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New Music Video From Capsize Kicks Off Tour


After last months release of “Blind,” Capsize quickly followed up with a brand new music video to maintain the hype & kickoff a December tour. The melodic post hardcore band requested the help of producer Matt Good (From First To Last) and gives a glimpse of what's to come from the band.

Check out the hard hitting track & music video below!

Capsize headed out on November 30th to begin The Burn Away Tour in Murrieta, California with Thousand Below and Dead Lakes. It’s a two week long run, mainly staying on the West Coast!

Check out the dates below for a city near you this month!

unnamed (1).jpg

To keep up with Capsize & what they’re up to, check out their social media links below!

Capsize: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Action/Adventure "Parachute" Into Fall

Photography: Kaitlyn Johnston

Photography: Kaitlyn Johnston

Chicago’s very own Action/Adventure are here to turn pop punk upside down & right side up with their melodic, passionate vibe. The band is enjoying themselves after their most recent music video release for their track, “Parachute.”

The five piece premiered the track at ThePunkSit - an anthem to the Creatives in the hustle, and damnit we’re listening. Check out the energetic camaraderie of Action/Adventure in their music video for “Parachute,” down below!

“It's about confronting the unknown," says vocalist Blake Evaristo. "It’s really easy to have fears and doubts that prevent you from reaching your desires and goals; however, it takes real courage to attempt a try amongst all odds. We’re at this point in our lives where the band dream is dwindling, but we’ll be damned if we give up without a fight. We hope the video illustrates that. Shout out to all the cast, crew, and friends that made our first video a reality. We can’t thank them enough. We hope people enjoy the song and dig the video."

If this music video isn’t enough to quench your Action/Adventure thirst, check out their social media down below so you never miss a beat in what these guys have got coming their way!

Action/Adventure: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

America Part Two End The Year With New Music Video

Photo:  Dieter Unrath

After their summer release of EP, Pure, America Part Two are wrapping up their 2017 with a music video to celebrate Pure, and their track 'America Part II.' 

Check out the music video below!

The track is a sentimental, somber piece accompanied by a music video that is full of reminisce and memories. What better way to end 2017 then by looking back, both thoughtful and hopeful at the core of their sound. Definitely check out the video above, and we have America Part Two's social media links down below for your consideration!

America Part Two: Facebook // Website

"Fleeting Foxes" Music Video Out Now From The Foxfires

New York natives and long time Hook favorites, The Foxfires share a brand new music video for their track "Fleeting Foxes."

The track comes off of the most recent album from the band, Reawakening, which we reviewed back in spring and you can check out here! The music video is an ethereal, natural and fun spirited video that celebrates the essence of what The Foxfires achieve to be in their music!

Check it out below!

With sounds stemming from genres like shoegaze, indie pop/rock, and surf rock, The Foxfires are sure to charm you into listening and enjoying their music - and we aren't complaining. We're ready for a music video from our favorite track off of Reawakening, "Winter in California," though!

To keep up with The Foxfires and what they're up to, check out their social media below! Don't miss out on this chill group!

The Foxfires: Facebook // YouTube // Twitter // Instagram

The Big Drops Share New Single "By The Water"

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Time, Color, NJ-based indie group The Big Drops has shared their first single, “By The Water.”

The song was originally premiered through GroundSounds, who said, “It’s a perfect track to get lost in as The Big Drops paint an aural landscape that simulates being transported to a forest on a beautiful day.” That’s certainly enough to get me to listen to it. The song is definitely dreamy, with echoing vocals and enticing, psychedelic instrumentals. 

The Big Drops formed in 2011 when brothers Greg and Vramshabouh Kherlopian decided to go all Walden like Henry David Thoreau and live in a log cabin for three years. Eventually, they found their drummer Caleb Estey and their bassist Steve Donahue in 2015, and now they’re ready to release their first full-length debut in the form of Time, Color. The album is described as “running through a sonic wilderness,” which is already enough to get me interested. Inspired by 1960’s pop music and leaning towards electronic tendencies, founding brother Vramshabouh says, “We feel like our music touches on a variety of different vibes and colors. So we like to think the overall theme of this album is diversity of life.” 

I’m certainly looking forward to this release!

