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RUDE Records Sign 7 Minutes In Heaven

 Rude Records, an independent record label based in Europe and distributed worldwide, is proud to announce that they have now signed Chicago Alt-group, 7 Minutes In Heaven!

7 Minutes In Heaven is best known for their 2015 smash Side Effectswhich featured singles "I'm Okay" and "Fireworks," and will make a great addition to Rude Records! Founded in 1999, Rude Records currently houses heavy-hitters such as The Maine, The Dear Hunter, Set It Off, and Knuckle Puck. Fans can be on the lookout for new music coming soon, but in the meantime, the band pieced together this video announcement to add to the excitement! 

Check it out below!

Consisting of Timmy Rasmussen (vocals/guitar), Alex Rogers (vocals/bass), Justin Mondzak (guitar), and Brennan Gilbert (Drums), 7 Minutes in Heaven have had a tumultuous 2016 with key performances at Vans Warped Tour and So What?! Music Festival, and significant tours with Set It Off, Metro Station, SayWeCanFly, Broadside, Assuming We Survive, and Coldfront.

7 Minutes in Heaven had this to say about the signing, "Being such an active DIY band, signing to a label has never been our end goal but once we met Rude, we knew this was the right move! It's all new territory for us and we're happy to be joining a family that shares the same purpose and passion that we do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that's been a part of this journey, we're excited to begin a new chapter with you. Expect new music this year, we think you might like it."

For more on this announcement, or Rude Records, check out the social media below!

7 Minutes In Heaven: Facebook

Moose Blood Release New Music

UK band, Moose Blood, have released the second single off their forthcoming record Blush, with an incredible music video directed by Lewis Carter to go with it! 

The band came together in the summer of 2012 and consists of Eddy Brewerton, Mark Osborne, Glenn Harvey and Kyle Todd. Their album I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, received high praise and Blush is sure to follow suit, and high in anticipation.

Check out the music video for "Knuckles," below!

Moose Blood will be making an appearance in the US with their headlining tour in July and you can find the tour dates below. Blush is set to be released August 5th via Hopeless Records, and is now available for pre-order.

The music video features a little monster boy and his proud dad, traveling to what seems like a talent show, but you’ll have to watch the video to see what happens next. The band known for their emotional lyrics and quintessential pop-punk energy does not disappoint, and their energy carries through live and over video. 

Moose Blood is also headed out on tour in the US, so check out those tour dates below!

North America Tour Dates:
July 16 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean*
July 17 - Detroit, MI - The Shelter
July 19  - Cleveland, OH - Mahall's
July 20 - Pitt, PA - Smiling Moose
July 21 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall*
July 22 - NYC, NY - The Studio @ Webster Hall
July 23 - Freehold, NJ - Gamechanger World
July 24 - Philadelphia, PA - Foundry
*Venue upgraded due to demand

For more on Moose Blood and what they're up to, check out their social media down below!

Moose Blood: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Mayberry Make Album Announcement

Alternative pop-rock band, Mayberry have announced their 6 song EP, Beautiful Mess, which comes out on July 22nd!

Co-written and produced by John Keefe and Morgan Dorr (you may recognize him from Boys Like Girls), this album will be influenced by everything from pop/rock to R&B to acoustic folk to upbeat dance music. If you like bands like Maroon 5, Boys Like Girls, and Imagine Dragons you'll be sure to love these guys and their infectious hooks and powerful vocals.

Consisting of Esteban Rodriguez (Vocals), Hector Rodriguez (Bass), Brayden Dillard (Drums), and Andrew Vela (Guitar), Mayberry are extremely excited for fans to hear Beautiful Mess

Esteban says, "Beautiful Mess is a project I'm extremely excited about. Songs about personal experiences, this EP is influenced by many styles and sounds that I hope will appeal to old & new listeners." 

After sharing the stage with artists like Plain White T's, Fifth Harmony, Fall Out Boy, Rixton, this is a band you definitely want to keep an eye on.

Mayberry: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // YouTube // Tumblr

Altamina Shares New Single

Altamina has released a new single called “Under The Black Sea,” and the single is in support of the Canadian ambient rock band's upcoming LP, Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight, out June 11th. 

Altamina (literally “high mines” in Portuguese) is currently François Graham on keys and lead vocals, Marco Gervais on guitars and backing vocals, Roxanne Miller on bass and backing vocals, and Matt Davis on drums. 

Here is the tracklist to the upcoming Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight:
1. Under the Black Sea
2. Telescope
3. Storm
4. Light
5. Tonight
6. Bunkers
7. Follower
8. Liability
9. Drifter
10. Solstice


Altamina was originally started by Gervais and Graham as an experimental outlet while they were playing with post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic. They recorded their debut album, Silver Landing In A Barren Land by themselves in Portugal in 2012. 

They recently added Matt Davis and Roxanne Miller into the band in 2014, which broadened their musical experimentation. 

On the new single, “Under The Black Sea,” Graham's smooth, low vocals are memorable and the music is layered with spacey synths and clean bass. It's a chilled-out and positive song. 

You can listen to the song and pre-order the album here!

Follow the band on their social media, provided below!

Altamina: Website // Twitter // Facebook // Soundcloud

Kinnecom Launches Two Singles

Raleigh, North California’s alternative hip-hop artist, Kinnecom launched two new singles, “Feels Like Warfare” and “Icy Hills (Featuring Donovan McCray)” in promotion of his upcoming mixtape, Rain!

The mixtape also features Spaceman Stuu, Ferrari2Wavy, KLE, Raxz, and CloudyNueve. Kinnecom states: "Rain is the honest soundtrack to being on your own in the city, struggling to make it. The harsh winters, the chaotic traffic, the isolation within the heavy population. This mixtape is an anthem to overcoming self doubt and choosing your own destiny."

unnamed (6).jpg

Rain Tracklist:
1. Skyscrapers Shake
2. Hopeless Era
3. The Underground, The Nameless (Feat Spaceman Stuu) 
4. Feels Like Warefare
5. Calm Down
6. Stuck In My Thoughts (Feat Ferrari2Wvy) 
7. Blink (Feat KLE) 
8. Standing Right Here (Feat Raxz) 
9. My Eyes
10. Swim [Remix] (Feat CloudyNueve) 
11. Icy Hills (Feat Donovan McCray)

Emerging from Imminence Records, Kinnecom has been writing and producing music since a very young age. He’s written and recorded several albums, his solo instrumental album recorded in 2011 generating Kinnecom recognition from artists all over the country which brought him to collaborate on an album with Drew Fulk and land his first record deal with Indianola Records during his term with former hardcore band, Wealth in Water.

Once the group broke up in 2013, Kinnecom and a few members assembled to form Motiv (formally known as Motvational), hit the road twice for two national tours and recorded their debut album mid-2014. During that time, Kinnecom prepared and released his full length debut album, Virtual Gravity. The album plays as a cinema and marks Kinnecom with a signature, organic presence within the music industry. It’s beautifully woven with poetic rap lyrics, synthetic vocals, and his story, perspective on social issues, and uphill battles.

The music also delivers inspirational messages to his audience. Through Imminence Records, Kinnecom released Virtual Gravity November 18th and his sophomore album, Motion Sickness on October 30th.  

Follow Kinnecom online!

Kinnecom: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties Release EP

The new EP from Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, Bittersweet, is out now! The next chapter in the concept album series about the  the life and times of Aaron West features three tracks. 

The band describes this release as a transitional period for the character, moving on from his previous  experiences in the American South in 2014's debut album from the band, We Don't Have Each Other. The EP is a set up for future full-length releases from Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties. 

You can order limited physical copies of the album at Hopeless Records and on the band's website. 

Here is the track-list for Bittersweet:
1. '67, Cherry Red
2. Goodbye, Carolina Blues
3. Green Like the G Train, Green Like Sea Foam

The band is going on tour, being supported by Allison Weiss, Can't Swim & Cold Collective.

Tickets are currently on sale for these dates!
May 28- Howell, MI - Bledfest*
May 31- Boston, MA - The Sinclair
Jun 01- New York, NY - The Studio @ Webster Hall
Jun 02- Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts
Jun 03- Syracuse, NY - The Lost Horizon
Jun 04- Buffalo, NY - The Studio @ Waiting Room
Jun 05- Cleveland, OH - Mahall's
Jun 07- Chicago, IL - Subterranean
Jun 08- St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
Jun 09- Nashville, TN - The End
Jun 10- Charlotte, NC - Visulite Theatre
Jun 11- Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
Jun 12- Orlando, FL - Backbooth
Jun 14- San Diego, CA - House of Blues
Jun 15- Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
Jun 16- Oakland, CA - Oakland Metro House
*Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties only

Follow Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties for news about the future of the band, links below!

