5 Stupid Questions With Full Of Hell

Spencer Hazard plays guitar in Full Of Hell, a Death/Grind band from Maryland who are currently conquering the world. Check out our interview below to get answers to our 5 stupid questions!

Gene: So, first of all, does anyone call you “Spenny”? Can I call you Spenny?
Spencer: Some girl in high school always used to call me that. 

Gene: So Spenny, I’m a big fan of your band but aren’t you all worried that having the word “Hell” in your name might offend some of your Christian audience? Have you guys discussed going by “Full Of Heck?”
Spencer: We usually go by Full of Heck on Sundays. 

Gene: Did you know that “Arby’s” is actually an elongated version of “R.B.’s” which originally stood for “Roast Beef?” Isn’t that crazy? So weird.
Spencer: I did recently find that out. Arby's is one of my top favorite fast food restaurants. It's pretty expensive though, so I only go when I'm feeling classy. 

Gene: Aside from creating dynamic and constantly evolving music, your band also has an interesting aesthetic visually for your album covers and merchandise. I’m curious as to what visual influences your band has?
Spencer: For me personally the visuals are almost as important to the music. We take a lot of inspiration from early death metal, early Grindcore and industrial for the visuals. Three of my favorite bands, Swans,Man is the Bastard, and Gism, are not just my favorite bands musically, but aesthetically as well. I feel as though their art represents their music perfectly and catches your eye without being too flashy. That's reason why we've gone with Mark McCoy for our newest record and the record with Merzbow. We love all the art he has done for his label,Youth Attack, and the way he presents it. It's all very stylized and has a certain aesthetic too it. 

Gene: Yo, how great are long sleeve shirts? I fux with them so hard. Normally I like to show the guns off but I make an exception whenever I have my Coffins long sleeve clean
Spencer: They're pretty cool. I now basically switch between long sleeves and shirts with the sleeves cut off. 

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