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Hope Vista Shares Brand New Single

One of the hardest working women in music & a peer I admire greatly, Hope Vista has been spending her downtime productively, and with Hope, there never is downtime (lucky for us).

Her first solo release since 2015, Hope now spends the majority of her time leading her full band VISTA. “Skin & Bones” is due out on December 28th, and harkened to be the only release from her solo act in the foreseeable future.

About the single, she states, “For the last three years, my life has been VISTA. It will remain VISTA, and that will always be my main priority. While VISTA is focusing on writing, I wanted to share with you all a song I wrote this fall that I felt was important to share. I have no further plans to release any other solo music again, but I felt this one was special.”

December 28th, we expect you guys to be right here for “Skin & Bones” debut! The single is a tantalizing teaser not only as a solo single, but for the future of VISTA. We can’t wait to see & hear what happens as the year ends with this fast moving, hard working band & artist.

Check out their social media links below to stay in touch!

Hope Vista: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

The Foxfires Share Brand New Music Video With Listeners


New York indie favorites, The Foxfires, have been busy releasing new music in 2018 - and we couldn't be more hype about it.

With nearly five years of hard work under their belts, The Foxfires have recently shared a lighthearted, good spirited new music video for their track, "Don't Give Up." Following their mantra of feel good tunes, The Foxfires won't disappoint you with this one!

Check it out below!

With the help of good vibes and friends, The Foxfires have created a sweet hearted little music video for fans and listeners that speaks on both their talent as well as their fun, and easy going nature.

To keep up with The Foxfires, check out their social media down below!

The Foxfires: Facebook // Twitter // Website

New EP Announced From Glass House Along With Support Tour

Glass House Point 4.jpg

Glass House Point have officially announced the release of their upcoming EP, Midnight Appetite expected out on October 27, as well as a corresponding promotional tour. Set for early November, and aptly titled “The Midnight Appetite Tour,” the Florida indie rock band are certainly starting off the fall right!

“Our new music is, collectively, more thematic and focused than anything we’ve ever done. It’s us introducing what we have become and debuting ourselves on a bigger stage," says the band.

You can check out their tour schedule down below!

Midnight Appetite Tour.jpg

House Point recently embarked on the “Think Fast; It’s Gone” Tour. Midnight Appetite will be available on all streaming platforms on October 27th. Otherwise, keep up with Glass House via their social media down below!

Glass House: Facebook // Website

Sunset Lines Shares New Single 'The Miles'

San Francisco's own Sunset Lines have shared a new little slice of pop rock heaven for listeners recently called "The Miles." The beach-y tune is a chirpy little song that slides in nicely with your current summer playlist!

Check out "The Miles" below streaming via Soundcloud!

The song premiered on Impose Magazine where the band detailed, “This is a song about leaving home and the pangs of guilt/sadness that hang over you before the excitement of being in a new life sets in. We wanted the contrast of the bright guitar hooks/shimmering synth to offset the more somber tone of the lyrics.”

The single is a sweet, vintage sounding piece that is perfect for listening while the sun sets through a window in your house, (this has been tested). So, check it out, and to keep up with Sunset Lines, check out their social media below!

Sunset Lines: Facebook

New Single “Allegiance” from VISTA

Anthem rock group VISTA is back once again with a new single, called “Allegiance.” This new track follows the previously released “Henchmen” and stands as the lead song from VISTA’s upcoming EP, due for release later this summer.

The message of “Allegiance” is about calling for fans of the band to join their own personal allegiances, and like most musicians, VISTA wants their fans to find a safe space in their music. VISTA is a combination of lead vocalist Hope Vista and guitarist/singer Greg Almeida, and “Allegiance” shows off their chemistry in performing together.

“Allegiance” goes hand in hand with “Henchmen,” the themes of both songs blend together in a way that makes it clear the full EP will have a larger connecting theme, as well. The band offered this statement about the new single: “’Allegiance’ picks up pretty much right where our last single ‘Henchmen’ left off, as the last single was an anthem of oppression. This is an anthem of resistance and banding together.”

Revolution is where it’s at, and “Allegiance” screams it. With their music, VISTA carves out their own sub-genre in the alternative scene: anthem rock. They’re all about making music that people can get behind, music that will make people rally, music that makes people want to stand for something.

“Allegiance” is a powerhouse track that speaks to a worthy cause. Listen to it down below, and stay connected with VISTA on social media for more updates on when their full EP will be released.

 Facebook // Twitter

Exclusive Video Premiere: Jack Romanov's "Par for the Course"

Photography: David Kinchen

Photography: David Kinchen

The Hook is happy to announce our recent collaboration with Boston's own Jack Romanov to help premiere their latest music video for their track "Par for the Course."

