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Figure Eight Releases New Single From EP

Figure Eight, Long Island native punk rockers, have released their newest single “Forever,” which is the title track to their upcoming EP, set for release on February 10th. The EP is the follow-up release to Figure Eight's debut 2015 EP, August. 

You can check out the new single here, at it's premiere on New Noise. 

"'Forever' was written in December 2015, and kind of sets the tone for the album; be concise and to the point. I wanted a song you could shout at the top of your lungs." - Figure Eight.

Figure Eight is a project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Ryan Meyers, who infuses the band's music with hard-hitting punk rock energy with heart-on-your-sleeve 90's honesty. Since the band's debut in 2015, they have played alongside acts such as Such Gold, Koji, Light Years, Head North, Oso Oso, Born Without Bones, A Will Away, Casey Bolles, Save Face, The Moms, Lee Corey Oswald, Old Again, Broadside and more!

Figure Eight's second EP Forever will be out on February 10th, with a full-length album to follow, potentially later this year. 

Forever Track Listing:
1. Forever
2. Clean
3. Keep You With Me
4. October

Upcoming Figure Eight Tour Dates:
1/8 - Cape May, NJ @ Chalk Zone
1/9 - Wareham, MA @ 3065 Live
1/11 - Providence, RI @ House Show
1/12 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ My Place Pizza
1/14 - Long Island, NY @ Our Lady of Perpetual Hope

Figure Eight: Bandcamp // Facebook // Instagram

Self Defense Family Stream New Song

Self Defense Family is about to release their new mini-LP, Colicky, on September 9th via Iron Pier. They've just released a new song from it on the BBC Radio One Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter, and it's also available for streaming on SoundCloud!

The new song is called “It Isn't Very Clear, Is It?” which circles around a droney and fuzzed-out riff and airy, static-charged vocals from lead Patrick Kindlon (a founding member of noise-rock punk outfit Drug Church).

The new mini-LP, Colicky, is available for pre-order right now!

Self Defense Family is one of the more interesting and innovative post-hardcore punk bands in recent memory, being able to use outside influence to really change up the genre and their specific sound. While the band is usually held together by Kindlon, it's loosely comprised of widespread musicians throughout Europe and the U.S. There are almost two dozen current and past members of the band, and anyone in that roster who is available during a tour or a recording session end up hopping on to that particular project. No single member of the band has appeared in every recording or show. 

Speaking of shows, Self Defense Family are going on a European tour in October to support their new release. Below are the dates to check them out!

Self Defense Family Tour Dates:
October 3 - Antwerp, Belgium @ Kavka
October 4 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Winston
October 5 - Koln, Germany @ Blueshell
October 6 - Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia Berlin
October 7 - Nurnberg, Germany @ Desi Nürnberg
October 8 - Vienna, Austria @ Bach
October 9 - Bologna, Italy @ Freakout Club
October 10 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Dynamo Zürich
October 11 - Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof Wiesbaden
October 12 - Paris, France @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire
October 13 - Brighton, UK @ The Green Door Store
October 14 - London, UK @ MOTH CLUB
October 15 - Cardiff, UK @ Four Bars at Dempseys
October 16 - Glasgow, UK @ Official 13th Note
October 17 - Manchester, UK @ The Star and Garter
October 18 - Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
October 19 - Norwich, UK @ The Owl Sanctuary
October 20 - Nottingham, UK @ The Basement, Nottingham
All Dates w/Creative Adult

For more on Self Defense Family, check out their links below!

Self Defense Family: Facebook // Soundcloud

When Thieves Are About Share 'Youth Decay'

Photography: Chris Weiser

Photography: Chris Weiser

When Thieves Are About have started to really take over the genre blending scene!

A nice mix between pop-punk and hardcore, When Thieves Are About recently released their latest single, "Youth Decay." The track takes it's place as the first official single that When Thieves Are About shared! Released back on March 25th, "Youth Decay" sports the energy and meaning that fans appreciate, while also trying something new!

Check it out below!

With the energy of hardcore, and the spirit of pop-punk, "Youth Decay" is definitely a track worth listening to. It makes The Hook excited for what else is in store from When Thieves Are About, and having shared the stage with acts like Senses Fail, Comeback kid, Transit, Man Overboard, We came as Romans, and The Wonder Years you definitely want to keep them on your radar as well!

Definitely check out this track, and When Thieves Are About via their social media below!

When Thieves Are About: Facebook

From States Away Debut New Video

Photography: Jordan Beschel

Photography: Jordan Beschel

If you’re a fan of the Van’s Warped Tour, you may be familiar with a pop punk band from New York called From States Away!

The band has just completed their second EP, Hypervigilant, which was produced by Chris Piquette, and have also recently shared the first single off the record called, “Fight Or Flight.” 

"'Fight or Flight' is the introduction to the story of 'Hypervigilant'," says vocalist Chris Lauletti. "It depicts the initial journey a person begins to go through when they start to feel anxiety/depression for the first time. We shot the video over a span of two days with Alex Tuttle from Idealist Media Services, who we've worked with in the past. We attempted to capture the energy of our live performances, and utilize time manipulation to communicate the lonely feeling that often comes with the beginning of that initial journey. "

The band formed shortly before winning a Warped Tour battle in Hartford, and their band name alludes to the fact that the members come from a few states away from one another. They have released an energetic video for their new single and are excited to share their newest EP with fans!

Pre-order Hypervigilant here and receive an instant download of "Fight or Flight" now.

From States Away: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

Daniel Amedee Shares "Life"

New Orleans singer-songwriter Daniel Amedee shares "Life," the title track off his upcoming EP, Life, which is set to release August 16th via Record Office Records/Saguna Records.

Although New Orleans born and bred, Amedee found his musical footing in Cork, Ireland after relocating there at age 18 after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He greatly developed himself as a writer, performer and producer while touring across Ireland and England as the bassist in popular Cork band Remma (Attack Records). 

Amedee has released 4 studio albums before settling down to write Life. His distinctive urban folk has been called "meditative with an edge." Amedee continues to mature as an artist with Life, delving into the concept that we each create our own individual realities, and are capable of moving past negativity.

With haunting vocals and a mesmerizing rhythm that has a lifeblood all it's own, "Life" is a enthralling first taste of the new EP!

For more on Daniel Amedee, check out the links below!

Daniel Amedee: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Vincent Paragano Premieres New Track

Philly local, Vincent Paragano just released his newest track "A Mile," today! 

You can check it out premiering exclusively on The Hook, and you can check it out below via soundcloud!

The self-proclaimed creator of "atmospheric music" has a ton of other really cool jams you can rock out to also on his soundcloud! So, definitely check out "A MIle" above, and keep checking back for more news on Vincent Paragano and what he's up to!

Vincent Paragano: Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Wreck & Reference Release Second Single

Multi-instrumentalists Wreck & Reference have released their second single from their upcoming album, Indifferent Rivers Romance End.

The song is called “Powders” and it is available to listen to right now over at TinyMixTapes. Make sure to check it out!

Wreck & Reference formed in 2011 and recorded Black Cassette, their first EP, in a garage with black metal influences and heavy lyrical themes. They expanded their sonic tone on their first LP, Youth, in 2012.  Their second LP, Want, received critical acclaim from reviewers like Pitchfork, who said that the album was pushing boundaries of new experimentation. 

The much-anticipated third full length LP, Indifferent Rivers Romance End is set for release on July 22nd via longtime partners of the band, The Flenser.

The album features ten new songs and will run about 44 minutes long. The band is employing techniques and styles from different genres such as IDM and trap, mixed with with experimental pop, metal, and noise. They are using more digital sounds and synthesizers more with this latest release and furthering their experimental sound. 

For more on Wreck & Reference and what they're up to, check out their social media links below!

Wreck & Reference: Facebook

Philly's Former Belle Shares New EP

The Philly alt-folk natives, Former Belle, have recently shared their newest EP - an inimate, and vulnerable collection.

Foreign Bed is a steady collection of new songs mixed with revisited old material, and the EP is available for stream below.

With beginnings in 2010, Former Belle has walked down many different paths, all led by frontman, Bruno Catrambone. Former Belle also put out an animated video for "I Woke Up In Chicago" which you can also check out right below if you haven't gotten enough of this really awesome group.

For more on Former Belle and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Former Belle: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // YouTube

Kinnecom Launches Two Singles

Raleigh, North California’s alternative hip-hop artist, Kinnecom launched two new singles, “Feels Like Warfare” and “Icy Hills (Featuring Donovan McCray)” in promotion of his upcoming mixtape, Rain!

The mixtape also features Spaceman Stuu, Ferrari2Wavy, KLE, Raxz, and CloudyNueve. Kinnecom states: "Rain is the honest soundtrack to being on your own in the city, struggling to make it. The harsh winters, the chaotic traffic, the isolation within the heavy population. This mixtape is an anthem to overcoming self doubt and choosing your own destiny."

unnamed (6).jpg

Rain Tracklist:
1. Skyscrapers Shake
2. Hopeless Era
3. The Underground, The Nameless (Feat Spaceman Stuu) 
4. Feels Like Warefare
5. Calm Down
6. Stuck In My Thoughts (Feat Ferrari2Wvy) 
7. Blink (Feat KLE) 
8. Standing Right Here (Feat Raxz) 
9. My Eyes
10. Swim [Remix] (Feat CloudyNueve) 
11. Icy Hills (Feat Donovan McCray)

Emerging from Imminence Records, Kinnecom has been writing and producing music since a very young age. He’s written and recorded several albums, his solo instrumental album recorded in 2011 generating Kinnecom recognition from artists all over the country which brought him to collaborate on an album with Drew Fulk and land his first record deal with Indianola Records during his term with former hardcore band, Wealth in Water.

Once the group broke up in 2013, Kinnecom and a few members assembled to form Motiv (formally known as Motvational), hit the road twice for two national tours and recorded their debut album mid-2014. During that time, Kinnecom prepared and released his full length debut album, Virtual Gravity. The album plays as a cinema and marks Kinnecom with a signature, organic presence within the music industry. It’s beautifully woven with poetic rap lyrics, synthetic vocals, and his story, perspective on social issues, and uphill battles.

The music also delivers inspirational messages to his audience. Through Imminence Records, Kinnecom released Virtual Gravity November 18th and his sophomore album, Motion Sickness on October 30th.  

Follow Kinnecom online!

Kinnecom: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr

The Novelists Share Brand New Single

Indie-rock band The Novelists have released a new single from their upcoming double album, Breaking The Script.

The album is set for release on Friday, June 3rd. The single is called “Soul Sucker” and it is certainly a track that showcases the band's sound and creativity. The harmonies and lyrics blend together with a strong piano rock track. 

You can listen to “Soul Sucker” at it's premiere site here!

The Novelists are aptly named. Their songs tell stories from multiple perspectives (and lead singers) and explore a wide variety of topics and settings. The band consists of Joel Ackerson on guitars, and mandolin, Eric Anderson on piano, Zack Teran on bass, and Justin Kruger on the drums. All of the band members provides vocals. 

Here is the track-list for the double album, Breaking The Script!

1. Morris & Estelle
2. Finish Line
3. They Will Follow
4. Prisoner Of Your Mind
5. Pattern
6. I'm In No Pain
7. No One Watching Us
8. Set Ourselves Free
9. We
10. You Will Know My Name
11. War Paint
12. Above The Hiding

1. Hang On
2. Soul Sucker
3. I Don't Want To Be Like You
4. Milo
5. Columbia
6. Take Back
7. Changing Tide
8. Take It Slow
9. Rubber Band
10. I Remind You
11. Decide
12. Easier To Dream

Make sure to check these guys out and look out for more updates before the release of the album! You can follow the band on their social media!

The Novelists: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Instagram // YouTube

Prison Escapee Release Lo-Fi Electronic Track

Los Angeles based lo-Fi electronica act Prison Escapee has released their second single from his forthcoming album, Disappearing Mountaintop.  The song is called “Gunslinger.” The track is raw and personal and dreamlike. It is a love song that reflects some of the themes of the album, which releases on June 16th. The album focuses on thoughts about childhood, moving to Los Angeles, and Jesus. 

You can listen to “Gunslinger” here! The song is full of playful lo-fi beats and calming vocals. 

Erik David Hidde is the brain behind Prison Escapee, a project named after Hidde's best friend who hanged himself after being jailed for 25 to life. Prison Escapee is post-rock, electronica, lo-fi field recordings, and film score-inspired. 

You can follow Prison Escapee on Facebook and Twitter for more information and announcements leading up to the release of Disappearing Mountaintop.

David Trull Shares Brand New Single

Indie- folk singer/songwriter, David Trull, shared the second single off of his album, Coin Toss!

The album will be available on June 3rd, and Trull channels inspiration from The Allman Brothers, The Derek Trucks Band, and other Blues icons to create his own signature, existential sound. 

Dave began his music career as a regular live feature while still in high school at St. Louis’ Roadhouse. In college, Trull really discovered and honed in on his sound and songwriting skills. He started a band called Bourbon & Bitters, while he was able to save up enough money through gifts and gigs to record his solo EP, Sowing Season.

Although the EP had much success, Trull still found himself stuck and unhappy in an office job. He decided to make a rash decision and go on a 500 mile pilgrimage across France and Spain called the Camino De Santiago. During this journey he was going to make the decision to abandon music all together or pursue his dreams. He chose the latter and the entire album, Coin Toss, was composed during his 500 mile journey, and “Dark Magic” is the first song off the album inspired by his trip. 

Check out the stream below!

Trull realizes that the sweet memories of childhood are harder to hold on to as life goes on, and explores the themes of loss in his soulful record, which is the epitome of blues. “Dark Magic” is the first glimpse at a record about loss, heartache, and finding the good in every bad situation in life and learning to laugh about it. 

For more on David Trull or "Dark Magic," check out his links below!

David Trull: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Mariya May Releases Album

unnamed (1).jpg

Mariya May's new album, Call Me Back If You Dig The Music, is out now for your listening pleasure! The album is an interesting blend of reggae-soul and folk rock with a touch of lo-fi sensibilities, and came out on May 17th! 

Check out her featured track, "Out Walking."

May is accompanied by her husband and collaborator, Ryan Michael Block. He provides the backing vocals and instrumentation and produced the album. The smoky and syrupy sax is provided by Peter Qualtere-Burcher. Together, this team gives a wide variety of sounds and emotions on this release.

There's no further announcements for a tour, but you can follow Mariya May on Facebook to keep track of any future plans!

Call Me Back If You Dig The Music is available now via Ten Dollar Recording Company. You can buy it here!


Here's the tracklist for Call Me Back If You Dig The Music:
1. Got To Throw It Open
2. Out Walking
3. I Remember
4. Open Up (It's Cold)
5. Like Birds In The Spring
6. From A Loft We Looked Across
7. Let It All Fall Free
8. Bells Ring
9. Deep Into The Trees
10. Just Another Let Down
11. Orange Ball Of Love
12. Repetition

For more on Mariya May and what she's up to, check out her links below!

Mariya May: Website // Facebook

Josh Flagg Announces Album

New York's Josh Flagg has recently announced his new album, Tracing Shapes, and has released a new single, “The Floor It Shakes.” The album is set for release on June 3rd on Residential Records and it is Flagg's second full-length album.

You can give a listen to the new single here

“The Floor It Shakes” is a high-energy indie rock tune that represents the upcoming album. The sound of this release was conceived when Flagg added a third guitarist to his live show and the band began to experiment with the driving rhythm that produced. 

Lyrically, Tracing Shapes is all about loneliness, marriage, rebirth, and understanding one another. He aims to make this album impact  and relatable through the struggle of humanity. “The Floor It Shakes” is about perseverance through continual mistakes and seemingly wrong choices. 

Here is the track-list for the upcoming album!

Tracing Shapes:
1. The Floor It Shakes
2. Take Me On
3. One Shot
4. Lights Out
5. Setting Suns
6. Transmitter Park
7. How Long
8. Black Ink Birds
9. Telepathy
10. Poison the Well

You can pre-order the album on his website! Meanwhile, Flagg is also currently on a tour to support the album. 

Josh Flagg Future Show Dates:
7.28 Bowling Green, OH @ Howard's Club H
7.29 Lexington, KY @ The Green Lantern
7.31 Springfield, IL @ The Curve Inn
8.1 Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
8.2 Des Moines, IA @ Lefty's Live Music
8.5 Charleston, WV @ The Empty Glass

For more on Josh Flagg, or what he is up to, check out his social media below!

Josh Flagg: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Kayo Dot Share New Track

Kayo Dot has premiered the first single off of its upcoming album, Plastic House on Base of Sky on TinyMixTapes

Listen to "Magnetism" here, or below!

Plastic House on Base of Sky embraces the electronic allusions found on 2014's Coffins on Io LP. The LP incorporates a variety of analog synthesisers, creating an explosive work that fuses with the experimentalism of Conrad Schnitzler or Morton Subotnick. The group describes Plastic House on Base of Sky as an exploration of our mechanical post-human future-present.
At the core of Kayo Dot is a mood that lies on the crossroads of darkness and mystery. In film, music emoting mystery sounds almost nocturnal, relating our brains to the unknownness hiding in the absence of light. This intersection is the essence of Kayo Dot.

The man behind Kayo Dot’s curtain of sound, Toby Driver, has been fiercely productive and experimental over the last year. So much so, that the amount of risks taken with Kayo Dot’s music can outnumber what most traditional artists will attempt for an entire album. There are very eclectic collaborators on this record as well. Driver, who recorded Plastic House on Base of Sky collaborates with lyricist Jason Byron. Byron, a lifelong student of the occult, gives the listener a feast of words as elusive and satisfying as the labyrinths of sound they travel through. Whether by means of menacing guitars, ethereal woodwinds, or aggressive electronics, there's always a sense that a new door might open, that anything can be found around the corner.
Plastic House on Base of Sky will be available June 24, 2016 from The Flenser.  Pre-order the album here

Check out the tracklist below!

unnamed (3).jpg

 1.  Amalia's Theme
2.  All The Pain in All the Wide World
3.  Magnetism
4.  Rings of Earth
5.  Brittle Urchin

For more on Kayo Dot, check out their links below!

Kayo Dot: Website //  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Jet Black Alley Cat Release Steamy Retro Music Video

Indie pop group Jet Black Alley Cat has released a very retro-inspired music video for their single “Roxy.” 

The music video features a narrative of a young woman caught in a spiral of the Miami nightlife, biding her time and obsessing over fun and her own image. The cinematography and editing plays well with the upbeat single and creates a memorable visual package. The video was directed by Jason Berg. 

You can watch the video right here!

“Roxy” is the fourth single from Jet Black Alley Cat since 2014. Their previous singles have received recognition and airplay. “Poison” was voted in rotation on mtvU and retail store Journey's has added “Electric Raazors” to their artist's playlist which receives play throughout the nation. 

Jet Black Alley Cat is going on tour in the next few months. Here are the tour dates if you're interested in seeing these guys!

May 21st @ Morgan Park - Street Festival, Nashville, TN
May 25th @ The Metropolitan - Annapolis, MD
May 26th @ The Otherside - Wilkes Barre, PA
May 28th @ Pianos - New York, NY
June 2nd @ The Camphouse - Chattanooga, TN
June 4rd @ The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
June 10th @ The Prophet Bar - Dallas, TX
June 11th @ Low Brow Place - El Paso, TX
June 13th @ Rebel Lounge - Mesa, AZ
June 16th @ House of Guvera - Los Angeles, CA *
June 18th @ Billboard Live! - Salt Lake City, UT *
June 20th @ Moon Room - Denver, CO *
June 23rd @ Fubar - St. Louis, MO *
June 24th @ The HiTone - Memphis, TN *
July 1st @ Bombshells Tavern - Orlando, FL *
July 2nd @ Churchills - Miami, FL *
* = w/Sleeptalk

Check out Jet Black Alley Cat on their social media to follow along with the tour and to check up for upcoming releases!

Jet Black Alley Cat: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram  // Website

Lesley Barth Shares New DIY Music Video

Rising singer/songwriter, and Philadelphia native (now living in New York), Lesley Barth, has released a new single and a charming new music video to go along with it! 

Having spent the last few years in New York honing in on her folk/pop/rock and soulful sound, Lesley was inspired on a recent trip to Silver Falls state park in Portland, where she gained inspiration for her new DIY video. 

“Good For This” is described as a heartfelt piano ballad and Barth says, “It was so green, overwhelmingly vibrant and lively. I think that there’s something related about the setting and the meaning behind that song.” Lesley has partnered with SunCity Paradise to give you this enchanting music video with an accompanying travel profile of her adventure in Portland. 

Check it out below!

After her first album was crowd-funded by her loyal fanbase, Lesley has committed to keeping her honest and personal touch through this new video and is returning to the studio in 2016 to record and release her first full length album!

For more on Lesley, check out her links below!

Lesley Barth:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

GreyMarket Releases New Album

GreyMarket, a Tampa-based alt-punk electro-pop duo, has released their fourth full-length LP, The Stress Kills.

This album furthers the sound of the band by taking their taste for electronic and heavy beats to the next level by introducing a heavier, punk-based element and a harder edge! The Stress Kills blends equal parts indie, pop/punk, and chiptune-y electro - while also including a bit of abrasive glitch thrown in to make for an incredibly eclectic and intense album from front to back!

Check out the album teaser below!

This all coming from a band formed over a "Bassist Wanted" advertisement put up by Mike Gargiulo that was answered by Cave McCoy. The two bonded over musical interests and eventually developed into an electronic outfit while taking classes at the University of South Florida!

There's bound to be something for everybody on this album and you should definitely give it a listen. You can follow the band on social media for more updates!

Definitely check out the album, and check out this up & coming duo!

GreyMarket: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Soundcloud

Oxymorrons Release “Hello Me” Remix Video

After a number of lively, house rocking shows, opening for rapper Waka Flocka Flame, New York bred quintet, Oxymorrons releases the “Hello Me” remix video showing footage from the sold-out 4/20 event. The group teamed with videographer Heat Da Kid to film it at the show. Okay Player says it’s “takes the sweeping electro ballad from cinematic to certifiably turnt.” 

After beginning as a duo consisting of Queens-brothers K.I. and Dee and touring with other groups, paving New York with their signature, original sound, the group decided to expand, picking up staple drummer Matty Mayz, bassist Joe Jordan, and guitarist Adam November. The group then dedicated themselves to both conveying and living out their message of individuality. Together, they perfected their organic musical presence, earning them performances with notable acts such as Travie McCoy, Saba, Sam Gongol, Marian Hill, Maxine Ashley, Pharrell Williams, and Wynter Gordon. It has also gravitated partnerships with major companes such as Red Bull, Converse, Rocawear, Deadbolt, Karmaloop, and Modify Watches.

The group’s captivating live performance is most evident in the fact that they’ve played at a collection of important festivals including SXSW, Firefly, AfroPunk, Funk Fest, CMJ and have blazed the stage with artists including, but not limited to, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Ludacris, Juicy J, Gym Class Heroes, Bruno Mars, Bad Rabbits, Rihanna, Salt N Pepa, and Danny Brown.

The “Hello Me” remix video release is just a sample of the work the band has planned for the remainder of 2016. Currently, they are preparing to hit the road this summer on their Geeked Out tour, scheduled to perform at several major festivals including Houston Free Press Summer Fest and Milwuakee Summer Fest. During the previous series of shows, the boys curated songs from their Complex But Basic EP. 

Geeked Out Tour Date: 
5/31 - Boot & Saddle - Philadelphia, PA
6/1 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC
6/2 - The Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA
6/4 - Free Press Summer Fest - Houston, TX
6/6 - Three Links - Dallas, TX
6/7 - 3TEN ACL LIVE - Austin, TX
6/8 - Dan's Silverleaf - Denton, TX
6/10 - Kimbros - Franklin, TN
6/11 - Open Chord - Knoxville, TN
7/1 - Diesel, Pittsburgh, PA
7/2 - Pike Room @ Crofoot - Pontiac, MI
7/3 - Milwaukee Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI
7/5 - Underground Lounge - Chicago, IL
7/7 - The Manhattan Center - New York, NY

Keep up with Oxymorrons online!

Oxymorrons: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Youtube