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GRIMM. Debuts New Music Video 'Summerset Station'


A blend of hip-hop & alternative rock, GRIMM. brings out the best of both genres in their brand new single "Summerset Station," off of upcoming EP, spectrum. The new track also has an exclusive music video you can watch below!

The track is an upbeat, 21 Pilots-esque anthem that you definitely want to check out. If you're familiar with the genre blending techniques of Linkin Park, 21 Pilots, or even locally grown band Civil Youth, then you're definitely going to dig this. The video isn't what it seems, but maybe you should watch it for yourself to figure it out.

According to GRIMM., "After years of writing, managing and playing for bands, Adam found his own voice that would be the inspiration behind a new perspective in mainstream music. Being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6, Adam had always been treated differently. Dealing with a mandatory separation from class into a resource room where Adam spent his time writing music and helping his classmates that functioned at a lower level. He used his musical ability to become more social and gain the confidence to become the performer he knows he will be. GRIMM. wants to be an inspiration to kids with Autism who feel their disability is stopping them from achieving their goals in life."

Good, new & exciting music for a good cause is definitely the type of stuff we like to get behind. GRIMM is going to push the limits on genre bending, and we look forward to what's to come in the near future!

Stay tuned later this month when GRIMM anticipates to release spectrum, and check out their social media to keep up with all updates!

GRIMM: Facebook // Instagram

Weird Owl Releases New Single For Listeners

unnamed (1).jpg

Brooklyn's Weird Owl will release its new album, Bubblegum Brainwaves, on October 13th.

Bubblegum Brainwaves makes this the band's sixth release in a decade. It was recorded and produced by Psychic TV guitarist Jeffrey Berner and features a guest appearance by the legendary Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. 

The band recently released synthy lead single "You (Sometimes Not You)," and today they share another taste of the album with second single "War." Its lyrics explore how the act of war has changed -- becoming democratized, so that anyone can take part without following a set of prescribed rules -- and it shows a darker, heavier side of the band's sound. You can stream the track where it premiered with Self-Titled or via SoundCloud.

Check it out streaming below!

They will celebrate the release of Bubblegum Brainwaves at Brooklyn venue The Kingsland onOctober 20th. To keep up with Weird Owl, check out their social media down below!

Weird Owl: Facebook

Sunset Lines Shares New Single 'The Miles'

San Francisco's own Sunset Lines have shared a new little slice of pop rock heaven for listeners recently called "The Miles." The beach-y tune is a chirpy little song that slides in nicely with your current summer playlist!

Check out "The Miles" below streaming via Soundcloud!

The song premiered on Impose Magazine where the band detailed, “This is a song about leaving home and the pangs of guilt/sadness that hang over you before the excitement of being in a new life sets in. We wanted the contrast of the bright guitar hooks/shimmering synth to offset the more somber tone of the lyrics.”

The single is a sweet, vintage sounding piece that is perfect for listening while the sun sets through a window in your house, (this has been tested). So, check it out, and to keep up with Sunset Lines, check out their social media below!

Sunset Lines: Facebook

Ten Cents Short Release Music Video for "Higher Powers"

Massachusetts pop-punk quartet Ten Cents Short have released a new video for their song “Higher Powers”, which is from from their upcoming sophomore EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks.

The concept for the video plays on the idea of a band signing a major deal and having everything changed about them.  Throughout the video, the band is constantly pestered by a staff member/director from the label constantly wants to make changes to what they wear and how they do things. Eventually, the whole band themselves are replaced by other people, at which point they fight back against the changes and walk away from the whole thing. 

According to the band’s vocalist/bassist Aaron Couto, “Higher Powers” is “a song about working hard and putting your all into something, meanwhile someone else gets all the glory. The moral of the song is to always stand for what you believe in and don't let anyone be your puppet master."

The video was directed by Dan Fried of Just Fly Casual Productions and the entire record was co-written, engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios. The EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks is scheduled for release on May 26th, and the EP can be pre-ordered now on the band’s website. 

