The Catharsis of Bleeder & The Single Series


The comeback stories of all comebacks, Bleeder is fluent in catharsis - and they’re using their new single series to highlight it.

After being born with hemophilia & then medically infected by HIV & Hepatitis C at age 10 - Shelby Smoak has a lot to talk about. After almost dying at 24 when the HIV had become AIDs, Shelby survived & wrote a book, but he wasn’t done there. Creating Bleeder meant creating another way to feel, and Bleeder has a lot to give.

Their most recent single, “Rose In The Rain” is the first of many from their new Single Series. Check out the music video down below to get a taste of this smooth folk rock vibe!

“Rose In The Rain” is an emotional slow down, allowing you into Bleeder’s frame of mind. An easy listen, the song is reminiscent of rock & folk. You can check out the track on Bleeder’s bandcamp, but otherwise you’ll definitely want to stay tuned as the Single Series begin to ramp up over the next few weeks!

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Demure For Sure's New Single 'It's Magic' Not To Be Missed

Straight out of a time machine from the 80's comes Demure For Sure and their latest, and last, single, "It's Magic." The final single off of forthcoming EP, Tie-Dye Shadows, the electronic pop track is a hodge-podge of unreal musical entities. 

Check it out below!

The track premiered on New Noise Magazine where Demure For Sure (real name Zach de Sorbo) shared, "'Tie-Dye Shadows' is colorful while dark. There isn’t necessarily a specific theme to the album, it’s more of an exploration of themes that came from directional indecision over a period of time. Despite the variety of the songs, they feel somehow feel intertwined now. There’s something that strings them together."

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Cool Philly Bands Record Cool Songs

It's always fun seeing your favorite local music, and it's even more fun when your favorite local artists come together to create a kick ass compilation album featuring some of their favorite covers!

George Valdivia is to thank for the culmination of the cover compilation, as he brought together (whether by chance or fate) some of Philadelphia's top notch local DIY artists! Musicians like Curtis Cooper, Stavi, Witch H(c)unt, and Kevin Brusha of Cerulean Blue all came together to share their favorite tracks, and take it from us, it's really stinkin' good. 

Check out a quick recap of the tracklist below!

Check out George's experience with creating this project, "My "Fostex 160 multitracker" is what I used for the whole thing. I've recorded 2 solo albums under the name "Georgey V" and by the end of the 2nd album, I started to realize that I wasn't to bad at doing this whole recording thing. I started thinking "Hey why don't I record my friends on this and see what they would sound like" it later became the idea of having them pick out a cover they enjoyed to play/listen to/favorite song. I started with recording Kevin Brusha of "Cerulean Blue" at the now "Overlook Hotel" it was fun! Recording someone else who wasn't me. Later through the night I said hell let's record a couple more people at this house because they're very talented in there own unique way. So I ended up recording Forest Ranger, I recorded his song in one take. I micd his acoustic guitar that's 4 string [I believe] and he just played. Lina Xinos now going by the name (Stavi) just so happened to be there so I recorded them as well. A week or so past and I decided to record Branden Bauer, this session was kinda more relaxed and a very fun time. Time went by and Curtis Cooper messaged me asking to record something on my 4 track. I told Curtis what I was doing, and they said they wanted to be apart of it."

"This was exciting because I really enjoy Curtis's music and when I started going to basement shows Curtis was one of the first people who I saw perform. My girlfriend and I came to his house at the "all night diner" for me to record him. We spent from 12 in the afternoon till 4 recording, this was a very interesting time because I felt like this was the first time I really got to know Curtis as a person. Super nice sweet person and obviously very talented! For example as we were talking about how we would record, Curtis would be noodling on the guitar completely paying attention to what I was saying and having responses. (I definitely can't do that lol) anyway the whole thing was very interesting watching Curtis play each instrument and when it finally came time to record vocals it was incredible hearing Curtis change with his powerful dynamics. Next I started to record my song because hey I wanted to be apart of this thing too hahah I chose the song Adeline by Dr. Dog because I love Dr. Dog and if you ever listen to the album "toothbrush" the whole thing was recorded on a 4 track so I kinda thought to myself I have to do it heh heh. Last I recorded Dori of "Witch H(c)unt" at the "all night diner" as well. This was nice to record because this was the first time I've recorded someone with a banjo. We spent an hour or two to record. This is pretty much it for the recording aspect the only thing I wish I've done was record the band "Fred Beans" but it just didn't happen and by the end of everything my 4 track kinda kicked the bucket. Next I took it to be mixed and mastered by Tim Jordan of "Sun Organ" veeerrrry cool guy. When we finished we drank two 6 packs and just shared music with each other and hung out."

Definitely stream the album above on bandcamp, and check out all of these really cool, local artists who are all giving their own unique flare to each track on this quirky EP. That's a Hook recommendation!

The Big Drops Share New Single "Baskets Of Love"

New Jersey indie rockers The Big Drops have released the newest single off their upcoming album, Time, Color. The latest track is called “Baskets of Love,” and follows the release of “By The Water,” a dreamy spirited track that offered an enticing taste of what the Time, Color album will bring to the indie music scene.

I loved “By The Water” and was excited to hear the rest of Time, Color, and “Baskets of Love” does not disappoint. Reminiscent of the 1950’s rock-hop era of music, the song is full of twangy guitar and a jumping, infectious rhythm that is sure to have you tapping your foot along to the beat. It reminds me of Footloose in the best way. The Big Drops themselves said the song is their “dabbling and appreciation of the early rock and roll days of Elvis, Yardbirds, The Kinks…” which fits pretty well with the sound. Just like “By The Water,” “Baskets of Love” is one worth listening to on repeat, and it only builds my anticipation for the full release of Time, Color

Catch The Big Drops on any of their upcoming tour dates, and check out the full track list of Time, Color below! 

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