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Mariya May Releases Album

unnamed (1).jpg

Mariya May's new album, Call Me Back If You Dig The Music, is out now for your listening pleasure! The album is an interesting blend of reggae-soul and folk rock with a touch of lo-fi sensibilities, and came out on May 17th! 

Check out her featured track, "Out Walking."

May is accompanied by her husband and collaborator, Ryan Michael Block. He provides the backing vocals and instrumentation and produced the album. The smoky and syrupy sax is provided by Peter Qualtere-Burcher. Together, this team gives a wide variety of sounds and emotions on this release.

There's no further announcements for a tour, but you can follow Mariya May on Facebook to keep track of any future plans!

Call Me Back If You Dig The Music is available now via Ten Dollar Recording Company. You can buy it here!


Here's the tracklist for Call Me Back If You Dig The Music:
1. Got To Throw It Open
2. Out Walking
3. I Remember
4. Open Up (It's Cold)
5. Like Birds In The Spring
6. From A Loft We Looked Across
7. Let It All Fall Free
8. Bells Ring
9. Deep Into The Trees
10. Just Another Let Down
11. Orange Ball Of Love
12. Repetition

For more on Mariya May and what she's up to, check out her links below!

Mariya May: Website // Facebook

The Stolen Announce I'm So Dead Tour With Mike Schiavo

Photography: Felipe Gomez & Kenny Lewis

Photography: Felipe Gomez & Kenny Lewis

The Stolen, a pop-rock band based out of New Jersey consisting of Dom Cuce, Rob Chiarappa, Kevin Smart, and Mike Chiarappa are setting out on the I’m So Dead tour with Mike Schiavo in support of their new record! 

The tour starts July 3rd in Boston and will make it’s way down the east coast. The band's EP, I’m So Dead, premiered on TWIST magazine back in April. The 5 song EP has a heavy 90’s influence while still being modern pop and R&B, and features lead single “Can’t Get Enough”.

If you like bands like The 1975, The Maine, and The Summer Set then you will definitely like The Stolen, with hooks and lyrics sure to get stuck in your head! The band says they wanted to create a record that grooves musically, but also expresses the personal and drastic changes that they had gone through this past year.

This album is drenched in personality while being nostalgic and melancholy all at the same time. You can now stream the EP on TWIST MAGAZINE and check out the music video for “Can’t Get Enough” here!

For more on The Stolen, check out their links below! Tour dates below also!

The Stolen: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Trash Boat Shares New Music Video

Trash Boat has released a brand new music video! 

The video is for their single, “How Selfish I Seem” off of their upcoming album, Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through. They plan to release the album on June 17th via Hopeless Records

Check out the video below!

The music features the melodic punk band performing the song in a darkened and empty skate park. The video was directed by Christopher Porter. The song goes by quickly but the heavy lyrics still pack a punch. The song touches on themes of bottled up feelings and repressed emotions. 

You can pre-order Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through now through the band's official store!

When you buy the album you'll get the following songs:

Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through Track Listing:
1. Strangers
2. How Selfish I Seem
3. Tring Quarry
4. Brave Face
5. Eleven
6. Pangaea
7. Second Wind
8. Catharsis
9. Things We Leave Behind
10. The Guise of a Mother
11. You Know, You Know, You Know

The band has released a music video for “Strangers” which you can also check out here!

Follow the band's social media to keep track of new announcements leading up to the release of the LP!

Trash Boat: Facebook // Twitter

Borderlands Announce Debut LP & Music Video

Straight from Lisbon, Portugal, progressive metalcore masterminds Borderlands unveil a brand-spanking-new music video for the song “Children of the Sun”. This is the third song to be premiered off Voice of the Voiceless, their upcoming debut full length, which is set for release on June 10th. Check out the insane video below.

The band- which consists of Rui Martins on vocals, Yuri José and Hugo Capelo on guitar, Cristóvão "Kiki" Monteiro on the drums, and Gonçalo Beco on bass- leaves listeners with extremely high expectations for the upcoming release. With the single, the quintet displays an ability to compose complex music that weaves gripping melodies into a tightly structured, pummeling assault. The song features a willingness to go wild tempo-wise while still sounding extremely on-beat, a la Massachusetts technical deathcore giants Within The Ruins, though they ultimately exhibit a feel that is very akin to the likes of metalcore compatriots Northlane, Erra, and even Oceans Ate Alaska.

unnamed (2).png

Voice Of The Voiceless Track List:
1.    Continuum
2.    Children Of The Storm (feat. Nelson Robello from The Voynich Code)
3.    Release Yourself
4.    Lineage
5.    Limitless
6.    Essencia
7.    Voice Of The Voiceless
8.    The Curse (feat. Anger from Above The Hate)
9.    Children Of The Sun

With only a few singles and a three-and-a-half-year-old EP to their name, Borderlands is too good of a band not to expand its reach beyond Europe with this new album. Voice of the Voiceless sounds more polished and professional than their last efforts thanks to the mixing and mastering done by Nicolas Delestrade, who has worked with Betraying The Martyrs and Novelists in the past.

Says vocalist Rui Martins of the new album: “This album is definitely stepping up our game, we’ve put a lot of effort into this and hope that everyone enjoys it and loves it as much as we do.”

Borderlands are working hard and are well on their way to achieving greatness because of it.

With a set album release date on the horizon, now is the time to follow their social media and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings of this band. You can pre-order the new album, as well as download their old music, right here. Stay tuned!

Borderlands:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Lesley Barth Shares New DIY Music Video

Rising singer/songwriter, and Philadelphia native (now living in New York), Lesley Barth, has released a new single and a charming new music video to go along with it! 

Having spent the last few years in New York honing in on her folk/pop/rock and soulful sound, Lesley was inspired on a recent trip to Silver Falls state park in Portland, where she gained inspiration for her new DIY video. 

“Good For This” is described as a heartfelt piano ballad and Barth says, “It was so green, overwhelmingly vibrant and lively. I think that there’s something related about the setting and the meaning behind that song.” Lesley has partnered with SunCity Paradise to give you this enchanting music video with an accompanying travel profile of her adventure in Portland. 

Check it out below!

After her first album was crowd-funded by her loyal fanbase, Lesley has committed to keeping her honest and personal touch through this new video and is returning to the studio in 2016 to record and release her first full length album!

For more on Lesley, check out her links below!

Lesley Barth:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

GreyMarket Releases New Album

GreyMarket, a Tampa-based alt-punk electro-pop duo, has released their fourth full-length LP, The Stress Kills.

This album furthers the sound of the band by taking their taste for electronic and heavy beats to the next level by introducing a heavier, punk-based element and a harder edge! The Stress Kills blends equal parts indie, pop/punk, and chiptune-y electro - while also including a bit of abrasive glitch thrown in to make for an incredibly eclectic and intense album from front to back!

Check out the album teaser below!

This all coming from a band formed over a "Bassist Wanted" advertisement put up by Mike Gargiulo that was answered by Cave McCoy. The two bonded over musical interests and eventually developed into an electronic outfit while taking classes at the University of South Florida!

There's bound to be something for everybody on this album and you should definitely give it a listen. You can follow the band on social media for more updates!

Definitely check out the album, and check out this up & coming duo!

GreyMarket: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Soundcloud

Faithless Town Releases Single

Self-proclaimed, "shoe-gaze/americana" group, Faithless Town just released a brand new track for listeners!

The rock band is led by singer-songwriter Gene Owens, and was formed back in 2008 in Atlanta, GA! Faithless Town has consisted of several line-ups drawn specifically from the Atlanta indie music scene.

The current line-up consists of Owens (lead vocals, guitar), Matthew Smith (guitar, backing vocals), Geoff Goodwin (keyboards), Tyler Sant (bass guitar), and husband and wife Padrick (drums) and Kristine Handley (backing vocals, percussion).

"Waste Away" is the first single off of their anticipated album, Empires. The official music video for the track is posted below for you to check out! It's some really rad and interesting stuff, so peep the video!

Branching out from their Americana Rock roots, Faithless Town’s new record, Empires, is a genre bending album, which ranges in music styles as diverse as 80’s Pop and New Wave all the way to Folk and Grunge.

For more on Faithless Town and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Faithless Town: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Instagram

New Found Land Release New Video

Berlin based Swede, New Found Land premiered her Salvador Dali inspired “Chateau” music video on The 405 on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. The motion picture takes its viewers on an adventure through multiple ancient landmarks and abstract, futuristic landscapes. 

Inspired by ancient a variety of myths and tales (Swedish Love Spells, Eastern Sufism, European fire rituals, Egyptian curses, Pythia, the prophetic Oracle, of Delphi), New Found Land (born Anna Roxenholt), released the abstract music video “Chateau,” a track on her highly anticipated EP, LORE, due for release via Fixe Records on Friday, May 27, 2016. She collaborated with many talented artists to compose the piece such as Per Eklund (Miike Snow, Lykke Li, Alessia Cara) and Simon Nordberg (Anna Ternheim, Håkan Hellström, Heather Nova).

New Found Land will be celebrating the release with a performance in Berlin at Kantine am Berghain. The album inches toward electronic. The synthetic blend of electro-pop, smooth reverberations, and thick percussion instrumentals exhibited most in songs such as “Chateau,” “January First,” “Forgetmenot,” and “Ordinary Love” marks New Found Land with an organic, signature sound. 

unnamed (1).png

Track List:
1.  Pythia
2. Chateau
3. New Found Land
4. Swedish Liquorice
5. Forgetmenot
6. Ordinary Love
7. Late Blooming Dancer
8. Walpurga
9. January First
10. Blue Hole
11. After The Rain
12. The Last Laugh

Follow New Found Land online!

New Found Land: Website // Facebook // Instagram

One Days Notice Confess Love (For Anna Kendrick)

One Days Notice, one of Cleveland's rising punk outfit's, show their love and affection for start Anna Kendrick with this hilariously entertaining new music video!

The official music video for their single, "Hey Anna," off of their sophomore album Blackout, is an ode to the actress Anna Kendrick. The video was filmed by SceneaMatiX and premiered with Idobi Radio!

Check it out below!

The vocalist actually spent hours researching Anna’s interests for this music video, an homage to the actress, and was quoted saying,"I actually spent hours researching things that Anna Kendrick likes when I was writing the lyrics," says vocalist Chris Bassitt. "We hope she sees it and gets a good chuckle!"

But the party doesn’t stop there, because the punk band, as we mentioned above, has an album by the name of Blackout out now via RTB Records. Get “Hey Anna” and the rest of the record here

For more on One Days Notice, check out their social media below!

One Days Notice: Facebook // Twitter // Website

Suit Of Lights Share New Single

Suit of Lights recently shared “Break Open the Head,” their first track off of upcoming album Break Open the Head - expected out June 6, 2016.

Suit of Lights is a genre-defying four piece band created in 2003 by Joe Darone, a former member of The Fiendz and The Rosenbergs. Unsatisfied with creative standstill, SOL tastefully blends bits of 60's pop, punk, progressive rock, metal, jazz, and baroque pop into their music, ensuring each new Suit of Lights album will be a unique, unexplored aural journey.

Darone says, “Some bands go for 30 years with one sound, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s boring to me.” 

Darone accessed a love for art and music at an early age. Since then, his drumming has taken him places like CBGB to The Fillmore, from opening for The Ramones with The Fiendz, to touring with Echo & The Bunnymen with The Rosenbergs. Darone is also a visual artist, and has produced artwork for Madonna, Agnostic Front, and Van Halen under the pseudonym Zeckle. Currently, he’s creating the album art for all Suit of Lights releases.

Break Open the Head follows Shine On Forever, which reached critical acclaim and was included in "Top Albums of the Year" lists by Brooklyn's The Big Takeover and the UK's Instrumental.

Produced by Tim 'Rumblefish' Gilles, Break Open the Head is an energetic leap forward, seeming dense and challenging, yet very accessible and catchy. The music is an expression of psychic upheaval through art, embodying music’s exceptional ability of transporting listeners to a higher consciousness.

"Break Open The Head," is streaming off of Bandcamp, so check it out!

The lyrics say it all: “honor your higher self.”

Suit Of Lights: Facebook // Bandcamp

WALLA Shares New Single

California's WALLA have recently released their new single, “Talking Dirty,” with an accompanying lyric music video! 

This is WALLA's first release to feature new lead vocalist, Jean Marc Tardieu, and this song is the first taste of what to expect on their upcoming EP, Body Language.  The indie pop song has everything from a catchy hook to a totally super dance-able bass beat behind it. The music video itself, while mainly a lyric video, does feature close-up shots of mouths singing along to the song as the lyrics appear on the screen. 

Check it out below!

WALLA formed back in 2012, and they have been featured on popular music media such as Billboard, MTV Buzzworthy, NYLON, and Snapchat. Their single, “101,” has 17.8 million streams on Spotify! The band has a multicultural background and they hope to catch fans from all walks of life by writing and performing great, exciting, and fun music. 

