5 Stupid Questions With Amnesian

Simon Millington does vocals and guitar for Amnesian, one of the best Grindcore bands in all of British Columbia, and of course we had to ask 5 stupid questions! 

Gene: Your band is called “Amnesian”? What are you guys trying to forget? More importantly, what are you guys running from? What are your deepest insecurities?
Simon: For me I'm more struggling to remember rather than forget. Maybe I'm running from some traumatic event from my childhood that's buried way deep in my psyche, what am I a psychologist? Probably my biggest insecurity is that no one will ever like any of the music I write as a direct result of the fact that no one likes me as a person. This is like three questions in one and now I'm sad so thanks a lot there Dr Phil.

Gene: You’re from Canada. Are there just hockey pucks flying around everywhere up there? How many moose do you live with?
Simon: Yes, but with our free health coverage it's not too big of an issue to take a puck to the face, or stomach, or even groin every now and then, and I'm only living with two at the moment.

Gene: Did you ever get an erection when you were climbing the rope during gym class?
Simon: No way, I was too busy struggling to climb and hating life to get aroused even at that age.

Gene: “Behind The Tropic of Cancer” is one of my all time favorite songs. Along with “Banished/No Haven Left” from last year’s self-titled LP, you guys have shown a serious proclivity to add a dark and foreboding atmosphere to your music which is fairly uncommon for a Grindcore band. Is this a conscious decision? And if so, why choose this route over the more standard “blast as many songs as we can into 10 minutes” ethos of most grind bands?
Simon: A lot of my biggest influences for fast music, such as Pig Destroyer, Converge, Discordance Axis etc. always had an experimental edge and complimented their albums with a few slower atmospheric songs, so to me it felt like the natural thing to do, or a tradition in heavy music I wanted to be a part of. In particular, Pig Destroyer's "Prowler in the Yard" to me was the perfect template on how to structure a grind album, by essentially starting off fast and straight forward and getting more experimental and dynamic by the album's end. Plus I've always loved sludgy/experimental/atmospheric bands like Neurosis, Thou, The Melvins etc. and have wanted to incorporate elements of those bands in our sound any way I could. I've been lucky enough to do pretty much whatever I want creatively with this band so if we can get slow and weird sometimes why the heck not? Staying in one style to me has always been boring.

Gene: In his 1988 hit single, Will Smith claimed that “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” What are your thoughts on such a controversial and bold artistic statement?
Simon: There will always be a generational gap or learning curve between kids and parents I suppose, maybe it's the kids who just don't understand? Will Smith is a dad now, does he understand? I'm not sure I understand.

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