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Seaway Shares Brand New Track

SEAWAY has premiered their new track "Something Wonderful" via a Rock Sound Facebook Live Q+A earlier today.  "Something Wonderful" is taken off their new album Vacation, due out on September 15, 2017 via Pure Noise Records.

Check out "Something Wonderful" below!

The band will release their new album Vacation on September 15, 2017.  Pre-orders available now at, or via iTunes. The band is also touring this year with With Confidence, Four Year Strong, and Silverstein!

To keep up with Seaway, check out their social media below!

Seaway: Website // Facebook

New Single from The Porchistas, EP to Be Released Soon

Following the release of their daring political single, “Mr. Chump,” The Porchistas have released a new track called “Mischief Night” off their upcoming EP, Axis and Allies. Described as “space-rockers,” The Porchistas, based out of New Jersey, believe in inspiring a sense of community with their music.

Check out the single below!

Founder Alan “Sucia” Smith says, “We see music and art as community building endeavors. When we throw events and shows at the house we try to make them trash free or trash minimal at least. We make food and have pot lucks to try to stoke a sense of community.”

The Porchistas believe in progressive politics, caring about the environment, and using music to bring people together. They blend genres and combine grooves, lyrics, and melodies seamlessly to create music that’s entirely unique to them. With songs like “Mr. Chump,” a diss track aimed unapologetically at The Orange Menace (our president, Donald Trump – and it makes me shudder to type the words), The Porchistas are real and honest, and they aren’t afraid to make a stand and shout for what they believe in. The track list for Axis and Allies promises more political tunes like “Ebolabama,” and “Mischief Night” tells the story of a local hit man while taking aim at the current political climate in America. 

Check out “Mischief Night” and “Mr. Chump” up above. Keep your eye out for the release of the EP soon, and keep up with The Porchistas on social media for any more forthcoming announcements!

The Porchistas: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp 

Exclusive Premiere: Secret Nudist Friends Share 'Met You At That Show' With The Hook

Photography:  Jeanette D. Moses

Photography: Jeanette D. Moses

Straight out of the Philadelphia scene, Secret Nudist Friends have been making waves with their good vibes and good music. The garage/post-punk/surf trio is excited to premiere their newest track, "Met You At That Show," here at The Hook!

Based in Philadelphia, with strong roots in the Brooklyn and Philly scenes, Secret Nudist Friends was originally, the Brooklyn based bedroom project of Edward Krosney of The Fancy Balloons. Krosney teamed up with former bandmate Matthew Klauser to bring the project to the live stage, and thus the band went on to feature several lineups until they met Brian Hullihen, who brought new life and collaboration to the project. Recently, Krosney has passed the project over to the loving hands of Klauser and Hullihen who make up the new trio with bass player Andy Slepman.

SNF states that they "draws its sound from the psych rock roots of the 60s, such bands as the Zombies, Beach Boys, and Beatles, as much as current garage and psych groups such as Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Thee Oh Sees." The band has released several singles, an EP, and are working to release a full length in 2017. (Woohoo, that's this year)

Check out this exclusive premiere below!

The smooth track is an exciting establishment in a series of upcoming events for SNF, including a release show on March 6th at the Tralfamadore, which kicks off a month long SXSW tour! "Met You At That Show" vibes so hard as spring approaches, and relives that fateful experience of meeting someone at a show (do you know that experience, we do).

The track was written and performed by Secret Nudist Friends, with Matty Klauser -(vocals), guitar, Brian Hullihen (drums), and Andy Slepman (Bass). And in the usual DIY fashion, the single was recorded January-February 2017 at Tralfamadore in South Philly!

If you're stoked on Secret Nudist Friends (like we are), then you should check out their upcoming tour dates, and then check out their social media to keep up on all things SNF!

Secret Nudist Friends: Facebook // Bandcamp

SØF Release New Track "Ghosts"

East Brunswick's very own, SØF has taken some time to do some re-branding, allowing herself to take on a new persona! Shedding away her initial pop tracks, SØF delves into a feisty and organic sound. She plans to release multiple singles throughout the first half of 2017, hoping to maintain a wave of momentum through her natural ability to write descriptive, personified indie tracks, all tinged with a hint of relatable pop. 

To do so, SØF has released her single, "Ghosts" which you can check out below!

About the tracks, SØF states: “Writing “Ghosts” was admittedly a massive therapy session for me. For years, I dealt with a unforgiving urge to cling to the past and hold onto the memories of people who hurt me. I wanted so badly to be the girl who is unaffected by all of that, and “Ghosts” was my way of faking it until I could make it.”

For more on SØF, check out her social media below!

SØF:  Facebook // Website

Four Star Riot Share New Song

To start the holiday weekend, Four Star Riot made sure to tease fans with a brand new single, "Beautiful Soul." The track is available on Spotify & Apple, but you can check out a stream of "Beautiful Soul" below via Bandcamp!

The song, a longtime staple in the band's live show, was recorded and produced last month by Steve Connelly at Zen Recording. Lyrically, it's about inner-beauty and strength, and the power to overcome sadness; a topic that is fitting for the month of January, when depression affects so many people! Musically it pulses and drives, showcasing a tight four-piece power pop unit with a track that's built around guitar, bass and drums.

This is a really nice, smooth track that makes us excited for what Four Star Riot has coming up in their future - and also nicely highlights their 2016 release of Waves back in September!

For more on Four Star Riot, and their running start to 2017, check out their social media links below!

Four Star Riot: Facebook // Website // Instagram 

Youth in Revolt Release Emotional New Track

Full Band 2-b.png

Youth in Revolt recently partnered with Rock Sound to unveil their emotionally driven track, "Not Giving Up." Undoubtedly one of the deepest and most personal tracks on The Broken, "Not Giving Up" touches on the aftermath of an unhealthy relationship where both individuals realize they could have said and done things differently.

Check out "Not Giving Up," below!

Youth in Revolt's Kenny Torres explains, "'Not Giving Up' is a very personal song to me actually. Right before we started recording this song I woke up to a call that my ex-girlfriend had died, and we weren't on the best of terms so it fucked me up hard. There were so many things I wish I could've apologized for and things I wish I could've said. To this day I'll always feel responsible in some way, because words have an impact on people, and you say hurtful words to people when you're immature and don't know how to handle a breakup. It really makes you wonder and say, "What if I didn't say that?" or "What if I said this instead and didn't stress this person out?" This song was about our relationship and how everything was just fucked up, and how I wish I could've been a better person, really. I'd say this is the most personal song on the record to me."

For more on Youth in Revolt and what they're up to, including the upcoming release of their record, check out their social media below!

Youth in Revolt: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Spotify

FRTNK Drop Track & It's Guaranteed To Make You Dance

L.A. based hip-hop trio, FRTNK (pronounced Fourteen K) have released their new track ‘Let Go’ exclusively on Afropunk in the wake of their latest EP, Perplex City.

Classified as alternative hip-hop, the trio pays homage to the classic sounds of the genre while drawing comparisons to world-renowned such as Outkast, The Gorillas, and The Neptunes. ‘Let Go’ is a song for a new generation of relationships that walks a fine line between a serious and emotional R&B track and a ‘too cool for love’ rap track while taking all of the best elements from both. The track is an incredibly danceable upbeat song that conveys the struggle of wanting something you can’t have in today’s modern relationships. 

On the topic of the track, FRTNK had this to say: “It's about the game of wanting and missing somebody when you can't have them, but when they are there 'somehow' things still don't work. It's that endless circle we experience and know we should probably reject, but still find ourselves stuck in the loop. We are saying it's time to 'Let Go' of that."

Check out the video below!

Comprised of members, Benjamin Aragbaye, Bryan Ramos, and Barin Butler, FRTNK are quickly gaining momentum in LA, on their social media outlets, and on Spotify where their album Perplex City is doing extremely well. Each member has been studying music from a young age and every one of their tracks effortlessly blends ideas from competing genres to make a sound all their own.

You can listen to ‘Let Go’ above, and be sure to check out their social media pages to stay up to date with all things FRTNK!

FRTNK: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Under Paris Share Music Video For New Single

Metalcore quartet Under Paris release a video for their new single “Revive.” With this new single, they also toured with Ashes of My Regret and Set For Tomorrow. The tour began in Beckley, WV and finished Saginaw, MI!

According to Vocalist Michael Alexander, “Revive’ is more than just a song to us. It’s a new beginning. It’s a fresh start. For me personally it’s about getting a lot of things of my chest and saying what I’ve been thinking and feeling for the past two years. You hear the phrase ‘turning the page’ a lot but this is so much more. This is us closing the book on what we use to be and starting something new. This is us, being honest and being real. This is us moving on, this is us growing. This is our Revive.” 

The band has been going strong since September 2012 beginning with a release of their first single, “If the Drugs Don’t Work, Can You Drive Me Home?” which featured Rene Lopez of Scarlett O’Hara. Their prolific work consists of two singles off of their first EP Our Stories and others off of their full length entitled “Transitions.” The band is very pleased to be signed to Imminence Records and hope to reach a larger audience with this single.

Links to social media are below!

Under Paris: Facebook // Twitter

Four Star Riot Share New Track


Tampa alt-rock pop group Four Star Riot has released a new single off of their latest album, Waves. The new single is called “Empty Space.” You can listen to it right now for free on SoundCloud!

“Empty Space” is a tight, catchy rock song about a personal journey as one is growing up into adulthood, maneuvering around the changes in your way of life. It's full of energy and passion and you'll be singing it all week long!

Waves is set to release on September 2nd via Vital Records. 2016 has been a great year for Four Star Riot after their song “Something So Right” was featured in the soundtrack to the box-office smash hit Deadpool as well as several television appearances on ESPN and MTV. 

Give them a look and follow them as they lead up to the release of the LP!

Four Star Riot: Website // Facebook // YouTube

Ecclesiast Announces New Single "Naysayer"

Ahead of playing a weekend full of shows, Missouri metalcore outfit Ecclesiast announce that they will soon unveil their latest single, titled "Naysayer", exclusively through The Hook. Over a month since they released their self-titled EP, Ecclesiast is already working on bringing new material to their fans.

The aforementioned shows which Ecclesiast will be playing take place from Friday, August 12th through Sunday the 14th. The first will be at The Concourse in Bedford, Indiana with I Set My Friends On Fire, Transitions, Gears, and others. Then, Ecclesiast will be playing Dirt Fest in Pontiac, Michigan on Saturday, which is being headlined by Killswitch Engage, Asking Alexandria, Hatebreed, and Attila, among others. Lastly, the band will finish off at Mac's Bar in Lansing, Michigan with A War Within, Violent Vessel, and Hyporium. 

The Ecclesiast boys are keeping busy just for you, so don't pass up following them on their various social media. You'll be able to see the latest Ecclesiast activities, and judging from the way things are going for them, these Missouri natives won't be slowing down any time soon. As always, stay tuned for more!

Ecclesiast: Facebook // Twitter 

King Shelter Drop New Track "Preoccupy"

Orange County based rock outfit King Shelter have dropped a new track entitled “Preoccupy.” 

The song is a reflection of America’s nightlife culture, with singer Taylor Hecocks saying, “What are we trying to gain? Why do we keep doing these things? Why are we intentionally hurting other individuals for a temporary preoccupation? But most importantly, how can we be better? Because we CAN do better, we just have to try.”

You can listen to "Preoccupy" below!

King Shelter describe themselves as “Salad Rock” taking influence from surf rock, alternative, grunge, and all the spaces in between. All these ingredients mixed together form King Shelter’s salad. The band also has a message that they want to bring to the world through their lyrics. “If we want things to be better, then we have to do it” said Hecocks, “Change happens by people doing things, by people disregarding classes and associations. I want people to see what is important. People are important, art is important, output is important, YOU ARE IMPORTANT.”

You can still catch King Shelter on their brief west coast "Preoccupy My Brain" tour. The dates are below.

King Shelter: Facebook // Website // Twitter // Instagram

Taylor Tucker Shares Heartfelt Ballad

Taylor Tucker is set to release her debut EP, The Leather Shoes on July 15th!

Inspired by witnessing the constant unrelenting pressure to “fit in,” Taylor created a captivating tune with only her ukulele and raw emotion. The track, titled “Enough To Me,” is as sincere as sincere gets. It comes from a place of loving and understanding, and Taylor’s vocal melodies are undeniably enchanting. This charming tune is the perfect way to further reflect what Taylor Tucker is capable of.

The soundcloud stream is below!

Taylor Tucker says, “I wrote ‘Enough To Me’ on my ukulele for one of my sisters. It was the first completed song I’ve ever written. In the middle of writing the song, my inspiration expanded and shifted towards anyone in this world who has ever felt insecure and uncomfortable in their own skin.”

