KnowLove Philly Interview MINKA

Interview By Shane Weller of KnowLove Philly.

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and Dick Rubin, the front man for Minka, retrieves a bottle from a well-stocked bar in his Olde Kensington home, and begins pouring me a Scotch on the rocks. He’s having his straight. His hand crafted wood table is littered with old Casio keyboards and drum machines that he likes to tinker with these to make new sounds. We sit down with our drinks and start what turns out to be an in depth conversation about living in a simulation, jumping out of cakes completely naked, and the legend that is Minka. 

You can hear the whole interview below, or read the transcripts provided!

KLP: What is the goal for Minka?
DR: As much as there’s a plan for any of us. I always remind the band when were in rehearsal that there’s a really good chance that we are living in a simulation and that none of this matters at all. Taking that in mind, you know, you could get very nihilistic, very quickly, and say, “Well any plan you have is futile because it’s just zeros’ and ones, but you know, I’m not going to take it that far, so I think the goal for Minka is the White House.

KLP: How many albums do you have out right now?
DR: We have two EP’s on Spotify, and then we had two previous EP’s before that, but we destroyed all copies of those.

KLP: Why would you destroy all copies?
DR: Sometimes destruction is a form of creation.

KLP: Alright, so you just decided to get rid of them?
DR: Yeah, it was pretty awkward going into our friends’ houses in the middle of the night and stealing them and destroying them.

KLP: They must have been pissed!
DR: No. They knew what we're about.

KLP: So they just gelled with it.
DR: They had no choice really, they were bound and gagged.

KLP: Jesus Christ you are down for the bound and gagging shit. 
DR: I’m actually a natural submissive, but I don’t think that’s for this podcast.

KLP: When you do the Prince Show are you going to do the whole circus thing?
DP: Well we have the Minkettes coming and we will be Prince and The Revolution, and we’re conducting a séance Thursdayearlier in the day. Were acutally going to resurrect the spirit. Im actually going to lease my body to Prince for about 12 hours.  

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