"Didn't Ask For A Dime" From Goodnight/Goodluck Out Now

Philadelphia's own Goodnight/Goodluck are celebrating the second release off their upcoming EP - missing, is expected out on May 12th. In the meantime, fans can enjoy and appreciate their latest release off of the EP, "Didn't Ask For A Dime."

A self-recorded four-track demo was released in April 2017, and picked up the very next day and favorably reviewed by WXPN's The Key. Buoyed by the positive reception and a string of well-received live performances, the band recorded their debut EP the following winter with Joe Reinhart (Hop Along/Algernon Cadwallader) at The Headroom in Philadelphia. goodnight/goodluck is Sarah Puleo, Eric Zrinsky, Ed Taylor, Jayson Verdibello, and Alex Brown, together they create a sound that is electric, fun and feel good.

Check out the track streaming below!

The track is a folksy, easy going and mixes an interesting set of voices and sounds together to create a catchy fusion. missing is being released on May 12th - the release show is at Boot & Saddle with openers Secret Americans and WAX WAV. With "Didn't Ask For A Dime" boasting itself over a month in advance for listeners, goodnight/goodluck have given fans and listeners plenty of time to hype themselves up for the release!

We sure as heck couldn't be more excited to see, and hear, what is to come. Check out their social media down below to follow goodnight/goodluck on their journey!

Goodnight/Goodluck: Spotify // Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp

Exclusive Premiere: War Twins Share New Single "American Kids"


LA Natives and iconic two piece War Twins are up to bat with their fiery new single, "American Kids." After touring non-stop and calling their van home for the last 5 years, the duo partnered with the famously innovative producer, Sylvia Massy (Tom Petty, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers),  Massy was able to capture and accentuate the combination of raw emotion and radiant energy of several of War Twins songs in a quick week of recording.

We've got this hot new single streaming below via Spotify!

After having spent the last few weeks touring the Northeast, including our home city of Philadelphia just yesterday, War Twins should be celebrating this release by relaxing and enjoying their hard work!

Definitely check out the single streaming on Spotify, and checkout War Twins social media down below to keep up with everything they've got going on!

War Twins: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

John Whip's 'Electric Love' Debuts Today

Photographer: Steph Defeo @solidstares

Photographer: Steph Defeo @solidstares

Philadelphia local, John Whip, is celebrating today with the premiere of his latest single, and greatest effort, "Electric Love." The jazz infused-pop single is one listeners can easily fall in love with, and Whip creates an intimate scene for you to get lost in.

Whip is an impressive force, but the singer did have help putting "Electric Love" together, of course. With the help of his regular band as well as some outsourcing, "Electric Love" includes John Whip (keys, vocals, production), Sam Carlen -(guitars, bass, additional keys), Craig Hamilton - drums & percussion), Ilya Setrakian - (keys for Electric Love), and Henry Tirfe - (tenor sax for Electric Love).

Between Whip's smooth voice and tender lyricism, his band also follows suit in a defined, crisp manner to make this track a true delight and experience to listen to. We've got the exclusive premiere of the track, streaming here on The Hook only!

Check it out below!

Whip describes how "Electric Love" came to fruition for us, "I wrote this song after accidentally falling in love with someone.  The way we all do when someone just says the right thing or smiles at you the perfect way.  They way that maybe we all think we shouldn’t because there are so many options and reasons to be alone. I knew I didn’t want it to be a jazz song though as that would limit my possibilities in a commercial world, but I knew that if I sung it a certain way and packaged the song a certain way, it could be pop - but still a different kind of pop.

I've just fallen in love with a lot of guys and wanted to explore what that means and who that makes me in the world we live in.  

I just wanted people to relate to that other side of hookup culture that we don’t sing about. The part when we catch feelings / usually the worst part because feelings aren't always reciprocated ya know?"

Of course we relate to that, and "Electric Love" is the perfect song to put on while getting over those post hookup blues. John Whip should have lots more to give us if this is what he's already putting out - polished, professional work.

To keep up to date with John and what he has coming out, check out his social media down below to never miss an update!

John Whip: Facebook // Soundcloud

Exclusive Premiere: Ernston Shares New Single "Simple!"

Simple! Cover.jpg

We have the pleasure of announcing Ernston's brand-spanking-new single, "Simple!" which comes to us as a triumphant return for the New Jersey vets!

With help of other NJ friends like Chris Flannery (Save Face) on drums, as well as produced/mixed by Doug Gallo at AGL Sounds, and mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios. The comeback for Ernston includes members Errol Beutell- Guitars), Jimmy Fasulo (Vocals), and Ryan Hillsinger (Drums) - hopefully a call to action for the threesome for some new tunes and vibes.

"Simple!" is a goofy, power pop track that doesn't ever take itself too seriously. I mean how can you take yourself too seriously when your girl asks you to write her a song?

Check out the official lyric video down below!

With the excitement of a brand new single, Ernston aren't stopping there!

The three piece has two shows coming up, both of which are happening in their (and our) home state of NJ, so we'll give you those dates down below so there aren't any excuses! Aside from that, you should check out Ernston's social media so you'll never miss an update, and I'll include that down below for you as well!

Peep those show dates, check out that lyric video, and keep your ears & eyes peeled for what Ernston has up their sleeve!

Ernston Show Dates:
3/30: Union County Performing Arts Center - Rahway
4/14: Mt. Moon - New Brunswick

Ernston: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Spotify

Exclusive Premiere: Lazarus Wilde Teases Listeners With New Single


The vulnerable, ever talented Lazarus Wilde has spent the new year preparing for their upcoming March release - an EP that explores the raw emotion of being, and one we're personally anticipating - but, in the meantime, Wilde has teased fans and listeners with a sneak peak of what's to come: a brand new single.

Exclusively on The Hook, we're premiering Lazarus Wilde's latest track "Angor Animi" for everyone to check out. We have a streaming video down below for you! The third release under Lazarus Wilde is anticipated release on March 1st, just a few weeks away. The Condition Of Human Dilemma will feature four tracks including "Angor Animi," and is sure to knock your socks clean off.

Check out the video below!

"I wanted to create a song that explored the feelings of someone going through an anxiety attack for the first time, i know when i myself had my first panic attack, i felt as though something was seriously wrong, in an extreme thought even possibly dying or having a heart attack. We as humans tend to internalize our emotions when things get hectic forgetting that sometimes we need to express our feelings in however way we see fit. This song was my approach in expressing a feeling that many of us experience often," says Wilde of the track. 

So, you heard it hear first, "Angor Animi" is the first track off of Lazarus Wilde's March 1st EP - so stay tuned, because if you dig this then you're gonna dig the whole damn thing. As always, social media links down below to keep up with everything that is Lazarus Wilde!

Lazarus Wilde: Facebook


GRIMM. Debuts New Music Video 'Summerset Station'


A blend of hip-hop & alternative rock, GRIMM. brings out the best of both genres in their brand new single "Summerset Station," off of upcoming EP, spectrum. The new track also has an exclusive music video you can watch below!

The track is an upbeat, 21 Pilots-esque anthem that you definitely want to check out. If you're familiar with the genre blending techniques of Linkin Park, 21 Pilots, or even locally grown band Civil Youth, then you're definitely going to dig this. The video isn't what it seems, but maybe you should watch it for yourself to figure it out.

According to GRIMM., "After years of writing, managing and playing for bands, Adam found his own voice that would be the inspiration behind a new perspective in mainstream music. Being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6, Adam had always been treated differently. Dealing with a mandatory separation from class into a resource room where Adam spent his time writing music and helping his classmates that functioned at a lower level. He used his musical ability to become more social and gain the confidence to become the performer he knows he will be. GRIMM. wants to be an inspiration to kids with Autism who feel their disability is stopping them from achieving their goals in life."

Good, new & exciting music for a good cause is definitely the type of stuff we like to get behind. GRIMM is going to push the limits on genre bending, and we look forward to what's to come in the near future!

Stay tuned later this month when GRIMM anticipates to release spectrum, and check out their social media to keep up with all updates!

GRIMM: Facebook // Instagram

New Music Video Out Now From Distorted Sun

The summer is still heating up, and Distorted Suns have added some fuel to the fire with their brand new single and music video!

Released on July 30th, the single "Under Thumb" is the first off of an upcoming EP due out August 19th, and was recorded by Ted Richardson in Philadelphia, a notable understudy of Shelly Yakus. The single comes with an accompanying video, which you can check out below, a red and blue mid-show shot. 

