5 Stupid Questions With Pig Destroyer

Below is an interview with Blake Harrison from Pig Destroyer, as our new interview series gets underway, check out these 5 stupid questions below! Blake Harrison does sampling and power electronics for legendary Grindcore band Pig Destroyer. He also used to play in Hatebeak, a Death Metal band with a parrot lead singer.
Gene: First of all, what’s the deal with airline food? Like, seriously, what is the deal?
Blake: This is a tough one. United just made Bobby Flay their caterer, so they decided to punish their travelers in a different way.
Gene: A few weeks ago I logged onto Facebook and saw that you were selling your beanie baby collection and noticed you said that “most of them still had the tags on.” My question is, why do those things still have the tags? Aren’t you too Metal for the tags?
Blake: By "Beanie Babies" I meant heroin, and by tags I meant "kilos."
Gene: Do you ever get so relaxed in public that you unwillingly let a fart loose, and then desperately try to ignore the smell, even though it’s very obvious that it has hit the nostrils of the people around you?
Blake: Doesn't everyone?

Gene: On the Pig D albums, how much input do you personally have over the noise and effects interludes? Do you have any influence over the actual songs or overall “arc” of each album?
Blake: All of the input, on the new one, I should have a more noticeable role. The arc of the record is kind of its own thing, it influences you, not the other way around, but I try to cater my stuff to fit the lyrics or the vibe
Gene: What ever happened to Fergie? She was so talented! How does someone disappear like that? Didn’t the Black Eyed Peas play the Superbowl halftime show a few years ago? Damn, time just flies.
Blake: The real question here, is has anyone ever seems Fergie and Guy Fieri in the same room?
Blake: Also, I'm still in Hatebeak.

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