Artist Interview - Sonnder

 Photography: Alexandra Elisabetta

Photography: Alexandra Elisabetta

The Hook had an awesome opportunity to interview Sonnder - a band we love, you should love, and has been on our site as one of our Featured Locals! Their newest album Entanglement came out this year, and it's really the bee's knees, but we were just stoked to find out some more about this truly unique group of people.

Check out the interview below!

1. Obviously, and I’m sure you get asked this a lot; the name Sonnder is a really interesting title. I’m curious, though, what drew you to the definitive of “Sonder,” and do you believe that to be true in your music making?

It’s a feeling that none of us had a word for and we appreciated and connected to the definition of sonder. You’ll never truly be able to comprehend the depth of intellect of everyone around you thus the possibilities are infinite. It’s a staple commandment within the band because we view our songwriting and our music direction as limitless, in the sense that every time we go to write something we want to push ourselves in a new direction and there’s no way to predict where it’s going to go. 

2. What brought everyone together and how has the original reason for being changed or grown as you’ve cultivated Sonnder?

We all connected, and still connect, with the messages of the songs. Everyone could see where their lives fit within the meaning of the original demos. It’s something that continues to grow as we are influenced by each other’s joys and hardships. 

3. Now that Entanglement is out, especially after your year of hard work doing the Monthly Singles Project, what can you say about the finished product – did it turn out better than expected, different?

We are all very proud of the album. We put a lot of ourselves into it and it led us places we did not necessarily see ourselves beforehand. Going into the recording process, the album was already very cognitive and thought out, so not much changed over the course of the project concerning our plans. 

4. If you could play a show anywhere and with anyone (srsly anyone) where and who?

Mike: Wembley or Red Rocks with Prince or Michael Jackson
Ryan: The Fillmore in San Francisco with Radiohead or Wembley with The Cure - also, to have Days Away reunite.
Steve: The beach with The Beach Boys feat. John Stamos (or Chain Reaction with The Fall of Troy)
Kat: Wembley with Paramore or Radiohead

5. What is the best food to eat on a Saturday night?

Mike: beer
Ryan: Jule’s Pizza from Doylestown or mango chicken indian food
Steve: a burrito
Kat: sushi or every type of cheese

6. How do you feel 2016 has been going for you?

An unimaginable series of events. A lot of deep emotional lows transfixed by an abundance of positive opportunities. We’re so stoked about moving forward and seeing how our artistry develops and continues to provide opportunities musically and personally. 

7. What excites you about the upcoming summer music-wise? Personally?

We are all super excited about playing the next Redbull Sound Select show at Underground Arts with mewithoutYou on June 16, and then hitting the road.
Ryan: experiencing different emotions in life to turn into songs, and jammin' to the new saosin album.
Mike: spending some time in the sun with the people I love.
Steve: shows, bro.
Kat: going home to visit family, moving into a new house, WARM WEATHER

8. What kind of personal advice life would you give to people, right now in this moment, if you could?

Mike: spend your time on the things that matter
Steve: make sure you love everything you do
Kat: focus on your own happiness before worrying about other people
Ryan: be mindful of how people’s words line up with their actions. Sharks4lyfe.
Us: buy the new Sonnder record (true, do it.)

9. How long have all the members of Sonnder been playing music? Has it always been a goal to be in a band?

Ryan: I’ve been playing music since I was in 4th grade. Yes, I always wanted to be in a band, I was always starting bands. I started my own boy band called The Crimpson Boys when I was in 5th grade. 
Mike: I’ve been playing music my entire life. No, I didn’t want to be in a band until later in life.
Steve: I’ve been playing drums my entire life and now I’m a bass man. I always wanted to be in a band. 
Kat: I started playing piano in 3rd grade, violin in 4th grade, and bass in 9th grade. I didn’t want to be in a band till high school.

10. What can you say has been your biggest accomplishment with Sonnder, and how do you plan on moving forward from that?

Releasing the album. It’s allowing the music to speak for itself and helping us move forward. We believe honesty in art making and human interaction is paramount. 


Thanks to Sonnder for being rad as heck and for letting The Hook invade their lives for the month of May! You've got a follower & listener in us! 

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