Ten Cents Short: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

New Single “Allegiance” from VISTA

Anthem rock group VISTA is back once again with a new single, called “Allegiance.” This new track follows the previously released “Henchmen” and stands as the lead song from VISTA’s upcoming EP, due for release later this summer.

The message of “Allegiance” is about calling for fans of the band to join their own personal allegiances, and like most musicians, VISTA wants their fans to find a safe space in their music. VISTA is a combination of lead vocalist Hope Vista and guitarist/singer Greg Almeida, and “Allegiance” shows off their chemistry in performing together.

“Allegiance” goes hand in hand with “Henchmen,” the themes of both songs blend together in a way that makes it clear the full EP will have a larger connecting theme, as well. The band offered this statement about the new single: “’Allegiance’ picks up pretty much right where our last single ‘Henchmen’ left off, as the last single was an anthem of oppression. This is an anthem of resistance and banding together.”

Revolution is where it’s at, and “Allegiance” screams it. With their music, VISTA carves out their own sub-genre in the alternative scene: anthem rock. They’re all about making music that people can get behind, music that will make people rally, music that makes people want to stand for something.

“Allegiance” is a powerhouse track that speaks to a worthy cause. Listen to it down below, and stay connected with VISTA on social media for more updates on when their full EP will be released.

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New Single from The Porchistas, EP to Be Released Soon

Following the release of their daring political single, “Mr. Chump,” The Porchistas have released a new track called “Mischief Night” off their upcoming EP, Axis and Allies. Described as “space-rockers,” The Porchistas, based out of New Jersey, believe in inspiring a sense of community with their music.

Check out the single below!

Founder Alan “Sucia” Smith says, “We see music and art as community building endeavors. When we throw events and shows at the house we try to make them trash free or trash minimal at least. We make food and have pot lucks to try to stoke a sense of community.”

The Porchistas believe in progressive politics, caring about the environment, and using music to bring people together. They blend genres and combine grooves, lyrics, and melodies seamlessly to create music that’s entirely unique to them. With songs like “Mr. Chump,” a diss track aimed unapologetically at The Orange Menace (our president, Donald Trump – and it makes me shudder to type the words), The Porchistas are real and honest, and they aren’t afraid to make a stand and shout for what they believe in. The track list for Axis and Allies promises more political tunes like “Ebolabama,” and “Mischief Night” tells the story of a local hit man while taking aim at the current political climate in America. 

Check out “Mischief Night” and “Mr. Chump” up above. Keep your eye out for the release of the EP soon, and keep up with The Porchistas on social media for any more forthcoming announcements!

The Porchistas: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp 

Debut Single “BURN” from HOLDN

Alternative rock artist Gina Petro has revealed a completely different side to herself: a dark pop singer alter ego named HOLDN. HOLDN’s debut single is called “BURN,” released alongside a music video that gives fans a look at how HOLDN is a bit different from Gina Petro. Her first solo track is infectious, haunting, and mysterious, and it will definitely leave you wanting more.

Check out the video below!

HOLDN herself had a few words about the single: “’BURN’ is about someone walking out of my life without warning and that person staying within close enough proximity to watch me struggle to stand back up as they continue on as if my pain was non-existent.”

Real, open, and honest, “BURN” is an excellent introduction of HOLDN to the pop music scene. HOLDN comes from from New York City, and she calls herself a “rhythmic disciple.” “BURN” does a good job of fitting into that title, and the aesthetic that goes along with it. Originally from the world of alt-rock, HOLDN has previously performed at events like the Vans Warped Tour and held performances across the country at venues such as Webster Hall. HOLDN is Gina Petro in her most honest, revealing form, disguised as a daring alter ego. 

For more on HOLDN, check out her social media below!

HOLDN: Facebook

Calcedon Shares New Single

Brielle Goheen, under the name Calcedon, has premiered her new single entitled “Sparrow.” The song is a sample of her upcoming album Echo In. Debuted in video form on Silent Shout!, the single sonically, lyrically and visually depicts a fully unified artistic vision surrounding her moniker, (Calcedon) which by definition means "a faulted vein which runs through a gemstone.” Goheen sings “when a thing is built too fast it’s weak” as she is shown repairing broken ceramic pottery.

Check it out below!

The metaphor is completed as the process is seemingly overlooked by an alternative representation of herself in the form of a statue whose own cracks and imperfections are visible, yet do not seem to erode the overall beauty of the sculpture.

The sound of “Sparrow” is particular to Calcedon, but to someone who has not heard it, a fair comparison would be a fusion of Sia’s pop digestibility and Katie Melua’s artisanal avant-garde feel in songs like “The Flood.” The vocal sound is clean and poppy with a tastefully sputtered delivery, almost as if to further push the imagery of the beautiful yet broken quality of the subject in question. Musically, there is a significant electronic element to the song, yet it maintains an aura that somehow still feels more performed than programmed.

Watch the video above, and keep watch for the album Echo In as it will be available soon on March 25th, 2017! For other info, check out their social media below!

Calcedon: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

VACAY Releases New Single, 'Shoes'

Levi Randall is a man of all trades. An actor to some, and VACAY to others - the music based project Levi is apart of just recently released their brand, new single "Shoes." Check it out below!

His aim with VACAY is to create an identity of his own and make music with integrity, which can be heard on his latest single "Shoes." Mixing delicate indie rock with earnest lyrics, it's easy to understand and digest why the actor enjoys channeling this part of his creative energy.

"The inspiration for 'Shoes' came from a girl that I worked with," he explains. "I had a massive crush on her and we connected really well, but she was getting married. I wrote this song to get the jealousy and pain off of my chest.The silver lining to going through pain is what you learn through the situation and of course, the honest songs that come from it. My hope is that this song will relate to many people’s situations. If they are going through something similar, that they’d find comfort in knowing they are not alone. The songs that speak the most to me are the ones that are saying the words I felt but couldn’t find."

For more on VACAY or what they're up to, check out their social media below!

VACAY: facebook // twitter // instagram // soundcloud

CHANCES Release Debut Single

Canadian electro/pop trio CHANCES recently put out their first single "Shine". Despite being an electronic-based track, "Shine" also contains world music elements layered throughout, featuring harmonic group vocals and tribe-like tom/kick hits and claps littered throughout.

It is almost as if the group is made up of representatives of some tribe from the year 2054 who came back in time to 2017 to warn us of the consequences of air pollution before humanity is decimated. 

Conspiracy theories aside, you can stream "Shine" below!

CHANCES is basically a mix between Björk, tUnE-yArDs and your favorite EDM artist(s) I don't know extensively enough about to mention. Regardless, the trio has a fresh, light and fun sound despite their origin being Montreal (dark, cold and depressing). Perhaps their unique blend of brighter genres is their personal means of coping with MTL's drab vibe? Who knows. On top of that, the group has no *announced* plans for an EP or LP release anytime soon, so the mystery continues.

But anyway, keep up with these futurist Canadians on their social media below!

CHANCESOfficial Site // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Youtube

Full Album Stream Available From Curses

West Virginia’s metalcore outfit, Curses, is now streaming their new album, entitled Chapter I: Introspect, in full!

Having just finished their Midwest run with Vesta Collide (Stay Sick Recordings), the news come as an exciting one for fans and listeners! The album is available for stream, and if you dig it, definitely consider purchasing it at one of the sites listed: MerchNow // iTunes // Google Play // Bandcamp.

Guitarist Davey Nicewander had this to say about the release, "Chapter I is a musical snapshot of a point in all of our lives where we were asking ourselves questions about who we are and what our purpose is. It means something different to each of us and we feel like the entire process of getting this album out has facilitated growth in us all. We hope that our fans can listen to this record and find a sense of home within it and, ultimately, within themselves.”

For more on Curses, check out their social media links below to stay up to date!

Curses: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Figure Eight Releases New Single From EP

Figure Eight, Long Island native punk rockers, have released their newest single “Forever,” which is the title track to their upcoming EP, set for release on February 10th. The EP is the follow-up release to Figure Eight's debut 2015 EP, August. 

You can check out the new single here, at it's premiere on New Noise. 

"'Forever' was written in December 2015, and kind of sets the tone for the album; be concise and to the point. I wanted a song you could shout at the top of your lungs." - Figure Eight.

Figure Eight is a project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Ryan Meyers, who infuses the band's music with hard-hitting punk rock energy with heart-on-your-sleeve 90's honesty. Since the band's debut in 2015, they have played alongside acts such as Such Gold, Koji, Light Years, Head North, Oso Oso, Born Without Bones, A Will Away, Casey Bolles, Save Face, The Moms, Lee Corey Oswald, Old Again, Broadside and more!

Figure Eight's second EP Forever will be out on February 10th, with a full-length album to follow, potentially later this year. 

Forever Track Listing:
1. Forever
2. Clean
3. Keep You With Me
4. October

Upcoming Figure Eight Tour Dates:
1/8 - Cape May, NJ @ Chalk Zone
1/9 - Wareham, MA @ 3065 Live
1/11 - Providence, RI @ House Show
1/12 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ My Place Pizza
1/14 - Long Island, NY @ Our Lady of Perpetual Hope

Figure Eight: Bandcamp // Facebook // Instagram

Youth In Revolt Unleash New Music Video

Youth In Revolt, a Jersey-based five-piece rock outfit, is gearing up to release their much-anticipated debut album, The Broken, on January 20th, 2017 on Outerloop Records. Fans have eagerly waited for this album, and to whet their appetite, the band has released a new music video for the album's title track “The Broken.”

The band has been on a rise recently after their popular covers of Lorde's “Royals” and Elle Goulding's “Something In The Way You Move” gained them attention with fans, and their 2015 EP, Love Is A Liar's Game, was a success. 

Youth In Revolt's vocalist, Tanner Allen, said the following about the new song: "'The Broken' is the title track for our debut record. We chose to name the record The Broken because the track is a great summary of what we were striving for, both thematically and musically, on the album. The song, in particular, is about finding your way in a world that you don't understand or fit into, and finding strength, despite what the general population may tell you! It's a call to arms in a way, our way of saying to come together and find strength in numbers to make it through this rollercoaster of a world that we live in. This is especially important now as our country goes through this absolutely perplexing election campaign that we're in the midst of. It's paramount that we think for ourselves right now as the divided population is shoving their own opinions down our throats. Musically, this song is a chaotic and powerful rock song. We want people to hear this song and feel like they are a part of a movement with us!" 

Fittingly, the video is being released in the aftermath of the recent Election season, and the theme of the album and the title track fits right in with the mindset of the world right now. 

You can watch the brand-new music video for “The Broken” right here!

Pre-orders and merchandise packages can be purchased here. Digital pre-orders with "The Broken" available for instant download will be live on Friday, November 11, 2017. Visit Outerloop.Group for more information!

Youth in Revolt: The Broken Tracklisting
1. The Noise
2. Love is a Liar's Game
3. Not Giving Up
4. The Broken
5. Brisbane
6. Don't Wait for Me
7. There for You
8. I'm Not Scared
9. Alright
10. Sleep
11. Only One


Connect with Youth In Revolt on social media!

Youth In Revolt: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Spotify

Woke Up Waiting Release Lyric Video

Canadian pop punk trio, Woke Up Waiting, are up-and-comers who are ready to show their explosive sound with the world. Their debut EP, Better Off This Way, is dropping on October 20th. The band has released a lyric video for their lead single, “Best Of Me,” which you can watch right here!

The song is catchy and poppy, and it clearly gives a sample of what to expect from the full EP.

The band's YouTube is fun, as the frequently cover recent pop songs in their own pop punk style. The band isn't afraid to step out of their own material to showcase what they can do. Anything from 5 Seconds of Summer to Justin Beiber to Zayn, Woke Up Waiting can do it.

Make sure to check out the band's social media and stay tuned here at The Hook for more announcements regarding Woke Up Waiting and the release of Better Off This Way towards the end of October. The album will be available on iTunes and Spotify when it comes out!

Check out their social media below!

Woke Up Waiting: Website // Twitter // Facebook

Wetbrain Shares New Single

Our Philly favorites, Wetbrain, spent their Tuesday (yesterday, keep up with us) by sharing brand new music. And let us tell you, it's been a long time coming, and we're ready for the ride.

With an impressive lineage and resumé including over 30 shows, and an admirable beginning in 2014 - Wetbrain has been notoriously known for tackling and bending genres to create their own style of music. "Filter Face" is no exception to this methodical process.

Check it out below!

Released on September 20th, "Filter Face" was self-recorded and produced at band member Andrew Haff's house/recording & rehearsal spot, The Jug. According to the band, "[they] had been jamming on the chorus guitar riff for a couple of weeks without really knowing how to turn it into a concise song." 

And yet here we are with this super funky, drippy track that I've been listening to everywhere - on a run, before bed, hyping up to do work. "Filter Face" is a must listen track, and we're super stoked on Wetbrain (per usual, amirite).

Check out the track, support your scene, and for more on Wetbrain check out their music below!

Wetbrain: Facebook // YouTube // Website // Twitter  // Instagram // Soundcloud // Buy Music

Cold Cave Announces Limited Edition Single Release

L.A. based electronic duo Cold Cave have just announced their latest limited run release The Idea of Love. They’ve also unveiled a new music video for the titular track.

The Idea of Love is a single release, with a B-side entitled “Rue the Day.” Cold Cave (Wesley Eisold, Amy Lee), have been putting out music since 2009.  They have a slew of singles, and 4 full LP releases Love Comes Close (2009), Cherish the Light Years (2011), Cremation (2014), and Full Cold Moon (2014). Pre-Orders can be found here. The Idea of Love only has a 500 copy run, with most of the copies being reserved for their upcoming tour.

Check out the video for "The Idea of Love" right here!

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of the CD, or just seeing the band live, you can check out the tour dates right here.


The Idea of Love cover art:

Cold Cave: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Dylan Taylor Unveils New Single

Drummer and EDM producer Dylan Taylor has just released the second single from his upcoming EP G.R.A.V.E.S. The track “Hurricane Feat. The Ready Set” is a collaboration between Taylor and Jordan Witzigreuter, better known as The Ready Set.

Dylan Taylor is well known for his YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself covering a number of popular songs on drums. Now he’s set to release his first EP of all original music. “Hurricane” is the second single from G.R.A.V.E.S. with “Lost Hearts” being released recently.

"When Dylan sent me the basic version of this track, I wrote to it and had it done in maybe 20 minutes - it was one of those songs that came out supernatural, which is rare.  It's got this uplifting type of vibe that I love - I always gravitate toward that style of writing. I've been listening to Dylan's tracks for a while now,  and I think the hybrid of this type of production with live drum elements is something that's rare in dance music which makes the whole thing stand out." – Jordan Witzigreuter

"The theme behind 'Hurricane' is something that everyone experiences and sees everyday. People addicted to technology, always on their phone, even when you're out in a social environment. With things like the PokemonGo release, or girls aiming to gain followers by their endless selfies, I wish people would look around them and be thankful of what they have right in front of them. Live in the moment, not on the Internet." – Dylan Taylor

G.R.A.V.E.S. will drop on September 2

Dylan Taylor: Facebook // Twitter // YouTube

Boat Race Weekend Announce New EP, Debut New Single

Boat Race Weekend, an emo group out of Spokane, Washington, have just announced the release of their new EP, Throw Your Head to the World! The band is also streaming their debut single, "Broken Teeth", right now!

Boat Race Weekend released their debut album The Talisman back in March of 2015. Since then they’ve received a number of accolades including being featured on Indie Rock Café’s “Best DIY Music of 2015”, and Music Connections “Hot Live and Unsigned Bands of 2015”. 

"It's [“Broken Teeth”] about having the strength and the courage to continue on, to work hard and persevere through the pain with your chin up,"It's about smiling when it seems the world has given you nothing to smile about and knowing that despite whatever you have been through, or done, or seen, you are loved, and a blessing to many." – Evan Kruschke (Guitar, Vocals)

Throw Your Head to the World! will drop on October 14. The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dawson Scholz at Talk Studios in Rathdrum, Idaho. 

1. The Winter
2. Broken Teeth
3. Better Days
4. She, The Ocean





You can also check out Boat Race Weekend live at a few upcoming shows in Washington!

Boat Race Weekend Show Dates:
9.10 @ The Charleston - Bremerton, WA
9.26 @ The Pin - Spokane, WA
10.15 @ The Big Dipper - Spokane, WA

Boat Race Weekend: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Sunndrug Release New Song, "Shining"

Sunndrug, an indie quintet out of Virginia Beach, has just unveiled a new song entitled “Shining”. The track is the latest single from their upcoming debut album, Exit Wounds.

When Sunndrug began, it was as an outlet for vocalist Jimmy Reeves. He was navigating a relationship of 10 years that was falling apart, an inspiration for lyrics if there ever was one. The album is a “narrative of a man coming apart at the seams as he attempts to get a fix on a reality that is nothing more than sand in his fist”.

Reeves had this to say about the new track, "'Shining' was the last song we wrote before starting to record the album. Its working title was 'Bonham Song' because the sonic inspiration for it came from the way Led Zeppelin played the blues. It’s a jilted love story based around the setting of a well curated online life being a mirage for a person whose reality doesn’t live up to it. The end of the song is a moment on the record I’m particularly proud of because I think the music evokes something even without lyrics."

Exit Wounds is out this fall from Mind Over Matter Records.

1. White Ladders
2. Denial
3. Blackout
4. Psyvamp
5. Shining
6. Stilts
7. Exit Wounds
8. Halo
9. Big Data
10. Echolalia
11. Group Therapy
12. Young Blood

You can also catch Sunndrug on a brief tour right now, dates below!

Sunndrug Tour Dates:
9/09 @ Speakertree Records - Lynchburg, VA
9/10 @ 25 Watt - Richmond, VA
9/23 @ Back Bay Brewing - Virginia Beach, VA
9/24 @ The Garage - Winston-Salem, NC
11/05 @ Back Bay Brewing - Virginia Beach, VA

For more info, check out their social media!

Sunndrug: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Deadfellow Shares "I Dreamed I Lost My Girl" Music Video

Deadfellow (On Set) 1.jpg

Indie artist Deadfellow entered the remaining moments of summer with a new music video for listeners – a teaser, if you will, for the upcoming "tongue-in-cheek" EP, Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener

Directed by Nahir Francis, the video itself is the keeper of quiet images– somber, and serene. Deadfellow’s voice carries a powerful feeling of sadness, loss and remembrance through scenes of recollection, and familiarity. This video felt personal; secretive, but it reminded me of my own experiences - of human experiences, even.

Maybe perfect for this period of transition, from summer to fall, the video is a piece that highlights the track “I Dreamed I Lost My Girl,” which explores a few different concepts that Deadfellow seems to focus on naturally – a production of an age we live in. Deadfellow calls it “the Tinder Age, where even phone calls have become uncomfortably intimate,” and that’s most definitely the vibe we felt watching this video – gooey, uncomfortable, lonely even.

But, you can check out the video for yourself below!

What’s it like to lose a loved one, to imagine loss, to be alone? 

I’m a sure question we’ve all wondered – at home alone, cooking for ourselves, also half drunk and unsure. This music video was perfect for “I Dreamed I Lost My Girl,” all at once sublime and ethereal, but still living and breathing in the quiet moments. 

But, maybe the most interesting thing about this track and it's music video, is that Hayden (Deadfellow, ah we ruined the secret) finds them both "hilarious," for reasons completely unknown. And hey, that's ok too.

Deadfellow is also staying up to date with shows, and you can check out some of those dates below!

Deadfellow Show Dates:
September 9th // Chaplin's Spring City, PA (All Ages)
September 24th // Dewey Beach Music Conference (Jimmy's Grille Stage, All Ages)

Do check out this music video, a Hook recommended piece, and definitely be prepared for Deadfellow’s EP, Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener, out in November of this year. Until then, stay updated with Deadfellow via the social media links provided below!

Deadfellow: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter