5 Stupid Questions with YOUR ENEMY

5 Stupid Questions for Samantha Hernandez of Your Enemy. Samantha plays guitar in Your Enemy and also does vocals for Antagonizer, both devastating Grindcore bands from Oakland. Check it out below!
Gene: So I know you probably get asked this a lot but, why don’t you go by “Ur Enemy”? What do you all have against breevs?
Samantha: Tbh we couldnt agree on the breev. When there were four of us we were at a deadlock between "Ur Enemy" and "yr nme" the case was eventually dismissed because we couldn't come to a consensus.
Gene: I don’t want to get political here but I do feel like I need to ask this: cats or dogs? And why?
Samantha: My politics are very complicated when it comes to this subject. First, and foremost, I've been on the radical cat side for as long as I was old enough to have a stance. However recently I've been finding myself leaning more toward the small dogs. Weiner dogs and Chihuahuas to be specific. Not to say I'm necessarily against the big dogs of the world, the smaller ones are just more identifiable with me. Plus, I'm really little so they fit on my lap better, which is a key issue for me in a debate of such nature.
Gene: Is it true all that stuff that happened in “Moneyball” actually happen? Did Brad Pitt actually come up and coach the Athletics with the help of Jonah Hill?
Samantha: I have no idea what you're talking about, but I want to say it's true because the Raiders just dipped, and I can only imagine it was out of fear of having to watch Jonah Hill play the same stale character during the entire off-season.
Gene: Northern California and the Pacific Northwest have, in my opinion, the best Grindcore scene in the world right now. So many bands are coming out of there: Fiend, Your Enemy, Antagonizer, Acid Feast, Endorphins Lost, etc. What’s the scene like up there? Where do your bands fit in?
Samantha: We all complain about other places having way better scenes because I've found that Grindcore people love to complain, which is how I found my place in grind. Seattle has been crackin' whenever I've been there, and Anti-border Fest was one of my favorite festivals that I've ever played. California is where it's at, tbh. LA is like the PV (power violence) capital of the world and more of my favorite bands just keep coming outta there. Oakland has been kinda quiet recently, but Tom from Haggus does an awesome job working with what we got. We have a lot of shows at a DIY cement skatepark anti-hero built.

Samantha Continued: I'm not really sure where either of my bands fit in at this point. Your Enemy is pretty straight forward grind so we'll play some metal shows here and there along with the Grind/PV shows. Antagonizer plays exclusively crusty/grind shows. Mostly because we never play. I think we've only played like 6 shows in the past 2+ years we've been a band. We were initially a side project while tom was out traveling and Haggus wasn't doing anything. We had hella fun at every show except the first one cuz we were blackout drunk and don't remember it.
Gene: Ok, you’re trapped on a desert island and can only be three albums to listen to for the rest of your life, which ‪Phil Collins albums would they be and why?
Samantha: American Bad Ass, The Great Milenko, and Human Clay.

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