5 Stupid Questions With Triac

5 Stupid Questions for Kevin Bernstein of Triac. Kevin Bernstein plays guitar in Baltimore based Triac and runs Developing Nations recording studio, also in Baltimore.

Gene: Hey Kevin, I was wondering, would you want to do my “5 Stupid Questions” interview thing?
Kevin: I can think of a lot of other things I'd rather be doing. Is this really the first question?

Gene: My band is recording at your studio and I’m actually looking at your back right now. Do you work out? If so, how do you get your back in such great shape?
Kevin: I don't work out enough to say that I work out. My mom and dad both have good backs. Luck of the draw, I guess.

Gene: Aren’t you a bit old to be messing around with this music nonsense? When are you gonna get a real job? And maybe a haircut too?
Kevin: Listen bud, the only thing getting old around here are these dumbass questions. I will, however, probably cut my hair soon. Long hair is mostly an annoyance. Looking cool isn't worth the hassle. A real job does sound nice though. 40 hours a week doing something I hate is probably better than 50-60+ hours of doing something I sometimes enjoy but mostly still sort of hate. Thanks for the tip, dad!

Gene: What is your favorite record you’ve ever worked on, either as a musician or a producer?Kevin: Hands down, Genocide Pact's "Forged Through Domination" is my favorite LP I've ever recorded. Top to bottom, the entire record is fantastic. An added bonus is that, sonically speaking, I don't think I fucked it up too badly. They're coming back very soon to record a follow up LP, and I really hope they don't blow it. That sophomore slump can be a real killer. Other than that, most of the rest of my catalog is crap, but the new Ilsa LP coming out later this year is also quite stellar.

Gene: What if God was one of us? You know, just like, a stranger on the bus?
Kevin: I don't often ride the bus. Thankfully I live above the studio, as I really try to not leave my house. So I'd probably never run into this god person. Are they cool? Should I have them over for tea?

For more useless info, check out Triacs below!

Triacs: Bandcamp

5 Stupid Questions With Hate5six

5 Stupid Questions with Sunny Singh of Hate5six. Sunny Singh is founder and head videographer of hate5six productions, a company that films hardcore and metal concerts up and down the east coast.

Gene: So Sunny, as a film-er of things, what would you say is your favorite movie? Personally I love Tom Hanks’s “The Money Pit.” It’s a classic comedy for the whole family that gets disparaged unfairly by the overtly cynical news media.
Sunny: Aronofsky's "Pi" is the reason I pursued math/computer science in college/grad school, so I can't deny its significance. I'm not as big of a film head as I'd like to be. Just watched "Lion" the other night and that fucked me up.

Gene: Aren’t you worried someone is gonna do a crazy mosh pit move and break your camera? Aren’t those things expensive? You kids and your mosh pits and your pac man video games…
Sunny: I've been filming as hate5six since 2007 and nothing serious has happened...until about two weeks ago. My camera got punched out of my hand at a small VFW show. The impact with the floor broke the eyepiece and tore a brand new battery apart. $500 repair. The only other incident was in 2015 when my camera got punched into my face, breaking two teeth. $70 dental repair. The camera was not hurt.

Gene: According to some of your facebbok profile pics, you also enjoy do extreme BMX biking tricks. Tell me, has Mountain Dew offered it’s sponsorship yet?
Sunny: They haven't! The only things I get are being asked by random couples at the Art Museum to do tricks in their wedding photos.

Gene: How did you get into filming hardcore shows and why do you think it’s a worthwhile venture?
Sunny: I needed something to do in 2001/2002 and decided to start filming bands my friends were in. It sort of grew from that. It's fun to relive shows but I get messages from people all over the world saying the videos make them feel less alone--from kids in countries where live hardcore doesn't exist to people stuck in Humvees in Afghanistan missing their friends and favorite bands. I also hear from people seriously on hospital beds saying the videos help them connect to a scene they can no longer experience in the flesh. That shit is so intense to process. But it's the reason I keep doing it.

Gene: So, do you always eat your eggs “Sunny side up”? Ha, get it? I fucking hate myself.
Sunny: This vegan hasn't had eggs since the mid/late 00s!

To check out Hate5six, we've got some links below! Really rad, quality videos on there too.

Hate5six: Website

5 Stupid Questions With Amnesian

Simon Millington does vocals and guitar for Amnesian, one of the best Grindcore bands in all of British Columbia, and of course we had to ask 5 stupid questions! 

