5 Stupid Questions with Die Choking

We're coming back with our 5 Stupid questions, and today we've spoken with Paul Herzog. The bassist and vocalist of Philadelphia based Technical Death/Grind unit, Die Choking.

Gene: So, when you agreed to do this interview you specifically requested no “Weird Al jokes”. Is this a common occurance in your life, being compared to Weird Al? I personally would love being compared to him, I imagine that would never get old, ever.
Paul: When either Weird Al or Kenny G pop up on the television my 3 kids are immediately like, "Look! It's Daddy!" Like Samson, my hair is the secret to my unholy and hate-filled power.  I too can slay an entire army with only the jawbone of a jackass.  

G: What food makes you fart the most? For me it’s literally anything I eat.
P: Crabs and beer. Hands down. Without question. Eternal pants-shitting frenzy. Most would consider it a shellfish allergy.  Not I. Consumption of sea insects is forever worth this high grade GI upset. Wait, do crustaceans have a nervous system capable of processing the experience of pain?  Fuck it. Ethics be damned. I so deserve to suffer. 

G: If a train is moving west at 78 miles per hour and it hits another train moving east at the same speed, why doesn’t my Dad love me?
P: My Dad will love you. I am a dad. I can love you too. Even the biggest turd on the planet deserves to be loved. 

G: Die Choking is known as one of the most technical bands in Philly, if not the entire East Coast. I’m curious, what is the daily/weekly regiment like in terms of practicing your instrument? Is practicing your instrument a cumulative process or is it about maintaining a certain level of dexterity and fluidity?
P: Die choking rehearsal is like a round table in telling the other band members how much they fucking blow.  We have a guitarist who can't play, a drummer who can't count, and a deaf bassist with awful tone. We're fucked! I do cringe at the "tech" label in metal though. I prefer "text" metal. We text or IM far more than we actually rehearse. 

G: I want to ask you a question, straight out, flat out, and I want you to give me the honest answer. What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me ending up together?
P: Hmmmm, your biceps and pecks seem quite splendid and you are getting your masters degree in some socially conscious fucking garbage.  I don't think you have tattoos either so that means you must be rebellious or different than the countless other grindcore cuties voraciously seeking my dong. We could be the ultimate grindcore power couple! Totally down. 

Thanks to Die Choking and Paul for speaking with us, and for more on Die Choking, check out their social media below!

Die Choking: Website // Bandcamp