New Music Video From Capsize Kicks Off Tour


After last months release of “Blind,” Capsize quickly followed up with a brand new music video to maintain the hype & kickoff a December tour. The melodic post hardcore band requested the help of producer Matt Good (From First To Last) and gives a glimpse of what's to come from the band.

Check out the hard hitting track & music video below!

Capsize headed out on November 30th to begin The Burn Away Tour in Murrieta, California with Thousand Below and Dead Lakes. It’s a two week long run, mainly staying on the West Coast!

Check out the dates below for a city near you this month!

unnamed (1).jpg

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John Whip's 'Electric Love' Debuts Today

Photographer: Steph Defeo @solidstares

Photographer: Steph Defeo @solidstares

Philadelphia local, John Whip, is celebrating today with the premiere of his latest single, and greatest effort, "Electric Love." The jazz infused-pop single is one listeners can easily fall in love with, and Whip creates an intimate scene for you to get lost in.

Whip is an impressive force, but the singer did have help putting "Electric Love" together, of course. With the help of his regular band as well as some outsourcing, "Electric Love" includes John Whip (keys, vocals, production), Sam Carlen -(guitars, bass, additional keys), Craig Hamilton - drums & percussion), Ilya Setrakian - (keys for Electric Love), and Henry Tirfe - (tenor sax for Electric Love).

Between Whip's smooth voice and tender lyricism, his band also follows suit in a defined, crisp manner to make this track a true delight and experience to listen to. We've got the exclusive premiere of the track, streaming here on The Hook only!

Check it out below!

Whip describes how "Electric Love" came to fruition for us, "I wrote this song after accidentally falling in love with someone.  The way we all do when someone just says the right thing or smiles at you the perfect way.  They way that maybe we all think we shouldn’t because there are so many options and reasons to be alone. I knew I didn’t want it to be a jazz song though as that would limit my possibilities in a commercial world, but I knew that if I sung it a certain way and packaged the song a certain way, it could be pop - but still a different kind of pop.

I've just fallen in love with a lot of guys and wanted to explore what that means and who that makes me in the world we live in.  

I just wanted people to relate to that other side of hookup culture that we don’t sing about. The part when we catch feelings / usually the worst part because feelings aren't always reciprocated ya know?"

Of course we relate to that, and "Electric Love" is the perfect song to put on while getting over those post hookup blues. John Whip should have lots more to give us if this is what he's already putting out - polished, professional work.

To keep up to date with John and what he has coming out, check out his social media down below to never miss an update!

John Whip: Facebook // Soundcloud

Readership Shares New Single With Listeners

Readership promo.jpg

Having just been released last Friday, Readership have lots of fun up their sleeves! "Pet Ghost" is the band's latest track, a fun mix of power pop and 80's/90's vibes. 

Before their beginning in 2012, Adrian Morse and Matt Lee started performing together in various Philadelphia bands after Matt inexplicably responded to Adrian's internet ad seeking a female collaborator to write coffee shop folk music. West Chester, PA-based musician Gregory Matthew joined with Adrian and Matt in 2014, having spent most of his formative years drag racing cars and baking many delicious cookies.

The band released their debut LP New Ways to Make the Same Mistakes in 2016. Since the release of that record, the band added a full-time bass player in Gabe McCall.

Check out "Pet Ghost" streaming below!

We've got Readership's social media down below to check out if you feel like keeping up with what they're up to? Check out the single streaming above, and as always thanks for reading!

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New Single From Foxanne To Knock Your Socks Off


In anticipation of their upcoming EP release, Hafling, Foxanne is celebrating the new year with new music and we couldn't be happier! The Brooklyn 3-piece took inspiration from a night spent with someone not so worth spending time with - which we basically all can relate to.

"Whiskey and Strawberries" captures the essence of that feeling, and bottles it up for one heck of a listening experience. Lucky for you (and us) we've got it streaming below for you via Soundcloud!

Lead singer/songwriter and guitarist Foxanne is supported by synth player Michael J Harris and Julliard trained percussionist Andrew Funcheon. The band are regulars around the east coast, especially Philadelphia and New York City. With a sound like that can you blame them?

Of course we're excitingly awaiting Hafling, but until then, stream this bad boy and check out Foxanne's social media down below to never miss an update!

Foxanne: Instagram // Youtube

New Single From Loner Funk Act Petrus Nordh

CSF'17 Saturday phone-8.jpg

One month into 2018 and Swedish musician Petrus Nordh is already onto their second single!

"Blank Piece of Paper" is the latest release, and according to Petrus Nordh, the musician is using a guitar tuning of his own invention, playing both guitar and bass at the same time. Later on adding vocals, keyboard and percussion. The "syncopated, latin tinged funk groove" is mainly influenced by D’Angelo, Charlie Hunter and Sly & The Family Stone while the lyrics deal with the creative process and realizing nothing will be done if you don’t just start.

Check it out below!

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Petrus Nordh: Instagram

New Year, New Music From Halogens

Photo by  Connor Meany

Photo by Connor Meany

What better way to start our new year than with Halogens?

One of our longest followed bands, the New Jersey foursome has recently shared a brand new song to start of 2018 and we couldn't wait to get our hands (and ears) on it. Their first single release since their split with Staten in December 2016, it's quite literally music to our ears.

Check out "Pretty Enough" below!

In true Halogens fashion, they're here to make you feel everything. Between the constant highest standard of lyricism and their instrumental push and pull, "Pretty Enough" is fresh air for those feeling stale. We're excited for what else may be coming this year, so stay tuned!

For more on Halogens & to keep up with what they're up to, check out their social media down below!

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America Part Two End The Year With New Music Video

Photo:  Dieter Unrath

After their summer release of EP, Pure, America Part Two are wrapping up their 2017 with a music video to celebrate Pure, and their track 'America Part II.' 

Check out the music video below!

The track is a sentimental, somber piece accompanied by a music video that is full of reminisce and memories. What better way to end 2017 then by looking back, both thoughtful and hopeful at the core of their sound. Definitely check out the video above, and we have America Part Two's social media links down below for your consideration!

America Part Two: Facebook // Website

New Single Out Now From Death Bells

Photography: Jarryd Lynagh

Photography: Jarryd Lynagh

Dreamy Australian quintet, Death Bells, have recently shared a brand new, ethereal single for listeners! “Only You" is a bulwark of post-punk, built on a blunt rhythm, webbing guitar, and ardent vocals. Frosty and monochromatic, the single’s accompanying video (directed by Jai Love) encapsulates Death Bells’ fascination with the wispy romanticism of the ‘80s.

Check it out below!

After releasing a self-titled EP last year, Death Bells will be gifting the world with a full album later this year. Look for ‘Standing At The Edge Of The World’ to be released in North America on September 29 via Funeral Party Records (and in Australia by Burning Rose). 

In the meantime, check out their social media to stay up to date.

Death Bells: Facebook

Weird Owl Announces 'Bubblegum Brainwaves' Out October 13th

unnamed (4).jpg

Brooklyn psych band Weird Owl has announced a new album, Bubblegum Brainwaves
due out October 13th.

The band's sixth release in a decade, it's an album about cognitive dissonance, darkness, and uncertainty, condensed into consumable song formats and structures. Touching on themes of war, dystopias, and crumbling reality structures, it's highly informed by the current political climate and finds the band continuing to push themselves into new realms!

Check out the lead single off the upcoming album below!

Bubblegum Brainwaves was recorded and produced by Psychic TV guitarist Jeffrey Berner and features a guest appearance by the legendary Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. It's currently available for pre-order digitally and on CD & limited-edition pink vinyl. 

Andi Shares New Single 'Half Home'

Andi is a Toronto based artist who is very involved in her music making process, producing original tunes that might make you feel a little better than before. Recently, the songstress shared brand new single "Half Home."

She released her debut EP Sketches last year and is currently working on her first full length inspired by issues she sees in herself and in the world. Subjects include women’s empowerment, toxic views on masculinity, LGTBQ+ issues and her lived experience as a bisexual woman. Her relatable music communicates everyday experiences of self-conflict, emotionality, and love, qualities that characterize the human condition.

Check out "Half Home" below

"This song is about being young and in a transitionary stage of life. When I wrote the track I was alone on the road, floating from recording sessions to rehearsals, and crashing in my car between gigs. Writing this song helped me embrace living in a state of change," says Andi of the track.

For more on Andi, check out her music video above and then her social media to keep up to date!

Andi: facebook // instagram // twitter // bandcamp

Counterfeit Culture Release "Apothecary" Music Video

Post-hardcore group Counterfeit Culture recently released a music video featuring Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse, for their single, "Apothecary." 

The video showcases a violent relationship which highlights the message of the band's recently released EP titled, DeathwishDeathwish dropped August 1st and was produced/engineered by Armellino and gives off the melodic metal vibes and harmonious vocals that will remind listeners of This Or The Apocalypse.

Watch the new music video for "Apothecary" below and stream the rest of Deathwish HERE.

Guitarist, Patrick Robertson talked about the video saying, "This music video is the most meaningful thing of the whole release for all of us. We spent so much time planning out the storyboard, and drove all the way to Lancaster, PA to film part of it. Of course having our good friend Ricky Armellino in it makes it that much more special to all of us. We wanted to follow up on our music video for X, and put out something that's just as impactful. Alec and Kiera, the actor and actress in this video did an absolutely amazing job portraying an abusive relationship. This is a culmination of all our hard work, and we hope everyone can get something out of it!"