Gene: Your band is called “Amnesian”? What are you guys trying to forget? More importantly, what are you guys running from? What are your deepest insecurities?
Simon: For me I'm more struggling to remember rather than forget. Maybe I'm running from some traumatic event from my childhood that's buried way deep in my psyche, what am I a psychologist? Probably my biggest insecurity is that no one will ever like any of the music I write as a direct result of the fact that no one likes me as a person. This is like three questions in one and now I'm sad so thanks a lot there Dr Phil.

Gene: You’re from Canada. Are there just hockey pucks flying around everywhere up there? How many moose do you live with?
Simon: Yes, but with our free health coverage it's not too big of an issue to take a puck to the face, or stomach, or even groin every now and then, and I'm only living with two at the moment.

Gene: Did you ever get an erection when you were climbing the rope during gym class?
Simon: No way, I was too busy struggling to climb and hating life to get aroused even at that age.

Gene: “Behind The Tropic of Cancer” is one of my all time favorite songs. Along with “Banished/No Haven Left” from last year’s self-titled LP, you guys have shown a serious proclivity to add a dark and foreboding atmosphere to your music which is fairly uncommon for a Grindcore band. Is this a conscious decision? And if so, why choose this route over the more standard “blast as many songs as we can into 10 minutes” ethos of most grind bands?
Simon: A lot of my biggest influences for fast music, such as Pig Destroyer, Converge, Discordance Axis etc. always had an experimental edge and complimented their albums with a few slower atmospheric songs, so to me it felt like the natural thing to do, or a tradition in heavy music I wanted to be a part of. In particular, Pig Destroyer's "Prowler in the Yard" to me was the perfect template on how to structure a grind album, by essentially starting off fast and straight forward and getting more experimental and dynamic by the album's end. Plus I've always loved sludgy/experimental/atmospheric bands like Neurosis, Thou, The Melvins etc. and have wanted to incorporate elements of those bands in our sound any way I could. I've been lucky enough to do pretty much whatever I want creatively with this band so if we can get slow and weird sometimes why the heck not? Staying in one style to me has always been boring.

Gene: In his 1988 hit single, Will Smith claimed that “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” What are your thoughts on such a controversial and bold artistic statement?
Simon: There will always be a generational gap or learning curve between kids and parents I suppose, maybe it's the kids who just don't understand? Will Smith is a dad now, does he understand? I'm not sure I understand.

Thanks for reading, check out Amnesian's links below!

Amnesian: Facebook // Bandcamp


5 Stupid Questions With Durian

Ben Wood is the drummer of New Jersey Grind fiends Durian and formerly of Chainsaw To The Face, check out our five stupid questions with him below!

Gene: First of all, why do you feel the need to comment on literally every status I make? Why do you have to troll me like that?
Ben: Just think of it more as a rites of passage. I only troll the people that I love the most (except for Jack). But really, most of the time I am just trying to have fun and make light of things considering we live in the trump-era. Real life is too depressing most of the time. 

Gene: Your band is named after a stinky fruit from South America. How does your music reflect that?
Ben: Well, I wish I could say that we smell as bad as the Durian fruit, but we all shower at least once a day. Honestly, coming up with a band name is the worst fucking part of being in a band, so when John pitched the idea of being called Durian we all just agreed, because fuck it. I've had a running joke that Burton loves Durians and eats them with everything for at least 5 years now, so it works. 

Gene: You have a side project that is doing a split release with my comedy (Patton Oswalt did the same thing with the Melvins in the early 2000s). Which of my jokes is your favorite and why is it all of them?
Ben: We want to do something where you deliver a joke and before you give the punchline some feedback goes off and we blast through a song that just makes fun of you. Do this and repeat for about 10 minutes and you have our split. 

Gene: How would you describe your drumming style? It’s very technical yet very punk influenced at the same time. How do you incorporate both influences?  
Ben: I have been fortunate enough to have surrounded myself with great people who also happen to be great drummers. When I first started out with cttf, I got to see some of my (still to this day) favorite drummers play and would try and copy at least a little bit of what they were doing. The best part about the grind and power violence scene is that mostly every drummer I have been in contact with have been cool as hell and super humble and always willing to talk and provide pointers on anything. Shoutout to Chris from DOC, Jake from Triac and Joe from doomsday machine schematic for always being cool. They are among my personal inspirations. 

