New Album Out Now From New Found Glory

New Found Glory, pop-punk legends, have now released their 9th official album, Makes Me Sick. Nine albums is pretty impressive, and this one is plenty up to par with the first eight. New Found Glory’s sound still packs a punch, and Makes Me Sick proves that the band is still capable of delivering amazing music even after 20 years. The new album takes risks, introducing new sound and style from New Found Glory.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert says, “We put more of ourselves into Makes Me Sick than any other of our albums. Lyrically and musically. Going where no NFG record has gone before.” If that isn’t enough to get you to buy it, preview a few of the tracks on iTunes or Spotify and see for yourself just how this album differs from the previous New Found Glory records.

The band has partnered with Urban Outfitters, everybody’s favorite overpriced hipster heaven, to release a limited edition vinyl of Makes Me Sick. Not only that, but New Found Glory is currently on a massive anniversary tour for 20 Years of Pop Punk, with venues already sold out everywhere. Only a few select dates still have tickets available, so get them now, and you can also get some exclusive bundles through Ticketmaster that include a download of the new album!

Check out some of the remaining tour dates below to see if you can manage to snag a ticket before they sell out in your area.

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