Artist Interview - Ecclesiast

  Photography:   ©Eichelberger    Photography 2016

Photography: ©Eichelberger Photography 2016

After the release of their newest EP, Ecclesiast sat down with The Hook to talk about really cool stuff like what they're about, future plans, and what it's like to have a brand new EP under their belts!

Check out our interview with metalcore band, Ecclesiast, below!

1.  Congrats on the new EP! How has the reception been thus far? 
The reception for the EP has been incredible and better than we could have ever hoped for! 

2. Did you have any goals set in place for what you wanted to accomplish with your debut release?
With this release, we just really wanted to lay it all down on the line and show you all where our hearts were and what we were going through personally in our own lives, in hopes that the listener would be able to relate in some way, shape, or form.

3. What was the writing process like? How quickly did it take for the material to come together?
The writing process was honestly one of the best parts of this whole album. After various changes, we each just came to a good and solid conclusion on what the songs would be, what they would mean, and in turn, what the end product would sound like. Bouncing ideas off of one another has always been a strong suit of ours and we plan on utilizing that for the upcoming full-length album.

4. Ecclesiast may fit comfortably into the metalcore genre, but the band nonetheless has a unique approach, especially in your melodic sensibility. Care to divulge any prominent influences?
While each of the band members do have similar influences, ranging from Slipknot, to War of Ages, we each had our own take on the album and how we present our own musicality. I [Tyler] grew up on blues, jazz, and classical music, and with that, incorporated that into my own playing, for heavier genres.

5.  "High Horse" was a great single to introduce people to your sound with, but all the material on the EP stacks up as well. Do you feel "High Horse" in particular embodies what Ecclesiast is all about?
“High Horse” was chosen to be our single, for the sole reason that it indeed is what we’re all about. We’re all about compassion and change. We believe that an individual can always better themselves for the better of society, and the world, and that even if man has fallen so far behind, we can always get right back up on our feet.

6. All of your music has a really prominent message of redemption. Do you feel like you've dealt with that a lot in your own lives? 
As many people do in their lives, each of us have dealt with our own personal hardships and trials throughout our walk of life and have therefore been able to incorporate that into what we’re doing, to create very honest, very real tracks for you guys to listen to. Redemption was something that really resonated with each of the songs, because that’s each of us strived for at one point in our lives. Reaching for a better cause, a higher purpose.

7. When do you guys think you'll be working on more material?
While we’ll more than likely be keeping it under wraps for a good while, we’ve actually already been working on more material for future releases and are excited to share it with you guys in the future.

8. Can we look forward to any tours in support of this new material?
You can definitely expect a large amount of shows, as well as some out of state dates, in support of this new material in the future. But as for now, only time will tell.

9. We saw that you guys are playing with In Dying Arms, It Lies Within, and Sea of Treachery when they come through on their Fight The Parasite tour. What was it like getting in contact with them? 
Getting in contact with these bands was an awesome thing. Each of us actually really love the music that the bands on this bill have put out, and admire what they’re doing, so this show is sure to be one for the books.

10. What three bands, together or not, would you dream of touring with?
It would be an absolute honor if we were able to tour with Oh Sleeper, Gideon, and War of Ages. Seriously, that would be one stacked line-up!

Huge thanks to Ecclesiast for being super rad dudes who make heavy-hitting, powerful music!

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