A track that should get listeners excited for the upcoming release of Tucker's album! Check the links below for more info!

Taylor Tucker: Facebook // Instagram

Vincent Paragano Premieres New Track

Philly local, Vincent Paragano just released his newest track "A Mile," today! 

You can check it out premiering exclusively on The Hook, and you can check it out below via soundcloud!

The self-proclaimed creator of "atmospheric music" has a ton of other really cool jams you can rock out to also on his soundcloud! So, definitely check out "A MIle" above, and keep checking back for more news on Vincent Paragano and what he's up to!

Vincent Paragano: Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Xolos Release Debut Single

unnamed (7).jpg

Xolos (pronounced sho•los) is an electro pop production duo, who recently premiered their debut single "Do You Recall" on Ground Sounds last Friday, June 3rd. 

Originally from SoCal, the group draws their inspiration from their Mexican heritage and a variety of different genres. From indie rock to poppy electronica. Xolos eclectic twist seamlessly merges different musical worlds into a unique, forward thinking formula, definitely for fans for STRFKR, Capital Cities, and Passion Pit. The infectious sound of "Do You Recall" is a sign of great things to come from Xolos. 

The single's groovy electronic beat and airy vocals make for the perfect summer anthem.

The name Xolos is derived from the Nahuatl word Xoloitzcuintli, who were considered sacred dogs by the Aztec people. They believed the dogs could help the souls’ of their masters to safely navigate the depths of the underworld. The indigenous people of Mexico symbolize the Xoloitzcuintli as guardians and protectors from evil spirits.

As their name depicts, their single “Do You Recall” will purge your body of any demons leaving you no other choice but to celebrate a good time. Be sure to follow these guys on social media and listen to their debut single, “Do You Recall."

Xolos: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Wreck & Reference Release Second Single

Multi-instrumentalists Wreck & Reference have released their second single from their upcoming album, Indifferent Rivers Romance End.

The song is called “Powders” and it is available to listen to right now over at TinyMixTapes. Make sure to check it out!

Wreck & Reference formed in 2011 and recorded Black Cassette, their first EP, in a garage with black metal influences and heavy lyrical themes. They expanded their sonic tone on their first LP, Youth, in 2012.  Their second LP, Want, received critical acclaim from reviewers like Pitchfork, who said that the album was pushing boundaries of new experimentation. 

The much-anticipated third full length LP, Indifferent Rivers Romance End is set for release on July 22nd via longtime partners of the band, The Flenser.

The album features ten new songs and will run about 44 minutes long. The band is employing techniques and styles from different genres such as IDM and trap, mixed with with experimental pop, metal, and noise. They are using more digital sounds and synthesizers more with this latest release and furthering their experimental sound. 

For more on Wreck & Reference and what they're up to, check out their social media links below!

Wreck & Reference: Facebook

Altamina Shares New Single

Altamina has released a new single called “Under The Black Sea,” and the single is in support of the Canadian ambient rock band's upcoming LP, Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight, out June 11th. 

Altamina (literally “high mines” in Portuguese) is currently François Graham on keys and lead vocals, Marco Gervais on guitars and backing vocals, Roxanne Miller on bass and backing vocals, and Matt Davis on drums. 

Here is the tracklist to the upcoming Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight:
1. Under the Black Sea
2. Telescope
3. Storm
4. Light
5. Tonight
6. Bunkers
7. Follower
8. Liability
9. Drifter
10. Solstice


Altamina was originally started by Gervais and Graham as an experimental outlet while they were playing with post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic. They recorded their debut album, Silver Landing In A Barren Land by themselves in Portugal in 2012. 

They recently added Matt Davis and Roxanne Miller into the band in 2014, which broadened their musical experimentation. 

On the new single, “Under The Black Sea,” Graham's smooth, low vocals are memorable and the music is layered with spacey synths and clean bass. It's a chilled-out and positive song. 

You can listen to the song and pre-order the album here!

Follow the band on their social media, provided below!

Altamina: Website // Twitter // Facebook // Soundcloud

New Music Video Out From Climate Control

Climate Control has released a new single & music video, “Little Mess.” This is the follow-up single to the South African alternative group's “Ghosts.” These recent singles mark new ground for the band as they experiment with their sound to reach a wider audience. 

Climate Control is Nicolas Gonzalez on vocals and guitar, Luca Zeeman on guitar, Jacques du Toit on drums, Wesley Smuts on the bass, and Brooklyn J. Pakathi on synths.

You can watch the music video for “Little Mess” right here! The video includes an assorted cast of passerby's interacting with the lead singer, Nick Gonzales, as he walks steadily forward. The video was directed by band member Brooklyn J. Pakathi. 

“'Little Mess' marks a change in pace for us,” said Nick Gonzalez, the vocalist, “A little less aggressive with a heavier focus on melody, while still being energetic. Lyrically, it deals with the concept of loss, and coming to terms with the inevitability of that loss. It's a tough subject, but one that we've all had to & will have to face at some point." 

Climate Control is gearing up for something big with these new singles, so make sure to stay alert here for further news.

You can also check these guys out on their social media links below

Climate Control:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Ecclesiast Announce Self-Titled EP & Release Debut Single

Photography:  ©Eichelberger Photography 2016

Photography: ©Eichelberger Photography 2016

Missouri metalcore quartet Ecclesiast has not only announced a forthcoming self-titled EP, but has paired this announcement with their debut lyric video of their biting new single “High Horse." The EP, coming out on June 24th through Sancrosanct Records, is available for pre-order via iTunes.

“High Horse” is a charged, streamlined ride through the Ecclesiast sound, featuring crushingly rough assaults of abrasive riffage paired with an interestingly anthemic chorus. Says vocalist Joseph Smith of the single: “In my eyes, I see the path that's laid before in my heart and I know what is wrong and right. High Horse. This quote means something personal that I went through and questioning my own decisions through how other people felt. This whole song basically is about being the person that God wants you to be and not what man wants you to be.”

Check it out below!

Smith, along with guitarist Tyler Cobillas and drummer Nick Magasano, are going in a more personal direction with their brand of Christian metalcore, which is refreshing in a genre that has by and large seen its glory days come and go.

They have been playing shows non-stop for a while now, and they have no plans on stopping, with shows for the 4th, 11th, and even July 17th with fellow metalcore acts It Lies Within and In Dying Arms, as part of their larger Fight The Parasite tour. Don’t miss out!

Be sure to keep up with the band on social media so you can see when they’ll be through your area. This group is killing it right now, so sleeping on them is not an option!

As always, stay tuned for more!

Ecclesiast:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

ORBS Share "Exploded Birds"

With the combined forces of Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me), Ashley Ellyllon (Fear Before The March of Flames), and Adam Fisher(Fear Before The March of Flames) the music world is rocked with ORBS!

They are releasing their second album after a six year break to work on other projects. The second record, Past Life Regression, is produced by Briggs with help from Kris Hilbert Recording and Will Yip Mixing. The record is being released by Briggs' own Hogweed & Fugue Records via Equal Vision Records.

“Exploded Birds” is the first single of the album, and you can stream the track below!

The single takes the listener on a journey of chaos, suicide, and rebellion. The range of influences on this track represent the group’s wide array of talent. The song is its own concept album; watching the struggles of young person through a chaotic life. Much like Pink Floyd’s The Wall or The Who’s Quadrophenia. The song follows the protagonist as the tempo and lyrics change in this tale of pandemonium. Many of the lyrics act a voice in the mind of the protagonist, telling them to “prepare your body for death” and “release the dog they’ve got chained up."

This is the voice of the chaotic youth striving to go against the grain and raise hell. Then the protagonist is met with the past and future versions of themselves. The future protagonist reminisces the youthful past they once had that was “smothered out by routine." The future protagonist takes on their own life and regret changing it and becoming normal. This is a theme all of us as human beings experience, letting go of our youth and bracing for the end of our lives as we know it. 

Instrumentally, the track takes the influences of each member of this powerhouse of an experiment. The intro feels like a New Wave track from the early 1980’s but with its own twists and turns. Then it comes into its own “acid rock”/punk environment smack in the middle of the track. As the song winds down, the feeling becomes slowed down and labored. Like the turn of a time the song turns into a folk rock ballad that speaks to the Bob Dylan or Neil Young in all of us.
This track makes me very excited to see what the rest of the album will be.

With an album titled, Past Life Regression, the band is expected to take us other lyrical and instrumental roller coasters!       

Check out their social media below!

ORBS: Website // Facebook