New Music Video Out Now From Distorted Sun

The summer is still heating up, and Distorted Suns have added some fuel to the fire with their brand new single and music video!

Released on July 30th, the single "Under Thumb" is the first off of an upcoming EP due out August 19th, and was recorded by Ted Richardson in Philadelphia, a notable understudy of Shelly Yakus. The single comes with an accompanying video, which you can check out below, a red and blue mid-show shot. 

The grunge inspired, but definitely hard rock band has a solid single to celebrate! The track really gears listeners up for what should be a really exciting EP release! The single is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Check out the EP release show poster down below, and definitely check it out if you're around!

You can check out the band's social media below to keep up with them and all of the new and exciting things they're up to!

Distorted Sun: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Three Strands Releasing New Album

Local singer/songwriter Sean Cox, previous frontman of Philly band The Band of Rivals, is embarking on a solo project and re-branding himself as Three Strands. Three Strands is a project that began in November of last year, and Sean’s debut EP under his new name will be released later in July. The EP is called Letters to the Light and is a collection of songs about love, loss and doubt. 

Three Strands is folk/Americana music, and Letters to the Light will feature 6 original songs by Sean Cox. He is also partnering with Pledgemusic to allow his fans to be a part of the creative process, giving them access to exclusive deals and bundles if they choose to become a backer of the album. To get a taste of Three Strands before the release of the EP, you can listen to his single “Brother James,” a soft acoustic track that features Sean Cox’s wonderful vocal talent. 

Three Strands names his influences for Letters to the Light as Van Morrison, City and Colour, and Gregory Alan Isakov, and his soothing voice and talent with the guitar in “Brother James” promises a beautiful EP to look forward to. There will be a release show on July 7th at Tellus 360 in Lancaster, so if you can make it, don’t miss it. 
Three Strands: Facebook // Pledgemusic

Hiroshi Jaguar Shares Exclusive Remix With The Hook

The Planet You & Hiroshi Jaguar have recently teamed up in anticipation of an upcoming album, I Too (Me Also). Hiroshi Jaguar has shared a remixed version of an upcoming track off of the album!

"Winterlude" will be debuting on I Too (Me Also) but first check out this remixed version of it via Soundcloud thanks to beat maker, Hiroshi Jaguar.

The Planet You are a psychedelic math rock band from Montclair, NJ, and Hiroshi Jaguar is an experimental beat maker also from Montclair. Their debut album I Too (Me Also) will be out April 28th on All Sounds

Which is coming up mighty soon, like this Friday. (Duh)

Definitely check out this remix, and experimental electronic retake of the original track, and then check out I Too (Me Also) when it drops this Friday! For more on Hiroshi Jaguar or The Planet You and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

The Planet You: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Bandcamp
Hiroshi Jaguar: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Bandcamp

Xolos Release Debut Single

unnamed (7).jpg

Xolos (pronounced sho•los) is an electro pop production duo, who recently premiered their debut single "Do You Recall" on Ground Sounds last Friday, June 3rd. 

Originally from SoCal, the group draws their inspiration from their Mexican heritage and a variety of different genres. From indie rock to poppy electronica. Xolos eclectic twist seamlessly merges different musical worlds into a unique, forward thinking formula, definitely for fans for STRFKR, Capital Cities, and Passion Pit. The infectious sound of "Do You Recall" is a sign of great things to come from Xolos. 

The single's groovy electronic beat and airy vocals make for the perfect summer anthem.

The name Xolos is derived from the Nahuatl word Xoloitzcuintli, who were considered sacred dogs by the Aztec people. They believed the dogs could help the souls’ of their masters to safely navigate the depths of the underworld. The indigenous people of Mexico symbolize the Xoloitzcuintli as guardians and protectors from evil spirits.

As their name depicts, their single “Do You Recall” will purge your body of any demons leaving you no other choice but to celebrate a good time. Be sure to follow these guys on social media and listen to their debut single, “Do You Recall."

Xolos: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram