Counterfeit Culture Release "Apothecary" Music Video

Post-hardcore group Counterfeit Culture recently released a music video featuring Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse, for their single, "Apothecary." 

The video showcases a violent relationship which highlights the message of the band's recently released EP titled, DeathwishDeathwish dropped August 1st and was produced/engineered by Armellino and gives off the melodic metal vibes and harmonious vocals that will remind listeners of This Or The Apocalypse.

Watch the new music video for "Apothecary" below and stream the rest of Deathwish HERE.

Guitarist, Patrick Robertson talked about the video saying, "This music video is the most meaningful thing of the whole release for all of us. We spent so much time planning out the storyboard, and drove all the way to Lancaster, PA to film part of it. Of course having our good friend Ricky Armellino in it makes it that much more special to all of us. We wanted to follow up on our music video for X, and put out something that's just as impactful. Alec and Kiera, the actor and actress in this video did an absolutely amazing job portraying an abusive relationship. This is a culmination of all our hard work, and we hope everyone can get something out of it!"

Check out the video up above, and for more on Counterfeit Culture, check out their social media down below!

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Brand New Music From Silverstein

Toronto’s post-hardcore heavyweights, Silverstein, have released new single, "Lost Positives." The track is off their forthcoming release of the new full length, Dead Reflection. The band’s eighth studio LP is slated for release on July 14 via New Damage.

Alternative Press shared the dynamic new song along with an in-depth interview about the creation of Silverstein's harrowing new album. Check it out below!

Dead Reflection takes all of the band's strengths--pummeling riffs, explosive dynamic shifts, and hugely anthemic choruses--and ramps up their intensity, demonstrating exactly why Silverstein remain at the top of their game over 17 years into their career. "Lost Positives" is a perfect representation of Silverstein in 2017, its explosive guitar-work and massive chorus are clearly the product of a band that challenges themselves to evolve and create their best material with every release. 

Silverstein will be hitting the ground running with a massive run of tour dates to support Dead Reflection, including performing on the entirety of Warped Tour and a lengthy run of European shows.

To keep up to date, check out Silverstein's social media below!

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New Single from Stay Inside, Debut EP Out 4/21

Brooklyn post-hardcore band Stay Inside is preparing to release their debut EP tomorrow, titled As You Were. Ahead of the official release, Stay Inside dropped their first single off the EP, called “Blockbussa.” The single is a personal one, having to do with the recent presidential election and how the band members dealt with it in their personal lives.

Check it out below!

Stay Inside member Bartees Cox, Jr. said that the song grapples with the concept of reconciling things from his past and learning about himself in a new environment, as well as struggling with the fact that there will always be people around him who don’t understand each other. In regards to the election, the band asks, “Who are we in such a polarized environment and how do we bring both sides together?”

It’s a touchy subject indeed, one that Stay Inside addresses in the best way they know how: with music. Atwood Magazine, in their premiere piece on “Blockbussa,” had this to say about Stay Inside and their new song: “The mere fact that they vocalized this issue and these feelings so well give this release profound substance and import. There is a light at the end of this long tunnel, but it’s going to take a lot of effort on all sides for us to get there.”

The message is one that’s definitely needed in times like these, and makes “Blockbussa” worth listening to. Stay Inside has a goal in mind with their music: to tell stories about fighting back, making people impassioned, and bringing people together. They’re ones to watch out for in the coming months.

Keep up with them on social media for more announcements and updates from the band. 

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Late Night Fights Release Music Video for "Nothing To Lose"

Late Night Fights, from Minneapolis, have released a new music video for a single off of their recent Jousthouse LP. The song is called “Nothing To Lose” and the video originally premiered on PureGrainAudio. 

Late Night Fights had this to say about “Nothing To Lose,”: “This song is about how much uncertainty is involved when you meet someone, and how the exhilaration can so quickly change to shock. People are often not what they seem and sometimes their deep dark secrets get exposed, and sometimes it's a pegging fetish.”

You can check out the music video right here!

The band has another video on the way; they've shot the footage for their song “Saving Face” and they also have begun to work on their next EP. They plan to record it with Dan Korneff and James Harley at Sonic Debris Studios in New York this month. 

The trio of Late Night Fights consists of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Guanz Guanzon, Shane Train Peckham on bass, and Daniel Sledgehammer Johnson on drums. 

You can check out Late Night Fights on their social media pages to keep up with further announcements on their next video and new EP!

