Artist Interview - Borderlands

This has been a huge month for Borderlands with the release of their newest album just a few weeks ago! We've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Borderlands to ask them about their new music and what they've been up to!

Check it out below!

1. How did Borderlands come together?
Borderlands started as a school band, the members were all from the same school and decided to group up and create a band. Things are a bit different now as the band eventually suffered some changes in the lineup.

2. As a foreign band, how have you been able to create such a buzz amongst American audiences? 
We just try to aim our music to all the people around the globe and it seems that American people like our stuff! Most of our physical CD pre-orders are from the US.

3. Borderlands plays an ever-changing brand of progressive metalcore that is at once unflinchingly brutal and then inspiringly melodic. What are some bands that have inspired your sound the most?
Northlane, ERRA, and much more. We could be here all day writing a list of influences.

4. How extensive is the Portuguese metal scene currently?
Here in Portugal it's very hard to go out and build an audience outside our country. Like, we are at the end of the world, haha. But, some bands have made it, and bands keep getting better and better. We feel that someday the Portuguese scene of metal will be around the globe.
5. What are some Portuguese metal bands that deserve more recognition?
Lots of them, there are plenty of good bands here. Esfera, Forbidden To Fly, The Medusa Smile, The Voynich Code... The Portuguese scene is very large.

6. What do you draw from to come up with your often mystical and always intriguing lyrical content?
Our lyrical content is based in what we live and what we see, It's genuine.

7. Your most recent album, Voice of the Voiceless, released on June 10th. What did you set out to accomplish with this release?
We want to hit the world, and of course, we want to tour!

8. Your last full-length release was the 2012 Awaken Dreamers EP. How has your music-writing process changed from then to the new project?
[Our] new music is very mature, you can feel a completely different vibe. Our new album is much better in what comes to sound quality, it is more progressive and much more melodic.

9. What kind of plans does the band have for the future?
As said before, we just want to hit the road and take our music to all the corners of the world.

10. What’s the weirdest/craziest thing that has ever happened to Borderlands on tour?
There are a lot of crazy things that happen to us on the road, really. We are very unlucky.
Back in our first Spanish tour, we had an accident and had to pay lots of money to get to the show. We also had to ask for money online because we were broke and couldn't afford the repair costs so we couldn't come back home. We eventually made it to the show, met some amazing people and even got a place to stay, a huge house that looked like it was taken out of MTV Cribs. 

Last year we played a show in Madrid and we met a nice dude who offered us a place to stay, we accepted and went to take him home, he gave us the address and we came back to get the rest of the band because we woudln't fit all in the car, only one of us stayed with the dude. We put on the GPS and it lead us to a street which was really alike the other, so we thought we were in the right place and tried to call the other band member, he never picked up and we ended up sleeping on the car.

The next day he finally gets to call us after the whole night trying and we thought he just went to sleep and left us to sleep on the street, so we thought of going home and leaving him. Then we realized the address was incorrect and the street was only very much alike, we eventually got there in the morning and hit the road after.

There are much more stories but we would be here forever telling them all.

Well, thank you to Borderlands for the fantastic interview! 
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