Emily's Top 5 Songs For Crying In The Shower

We need a good cry just as much as the next person - and what better way to get the tears flowing then a playlist to really bring to the surface all of the feelings you’ve been avoiding!

This weeks playlist is an ode to the saddies, the baddies in the shower just trying to get through life - and whether you’re crying in the shower at 7am, 12pm, or 11pm, we’re here to support you!

A Side / B Side - Tipling Rock

While we prefer the Acoustic version, Tipling Rock’s “A Side / B Side” is one of the happiest sad songs we know. If you’re trying to make sure your friends & fam aren’t worried about you, but still hoping to get a good cry in, Tipling Rock makes it easy. The song lends itself to the recently rejected, or the e-crush you haven’t DMed yet. That’s ok, take a walk and put this bad boy on - we won’t judge you!

Heat Wave - Snail

I was recently introduced to Snail Mail via someone I had gone on a few dates with, and when that person ended up to be not the best, Snail Mail was right there to pick me up. Perfect for cool autumn nights, Snail Mail’s album Lush recently dropped & has quickly become a go to sad times album. Check it out!

Upside Down - The Story So Far

The Story So Far lit up 2018 with their latest album Proper Dose. While I had not been a big TSSF fan, this album quickly changed my mind. “Upside Down” especially stuck out to me for lyricism, and also rhyming “It's all love now, upside down” - like, incredible? Also, this song is great for breakups, for being ghosted, for your High School Crush who you haven’t seen in 8 years. Music video below!

Other People - Beach House

Beach House are the OG sad tunes - we’ve all known this. “Other People" is not new, but it remains a stand by song for sadness showers (showers when you’re sad, yanno). While the track is not necessarily sad, Beach House embodies the aesthetic of melancholy in everything they do (for the most part, plz don’t quote us).

Bed Space - Darwin Deez

Ironically enough I found out about Darwin Deez after I had been on a one time date where I never heard from the guy again, so I have only ever known Darwin Deez as that guy, drumming against the wheel in his car, singing to me “Last Cigarette” and “The Bomb Song.” This track specifically makes me feel things because, I personally relate feeling far away from everyone you care about.

So, add these bad boys to your current crying curation, or feel free to hit us up with your favorite songs to shed some tears too! We’ve got Five Songs For Riding In The Car coming up next week, so stay tuned!

Honorable Mentions

The Magdalene - Foxing
Heart Contact - The City View
Just Friends - Pentimento
Apartment - Young The Giant
Charmer - Tigers Jaw
Chanel - Frank Ocean
Summer Depression - girl in red