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Chasing Safety Releases Webisode For Upcoming Album

New Jersey post-hardcore rock outfit Chasing Safety are gearing up to release their sophomore album, NOMAD, set for January 6th with Outerloop Records. Taking fans behind the scenes, the band has been unveiling a series of Studio Webisodes featuring the album's producer Kile ODell and commentary from the band on what it took to record NOMAD, the first of which can be viewed below!

Johnny Galivan states, "Studio video two shows an inside look of the middle of the writing process. We were hopping from guitars, bass to vocals and back. So we would all be constantly working on something. We worked long days and into the night to make sure everything was exactly right..."

For more on Chasing Safety and what they're up to, check out their social media links below!

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Chasing Safety Share In Studio Footage

Cherry Hill, NJ Post-Hardcore outfit Chasing Safety are hard at work on their next album NOMAD. They recently shared the first episode of their ongoing studio vlog.

NOMAD will be Chasing Safety's sophomore album, the followup to 2013's Season of the Dead. The band has made a splash in the time they've been around, with an impressive 70k+ Facebook likes, and a record deal with Outerloop Records. The band hopes NOMAD will deliver more complex guitar riffs and catchy melodies for your listening pleasure. Check out Chasing Safety's first in studio vid below.

"The video gives a cool look into our first few hours in the studio. We were stoked to be able to film these small videos to show people a little peak into the making of an album." - Johnny Galivan (Vocals)

NOMAD is going to be dropping on January 6th, 2017. But if you pre-order here, you can get yourself a download of the lead single "Brand New Prison" right now! You can also check out the music video for "Brand New Prison" right here!

You can catch Chasing Safety live this Thursday November 17, @ The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC.

Chasing Safety: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Anthony Green Releases Phenomenal Solo Album

This past Friday, Anthony Green (Circa Survive, Saosin) put out his long-awaited solo album Pixie Queen to mass audiences. The album is something of a collaboration between Green and Will Yip, who produced and released the album through his Memory Music label.

You can listen to the AV Club stream by following the link here.

Pixie Queen Track Listing:
1. You'll Be Fine
2. I'm Not Holding You Back
3. Will It Be
4. A Reason To Stay
5. East Coast Winters
6. Dawn On The Canal
7. From What I Understand
8. Cellar
9. Better Half
10. I'm Sorry For Everything I've Ever Done
11. Pixie Queen


The album is ambitious, boasting a multitude of instrumentation in the layered and beautiful arrangements that accompany Green's vocals. It's chock full of emotion, with an explorative spirit imbuing the entirety of the album. It feels as though Green has matured even more since his last solo release, which came out in 2014. Constantly building on his identity as an artist, it only makes sense that this change occurs as he sets forth to outdo himself with each successive album. 

Green has also set out on a solo tour that began on September 2nd and will come to an end on October 1st right here in Philly. Make it a point to come out and see him! Check the dates below:

Anthony Green is a busy man, so you'd be smart to follow him on his respective social media outlets in order to stay up-to-date so you'll know what he's up to next! As always, stay tuned!

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Softspoken Announce Debut EP

In the rare occasions that the words "Kentucky" and "post-hardcore cross paths, it's usually in reference to the genre mainstays Emarosa. However, another band has risen, and that band is Florence, KY natives Softspoken. They've set out to bring their musical know-how to the forefront of modern post-hardcore.

Composed of Logan Combs, Chris Wethington, Billy Zimpelman, Garrett Harper, and Zach Payne, Softspoken has recently announced that they're releasing their debut EP Pathways on October 28th. 

Pathways Track List:
1. Wanderer
2. Something I'm Missing
3. Fix Myself
4. I Feel Fire (feat. Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker)
5. Close To Me



With Pathways, the band hopes to create a point of reference for other troubled folk to relate to. For them, it truly comes from the heart.

Says the band of the EP, "We want our music to be thought and emotion provoking and therapeutic. We're doing this music as a form of healing for ourselves and we also think and hope that people out there listening to it can find a similar source of vitality from it as well."

It's clear that the band is ambitious, even coming to Lancaster, PA earlier this year to participate in the LAUNCH Music Festival and Conference. These guys have talent, flare, and above all, a meaningful message to deliver to the masses.

These guys are raring to get out there and perform, so stay tuned for more info by following these bands at their individual outlets and checking their website regularly. These guys have big things in store! Until then, stay tuned!

Softspoken: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website

Famous Last Words Share New Lyric Video

Famous Last Words recently released a lyric video for their new single “The Judged.” The single is off of their sophomore record, The Incubus, which is due out on September 30th!

Not to mention, last month they released another single for that album entitled “Pretty in Porcelain.” This record deals with a difficult subject matter according to Vocalist JT Tollas, “All of our full length albums have told stories that tackle extremely difficult situations. The Incubus tackles the issue of sexual and domestic abuse. I felt it was important to step forward really bring this relentless issue to light”

Check out the video below!

In the video, the band introduces us to the main character of their story, Christine. Christine is a stay-at-home “Susie Homemaker” of the 1950’s She is trying to determine why she is having constant blackouts and horrible nightmares. This all happening while trying to still care for her family. According to the group, Christine represents anyone who has ever been abused and the story depicts problems we still have in our society today.

This is a very interesting topic with two powerful singles that pick apart their subject matter and really dive into it. This is a problem we deal with in our society and Famous Last Words has taken the torch on the issue. Music and change can come hand in hand, just ask Joan Baez. Please check out this single and even give the whole record a listen. I’m sure you will walk away a better person.

Links to streaming and social media are below!

Famous Last Words: Facebook

Planes Mistake For Stars Share Announcements

After disbanding in 2007 and touring as recently as 2012, the ever-inventive punk-rockers Planes Mistaken For Stars are finally preparing to release music they've been carefully working on since last year, and that's not all!

They're also announcing tour dates and streaming their brand-new single "Fucking Tender". The song is a fitting return to form, dropping listeners right into a familiar swirling dervish of wailing guitars and charging headlong with warm, layered, effects-laden vocals to boot!

Listen to it below!

Fans will have to wait until October 21st to listen to Prey, the band's fourth studio album, which is coming out through Deathwish, Inc. The process of creating this album was meticulous to say the least; not only did the band recruit the reputable Sanford Parker (Wovenhand, Yob) to produce and engineer the album, but also founder Gared O'Donnell took to the road alone and stayed in seedy motels to find inspiration for the album's lyrics. It's clear that the band is pouring everything they've got into this work, and it's making the wait even harder to bear.

Prey Track Listing:

1.  Dementia Americana
2.  Til' It Clicks
3.  Riot Season
4.  Fucking Tenderness
5.  She Who Steps
6.  Clean Up Mean
7.  Black Rabbit
8.  Pan In Flames
9.  Enemy Blinds
10.  Alabaster Cello

In support of the album, Planes Mistaken For Stars also announced a string of tour dates spanning the central/south-eastern US. They'll be on the road from October 26th to November 4th, so be sure to catch them if they come through your area!

You can pre-order Prey now from the band's own website. There are more song releases and related material to come, so be sure to follow these gents on their various social media outlets to stay on top of the latest news. As always, stay tuned!

Planes Mistaken For Stars: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website

Alesana Announce Album Anniversary Tour and Novel "Annabel"

Screamo/post-hardcore daddies Alesana announced recently that they are ringing in the 10-year anniversary of their album On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax by embarking on the twelve-date "Ten Frail Years Of Vanity And Wax" tour. Throughout the tour, they will be playing the entirety of the debut album, which gained them a wide audience and allowed them to help shape modern post-hardcore, along with bands like Underoath. The band will be joined by Oh Sleeper, Famous Last Words, and Artwork on the road. Check out the dates below, and be sure to check out the VIP packages at

Also announced was a novel titled Annabel, which tells the story that serves as the basis of the band's three concept albums. Remarks vocalist/guitarist Shawn Milke:

"This story has been a work in progress for nearly seven years. It began when Dennis and I decided to tell our own story through the albums of Alesana. It eventually grew into an album trilogy and now, finally, a short novel. Creating this abstract universe and telling the story of Annabel has been, in every way possible, both challenging and rewarding. It is an accomplishment that still stuns me to this day. Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey."

Annabel comes out on August 31st. If you preorder it from here, you'll also get the deluxe edition of Alesana's Confessions, featuring the single "Fatima Rusalka". You can listen to the first chapter read by Milke and his sister Melissa below.

Follow Alesana on social media to keep up with their latest activity as they prepare to release their novel and embark on tour! As always, stay tuned!

Alesana: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Sianvar Release 3rd Single

Sianvar, a post-hardcore/experimental supergroup consisting of members from Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Hail the Sun, and Stolas, has released the third single from their upcoming full-length album release, Stay Lost.

The single, “BedRoots,” is available to listen to on YouTube, and we have it streaming for you below! “BedRoots” is passionate and intense, showcasing the band's handle and skill in the genre. The video features some trippy animation as well. 

Stay Lost will be released on August 5th. You can check out the music video for their previous single, “Omniphobia,” right here, and you can put in your pre-orders for the album over at MerchNow

Sianvar is going on tour to promote the album with My Iron Lung and Save Us From The Archon. You can check out the tour dates below!

Sianvar Tour Dates:
August 5th Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
August 6th Portland, OR @ Analog
August 7th Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
August 9th Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
August 10th Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theatre
August 11th Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall
August 12th St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird
August 13th Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
August 14th Detroit, MI @ Loving Touch
August 15th Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
August 17th Kent, OH @ Outpost Concert Spot
August 18th Rochester, NY @ Harmony House
August 19th Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13
August 20th New York, NY @ Webster Hall (Studio)
August 21st Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
August 23rd Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
August 24th Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
August 25th Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
August 26th Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
August 27th St. Petersburg, FL @ Local 662
August 28th Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
August 30th Houston, TX @ Walters
August 31st Dallas, TX @ The Prophet Bar
September 1st Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar
September 2nd San Antonio, TX @ Jack’s Patio Bar
September 3rd El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall
September 4th Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
September 6th Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
September 7th Fresno, CA @ Strummers

For more on this group, check out their social media below!

Sianvar: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Sianvar Stream "Psychosis Succumbing"

Sianvar, a post-hardcore/experimental group from the West Coast, has released a new single entitled “Psychosis Succumbing.” This is the second single from their upcoming album Stay Lost!

Sianvar is a post-hardcore supergroup, consisting of Will Swan (Dance Gavin Dance), Donovan Melero (Hail the Sun), Sergio Medina (Stolas), and Joe Arrington & Michael Franzino (A Lot Like Birds). Stay Lost is the follow-up to their self-titled 2014 EP.

“Psychosis Succumbing” features complex and interesting instrumentation, and vocals from Melero that soar above the mix, showcasing a satisfying melody. The band has prog-rock sensibilities that shine through just when they need to.

Stay Lost will be released on August 5th by Blue Swan Records

Artwork: Colin Frangicetto

Artwork: Colin Frangicetto

Stay Lost Tracklist:
1. Stay Lost
2. Omniphobia
3. Anticoagulant
4. Psychosis Succumbing
5. Foxholes and Deities
6. BedRoots
7. Coordinate Love
8. 1100 Days
9. Don't Carry This
10. Stay Scared

Sianvar will be touring through August & September in support of the new release along with My Iron Lung, and Save Us From The Archon! Check those dates out below!

The Tour Dates:
August 4th Walnut Creek, CA @ Red House
August 5th Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
August 6th Portland, OR @ Analog
August 7th Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
August 9th Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
August 10th Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theatre
August 11th Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall
August 12th St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird
August 13th Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
August 14th Detroit, MI @ Loving Touch
August 15th Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
August 17th Kent, OH @ Outpost Concert Spot
August 18th Rochester, NY @ Harmony House
August 19th Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13
August 20th New York, NY @ Webster Hall (Studio) 
August 21st Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
August 23rd Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
August 24th Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
August 25th Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
August 26th Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
August 27th St. Petersburg, FL @ Local 662
August 28th Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
August 30th Houston, TX @ Walters
August 31st Dallas, TX @ The Prophet Bar
September 1st Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar
September 2nd San Antonio, TX @ Jack’s Patio Bar
September 3rd El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall
September 4th Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
September 6th Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
September 7th Fresno, CA @ Strummers

For more on Sianvar, and what they're up to, check out their links below!

Sianvar: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Roots Like Mountains Announce Second Summer Tour

Roots Like Mountains, a post-hardcore aggressive rock outfit, have announced a second summer tour that will last a full week. The tour is called “The After Party Tour” and the dates will be supported by other post-hardcore acts, Adventurer and Alteras. Roots Like Outfits are currently on the “Why Are You So Happy” tour supporting I Set My Friends On Fire

Before you check out the tour dates, you should check out the video of Roots Like Outfits performing “The Heart Wants What It Wants” by Selena Gomez as a punk-goes-pop style cover. 

Here are the dates for the new tour lineup:
7/24/2016-Outpost - Kent, OH
7/25/2016-Mohawk Place - Buffalo, NY
7/26/2016-Radioactive Event Center - Kittanning, PA
7/27/2016-The Ritz - Detroit, MI
7/28/2016-4th Street Bar - Mansfield, OH
7/29/2016-Rocketown - Nashville, TN
7/30/2016-Marietta - Swayze's, GA