Thanks to Open Casket Productions, everything in the series was shot by the crew, with the help of Jack Romanov. Additional work was done thanks to their friend Harry, who produced the video! Check out this exclusive premiere of "Par For The Course" down below, right here on The Hook!

The 17-minute long video details (in spectacular quality, might we add) highlights a daily look into a life maybe similar or far away from your own. And of course, Jack Romanov's impressive musicianship and quality laid over the video make for a more cinematic, emotional take. 

We really enjoyed the video over here at The Hook, and we're hoping you'll take the time to watch this little story unfold. Definitely don't want to miss this!

For more on Jack Romanov, check out their social media below!

Jack Romanov: Bandcamp // Twitter // Facebook

Tilia Releases Single, "Black Monday"

Swiss singer-songwriter Tilia recently put out "Black Monday" - a single off her upcoming album release, Pattern. The pop rock track has a deep 90's sounds to it; I felt like it was 1995 hearing the phaser-heavy guitars and slightly fuzzy bass throughout. However, this isn't to say that "Black Monday" is a tired, 90's-esque single - Tilia gives the track her own little flavor that makes it refreshing enough to enjoy in 2017.

To experience the *only-90's-kids-will-remember* nostalgia, you can stream "Black Monday" below!

Interestingly enough (yet not surprising), Tilia is much more popular in Europe, which I'd credit to her Swiss background. You can definitely hear her Euro-influence with her vocal delivery and pronunciation. It's as if she is a Swiss, female version of Billy Corgan leading her once-triumphant Smashing Pumpkins on a light, pop rock journey. Seriously though - how depressing are the Smashing Pumpkins? It's literally just Billy Corgan now surrounded by zero founding members. Ugh.

However, what's not depressing is Tilia and her 90's-esque pop rock track "Black Monday"! It's perfect for a rainy day as it contains very cloudy, slow rock elements ideal during a ride into town for bagels and coffee after the storm. Besides her 90's undertones, I'd compare her to artists like Lorde.

Otherwise, while you wait for Tilia's impending LP release Patterns due out next monthkeep up with the Swiss artist on her social media below!

Tilia: Official Site // Facebook // Twitter

Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights Release Music Video

Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights, pop rockers from Mississippi, have emerged into the music scene with a new single off their debut EP, Give Up The Ghost.

Check out the track below!

Paul Johnson himself had this to say about the track, “Really, it’s adolescence. Being young, bored and hopeful that one day things will be whatever we make it, but right now is all that matters. Looking back as adults, we sometimes see that maybe those were the best times of our lives. Getting through those years feels like an eternity, but in the grand scheme of things, it is only a moment.”

Though Paul Johnson and the About Last Nights hail from Mississippi, they’re far from traditional southern rock, and certainly not country. Paul Johnson and drummer Zack Lewis are aiming for more of a “power pop” vibe in their music, “power” being the operative word. Inspired by bands like Cheap Trick and The Foo Fighters, as well as Weezer and Sloan, Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights bring high energy and enthusiasm to their unique brand of rock n’ roll. They can transition from full-on rock to a power ballad in a second, and they bring passion and energy to each of their live shows. 

Their debut EP, Give Up The Ghost, is slated for release soon, but you can hear “Burn it Down” now on YouTube and it’s available for purchase on iTunes. The video was directed by Rahim, and the song was produced by Tuk Smith of The Biters.

Give it a listen, and be sure to watch out for the full release of Give Up The Ghost. Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights are a band you don’t want to miss - and for more, check out their social media below!

Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Eyes Eat Suns Release New Music Video

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, pop rock threesome Eyes Eat Suns have released a new music video for their single, “Priceless Faces,” off of their recently released EP, Alive.

Check out the music video right here!

Eyes Eat Sun's vocalist, Ayisa Adderly, commented the following: "Musical therapy is a very real thing for me. I did not understand fully until starting this band. I found a way to escape my anxieties through writing music and it's great I'm able to share these thoughts and feelings."

The Alive EP was produced by James Paul Wisner, who worked with Paramore, Hands Like Houses, and Underoath. This is Eyes Eat Sun's second studio EP, the follow-up after 2015's POW!

The band is in the middle of a tour. You can check to see if there's an upcoming show right here!

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Tuesday 9/27 - The Rabbit Hole - Charlotte, NC
Thursday 10/6 - The Throne Theatre - Wilmington, NC
Friday 10/28 - The Drunk Horse Pub - Fayetteville, NC
Sunday 11/13 – King - Raleigh, NC
Saturday 12/3 - Greene Street - Greensboro, NC

Check out Eyes Eat Suns on their social media sites and follow along for news of upcoming releases.

Eyes Eat Suns: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Pop Rockers Harbour Unveil New Single

Cincinatti based indie pop/rock outfit Harbour have released a brand new song entitled “Runaway Kids."

