5 Stupid Questions With Backslider

Jake is bassist and lead stud muffin of Philadelphia based powerviolence/grunge outfit Backslider, and we got a chance to talk to him for our 5 stupid questions below!
Gene: Suhhhh duuuuu?
Jake: chillin on an airplane after drinking a bottle of tequila and putting tons of weed in my system in different ways. Backslider's West Coast tour ended yesterday in Portland and then we hung out with some close friends talking about Metallica and Norm Macdonald all day, and then I saw this fucking email after boarding at like 10:30pm.

G: You’re a Philly guy, so I gotta ask, who has better cheesesteaks, McDonalds or Burger King?
J: I guess 5 years makes me a Philly guy now? That's cool. I broke vedge in Philly so this is sort of appropriate. BK has French toast sticks and that's tight. Best cheesesteaks are Cosmi's.....or any cheesesteak that is less than 4 bucks at your nearest corner store.

G: I bet you I could throw a football over them mountains over there. Wanna put some money on it?
J: I always thought of you as an Uncle Rico. I can throw a football man, tight spiral. Fuck with it. Real talk though, I remember my mom being really supportive of me playing sports n shit....but years later she admitted that she was relieved when I put down the ball and picked up the fuckin axe. My mom shreds harder than Bandit, just sayin. 

G: Your band started as a powerviolence band but recently has shown strong grunge and noise rock influences, what inspired this musical shift? How do you think the band’s sound will develop moving forward?
J: Yea, I remember the first time I saw Backslider. Years before I was in the band, fuckin ding dongs just sounded like Lack Of Interest with jorts on. By the time I joined the band there was a bunch of sludgy crap goin on....like some STP meets Infest type shit. Then Pat bought a bunch of Unsane shirts and we wrote a song with a lot of tom hits and BOOM! The noise rock rumors started. But really, Backslider has been a band way too long to keep doing the same shit, so after awhile you change it up. We just got a new drummer who is famous for blast beats, but we're recording an ep at the end of the month with no blast beats. Just pummeling hardcore punk tunes for full grown adults to wreck their rooms to. You know what I'm talking about, Gene. You're angsty as fuck. 

G: If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, why does my Dad not love me?
J: Just remember, if your dad loves you, you ain't shit. Be grateful he thinks of you as a mistake. You couldn't do stand up comedy or play grind if he cared about you. 

Thanks to Jake and Backslider for slamming these out! To keep up with Backslider, check out their social media below!

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