Gene: Last year our bands toured together and you made us go to “Biscuitville” in North Carolina which could only be described as a poor man’s “Roy Rogers”. This is not a question really, I just want to give you an opportunity to personally apologize for that. I think you are being way too hard on Biscuitville.
Ben: Yeah they sucked, but it was a great bonding experience to share shitty dried up biscuits with you, Jack and Michael.

As always, thanks for reading, and check out Durian's social media below!

Durian: Bandcamp

5 Stupid Questions With Xibalba

Xibalba are a sludgy Death/Doom/Hardcore outfit from Pomona, California. We asked Brian Ortiz 5 stupid questions, so check it out!

Gene: In Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, there is a character named “Sebulba” which kind of rhymes with the name of your band. Was this intentional?
Brian: No, not at all. He lost a race against a little ass boy, no way we'd name ourselves after a loser like that. 

Gene: Yo, have you heard of this band, Bolt Thrower? They’re pretty sick.
Brian: We've been blessed enough in our lives to have heard this great band. I even saw them once and orgasmed a few times from the pleasurable heaviness.

Gene: Half of you guys are straight edge yet your band still has the reputation for getting drunk and showing up late to your own shows. Is this sort of dichotomy a reflection on the duality of mankind?
Brian: Straightedge? None of us are straightedge, hence why we get fucked up and show up late. You're throwing all these big words at me like dichotomy and I don't understand it, so I'm gonna take that as disrespect... watch your mouth. 

Gene: I saw you guys perform at Kung Fu Necktie in Philly this past Winter and honestly it sort of re-established my faith in Hardcore. Your singer seemed very passionate about the music and the scene yet also very humble and down to earth. How do these ideas translate into your band’s philosophy?
Brian: We're all about family and friends. We also just wanna party, play and get fucked up with our family and friends. We love what we do baby. 

Gene: Are those your skis? Both of them?
Brian: No it's a cardigan but thanks! Yea! Killer boots man! Well...see ya later!

For more on Xibalba and what they're wearing, check out their social media below!

Xibalba: Bandcamp

5 Stupid Questions With Weekend Nachos

5 Stupid Questions for John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos. John Hoffman was the Vocalist of legendary Chicago powerviolence band Weekend Nachos. They played their last show earlier this year.

Gene: Back in college I started a comedy group called “Weekend Nachos” in tribute to your band. After we had uploaded some videos to Youtube you sent me an e-mail politely asking that we change our name. Assuming you watched all of our videos, which was your favorite? I personally loved the one about the man who mistakes a middle school anime club for an NA meeting.
John: I really liked the one where the old lady waitress slipped and fell as she was bringing coffee over to one of her tables, and in the process spilled the coffee all over her face. When the little kid with his family yelled "Oopsie!" as she was screaming in pain, I just lost it. Some of the funniest shit I've seen in a while.

Gene: Why does everyone call them the “Cubbies”? Like what? That’s just like, really lame. What are your thoughts? Are you a White Sox fan? If so, how is the mullet coming in?
John: Agreed, it's very lame. I'm not a White Sox fan either though, I don't really like baseball that much. It's just Cubs fans that I hate, so honestly I think they deserve to be called "Cubbies". My brother had an orange mullet in high school, we used to make fun of him.

Gene: Ugh, I really didn’t want to have to ask this question but I can’t help myself: where does the name Weekend Nachos come from?
John: We wanted to call our band something NOT brutal or hard. So we came up with something random that sounded goofy/lighthearted. The goal was to make serious hardcore/metal fans think we were lame, which is exactly what happened for the entire 13 years we were a band.

Gene: I saw your band last year play in Philadelphia, and before the last song you gave a short speech in which you said “Punk Rock to me has never been about one group of people imposing their values upon another group of people. Punk has always been about freedom, freedom of choice and freedom of expression.” (Something along those lines). I felt that was a very profound statement (one that I completely agree with). I’m curious if you could elaborate further and perhaps even share some insight as to the context of that sentiment.
John: Thanks, I appreciate the acknowledgement! I think a lot of people try to make punk a set of values, or a certain way you need to think. I just don't agree with that, because that's what the rest of the world/society expects. One of the things that made me feel "punk" was the fact that I didn't want to follow a set of rules or expectations. To me, finding your own path in a world full of people who only want you to blindly follow them is a beautiful thing. For someone to tell me "No, you can't think that way or else you aren't punk" then I guess I just wouldn't be punk anymore, haha.

