"Can You Relate" Out Now From The Great Enough

Philadelphia native rockers, The Great Enough, have recently shared their brand new music video "Can You Relate?" for listeners and fans! The music video is for the debut single "Can You Relate?" which is a lush, almost anthemic alt-rock track, one that premiered around two weeks ago. The music video is brand new, debuting just on Sunday!

Check out the video below!

The Great Enough formed in 2015, bringing together their brand of rock & roll. The band states that "rather than subscribe to labels, the band wants to let the music speak for itself.  It will tell you that these guys work hard and care deeply.  That they are exploring the human experience in as honest a way as they are able.  That they want to laugh, and rage; they want to feel our loneliness and our exultation; that they want to roar," and that everything else is up to the listener.

"Can You Relate?" is a refreshing rock track, with a feel good music video. I was surprised at first upon listening to the track, as there hasn't been much exciting progress happening in the realm of rock or alternative rock, but I'd definitely say that The Great Enough are bringing something new and exciting to the table. A more contemporary style that is easy to listen to and relatable. 

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Weatherhead Premieres New Music Video

Today, Weatherhead premieres their music video for "Contact," and we're probably crying about it.

"Contact" comes off of Weatherhead's most recent EP, Cleaner Blood - and the music video is a first for the band, which is a really exciting development and direction for these Philly locals to be headed in! 

The video was created thanks to director and friend of Weatherhead, Johnny Costa, and we have the music video below for you to check out! 

The video explores a really interesting 'groundhog day' tactic, you know like the movie with Bill Murray - which lead singer Evan and guitarist Jordan co-wrote with director Johnny. 

Also, in our opinion (which probably doesn't matter, but we're going to tell you anyway) "Contact" is a perfect song for their debut music video - and we'll tell you why. The song is a really impactful, emotional, and cathartic representation of Cleaner Blood. It also shows a huge and important amount of growth from their Weatherhead EP to their most recent recognized style - it's growing up and maturing. Lastly, "Contact" is the final track on the EP - and truly acts as this call to answer for Cleaner Blood.

I'm just super impressed, alright. It's like when you read a book and they make a movie and the movie is exactly what you saw in your head. Like, Fight Club. Except, this is Weatherhead.

Definitely watch the video if you haven't already. Listen to Cleaner Blood, tell Weatherhead your favorite joke. The Hook is super stoked on this video, and you should be too!

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WALLA Shares New Single

California's WALLA have recently released their new single, “Talking Dirty,” with an accompanying lyric music video! 

This is WALLA's first release to feature new lead vocalist, Jean Marc Tardieu, and this song is the first taste of what to expect on their upcoming EP, Body Language.  The indie pop song has everything from a catchy hook to a totally super dance-able bass beat behind it. The music video itself, while mainly a lyric video, does feature close-up shots of mouths singing along to the song as the lyrics appear on the screen. 

Check it out below!

WALLA formed back in 2012, and they have been featured on popular music media such as Billboard, MTV Buzzworthy, NYLON, and Snapchat. Their single, “101,” has 17.8 million streams on Spotify! The band has a multicultural background and they hope to catch fans from all walks of life by writing and performing great, exciting, and fun music. 

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Semiotics Release Music Video

Photography: Jason Paul Renna

Photography: Jason Paul Renna

Local New Jersey grown band, Semiotics, just released a brand new music video this week for their track, "Cheers Me Proper."

"Cheers Me Proper" comes straight off of their most recent EP, For How, which released in October 2015. The music video is a beautiful non-romantic (and awkward, and goofy) ode to playing basement shows - the guy on the phone, beer as donations, and a whole lot of tomatoes - and you should definitely check it out below!

While you're at it, just check out For How because that's also some super stellar alt-rock/emo music you can vibe to. Semiotics is also gearing up to go and play some shows with Brackish - check out those dates below (on the coolest poster I've ever seen).

For more info on Semiotics you can check back here where we'll be checking out their newest EP, and learning more about Semiotics - or you can just go straight to the source and check out their social media!

Semiotics: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud

Adrian Daniel Premiers New Album

New York, home of the big apple and domicile of dreams breeds a new alternative soul singing sensation, Adrian Daniel. He proudly premiere’s his album Disillusions. The 15-track collection is a creative weaving of modern & post 1970 R&B instrumentals coated with the synthetic sounds of his vocals. The album released on iTunes on April 1, 2016, and reflects heavy influence from Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Jay Z, and Cold Play. 

Work from the Brooklyn born artist has made a bit of a splash in the music pool and has generated acclaim and support from Spotify, TIDAL Discovery, Complex, Vibe, The Fader, as well as Okayplayer; but, the list goes on. 

After the rise and fall of a band that he started called L.D.C, Daniel committed to pursuing a solo career and prides himself on having an unbreakable work ethic and trying vigorously to impact world with his music.

He stated: "Music is everything we hope life would be... At least that's what I believe. That's what I've tried to do with this album: with the storytelling, sonics and everything. I just think that's the purpose of art, to push. I wrote this album to move past all the anger I had with myself and people... to keep from going insane at points in my life. Making this album was a labor of love for me. I never had to do anything this difficult in my life... but it was gratifying though. I learned so much in the process." 

You can listen to the full stream of Disillusions here.

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Quinnell Premiers New Music Video

Pacific Northwest folk singer/songwriter Quinell [for fans of Noah Gundersen, William Fitzsimmons, Passenger] has been garnering attention in his hometown - and is excited to share his exclusive premier with fans and listeners!

The folk singer/songwriter partnered with The Alternative Root for the exclusive premiere of his video for "Space to Breathe." The song is a spine-tingling, acoustic track dripping in emotional catharsis depicting the breaking of a relationship. It is also the first video from Quinell's Village Hall Sessions, and was directed by videographer Justin Frick and features violinist Erica Aamod.

The video has a raw, and live atmosphere that captures the melancholy embodiment of the song. You can check out the video above, and vibe to the quiet sounds!

Quinnell had this to say about the video and song, "The song, 'Space to Breathe', is written about the end of a relationship. That time in the relationship when one of the two involved decides they need some space and while you'd like to believe that there's still a chance, you know it's really over. As a student at Walla Walla University, my favorite building on campus was always "Village Hall". Now, as an alumni and a musician, I was very excited to be granted the opportunity to record a couple of my own songs in this beautiful building. What started out as a random idea to shoot a song in Village Hall has turned into the "Village Hall Sessions", something that I hope to continue coming back to for years to come."

For more info on this rising artist, check out Quinnell's social media below!

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