Artist Interview - Amanda Jones

Recently The Hook was able to get in touch with rising Oregon-based pop artist, Amanda Jones. The vocalist answered some questions for us regarding music, life, and her childhood! You can check out the full interview below for the inside scoop!

1.)    It seems that resetting life seems to be thematic in your music. Tell me about some of your experiences with starting over and refreshing yourself.
As a 21 year old, it’s been a time in my life where change is all around me. I’ve spent a couple of years figuring out myself, my beliefs and what makes me happy and am starting to feel really good about the place I’m at currently in my life. Sometimes you just need to start over to become the best version of yourself.

2.)    When you write music, are you influenced by real life happenings or do you take inspiration from other things?
Both! I write about personal experiences, things I see my friends going through, or random words/ phrases that might stick with me. It’s always a little different and makes the process unique each time.

3.)    What was your hardest “goodbye?”
My cousin passed away in a car crash 4 years ago, and it’s something I really struggled with. I wrote “My Goodbye” during that time to find peace/ closure from his death. 

4.)    How do you feel about this generation and how it handles romance and relationships?
The dating culture for this generation is honestly really weird, stressful and confusing. The general “hook up” culture that has become prominent over the past few years, makes putting yourself out there and dating so much harder. I don’t like it.

5.)    What is the role that love plays in music?
I think that love plays a huge role in the sense that it’s an emotion we feel, something that we as humans always crave, and a huge part of every person’s life. It’s a topic that everyone can connect to on some level. 

6.)    Tell me about your childhood.
I was really shy until first grade, when I had an awesome teacher that brought me out of my shell. I hardly talked to people until that year, but somehow we connected and she got me really into writing poetry and reading my work at poetry readings/ coffee shops. I saw the movie “Annie” and was inspired by it to start singing the words and poems I would write, and I haven’t stopped singing since! I’ve grown up with lots of dogs and cats, one brother and my parents. It’s still weird to think about the fact that I’m an adult!

7.)    Where are you from? What were some of the customs in the area that you grew up in and how did this affect your music?
I was born in Idaho, but moved to Oregon with my family around the age of 3, so I consider myself a Portlander (since I’ve basically spent my whole life here!) There is a very strong music scene, and I started going to concerts around age 11. Seeing artists I admire pour their hearts out on stage was/ is still so inspiring to me. Being so far into the local music scene, it definitely helped shape me into the strong independent artist I am today. 

8.)    When did music become an important part of your life?
In 1st grade, but I really started taking it seriously in middle school. Singing at coffee shops, posting demos on Myspace- that is the time period when I really started working toward my musical goals.

9.)    When you are making music, do you create for yourself or do you create with other people in mind? Why?
This is a tricky question, and my answer would be both! I create songs to help me get through rough times or celebrate good times, but also write with my listeners in mind. I want to write songs that they can connect with or relate to through their own personal experiences.

10.)    Tell me about your creation process.
I have thousands of voice memos with song ideas on my phone. The process varies, but i usually end up sitting down with my guitar and just singing whatever comes to mind, and building up ideas from there.

11.)    Have you taken any steps to educate yourself in regard to your profession?
I have focused on writing and poetry classes. I spent a few years in a community choir when I was younger, but veered away from that when I was tired of making my voice blend in and stopped growing vocally. 

12.)    Do you have any “before performance” rituals?
This is so strange but 99% of the time, I eat chicken in some form as my meal before a show. It’s so random but I guess it’s good to get my protein for the day in!

13.)    Tell me about your most recent performance.
I recently opened for Sebastian Olzanski and Jonah Marais on the “Daydream Tour” in Portland, and it was such a fun show. I got to perform original music and a couple of covers. I was so stoked to be back onstage after not having a large show for a few months.

14.)    Are there any concerts or tours approaching?
There are no confirmed tour dates yet, but I am hoping to hit the road in the very near future!

15.)    In regards to music, what has hindered you most?
For a few years I was my own personal roadblock. I doubted myself and really struggled with committing to YouTube content and growing as an artist. Luckily that phase of my life has passed, and I am feeling stronger than ever with my artistry.

Huge thanks to Amanda Jones for her honesty and sincerity! The Hook appreciates the time taken to complete the interview, and we hope our readers do also!

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