Hannah Lorimer Celebrates Debut Single, 'Alive'

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

After tireless hard work & dedication, we are excited to announce the celebration of a debut release from Philadelphia’s own, Hannah Lorimer.

The Illinois native has been creating, performing and supporting local music & artists since 2013 here in Philadelphia - and has now, finally, put out her debut single, “Alive.” The track is sweet, sultry, and romantic in all ways that we’ve all always known & loved with Lorimer’s music. The singer & songwriter has really crafted something special & unique, which can be a feat in itself: a track that shows off Lorimer’s distinct sound.

Check it out below!

“Alive” is upbeat, but remains grounded in gentle lyricism, and the powerhouse that is Lorimer’s voice. There isn’t a single moment in the song where you’re questioning where Lorimer is bringing you. It feels confident, fluid & matured, as if Hannah herself knows that the content she is putting out is content that needs to be heard - and so, we hear it.

The 5-minute long track is what we hope is the first of many, whether that be more singles, or even a full album. Either way, Hannah Lorimer is always gigging here in Philadelphia, and we’ve included her social media down below so you never miss a beat!

Hannah Lorimer: Facebook // iTunes // Spotify // Instagram

Rebekah Todd Releases Single

NC-based alt/indie/soul singer-songwriter Rebekah Todd recently debuted her single "Let Me Prove My Love" on Paste Magazine. This release follows the recent success of her Kickstarter campaign, wherein Rebekah raised a staggering $30k in order to create, market and release her sophomore album, Crooked Lines, due out Friday, February 17th. 

Anyway, see what the hype is about! You can stream "Let Me Prove My Love" below!

What I like about this track and what it indicates about Rebekah's songwriting is that she is a thoughtful writer who is able to construct timeless music. As corny as the label is, I think she is an "old soul" (lol). But besides my dad observations, the track is solid. You can see where a good chunk of that $30k went. The production is A-1, the instruments supporting her successfully get across the emotion of the track, as does Todd's vocal and lyric choice:

 "I'd swim 5,000 miles if my body would let me.
"They say that flying's the hard part, but I say it's harder touching the ground."

These are powerful lyrics in that the song is about Rebekah's lover from Chile whom she is separated by geographically. This theme is prevalent throughout, as she gets across the sort of bittersweet feeling of having someone so special, yet not being able to be with them in the moment and the pain that comes with that. 

Anyway, Rebekah Todd's album drops next month, but in the meantime, keep up with her on her
social media below!

Rebekah Todd: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Marcus Alan Ward Releases "Devil In Popular Culture"

A new single from multi-instrumentalist artist Marcus Alan Ward has been released! It's called “Devil In Popular Culture,” and it's a flowing, funky soulful alt-rock track that blends a genre mishmash with insightful commentary about our culture-based society.

"I think it taps into an increasing paranoia and cultural unease that's present in 2016," Ward says about the new single. "Sonically, it's a healthy mix of soul, garage rock, electro and beyond. I had a lot of fun with this one."

You can check out “Devil in Popular Culture” right here!

This is Ward's second single this year, coming after the release of “Little Sunshine” back in August.

You can check out the music video for that here!

After releasing his acclaimed album, Last Night I Grew Tentacles, in 2014, Ward decided to forego focusing on album releases and instead concentrate on releasing individual songs to make each new release a unique experience.

Make sure to check out Marcus Alan Ward on social media to stay connected with his upcoming projects and announcements!

Marcus Alan Ward: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Stream Joe Marson's Latest Single

Recently partnering with Paste Magazine, Joe Marson released his latest track, "No Retreat."

"No Retreat" is a bluesy, soulful track with cinematic quality reminiscent of the Deep South. The song features Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, St. Vincent) on drums and Rob Calder (Passenger) on bass. Marson learned how to play slide guitar specifically for this song, which was originally written for a movie that never got made.

Check out the stream below!

Marson explains, "The song is about going all in, head first, fear first. into the unknown and into the dark. sometimes there's no way back and sometimes you have the chance to start over. I have been to the darkness and I found my way back. This was the first song of a bunch on the current record that I tracked with Matt Johnson on drums. Matt was someone I had watched play since I discovered Jeff Buckley at the age of 16. I idolized Jeff and his whole band including Matt who played on Grace as well as in his live group. He has gone on to become a legend in the drum world and plays with St. Vincent currently. Playing with him was amazing and we have since become friends. He's one of the smartest and goofiest dudes I know. 'No Retreat' holds a special place in my heart for that reason."

For more on Joe Marson, check out the links below!

Joe Marson: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram