Ilana Armida Releases New Music Video & EP Details

Florida-based Pop/R&B singer Ilana Armida recently dropped a music video for "Pretend" - a single off her upcoming debut EP, Iridescent Flower Child, due out Friday, January 13th. The video features the diva hanging out with a man-sized teddy bear love interest(?). The unlikely couple lounge by the pool, enjoy tea together and even dance at a party! All things one usually does with their stuffed animal companion.

You can check out the imaginative pop video below!

In addition to taking a transformative approach in her visual content, Ilana focuses heavily on delivering soft, air-y vocals that envelope you like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer that somehow also provides you with soul/r&b melodies.

More evidence of this can be found in her lyric video for "Still Down For You", which displays more of these elements. Both these tracks together give a good indication of what to expect off the 7-track EP - a light, easy listening pop experience with some hints of soul, r&b and fun rhythms to make you dance a little.

Those interested can pre-order the EP here. Otherwise, keep up with Ilana Armida on:

Official Website//Facebook//Instagram//Twitter//YouTube

Conor Coughlan Heads Out On Tour


A west coast tour has already begun for singer/songwriter, Conor Coughlan!

The 19-year-old will be bringing his beautifully "off-kilter" voice and infectious melodies to cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, and more this Fall in support of his new album Give It Up, which was released on January 5th via Homewood Music Collective

Check below for a full list of dates and shoot us a reply if you'd like to attend! Guest list passes are still available.
Tour Schedule
Aug 18 // San Francisco, CA @ Sacred Grounds
Aug 24 // San Diego, CA @ Lesta'ts
Aug 26 // Hollywood, CA @ Hotel Café
Aug 30 // Los Angeles, CA @ Norman's Rare Guitars
Sep 01 // San Luis Obispo, CA @ Tap It Brewery
Sep 02 // Santa Barbara, CA @ Private Gig*
Sep 04 // San Francisco, CA @ SF Community Radio (Public Event)
Sep 08 // Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater
Sep 12 // Portland, OR @ Gilmore Meadow Lounge
*Open by Invite Only

For more on Conor Coughlan, or more recent news, check out his links below!

Conor Coughlan: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Instagram // YouTube

Sheevaa Release New Single From Upcoming EP

Nu metal may have just gotten its comeback kids in the form of Chicago's own Sheevaa!

The band recently released "Depression," the first single off their upcoming EP The Five Stages of Grief. By combining unstable nu metal aggression with Eastern Indian melody, the band has carte blanche to truly breathe life back into a derelict genre that has been on the upswing in the past few years. 

Sheevaa, which consists of Akash Hans, Pete Dornowski, Roberto Sullivan, and Ryan Walter, deliver in a way few recent acts have. Some classic nu metal bands, most notably Korn and Slipknot, characterized the fine line between their melody and heaviness in a way that seemed like a releasing of demons, as though their very sanity depended on writing the music they put out (which in some ways is true). On "Depression," we see this idea come to fruition admirably. The driving percussion, slimy guitars, and snarling bass are the glue that holds everything together, but the attitude is characterized best in Akash Hans' insane vocal performance. In short, he encapsulates everything a nu metal vocalist should strive to be, exhibiting face-wrecking aggression along with sputtering, unhinged, almost humorous tendencies that channel Daran Malakian and Serj Tankian of System Of A Down.

Check it out below:

Little has been divulged about the upcoming EP, but all will be revealed on or leading up to its September 16th release. Until then, they'll be performing and getting hype up for what is sure to be a stellar effort, so be sure to follow them online in order to keep up! As always, stay tuned for more mind-numbing nu metal mastery!

Sheevaa: Facebook // Twitter 

Amanda Markley Shares New Music Video

Seattle's rising alternative pop starlet Amanda Markley recently dropped her latest self-titled EP on May 6th! The recent release included an emotional, stripped-down version of her former hit track "Cold."

Check it out below!

The hauntingly beautiful piano version, "Cold (Revisited)" highlights the delicate tone of Markley's voice with it's gut wrenching emotional lyrics, which take the listener on a journey through the feeling of loss. The video was directed by Jared Hole and filmed by Noah Martin. Amanda Markley had this to say about the video, "I wanted to record a version of "Cold" that would capture the raw emotion I was feeling and portray that to the listener." 

Amanda Markley has been collaborating with a slew of Washington-based artists on her latest self-titled EP, released May 2016.

The first single, "Jealousy" was released in 2015, sending all proceeds of single downloads to the charitable cause of rescuing homeless animals and finding them homes. The EP features five tracks by the singer/songwriter, including the dance-pop track, "Monster," a stripped down piano version of her hit "Cold," and a brand new track titled "Fire."

Immediately following the release, Markley headed to Nashville to record a set of new tracks with notable singer/songwriter/producer Will Pugh (Cartel), which will be released later this year

For more on Amanda Markley, check out her social media below!

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Dylan Young Releases Album

Photography: Ashley Yu

Photography: Ashley Yu

PA/NJ artist Dylan Young just dropped his latest work, How It Felt, a few days ago and it's really freakin' cool.

Released on the 21st, the 10-track LP, How It Felt, is Young's debut album of complete original work - which is an exciting step forward for the artist! The album was tracked/produced at Timber Studios with Adam Cichocki, and was mixed/mastered by Sam Carlen! 

