What Music Means To Me: David Lisowski


David Lisowski is a Tri-State area native, and one of the best photographers around!

The first time I listen through a song, I never listen to lyrics. At least, I don't make an effort to listen to lyrics. The first listen through is always about the music and how it makes me feel. It's for deciding what mood the song is for. Some of my favorite songs, I hardly know any words. That's the power of music for me- it's this language-less thing that anybody can connect with and that connects others. Why else would hundreds of strangers pay money to pack into a room and stand on their feet for four hour straight? That's what music is to me, among so much else.

Once I know the words to a song, it's passed a personal rite of passage, meaning it's a song that means enough to me to dive into it a little deeper. For some reason this usually ends up being the pop punk/heavy songs, I don't know why that is haha. The awesome thing about that is the ridiculous talent we've got in Philly for that. The dudes in Midfield, who I'm lucky to call great friends of mine, are writing insanely catchy songs- and yep, I could recite all the lyrics by heart, haha. Something about their music in particular feels nostalgic to me, like the music I "grew up" listening to during those shitty early high school years. The music they make just kinda resonates with something that's made me who I am, and being around those guys during the recording process reminded me of the first music I loved that I found on my own.

All in all, I guess it's hard to avoid the cliche, but I wouldn't be who I am without music in my life. To this day it's such a key part of all aspects of my life, everyday and professionally, and sometimes it's easy to take that for granted. I think all of us should stop every once in a while and appreciate it more than we normally do.”