5 Stupid Questions With Cosmic Bong Destroyer

Ian Carlucci plays bass for Boston’s Cosmic Bong Destroyer and is an active member in booking Metal and Hardcore shows up and down the East Coast, check out our 5 stupid questions interview with him below!
Gene: Your last name is Carlucci, which is very Italian. I gotta ask, which do you prefer A MOOZARELLA OR A PROVOLONA? EH, GABAGOOL, IM WALKIN OVER HERE! VINNI VIDI VICCI, OH!
Ian: Mozzarella, all the way, and I'm not familiar with the rest of what you're trying to say, I'm not fluent in South Philly 

Gene: Your band has the word “Cosmic” in it. Have you ever been to space? What was it like? Did you meet George Clooney there?
Ian: Yes, all three of us have been to space. Myself, our drummer Billy Smith, and guitarist Erik Ameden. It used to be cool until all the hipsters started moving in and gentrification kind of screwed it all up. $5 for a coffee at Starbucks? Fuggetaboutit. I did, briefly run into George Clooney and was dying for an autograph, but seeing as that he was in a frolicking threesome with LeVar Burton and that guy who plays bass for Hoobastank, I chose to leave him be. 

Gene: I’ve noticed in photos that your guitar only has four strings. What up wit dat?
Ian: I had six strings at one point, but two were borrowed from Hannibal Burress so that he could fix the Brooklyn Bridge. It was all over the news. 

Gene: What is the general concept behind Cosmic Bong Destroyer both musically and lyrically?
Ian: The lyrics behind our music vary between the three of us, as we all contribute vocals and write lyrics for different songs. Erik and Billy are both very into the lighthearted lyrical qualities of crossover thrash bands such as Municipal Waste, and often write about smoking marijuana, in very over-the-top and crazy mannerisms, such as "Weedwacked" and "Bubonic Chronic." I have always been a diehard of really extreme bands and have penned lyrics for songs such as "Burial Cult" and "Cosmic Shock," where I take to exploring themes related to the occult, horror, sci-fi and use this as an avenue to vent my frustrations. 

Musically, at our heart we're a thrash metal band, but all of us have different tastes in music and it comes together in a really fun and dynamic way. If there ever was a textbook photo of what a real deal thrash metal kid looks like, you would probably see a photo of Erik. He's way into bands like Iron Reagan, Ghoul, but he also really loves bands like Acid Bath, Stoned Jesus and Alice In Chains (whom we probably listen to the most when all three of us are together). Billy is way into progressive metal and math rock type shit, like Car Bomb, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery, and stuff of the like. Myself, I'm a blast beat fiend at heart and my favorite bands are Ulver, Spazz, Exhumed, Assuck, but I'm also way into weird shit like Lightning Bolt. 
The way this all comes together translates into really punchy music that takes on a gross, extreme vibe, however we don't tend to pigeonhole ourselves because the three of us are all the best of friends and we're all pretty willing to take off in whatever direction feels fun for us. Demo 2017: Live at Ratsnest has served as a decent showcase of old material in a pretty raw format, and we have a ton more material to be released that's pushing our sound in all kinds of different directions. 

Gene: Do u like me? Y/N/Angery React
Ian: It's a love/hate sort of thing. Depends on the day, what phase the moon is in, whether or not those idiot college kids at the cafe down the street get my coffee the way I like it. 

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