The Big Drops also have a show coming up in Clifton, New Jersey, if you’re in the area and want to get a taste of them live. For now, listen to “By The Water” on SoundCloud, and check out their social media to stay up to date!

the Big Drops: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Youtube

Under Paris Share Music Video For New Single

Metalcore quartet Under Paris release a video for their new single “Revive.” With this new single, they also toured with Ashes of My Regret and Set For Tomorrow. The tour began in Beckley, WV and finished Saginaw, MI!

According to Vocalist Michael Alexander, “Revive’ is more than just a song to us. It’s a new beginning. It’s a fresh start. For me personally it’s about getting a lot of things of my chest and saying what I’ve been thinking and feeling for the past two years. You hear the phrase ‘turning the page’ a lot but this is so much more. This is us closing the book on what we use to be and starting something new. This is us, being honest and being real. This is us moving on, this is us growing. This is our Revive.” 

The band has been going strong since September 2012 beginning with a release of their first single, “If the Drugs Don’t Work, Can You Drive Me Home?” which featured Rene Lopez of Scarlett O’Hara. Their prolific work consists of two singles off of their first EP Our Stories and others off of their full length entitled “Transitions.” The band is very pleased to be signed to Imminence Records and hope to reach a larger audience with this single.

Links to social media are below!

Under Paris: Facebook // Twitter

Butcher Knives Share Music Video

Brooklyn gypsybilly band Butcher Knives have just released a video for “American Dream” off of their debut album entitled Misery

The video was directed and edited by Butcher Knives’ frontman Nacho Segura. It includes footage of the band performing the song, as well as clips of a number of US Immigrants sharing their immigration story, and a dash of old news footage. The mixture works well to deliver a clear message. The ideals of immigrating to the United States are not the same as the realities of that immigration.

This topic is close to Butcher Knives, as they feature a lineup of various cultures, with members coming from Colombia, Israel, New Orleans, New York, and even Morocco. 

Butcher Knives define themselves as “Gypsybilly.” It’s a fitting name, seeing as their influences rain from The Clash, to Johnny Cash, to bluegrass, to flamenco, to psychobilly, and beyond. Their instrumentation may be considered just as eclectic as their inspirations and indeed the band itself. They use a mix of traditional rock instruments (Guitar, Bass, Keys) along with some lesser seen ones (Accordian, Banjo) to great effect.

For more on Butcher Knives, check out their website!

Jaeger Wells Unveil New Video & Make Announcement


Singer/songwriter, Jaeger Wells, shared some big announcements recently!

Earlier in the month of July, Jaeger Wells was thrilled to unveil Fever Dream Anthology: Deluxe Edition which is due out on September 9th! It will feature the original 5 positively charming anthems with his previous release (Fever Dream Anthology, 2015) and a newly developed punchy rock undertone of his original "Boston," acoustic rendition of original "Plans," smooth cover of Justin Timberlake's smash "Can't Stop The Feeling," and powerfully charged acoustic/live studio cover of "Trailer Park Jesus" by Glassjaw to round out the deluxe edition.

The EP features Vic Chan on Drums, Jaeger Wells on Guitar, Robin Macri-Gazza on Piano and Ace Enders on Bass and was also produced and engineered by Ace Enders.

Ace Enders had this to say about recording with Jaeger:  "It was a great experience, it was a nice and cool approach to recording songs and allowed us to use a different vocal technique. This is probably what made the record, which created a vibe-y texture that was different in the album, which allowed the rest of the songs to take shape. This was my favorite part of the entire experience. Not every artist is open to that and I think that's why it came out so cool and it naturally formed the vibe around it." 

Looking forward to it!

Jaeger Wells: Stream

Death Comes Home Releases Music Video

Puerto Rico’s Death Comes Home released their music video for “The Sleepwalker” off upcoming album, Reinvent. The video was directed by guitarist Carlos Rosa and filmed at Music Dorks in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

The title of the album, Reinvent, is very appropriate considering the band's current state. Coming off a three year hiatus, due to departure of vocalist Chance Mize, the band brings on replacement, Emanuel Calderon and the band hope to take their music in new lyrical and instrumental directions.

As far as I can tell, they have. 