Check out the video up above, and for more on Counterfeit Culture, check out their social media down below!

Counterfeit Culture: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

8/7 Central Share New Track 'Missile'

Based out of Brooklyn, NYC 8/7 Central have been preparing for their upcoming September EP release in Berlin, Germany on their European Tour! What better a way to hype up than to share a brand new single from the upcoming EP!

"Missile" is the first release off of the nameless EP, and 8/7 Central released it on (you guessed it) August 7th for fans and listeners everywhere! Check it out below!

The track is reminiscent of new wave and indie, but a smooth and easy listen for sure. It's quickly become a favorite on our playlist!

8/7 Central is comprised of Stephen Kingslow (bass), Florian Mewes (drums), Evan Banks (guitar), and Victor Crusner (vocals, guitar). The multi-national band includes members from Germany, Switzerland and the US respectively. 

To keep up with 8/7 Central, check out their social media below and watch out for that upcoming EP!

8/7 Central: Facebook // Instagram

Ledges Impress With New Single 'Nothing To Say'

Akron, Ohio indie rock trio Ledges will release their debut album Homecoming on September 1st, but now they're celebrating their brand new, anthemic new single "Nothing To Say" can be heard on Spotify!

Homecoming is a story that follows a character on a journey through doubt, love, loss, and redemption, and "Nothing to Say" is the 3rd scene of that story. Frontman Andy Hoffman explains "In the song, the character stumbles out of the cold into an old school cabaret bar. There he meets this beautiful girl and thinks that she's the answer to his problems, but it's just infatuation and even though he knows that to an extent, he still pursues the girl. The simple lyrics and upbeat vibe of the song are meant to represent that first moment when you meet someone and it's all superficial emotions/feelings and there's not much to actually say (hence the title of the song)."

To keep up with Ledges, check out their social media below!

Ledges: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Levy & The Oaks Share New Remix Of 'Out Of The Blue'

Levy & The Oaks Americana/Folk style had a facelift recently in the form of an electronic remix of their track "Out Of The Blue," by Johnny Fung!

The remix premiered on All Things Go where the band shared, "'Out Of The Blue' is the song that made us realize what the future could hold if we just kept doing what we love to do. It’s one of our favorites. It was a pleasure working with Jonny Fung on this remix. He took the song to the next level and we couldn’t be happier. We’re excited to do more work with him in the future."

Check it out below!

The feel good track is just one of a few new tracks that Levy & The Oaks have been hard at work on, and you don't want to miss out on this fun Avicci-esque remix!

Levy & The Oaks are also on tour currently, and you can check out the dates below! Beyond that stay plugged in with their social media to never miss a beat!

Levy & The Oaks Upcoming Show Dates:
7/28 Chubby Pickle, Highlands NJ
8/19 Arlene's Grocery, New York City NY
8/25 House Of Independents, Asbury Park NJ
9/1 The Asbury Hotel, Asbury Park NJ
9/23 Rahway Culture Crawl, Rahway NJ

Levy & The Oaks: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp // Youtube

Sunset Lines Shares New Single 'The Miles'

San Francisco's own Sunset Lines have shared a new little slice of pop rock heaven for listeners recently called "The Miles." The beach-y tune is a chirpy little song that slides in nicely with your current summer playlist!

Check out "The Miles" below streaming via Soundcloud!

The song premiered on Impose Magazine where the band detailed, “This is a song about leaving home and the pangs of guilt/sadness that hang over you before the excitement of being in a new life sets in. We wanted the contrast of the bright guitar hooks/shimmering synth to offset the more somber tone of the lyrics.”

The single is a sweet, vintage sounding piece that is perfect for listening while the sun sets through a window in your house, (this has been tested). So, check it out, and to keep up with Sunset Lines, check out their social media below!

Sunset Lines: Facebook

Shatterproof Streams EP Ahead Of Release

The band, Shatterproof, is gearing up for the debut of their self-titled EP release, due out 7/21. The self-titled EP was recorded at The Blasting Room, produced/engineered by Chris Beeble, mixed by Mark Needham at Red Oak Studios with assistant mix engineer by Tyler Spratt and mastered by Stephen Marcussen.

To celebrate the release, the band has partnered with PureGrainAudio to stream the EP in full today, so head over there to check it out! 

Off the forthcoming EP, the band released single "So Punk"about the struggles of working artists and while times may seem tough, to never give up living out one's dream. Following the release of "So Punk" they unleashed "Karma," a classic revenge-breakup song.