Check the tracklist and album art below!

How It Felt
1. Burn
2. How it Feels
3. After Words
4. Brooklyn
5. Curse of the Hips
6. Interlude
7. Falling
8. The Quiet Room
9. Patience
10. Cheap Cigarettes

The album culminated after years of work for Dylan, who then spent the last few months releasing it bit by bit on social media - a huge tease if you ask me! The Hook will have a review of the album on June 28th, so check back then! In the mean time, check out How It Felt on Bandcamp, and for more on Dylan Young - feel free to check out his social media!

We're super stoked about this, so get stoked on it!

Dylan Young: Facebook // Bandcamp // Website // Instagram // Youtube // Twitter

David Trull Shares Brand New Single

Indie- folk singer/songwriter, David Trull, shared the second single off of his album, Coin Toss!

The album will be available on June 3rd, and Trull channels inspiration from The Allman Brothers, The Derek Trucks Band, and other Blues icons to create his own signature, existential sound. 

Dave began his music career as a regular live feature while still in high school at St. Louis’ Roadhouse. In college, Trull really discovered and honed in on his sound and songwriting skills. He started a band called Bourbon & Bitters, while he was able to save up enough money through gifts and gigs to record his solo EP, Sowing Season.

Although the EP had much success, Trull still found himself stuck and unhappy in an office job. He decided to make a rash decision and go on a 500 mile pilgrimage across France and Spain called the Camino De Santiago. During this journey he was going to make the decision to abandon music all together or pursue his dreams. He chose the latter and the entire album, Coin Toss, was composed during his 500 mile journey, and “Dark Magic” is the first song off the album inspired by his trip. 

Check out the stream below!

Trull realizes that the sweet memories of childhood are harder to hold on to as life goes on, and explores the themes of loss in his soulful record, which is the epitome of blues. “Dark Magic” is the first glimpse at a record about loss, heartache, and finding the good in every bad situation in life and learning to laugh about it. 

For more on David Trull or "Dark Magic," check out his links below!

David Trull: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Wilson Harwood Releases EP

unnamed (3).jpg

Wilson Harwood's new EP, Roll Away The Day, has been released! Harwood
is a folk/bluegrass/Afro-punk artist who specializes in Americana Pop!

In 2010, Harwood formed the Americana rock band Rocktin. They have
played among groups such as American Authors, Marshall Tucker Band,
Collective Soul, and Particle. Now, Wilson Harwood has begun his solo
career with two singles from this EP released in October 2015, and
February 2016.

You can check out the music video for the title track below!

This EP took 8 months to finalize the 5 song track list, being
recorded in both home studios and professional environments. The album
was mixed by Justin Peacock at The Hook Factory in Denver, CO and
mastered by Brian Gardner in Los Angeles, CA.

Roll Away The Day Tracklisting:
1. Shenandoah
2. Saturated in Sunshine
3. Lines of Chances
4. Roll Away The Day
5. Saved But Sold

Check out the new EP below and follow updates and connect with Wilson
Harwood on social media!

Wilson Harwood: 
Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Instagram

Saniyé Release New Single

Award winning singer and songwriter from Germany, Saniyé, celebrated the release of her new single, “Man Out of You,” at New York City’s annual Pillow Fight Day last Saturday. The song is the first release of her album, Lets Play, due for debut any day now via 6/8 Records.

“Man out of You,” seeps with sensuality and sultry, a cohesive fusion of jazz and pop genres. Saniyé's collection of awards include Lennon Songwriter Award and the Fox NY television’s Star of the Day Award. While she is from Germany with some Turkish ancestry, she was raised in New York, and has worked with Grammy award winning producers including Mark Plati, Philip A. Jimenez, Henri Scars Struck and Greg Calbi on her debut album, When I Don't Sleep.

Check out the music video below! 

For more information on Saniyé, check out her social media links below!

Saniyé: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Adrian Daniel Premiers New Album

New York, home of the big apple and domicile of dreams breeds a new alternative soul singing sensation, Adrian Daniel. He proudly premiere’s his album Disillusions. The 15-track collection is a creative weaving of modern & post 1970 R&B instrumentals coated with the synthetic sounds of his vocals. The album released on iTunes on April 1, 2016, and reflects heavy influence from Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Jay Z, and Cold Play. 

Work from the Brooklyn born artist has made a bit of a splash in the music pool and has generated acclaim and support from Spotify, TIDAL Discovery, Complex, Vibe, The Fader, as well as Okayplayer; but, the list goes on. 

After the rise and fall of a band that he started called L.D.C, Daniel committed to pursuing a solo career and prides himself on having an unbreakable work ethic and trying vigorously to impact world with his music.

He stated: "Music is everything we hope life would be... At least that's what I believe. That's what I've tried to do with this album: with the storytelling, sonics and everything. I just think that's the purpose of art, to push. I wrote this album to move past all the anger I had with myself and people... to keep from going insane at points in my life. Making this album was a labor of love for me. I never had to do anything this difficult in my life... but it was gratifying though. I learned so much in the process." 

You can listen to the full stream of Disillusions here.

For more info on Adrian Daniel and what he is up to, check out his social media below!

Adrian Daniel: Website // Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter // Instagram