Carlos Rosa and the band put melody first in this single, blending clean vocals and screaming that's sure to turn you inside out. Armed with a Punk mind and a Metal fist, "Sleepwalker" strikes you with a steady rhythm as hard as a train.

Check out the video below!

The track is so restless and phenomenal.

I've always liked songs that allow the bass and guitar players space to gallop. These guys won't have a problem gaining followers in the Metalcore community.

Death Comes Home is ready to bring their new direction into the world and I cannot wait. I hope that with this new album comes tour dates with other Metalcore bands like Killswitch Engage.

Please check these guys out!  

Death Comes Home: Facebook // Website // Video 

Meridians Share New EP

The only thing harder than the water in Flint, Michigan, is the city’s metal scene. Whereas Detroit boasts established bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and We Came As Romans, Flint has been gathering its own modest collection of heavy-hitters, including The Hook-Approved, It Lies Within.

Also among these ranks are the up-and-coming genre-defying quintet Meridians. Having formed in 2012, the band was finally given a chance to release a legitimate body of work, aptly titled The EP, on June 24th. However, being the kind up-and-comers that they are, Meridians has also made the entire release available to listen to via YouTube.

Listen to all six tracks below!

The band, which is comprised of Alex McClain on vocals, Austin Stewart and Ryan Laing on guitars, Josh Miller covering drums and vocals, and Deven Trull on bass, has gone through a painstaking process leading up to the release of this stellar and varied material.

Miller expresses the band’s feelings on the subject, "Making this EP into a reality was one of the hardest things we have ever done. It took us nearly 3 years of member changes, gear changes, and all around "starting over" on several occasions to finally end up with something we are all proud to call our own. We just hope our past, present, and future fans will love it as much as we love them. Although this album and the songs it contains holds a myriad of meanings to each of us individually, "The EP" is still something we made with our fans in mind."

Meridians will also be supporting It Lies Within, In Dying Arms, Sea Of Treachery, and more on the Flint date of the Fight The Parasite Tour, which takes place at The Machine Shop on Saturday, July 9th. If you are somehow able to go to Flint for that date, do yourself a favor and catch one of this band’s intense live sets. 

Check out the band across the social-media board, and hopefully they will be able to tour more extensively soon. They will be up to something and you will definitely want to be in the know! As always, stay tuned for more ass-kicking progressive metalcore!

Meridians: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram



From States Away Debut New Video

Photography: Jordan Beschel

Photography: Jordan Beschel

If you’re a fan of the Van’s Warped Tour, you may be familiar with a pop punk band from New York called From States Away!

The band has just completed their second EP, Hypervigilant, which was produced by Chris Piquette, and have also recently shared the first single off the record called, “Fight Or Flight.” 

"'Fight or Flight' is the introduction to the story of 'Hypervigilant'," says vocalist Chris Lauletti. "It depicts the initial journey a person begins to go through when they start to feel anxiety/depression for the first time. We shot the video over a span of two days with Alex Tuttle from Idealist Media Services, who we've worked with in the past. We attempted to capture the energy of our live performances, and utilize time manipulation to communicate the lonely feeling that often comes with the beginning of that initial journey. "

The band formed shortly before winning a Warped Tour battle in Hartford, and their band name alludes to the fact that the members come from a few states away from one another. They have released an energetic video for their new single and are excited to share their newest EP with fans!

Pre-order Hypervigilant here and receive an instant download of "Fight or Flight" now.

From States Away: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

The Tumor Called Maria Release Music Video

Ever since they formed in 2014, Budapest natives/post-hardcore electronica procurers The Tumor Called Marla have been doing things by their terms and theirs alone. As the male-and-female fronted band is becoming more prominent in the states, it has become an opportune time for them to make their mark, and what better way to do that than release a 360-degree, fully viewable music video for their song “Basement Tapes”? 

Hint: there ain’t one!

Off their 2015 EP Trance, “Basement Tapes” comes out the gate with a vibrant vocal tag-team that melds seamlessly with the pummeling, electronics-laden instrumentals, and though it’s very much driven by a liquidy “washed-over” electronica feel, the band bares its claws more and more as the song progresses.

It’s quite the spectacle to witness, and you can do just that right down below!