The 5-piece band formed in 2014, and have already generated a strong fanbase who they have dubbed the "Runaway Kids," after their new single!

They’re already selling out shows, and Harbour has even performed at the Bunbury and Longstone Music Festivals. Their self-titled album was released in 2014, and since then they’ve put out another EP, With Love, and now two singles, “Sanibel” and “Runaway Kids."

You can listen to "Runaway Kids" right here!

“Runaway Kids” is a fun track with catchy pop melodies, and a laid back groovy sort of feel. It’s simple, yet effective. The lyrics talk about sharing moments with the people in your life, and reflecting upon those moments.

Harbour’s Ryan Green elaborates, "Imagination is the brightest aspect of our mind. We reminisce to simpler times because we're addicted to nostalgia. We're so focused on the next destination, the journey becomes obsolete but those are the memories we cherish the most. The best part is we can visit these moments anytime we'd like. We're all Runaway Kids, take your time, enjoy the ride, we'll get where we're going eventually."

For more, check out their links below!

Harbour: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Four Star Riot Releases New Single Off Upcoming Album

Tampa-based Pop/Alt-Rock group Four Star Riot has just released “Torn & Tattered,” a new single from their upcoming album titled Waves. 

You can listen to the single right here on YouTube in a new lyric video!

“Torn & Tattered” was written while waiting out a storm that lasted 22 days in Florida during August of 2015. The song is an allegory about the ups & downs of relationships compared to unpredictable weather.

It's been a big year for Four Star Riot, as their single “Something So Right” was featured in the record-breaking superhero comedy film Deadpool. Bringing in new fans and new listeners presents Four Star Riot a great opportunity to continue expanding their musical horizons. 

Four Star Riot is going to be releasing Waves on August 22nd via Vital Records. 

Here's the track list for Waves:


2. Just Tell Me

3. Torn & Tattered

4. So Far

5. Don'g Go

6. Empty Space

7. No Shore

8. Baby Blue

9. The Horizon

10. Tender Now

Here are the links for Four Star Riot's social media. Give them a look and follow them as they lead up to the release of the LP!

Four Star Riot Links:

Website // Facebook // YouTube

Nevruary Releases Sophomore Album

unnamed (3).jpg

Nevruary, a Pop-Rock group from Los Angeles, has released their second album, Noegenesis

Since 2013, Nevruary has been delivering stadium style anthems with a relaxed pop rock groove. The first single of their new record was released on April 29th, and you can check it out below along with a stream for the rest of the album! 

"The Runner" is electronic, but also acoustic, relaxed, mesmerizing, and soulful. “This is Nevruary: a band rooted in rock but not limited to the genre.”

Check out the track-list below!

unnamed (2).jpg

1. Jupiter
2. Crest Point
3. Untamed
4. The Runner
5. Alone To Lead
6. No Strings
7. Backslide
8. Steep Faith
9. Distraction
10. Under Microscope
11. In Black and White
12. Unsatisfied

All of Noegenesis is available for listening and stream! You can check back soon for an upcoming tour date announcement!

Nevruary: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

The Stolen Release Music Video

Due out on April 8th, The Stolen are amping up to release their upcoming EP, I'm So Dead!

In preparation for this, the NJ pop-rock locals partnered with Buzznet for the exclusive first look at their "Can't Get Enough" music video. The debut track is off the EP resonates with the band's progression to integrate 90's rock with a modern pop and R&B twist reminiscent of The 1975, The Summer Set, and The Maine.

Check out the video for "Can't Get Enough," on Buzznet!

The EP will feature five brand new tracks which were produced and engineered by Rob Chiarappa and Mike Oettinger at Retromedia Studios in Red Bank, NJ and Cannon Found Soundation in Union City, NJ.

Track listing:
1: Narrow Lense
2: I'm So Dead
3: Can't Get Enough
4: Skeleton
5: White Dress

The band had this to say about the EP, "We wanted to write a record that told a story of personal/drastic change that happened this year. We wanted to write a record that grooves. We took influence from 90's rock to modern pop to R&B. With a year of hardship and a larger musical palette, it gave us more to color with for this record."

The Stolen is also currently on tour - and you can check out those dates below!

Tour Dates:
Mar 31 - Toronto, OH @ D-Beatstro
Apr 1 - Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot
Apr 3 - Berwyn, IL @ Wire
Apr 4 - Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dame
Apr 6 - Kent, OH @ The Outpost
Apr 7 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
Apr 10 - Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
Apr 12 - Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
Apr 13 - Atlanta, GA @ Under The Couch
Apr 15 - Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
Apr 16 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Club Refuge
Apr 18 - New York City, NY @ Studio at Webster Hall

For more going on with The Stolen, peep the social media below!

The StolenWebsite // Facebook // Twitter