The band expands on their forthcoming EP, by stating, "We believe that this EP is the best of Shatterproof. We have been a band for almost 6 years and have written so many songs. But this EP is what Shatterproof is about, our favorite songs we have written so far. It is painting a picture of the direction we want to go, how we want to write songs and what kind of band we want to be. Having the opportunity to put this EP out through Revival Recordings is huge for us. This EP is some old stuff for older fans, and some new stuff for everyone, and as a package we couldn't be happier with it."  

 In addition, Shatterproof will be hitting the road this month with Sink In, in support of their EP Release. Check out those dates below!

For more on Shatterproof and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Shatterproof: Facebook

Rent Party's New Single 'Involved' Out Now

Philadelphia's own Skylyne Records are proud to support Maryland innovative rock band, Rent Party. The band is celebrating the release of their brand new single, "Involved," which you can check out streaming below!

The black and white video exudes a type of contagious confidence that makes "Involved" a must see and hear video.

The band is made up of lead singers, guitarists Finn Cohan and Ryan Conway as well as Michael Silverglade on bass and Jack Kessler on drums. Formed in 2016, the guys mashed together blues and alt-rock styles to create their unique sound. The band’s first demos were released on Soundcloud in the beginning of the year with new music being released throughout 2017!

To keep up with Rent Party, check out their social media below!

Rent Party: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

New Release From Neck Deep

Neck Deep has released the third track and music video for "Motion Sickness," the lead track on their upcoming album, The Peace and The Panic, due out August 18th via Hopeless Records.

On the track, singer Ben Barlow shares, "Motion Sickness is the song that really bridges the vibe and lyrical message of Life's Not Out To Get You to the new album. It's the song on 'The Peace & The Panic' that shares the most in common with what we've done before, whilst still fitting with the rest of the new material. Like a lot of the new record, it carries a theme of duality; the verses are about confusion and struggle, but the choruses are about not giving up, not letting hard times get the best of you."

Check out the track below!

The video gives you a "day in the life" vibe from Neck Deep as the band spends time on Venice Beach skateboarding, visiting Disneyland and live footage from their recent performances headlining Slam Dunk in the UK. Barlow continues saying "We shot the video with our friend and close collaborator Elliott Ingham whilst we were in LA recording the album. The song is so upbeat and energetic that we didn't want the video to be too serious, so we just hung out on our days off from the studio and stitched all the footage together. There are some cool shots from the studio and from our headline sets at Slam Dunk in there too... The video just matches the songs mood of seizing life and grabbing opportunities that are in front of you."

The upcoming 11-track album, produced by Mike Green (Pierce The Veil, Paramore), is a meditation on the constant duality of life and the struggles that come with it!

For more on what Neck Deep is up to, check out their social media links below!

Neck Deep: Facebook

Animal Youth's "You Don't Know Love" Is Out Now

Still reeling from the lauded release of their debut album, pensive post-punk trio Animal Youth have premiered a video for rousing album closer “You Don’t Know Love.” The video for “You Don’t Know Love” reflects that perfectly calibrated aesthetic, yielding a piece steeped in age, as opposed to “videos looking like mineral water commercials shot with 4K cameras and drones.”

Check it out below!

“‘You Don't Know Love’ sounds to me like a journey through the night after the end of a summer love, something nostalgic and beautiful, something you'll never know again,” vocalist Guy Tourney said of the track. “For me it was more than just a summer, this song is about the end of a 6-year story, and at some point, I could have filled an ocean only with tears.”

The Brussels-based trio, which was sculpted from the remains of noise-punk group Siamese Queens, take cues from the Cocteau Twins’ enigmatic persona, The Jesus and Mary Chain’s white-knuckle grip on noise, and the nimbleness of Echo & The Bunnymen. Their debut album, ‘Animal’ is out now via Weyrd Son Records.

In Place Share Their Latest Single "Spiral Daze" With Listeners

Philadelphia's very own instrumental duo, In Place, have recently released their newest single "Spiral Daze" for fans and listeners!

Recorded out of the band’s home studio, the song is the byproduct of a brief moment of life’s pressure pushing down all at once. "The beginning riff symbolizes the intensity while the acoustic at the end is the release of that," says In Place. 

Check out the single, "Spiral Daze" below!

In Place is made up of childhood friends Brandon Cassel and Justin Leggio. Focused on electric guitar and drums, they incorporate brass, percussion, and bass elements performed by friends of the two. The sound has been described as moody, filled with peaks and valleys of tension and release, and that instills a sense of nostalgia and reflection in the listener.

If you're digging this and wondering when you can catch In Place live, you can catch them on July 20th at Front Street Cafe performing with QQQ and Shy. There will be artwork by Cody Bluett as well, so you're in for a treat!

To keep up with In Place, check out their social media below!

In Place: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website