The grunge inspired, but definitely hard rock band has a solid single to celebrate! The track really gears listeners up for what should be a really exciting EP release! The single is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Check out the EP release show poster down below, and definitely check it out if you're around!

You can check out the band's social media below to keep up with them and all of the new and exciting things they're up to!

Distorted Sun: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Stepbrothers Share Brand New Single Anticipating New Album

In anticipation for their first release since 2015, Stepbrothers have shared a brand new single and music video with fans and listeners!

The Idaho natives are a blend of post-hardcore, pop punk genres that suck you in and throw you right back out. The single, "Get Tricked And Die For Nothing" is the first track off of their new album There is Always Something to Worry About, which will be available for pre-order through Flesh and Bone Records starting today!

Check out the video exclusively here!

The mixture of sound and almost indifferent execution of vocals make this track feel similar to bands like Weezer (especially that opening chord). Stepbrothers' are onto something good here, and "Get Tricked And Die For Nothing" is an exciting step forward for their four piece, harboring good thoughts for the anticipated release of There is Always Something to Worry About.

About the track and upcoming release, the band had this to say, "We're really excited to release this record. We've had it recorded since around Christmas and have been sitting on it for a while. It feels good to be able to finally share these songs with everyone."

Well, wouldn't ya know, we're excited too!

Stepbrothers also has quite a few shows lined up, and you can check out their August dates down below!

August Dates:
August 9th Boise, ID
August 11th Bellingham, WA
August 12th Seattle, WA
August 13th Portland, OR
August 14th Eugene, OR

For a more immediate following of Stepbrothers, definitely check out their social media so you can stay up to date on everything they've got going on! In the meantime, listen & watch the new single, and really vibe out!

Stepbrothers: Facebook // Bandcamp
Flesh and Bone Records: Website // Facebook // Youtube

Exclusive Premiere: Two Brand New Tracks From Maitri

Brooklyn's own Maitri have teamed up with The Hook to exclusively premiere the release of two brand new tracks, "Today" and "Flying Stars." 

Created in Brooklyn, NY, Maitri describes themselves as a "new sound that reflects modern day struggle and offers hope for a better reality. With the release of Today/Flying Stars, gospel returns to Africa through delay pedals and arpeggiators and country-western meets outer space."

"Today" and "Flying Stars" are the first of a collection of songs that will make up the full-length album, After Glow, anticipated for release this fall. Check them both out exclusively streaming below thanks to Soundcloud!

Translated from Sanskrit, Maitri (”my tree”) is an unconditional friendship and acceptance of yourself that extends outward to the world. This group was formed by Caroline Davis (voice/woodwinds) to embrace both the hardship and ecstasy of life through song, and it is now a collective songwriting outlet for both herself and Ben Hoffmann (voice/keyboards).

Featuring driving keyboards and a powerful rhythm section led by Sam Weber (bass) and Jay Sawyer (drums), Maitri incorporates a heavy dose of soul and R&B, while also drawing upon indie influences. The band self describes their music as "a unique sound in the Brooklyn musical landscape, Maitri is the soundtrack for the inevitable ushering in of the new world order."

The two tracks are the predecessors for After Glow, and are sure to fire up listeners for what sounds like is going to be a really exciting and innovative release. In the meantime, check out Maitri's social media so you never miss an update!

Maitri: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Hayride Casualties Release Single "Coal Fired Train"

A throbbing heartache, a cry for help, and it's the world that needs saving - that's the basis of the new single "Coal Fired Train" by Brooklyn indie folk-rock outfit Hayride Casualties.

Premiered on GroundSounds earlier this week, it's a direct reflection of the current state of our world; from an environmental, political and social perspective. "Coal Fired Train" comes off the band's upcoming album Fossil Fuel Kid, out June 9th.

Check it out below!

"I think for anyone paying attention to what’s happening in the world right now, it’s hard not to feel hopeless, and it’s this constant battle to stay optimistic," shared vocalist Daniel DeWald. "'Coal Fired Train' explores those moments of burnout when you give in and just let the darkness completely overtake you. Hopefully those moments are temporary, but it’s good to know you’re not the only one feeling that way."

To keep up with the indie group, check out Hayride Casualties on their social media below!