This is the full tour date lineup for the I Set My Friends On Fire featuring Roots Like Mountains:
6/29/2016-The Outpost-Kent Ohio
6/30/2016-Frankie’s Inner City-Toledo Ohio
7/1/2016-Camp H Skate Park-Grand Rapids
7/2/2016-Kalkaska Civic Center-Kalkaska Michigan
7/3/2016-Cairo Ale House-Chicago Illinois
7/5/2016-Big Shot’s-Valapariso Indiana
7/6/2016-Gabe’s-Iowa City Iowa
7/7/2016-Rail II-Peoria Illinois
7/8/2016-Jackpot Music Hall-Lawerence Kansas
7/9/2016-Sunshine Studios-Colorado Springs Colorado
7/12/2016-Pub Rock-Scottsdale Arizona
7/13/2016-Psychedlic Ballroom-Reno Nevada
7/14/2016-The Colony-Orangevale California
7/15/2016-Chain Reaction-Anaheim California
7/17/2016-Lowbrow Palace-El Paso Texas
7/18/2016-Korova-Houston Texas
7/19/2016-The Door-Dallas Texas
7/20/2016-The Outland Ballroom-Springfield Illinois
7/21/2016-Emerson Theater-Indianapolis Indiana

Follow Roots Like Mountains to keep up with their tour adventures! 

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Pyro, Ohio Release Music Video

Pyro, Ohio hails from Virginia (despite their name) and the band released a kick-ass music video back in April for their track, "The Truest Reflection."

After a successful trek through the midwest on tour with The Apprehended, the guys in Pyro, Ohio were stoked on their new music video off the Andreas Magnusson (Haste The Day, Oh Sleeper, The Black Dahlia Murder) produced Keepsakes that was released back in November.

“The Truest Reflection” is the band’s third single off the critically acclaimed album and the music video is in dedication to the members' parents.

You can check it out below!

Guitarist Stephen Noel had this to say, "To go along with the theme of our latest release, we really wanted this music video to feature a lot of nostalgic imagery – and for us, that came in the form of old toys and VHS tapes, band posters, and fake wood paneling. The storyline of the video echoes Peter’s lyrics for the song; in which he contemplates how important his parents have been in shaping his life, and thanking them for loving him unconditionally."

Check out the video, and for more on Pyro, Ohio check out their links below!

PYRO, OHIOWebsite // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Bandcamp

Greaver Releases Album

Today, the Durham, North Carolina post-hardcore quintet Greaver released their debut full-length album!

The Faun was released through Cardigan Records. However, kind guys as they are, they streamed it ahead of time for your listening pleasure! It is a riveting listen front to back!

The Faun Track-List:
1. Last Breath
2. A Poisoned Well
3. Southfield
4. November Skin
5. Third Eye
6. Earth Rune
7. Moonlight, Snow
8. Grief Seeds
9. First Touch
10. Hang Up

For their debut album, Greaver- which features Michael Rozier and Micheal Townsel on guitars/vocals, Sean McNaught on guitar, Eli Wray on bass/vocals, and Travis Hall on drums/vocals- took quite the ambitious route. Throughout its ten tracks, The Faun spins a tale of a truly tragic nature.

Michael Rozier states: “The concept on ‘The Faun’ is a murder story that touches on racial turmoil. Leon is one of the album’s main characters and is the spirit that narrates the tracks ‘A Poisoned Well’ and ‘Earth Rune’. Leon’s memories act as ‘The Faun’ (much like the faun in Pan’s Labirynth), guiding every decision that Morgan (the female main character) makes.” 

Stylistically, the band incorporates the intense urgency, emotional weight, and narrative elements of new-age screamo in the vain of Touche Amore, Defeater, and Pianos Become The Teeth as well as the heaviness of first-wave acts such as Pg. 99 and Orchid. Every mysterious, ink-stained layer of their music feels as though it was crafted intentionally, contributing to the overall well-structured and consistently engaging nature of their music. 

The band also announced a line of tour dates spanning the East Coast, starting at the end of May. The band will be out with post-pop outfit and fellow NC natives Youth League. 

Be sure to follow Greaver on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date info and other goings-on. 

Tour dates posted below!

To Live As Wolves Release Music Video

New York, born and raised, To Live As Wolves just released their newest music video in support of their upcoming EP. 

Drawing inspiration from their own personal struggles and strife, as well as from their New York roots to create an aggressive, relatable and raw project. To Live As Wolves released "Stalemate," off of their upcoming EP, Breakneck Road, which comes out this Friday!

 "Stalemate" is an important track for the band seeing as they partnered with long time friend and supporter, Davey Muise of Vanna. Muise lent his vocals to the track.

In support of the release, the band has partnered with New Noise Magazine for the official release of their music video earlier in the week! Check out the video below!

For more information on To Live As Wolves, check out their plugs below!

To Live As Wolves: Facebook // Bandcamp // Twitter // Instagram