favorite record I've written so far.

What are you most excited about moving forward?
We really just want to get out there and start playing more shows, seeing new places, and making new friends and fans. We don't really have any plans other than playing shows right now. 

What would you say your process is for creating music?
Pretty much it starts with me writing a very basic framework for a song. Just the chords, a simple melody, some rough lyrics. And then I'll show the other guys and kinda just be like "Make it not suck" and they do exactly that. Then we record demos for everything in my studio, and send it over to Bruce Wiegner's studio. On this record we co-wrote a little bit with Will from Reward and with Bruce Wiegner, both of whom are fantastic songwriters. 

What other bands do you draw inspiration from?
Oh god, I'll try to speak on behalf of the whole band. It's kind of all over the place. For me personally, I really like The Cure, Vince Staples, All Get Out, The 1975... I'm on a huge Yeezy kick right now, but it feels like I'm always on a Yeezy kick. We're all big fans of Foxing, The Chariot, PMtoday, Sufjan Stevens. Oh, and the Reading Rainbow soundtrack cause that shit's tight. 

What about Philly inspires you?
Rocky IV

How do you feel the local scene is in Philly?
It's super weird! But really it's awesome. Just a couple of days ago we played a packed warehouse show that got a bunch of people to register to vote and raise support for Bernie Sanders. #FeelTheBern

What goals do you have for yourself as an artist?
Oh boy that's loaded. Um, I guess I just really want as many people as possible to be able to hear my songs and to know that people are relating to them. 

What's your favorite aspect about being in Weatherhead?
We get paid tons of money. 

... Alright, but really I love writing songs with my friends. I'm in a band with some of my closest friends and we all share the same passion for it. It's really great. One of the only people from high school that I kept in touch with is also in a band with me, which is pretty sick. 
If not that, what I love the most is when people tell me that the songs mean something to them personally. Some of my friends, musical peers, and even strangers have told me that they connect to something I've written, and that blows my mind. Just the other day, Tristan from the band Amora texted me explaining that he and his friend were both going through some shit and that the songs on Cleaner Blood were helping get them through it. It's really wild. 

How'd you guys come up with the name?
It's loosely inspired by the song "Conversation 16" by The National, another band I really love. The one line, "try not to wonder what the weather will be", stuck with me a lot, and when we were thinking of band names I came up with that.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Definitely an Alaskan Brown Bear. I don't even need to think it over. Honestly I think about this question every day, and I always know the answer. 

We want to thank Evan and all of Weatherhead for their music and awesome answers to these interview questions! We'll be checking back in about Weatherhead (and others) about their Bernie Sanders support show later this week, so stayed tuned for that!

As always, support these guys and check out their links below!

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