Keep up to date with WALLA online and follow us here for more announcements and releases!

WALLA: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Frameworks Announce New Album With Deathwish

In my opinion, Deathwish Records is currently one of the coolest labels! Bringing us acts like Code Orange, Modern Life Is War, and Ceremony are now excited to bring us a band called Frameworks! 

Frameworks just announced their sophomore album, Smother, and they also recently released a single off of the album called “Tangled," and I can tell you right now, it is so good! This is an amazing and most fitting definition for alternative rock because it takes an experimental approach to writing, while keeping emotional value in how it is delivered.  

Check it out below!

The song is about overthinking and how it can dampen the outcome of things done throughout life. Based on this song, as well as the older albums Frameworks has released, we are in for a real treat, and it makes me extremely happy to that hear another great album by a wonderful band being released on Deathwish! 

Keep an eye out for the new tunes, as it’s going to be available digitally, and physically on June 16th! If you would like to take your ears on a journey, the link to their bandcamp where you can listen to the single and pre-order the album for only 8 bucks (what a deal!!).

Frameworks: Facebook // Website

TK The Architect Reveals New Album

unnamed (1).png

On April 29, 2016, New York, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist TK The Architect celebrates his first and independently released alternative hip-hop & R&B album, Blue Season, with a show at Bar Matchless alongside Feather+Eyes, Hunter and Wolfe, and Light Craft and accompanied by his supporting band, The Get Back Kids. 

The LP fluidly fuses the cacophonous delivery of TK The Architect’s rap verses with under-toning smooth symphonic soulful grooves and live instrumentation, primarily played by himself.  It is also a direct reflection of himself, mirroring his upbringing, music history, and surroundings. Growing up in a bilingual home in New York, TK (born Zach Takayuki Zanghi) was raised by his Japanese mother and Italian father. This mixture of cultures became an essential aspect of his identity and his ability to bridge words was crucial to the development of some of his lyrics. His musical background also played a significant role in both the creation of Blue Season and in the development of himself as an artist. He’s been an instrumentalist since the age of nine and has toured as a guitar tech/stage manage where he adopted the name TK, an abbreviation of his middle name. 

Blue Season does not encompass all of his productivity, though. After touring, he earned a dual degree while releasing several DIY projects, his most recent being Life in Stereo. He’s also founded CON TEMPLATE, a collective of artists, musicians, and other creatives. He advocates for youth talent in his neighborhood by arranging and booking festivals for them in the local community. 

Blue Season not only depicts TK’s full range or work ethic and artistic capability, it also reflects the most common human experiences by communicating his experiences through quality lyrics and reverberations. 

Track List
1.  Blue (Intro)
2. Result of the Fire
3. Shore Somewhere (Interlude) 
4. Water
5. Wait Up Slow Down
6. OGOGOG (Interlude)
7. Current Passing
8. Peace of Mind
9. If You Can
10. Blue (Reprise)

“I genuinely feel that no one could have made this record but me,” TK says, “This is the first time I found a way to connect everything I do, as a musician/producer and as an MC.”

For more on TK The Architect, or what's going on, check out the links below!

TK The Architect: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


Better Things Are Built By Legos Release Music Video

Alt-punk band, Better Things Are Built By Legos, have released a playful music video for their newest single, “Stick That In Your Juicebox and Sip It.” 

Better Things Are Built By Legos formed in early 2014 and consist of Brian LaClair and Brad Yandow on vocals and guitar, with Mark Weber on drums, and bassist Quintin Cardinal joined with the band in late 2014. 

The new song plays with the ongoing theme that the band pushes; keep moving forward, never lose hope, make yourself better. 

The lyrics, however important and heavy, are juxtaposed with a lighter tone in the video. LEGO figurine interpretations of the band members are waved around on charming sticks and placed into funny situations. 

Drummer Mark Weber says that "the meaning of the song changed from the beginning. Originally I wrote it as a way to get past some of my personal fears, but as I went through a tough situation in a relationship and it got applied to that song. Just because lyrically it’s somewhat open-ended and you can apply it to whatever bad thing is happening to you and use it. Honestly, any progress you make, any positive thing that happens, any little thing that makes you happy… you can use that as a means to move beyond whatever problem you’re facing." 

Check out the video below!

“Stick That In Your Juciebox and Sip It” is also available on Bandcamp for purchase! 

Better Things Are Built By Legos:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website