Hayride Casualties: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Debut EP 'Hell Or High Water' From Blonde Roses

Blonde Roses, based out of New Orleans, have partnered with Substream Magazine to stream their debut EP, Hell Or High Water. Blending alternative rock with southern blues, Blonde Roses is proud to stream the full EP after they previously released their single, “Anymore.” The band is influenced by artists from the 60’s and 70’s, and with Hell Or High Water, they aim to give their fans honest and real lyrics about staying strong through the curveballs life throws at you. 

Band members Molly, Harry, Anthony, and Albert want Hell Or High Water to be their introduction to a long career in music, and the EP is a promising start. Raw, vulnerable, relatable, and real, Hell Or High Water draws from the band’s Louisiana roots and their personal experiences, sending a message to persevere, to stay strong, and to stay true to yourself.

The two singles off the EP, “Anymore” and “Bullet,” paint a picture of overcoming life’s obstacles and still being able to appreciate the beauty of it all. Lead singer Molly says, “Life isn’t always going to be easy, but it’s a blessing.” 

Hell Or High Water will officially be released later in the spring, but for now, it’s available for digital streaming, and keep up with Blonde Roses on social media for more updates from the band.

Blonde Roses: Facebook // Website

New Song from Have Mercy Premiered Exclusively with CLRVYNT

You may have read a previous article about Have Mercy releasing their single “Good Christian Man” from their upcoming album, Make The Best Of It. Now they’re back with another single off the album, which is due in full on Friday, April 21st. The new single is called “Baby Grand,” and Have Mercy has partnered with CLRVYNT to release the song exclusively.

Check it out below!

In an interview on their site. CLRVYNT said about the track, “Tender but powerful, it conveys both deep loneliness and warm comfort. It’s a ballad that tugs at heartstrings with desperate conviction, but also burns with a hopeful urgency.”

Pretty powerful words for a powerful song. Lead singer of Have Mercy, Brian Swindle, had his own words to say about the song: “’Baby Grand’ is a song of just regret. Regretting leaving a good situation or ‘thing’ that you had with someone over stupid reasons. It’s about trying to find a way to get back to that time but never being able to.” 

The full album, Make The Best Of It, was a passion project that took months of hard work trying to capture the essence of Have Mercy as a band. After seven months of crafting it, the album drops tomorrow, and with songs like “Baby Grand” and “Good Christian Man” it’s sure to be an emotional whopper. Check out the track listing below, and listen to “Baby Grand” (also read the full interview with CLRVYNT) through the link. 

You can also catch Have Mercy on tour soon, along with Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside and Nothing, Nowhere, starting on April 27th and ending on June 9th. 

Have Mercy: Website // Facebook

"Can You Relate" Out Now From The Great Enough

Philadelphia native rockers, The Great Enough, have recently shared their brand new music video "Can You Relate?" for listeners and fans! The music video is for the debut single "Can You Relate?" which is a lush, almost anthemic alt-rock track, one that premiered around two weeks ago. The music video is brand new, debuting just on Sunday!

Check out the video below!

The Great Enough formed in 2015, bringing together their brand of rock & roll. The band states that "rather than subscribe to labels, the band wants to let the music speak for itself.  It will tell you that these guys work hard and care deeply.  That they are exploring the human experience in as honest a way as they are able.  That they want to laugh, and rage; they want to feel our loneliness and our exultation; that they want to roar," and that everything else is up to the listener.

"Can You Relate?" is a refreshing rock track, with a feel good music video. I was surprised at first upon listening to the track, as there hasn't been much exciting progress happening in the realm of rock or alternative rock, but I'd definitely say that The Great Enough are bringing something new and exciting to the table. A more contemporary style that is easy to listen to and relatable. 

To keep up with The Great Enough and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

The Great Enough: Website // Facebook

We Ride Share Empowering "Do It All Again"

Spain’s hardcore outfit WE RIDE has released a third track from their upcoming album, Empowering Life, set for release on April 14th.

Check out the single below!

According to front-woman Mimi Telmo, “’Do It All Again’ reflects all the feelings and memories we make when we are on the road. When we come back home the only thing we think about is we would do it all again." 

The band is headed on tour soon, check out the dates below!

WE RIDE On Tour 2017
May 4 - Variete Zduńska - Wola, Poland                               
May 5 - Muggefug - Cottbus, Germany
May 6 - Return To Strength Festival - Querfurt, Germany
May 8 - Klub 007 - Praha, Czech Republic
May 10 - Treppenhaus - Rorschach, Switzerland
May 11 - Gibus - Paris, France       
June 3 - Sala Master Club - Vigo, Spain
Jun 23 - Download Festival - Madrid, Spain
July 5 - Resurrection Festival - Vivero, Spain

For more on We Ride, check out their social media below!