Gene: You wear a headband when you perform. Is that like a Jimi Hendrix thing where you dip it in LSD before the show? Or is it like an Olivia Newton Jon type deal, just to keep the sweat from staining those beautiful blue eyes of yours?
John: I honestly think it's a little bit of both. I'm a big fan of both Jimi Hendrix and Olivia Newton John so to be compared to either of them is very flattering. I can only hope that I'm pulling it off the way they do!

To mourn the death of Weekend Nachos like the rest of us, check out their bandcamp!

Weekend Nachos: Bandcamp

5 Stupid Questions With Ground

Mike Mayo plays guitar for South jersey Fake/Grind band Ground. He is a former member of legendary slam metal outfit Waking The Cadaver. Below you can check out our 5 stupid question interview to learn everything you don't care about!

Gene: Alright, I’ve known you personally for like 3 years so I gotta ask: how do you pronounce your last name? Is it Mayo as in mayonnaise? Or is it “My-oh” as in “My oh my there are a lot of birds out this morning?”
Mike: It's Mayo like the white shit you put on the sandwich. Fuck miracle whip.

Gene: You are a registered nurse? Or you’re studying to be one? I can’t remember. How much of that involves inserting things into people’s butts?
Mike: Im a tech, which is like a nurse except I'm not allowed to insert anything in anyone's butt, and I make less than half of what they make. I am studying to become an RN, so in about one year I'll legally be able to administer medication rectally. I can't wait. 

Gene: Rumor has it you moonlight as an rapper/hip hopper. How much would you say you are inspired by Vanilla Ice?
Mike: Vanilla Ice not so much, but all my friends love rap so there has always been an influence of rap on me. I like to rap for fun but it's not very good.

Gene: For real, I don’t hear a lot of modern metal/hardcore bands do the whole open note breakdown thing, just the monochromatic stuff that sounds lame in my opinion. I think that’s partially what makes Ground so fucking heavy. What are your thoughts?
Mike: Thanks! I wanted Ground to be every fat hardcore crowdkiller's favorite grindcore band when we started. I think we are doing a pretty decent job at pissing off the purists and quite frankly, that's the best part about false grind.

Gene: Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?Mike: No, but Jessica Rabbit could totally get it.

Ground: Bandcamp // Facebook // YouTube

5 Stupid Questions With Full Of Hell

Spencer Hazard plays guitar in Full Of Hell, a Death/Grind band from Maryland who are currently conquering the world. Check out our interview below to get answers to our 5 stupid questions!

Gene: So, first of all, does anyone call you “Spenny”? Can I call you Spenny?
Spencer: Some girl in high school always used to call me that. 

Gene: So Spenny, I’m a big fan of your band but aren’t you all worried that having the word “Hell” in your name might offend some of your Christian audience? Have you guys discussed going by “Full Of Heck?”
Spencer: We usually go by Full of Heck on Sundays. 

Gene: Did you know that “Arby’s” is actually an elongated version of “R.B.’s” which originally stood for “Roast Beef?” Isn’t that crazy? So weird.
Spencer: I did recently find that out. Arby's is one of my top favorite fast food restaurants. It's pretty expensive though, so I only go when I'm feeling classy. 

Gene: Aside from creating dynamic and constantly evolving music, your band also has an interesting aesthetic visually for your album covers and merchandise. I’m curious as to what visual influences your band has?
Spencer: For me personally the visuals are almost as important to the music. We take a lot of inspiration from early death metal, early Grindcore and industrial for the visuals. Three of my favorite bands, Swans,Man is the Bastard, and Gism, are not just my favorite bands musically, but aesthetically as well. I feel as though their art represents their music perfectly and catches your eye without being too flashy. That's reason why we've gone with Mark McCoy for our newest record and the record with Merzbow. We love all the art he has done for his label,Youth Attack, and the way he presents it. It's all very stylized and has a certain aesthetic too it. 

Gene: Yo, how great are long sleeve shirts? I fux with them so hard. Normally I like to show the guns off but I make an exception whenever I have my Coffins long sleeve clean
Spencer: They're pretty cool. I now basically switch between long sleeves and shirts with the sleeves cut off. 

Full Of Hell: Facebook // Bandcamp