We Ride: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Exclusive Video Premiere: Cult Choir Shares "Hey, Bijou"

The transplant of Philly-Portland-Nashville, Cult Choir is excited to exclusively premiere their newest music video for their track "Hey, Bijou." The track is off of Cult Choir's upcoming 6th album, It Comes At Night, and it features Cult Choir's friend and up and coming drag queen, Bijou Bentley.

Check out the video below!

Combining elements of garage, doo-wop, goth, and hip-hop Cult Choir says his always evolving style comes from his love of all types of music and inability to stick to one sound. Hoping to put out his most raw and personal material yet, he's eyeing a late summer/ early fall release date and promises to drop some more DIY music videos along the way.

You heard it here, stay tuned for future Cult Choir releases, and to keep up to date, check out his social media down below!

Cult Choir: Facebook // Bandcamp

Varsity Week Release New Music Video

Premiering last Friday on Alternative Press, LA-Based alternative pop quartet, Varsity Week shared their latest video with listeners! Produced by Jim Kaufman [Night Riots, Beware of Darkness, Emery] and Kenny Carkeet, "Anyways" thrives with its gigantic, addictive pop hook and 90's alt-bubblegum, yet soulful sound. The single debuted earlier this year with prominent youth outlet Twist Magazine, who told its' readers, "you're about to become obsessed with [Varsity Week's] infectious music."

Check out the video for it below!

Vocalist Brandon Eisenbeis explains, "'Anyways' is about walking away from anything that's not working and starting fresh. We can all relate to that. We really wanted to express that in the concept for the video." Directed by Ryan Pesecky, the video is a visually stunning piece of art, with heartfelt storyline. "The video pushes new breath into the song, to a point where we understand it better as a band," adds guitarist Dave Orton. "I don't think we were expecting that, actually - I know we weren't."

For more on Varsity Week, check out their social media below!

Varsity Week: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Exclusive Premiere: Sentient Moss Shares '1999 in Colombia' Anticipating New Album

Photography: Dave McArthur / Moberium Media

Photography: Dave McArthur / Moberium Media

Anticipating a new album is an exciting and tricky endeavor. The guys at Sentient Moss have been preparing for their March 24th release of their upcoming album, Somebody, Somehow, by sharing a track or two with listeners - and this week, The Hook was lucky enough to pair up with the foursome to exclusively premiere their newest track, "1999 in Colombia."

Check out the stream below!

If you're a fan of American Football, or Moving Mountains, Sentient Moss might be right up your alley. The single, "1999 in Colombia" features members Connor McArthur (Vocals & Guitar), Matt Balkovic (Vocals & Guitar), Nigel Whitley (Bass), and Joe Fadem (Drums). Somebody, Somehow was produced / Mixed by Kevin Grossman at The Hangar (Wall, NJ), and mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media (Asbury Park, NJ).

The band first released "Clarity" last week with 36vultures, and "1999 in Colombia" at first starts out like something I've heard before. Traditional alternative rock with the heavy, gruffness of the vocal outlining a stand out guitar riff. The song, though, surprised me as I listened further - that guitar riff breaking itself down into a more methodic, math like arrangement making the track feel unique and more emotionally heavy hitting.

To celebrate the upcoming album release, Sentient Moss will be joining Halogen's (our faves) Homecoming Release Show on March 25th, presented by Electric Oak! Toy Cars and Grin & Bear are joining the show as well, check out the poster below!

So far, with this being their second release off of the album, Somebody, Somehow, is lining up to be a killer collection that you definitely want to stay tuned for on March 24th! For more on Sentient Moss and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Sentient Moss: Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Lunch Ladies Share "You're Not There"

"It seems that a lot of relationships, whether it be friendly or romantic, often seem fabricated and fake and leave you feeling alone. When you finally find someone that really eliminates that loneliness you begin to realize you'd do anything to hold onto them,” says Matt Whitley of the latest single, “You’re Not There,” by Lunch Ladies, his New Jersey based dream-pop band.

This is the third single preceding the upcoming release of their debut LP, “Down On Sunset Strip,” via Good Eye Records on March 10th, 2017. "I wrote 'You're Not There' about feeling alone, even when you're surrounded by a bunch of people,” he says. The heavy application of reverb on the guitars and the soft vocal melodies compliment the aforementioned lyrical content in the way that they simultaneously induce a dreamy sense of elation and melancholy.

Check it out below!

Singer Cynthia Rittenbach exhibits a tone reminiscent of Florence And The Machine, but executed with a more gentle, beautiful fragility. Impose Magazine colorfully describes the sound, saying “…it plays like the soundtrack to some otherworldly carousel, the feature attraction at a circus in the clouds.” Lunch Ladies presents a unique blend of mildly lo-fi production and wide sound-scaping, two qualities that rarely are achieved concurrently. As WXPN’s The Key describes it, “…it hovers over the intersection of indulgence and nostalgia.”

Consisting of Matt Whitley (vocals, guitar), Cynthia Rittenbach (vocals, bass), Matt Ramiz (vocals, guitar) and Peter Gargano (drums), Lunch Ladies exhibits a spectrum of aural tendencies over the course of the seven songs on the album, as vocal lead and support duties are shared among three vocalists. Head on over to Soundcloud or Spotify and give a listen to “You’re Not There,” and keep a watchful eye for Lunch Ladies’ “Down On Sunset Strip.”

You also can catch them live on any of the following dates: 
3/10 - The J House - New Brunswick, NJ (release show)
3/11 - Falafull House - Philadelphia, PA
3/26 - The Saint - Asbury Park, NJ
4/14 - Brighton Bar - Long Branch, NJ

Lunch Ladies: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp

Exclusive Premiere: Secret Nudist Friends Share 'Met You At That Show' With The Hook

Photography:  Jeanette D. Moses

Photography: Jeanette D. Moses

Straight out of the Philadelphia scene, Secret Nudist Friends have been making waves with their good vibes and good music. The garage/post-punk/surf trio is excited to premiere their newest track, "Met You At That Show," here at The Hook!

Based in Philadelphia, with strong roots in the Brooklyn and Philly scenes, Secret Nudist Friends was originally, the Brooklyn based bedroom project of Edward Krosney of The Fancy Balloons. Krosney teamed up with former bandmate Matthew Klauser to bring the project to the live stage, and thus the band went on to feature several lineups until they met Brian Hullihen, who brought new life and collaboration to the project. Recently, Krosney has passed the project over to the loving hands of Klauser and Hullihen who make up the new trio with bass player Andy Slepman.

SNF states that they "draws its sound from the psych rock roots of the 60s, such bands as the Zombies, Beach Boys, and Beatles, as much as current garage and psych groups such as Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Thee Oh Sees." The band has released several singles, an EP, and are working to release a full length in 2017. (Woohoo, that's this year)

Check out this exclusive premiere below!

The smooth track is an exciting establishment in a series of upcoming events for SNF, including a release show on March 6th at the Tralfamadore, which kicks off a month long SXSW tour! "Met You At That Show" vibes so hard as spring approaches, and relives that fateful experience of meeting someone at a show (do you know that experience, we do).

The track was written and performed by Secret Nudist Friends, with Matty Klauser -(vocals), guitar, Brian Hullihen (drums), and Andy Slepman (Bass). And in the usual DIY fashion, the single was recorded January-February 2017 at Tralfamadore in South Philly!

If you're stoked on Secret Nudist Friends (like we are), then you should check out their upcoming tour dates, and then check out their social media to keep up on all things SNF!

Secret Nudist Friends: Facebook // Bandcamp

Four Star Riot Share New Song

To start the holiday weekend, Four Star Riot made sure to tease fans with a brand new single, "Beautiful Soul." The track is available on Spotify & Apple, but you can check out a stream of "Beautiful Soul" below via Bandcamp!

The song, a longtime staple in the band's live show, was recorded and produced last month by Steve Connelly at Zen Recording. Lyrically, it's about inner-beauty and strength, and the power to overcome sadness; a topic that is fitting for the month of January, when depression affects so many people! Musically it pulses and drives, showcasing a tight four-piece power pop unit with a track that's built around guitar, bass and drums.

This is a really nice, smooth track that makes us excited for what Four Star Riot has coming up in their future - and also nicely highlights their 2016 release of Waves back in September!

For more on Four Star Riot, and their running start to 2017, check out their social media links below!

Four Star Riot: Facebook // Website // Instagram