The Tumor Named Marla consists of András Gerő and Anna Burai on vocals, Geri Kneif on bass, Attila Lauter and Krisztián Farkas on guitar, and Roland Jegyinák on drums. These hard-hitting Hungarians intended to make this video as a way to flip the page on their Trance material. Says vocalist Gerő, “We like to open up to new things, and wanted to close the ’Trance’ era into a final, exciting frame. I feel we did this as it’s still very unique in Hungary to shoot a 360 degree video.” Indeed, 360-degree videos are truthfully still not widely done, especially in as interactive a manner as this. 

It would be advised to follow this band now, as they begin transitions into a new phase of their career, for there will certainly be a lot going on for them in their future. As always, stay tuned for some more exciting electronicore extravagance!

The Tumor Called Maria:  Website // Facebook // Twitter

Well Planned Attack Release New Video

Well Planned Attack, a band from Vicenza, Italy, have recently released a music video for their song “Unbreakable." 

The band came together in 2012 to record their first EP, There’s I in Win (2013), which reached 3rd place on the iTunes alternative charts. In 2014 the band followed with a single called “Milk and Tea," and an EP called A Place To Call Home in 2015.

Their newest single, “Unbreakable” is off their forthcoming debut full length, which has yet to confirm a release date. The music video is reminiscent of the good old drive through record days and you can check it out below! 

Well Planned Attack is also headed on a Canadian tour in August, so check out those dates below!

Well Planned Attack - Canada
08/19 OTTAWA, ON

For more on Well Planned Attack, check out the links below!

Well Planned Attack:  Facebook | Twitter

To Be A King Releases Single

Virginia metalcore outfit To Be A King released their single "New Horizon" back in May, and the single is the second track to be released off of their upcoming EP via Immenence Records. 

To Be A King has origins in 2014, and started out as a deathcore/horrorcore group that quickly rose up the ranks. The band released their debut EP entitled Fear Not, also in 2014, and it featured influences from deathcore and Metalcore, while also incorporating Symphonic Metal as well as a positive message.

The band then hit troubled waters through 2015 that saw a lineup change, as well as a new direction for their sound. The band’s new single, which will appear on their forthcoming EP, showed the band coming out with a more melodic hardcore sound, and a group of solidified musicians ready to pick up where they left off at the end of 2014!

Check out "New Horizon" below!

Vocalist Jonathon Butler had this to say about all of the news: “Best part of this for me is someone will finally hear something I'm a part of. I have been doing music for a long time and never really truly got anything published. Feels good to know someone is going to be listening to something I'm a part of.” 

For more on To Be A King and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

To Be A King: Facebook // Twitter

Pyro, Ohio Release Music Video

Pyro, Ohio hails from Virginia (despite their name) and the band released a kick-ass music video back in April for their track, "The Truest Reflection."

After a successful trek through the midwest on tour with The Apprehended, the guys in Pyro, Ohio were stoked on their new music video off the Andreas Magnusson (Haste The Day, Oh Sleeper, The Black Dahlia Murder) produced Keepsakes that was released back in November.

“The Truest Reflection” is the band’s third single off the critically acclaimed album and the music video is in dedication to the members' parents.

You can check it out below!

Guitarist Stephen Noel had this to say, "To go along with the theme of our latest release, we really wanted this music video to feature a lot of nostalgic imagery – and for us, that came in the form of old toys and VHS tapes, band posters, and fake wood paneling. The storyline of the video echoes Peter’s lyrics for the song; in which he contemplates how important his parents have been in shaping his life, and thanking them for loving him unconditionally."

Check out the video, and for more on Pyro, Ohio check out their links below!

PYRO, OHIOWebsite // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Bandcamp

Amanda Markley Shares New Music Video

Seattle's rising alternative pop starlet Amanda Markley recently dropped her latest self-titled EP on May 6th! The recent release included an emotional, stripped-down version of her former hit track "Cold."

Check it out below!

The hauntingly beautiful piano version, "Cold (Revisited)" highlights the delicate tone of Markley's voice with it's gut wrenching emotional lyrics, which take the listener on a journey through the feeling of loss. The video was directed by Jared Hole and filmed by Noah Martin. Amanda Markley had this to say about the video, "I wanted to record a version of "Cold" that would capture the raw emotion I was feeling and portray that to the listener." 

Amanda Markley has been collaborating with a slew of Washington-based artists on her latest self-titled EP, released May 2016.

The first single, "Jealousy" was released in 2015, sending all proceeds of single downloads to the charitable cause of rescuing homeless animals and finding them homes. The EP features five tracks by the singer/songwriter, including the dance-pop track, "Monster," a stripped down piano version of her hit "Cold," and a brand new track titled "Fire."

Immediately following the release, Markley headed to Nashville to record a set of new tracks with notable singer/songwriter/producer Will Pugh (Cartel), which will be released later this year

For more on Amanda Markley, check out her social media below!

Amanda Markley: Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // Instagram // SoundCloud

Moose Blood Release New Music

UK band, Moose Blood, have released the second single off their forthcoming record Blush, with an incredible music video directed by Lewis Carter to go with it! 

The band came together in the summer of 2012 and consists of Eddy Brewerton, Mark Osborne, Glenn Harvey and Kyle Todd. Their album I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, received high praise and Blush is sure to follow suit, and high in anticipation.

Check out the music video for "Knuckles," below!

Moose Blood will be making an appearance in the US with their headlining tour in July and you can find the tour dates below. Blush is set to be released August 5th via Hopeless Records, and is now available for pre-order.

The music video features a little monster boy and his proud dad, traveling to what seems like a talent show, but you’ll have to watch the video to see what happens next. The band known for their emotional lyrics and quintessential pop-punk energy does not disappoint, and their energy carries through live and over video. 

Moose Blood is also headed out on tour in the US, so check out those tour dates below!

North America Tour Dates:
July 16 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean*
July 17 - Detroit, MI - The Shelter
July 19  - Cleveland, OH - Mahall's
July 20 - Pitt, PA - Smiling Moose
July 21 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall*
July 22 - NYC, NY - The Studio @ Webster Hall
July 23 - Freehold, NJ - Gamechanger World
July 24 - Philadelphia, PA - Foundry
*Venue upgraded due to demand

For more on Moose Blood and what they're up to, check out their social media down below!

Moose Blood: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

The Maytags Premiere New Video

Des Moines retro-soul band The Maytags premiered their "Marry Ya" music video on Culture Collide today. "Marry Ya" is the first single off their debut album Love Lines, out July 1st.

The music accompanies a subtle, black and white video that highlights The Maytags' organic sound. Love Lines is a testament to the band’s hard work on the road and smolders with the intensity of a broken relationship. "We worked our asses off on this," Dustin Smith says. "Me and Tim ... tried to draw a lot of inspiration from the Daptone crew, Stax, and Al Green." The Maytags tracked the whole album to 2 inch tape in less than 30 hours.

The album sees Smith achieving a bit of the latter band's gut-busting, almost-preternatural howling on cathartic opener "Pushing Up Rivers." A three-part "Suite for Green Eyes," written as a whole by Smith and Tim Sanders (sax), inhabits the aftermath of a breakup: bittersweet acceptance, tempestuous reflection, and the lustful confusion of running into an ex once it's all over.

Dustin Smith's lyrics often reference the cultural geography of his hometown Des Moines, Iowa.  If there can be a New South, then there can be a sound that's Midwest Nouveau.

1. Pushing Up Rivers

2. Business Trip

3. Marry Ya

4. Rita

Suite For Green Eyes

5. I - Abused

6. II - Love Lines

7. III - Street Clothes

8. Call Me

9. Problems

The Maytags: Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


Mayberry Release New Lyric Video

Alt-Pop band Mayberry has announced the release of their third EP, Beautiful Mess, due out on July 22! 

In addition to the EP's announcement, they've released their single “Wildfire” through their partnership with PopWrapped. 

Mayberry is Esteban Rodriguez (Vocals), Hector Rodriguez (Bass), Brayden Dillard (Drums), and Andrew Vela (Guitar). They're riding on a wave of success after their first two EPs have received critical acclaim and are excited to be delivering their next release. 

You can listen to “Wildfire” below!

“Wildfire” is equal parts bright, poppy, and sexy, drawing inspiration from the popularity of  media phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey. This is the kind of track meant for that summer playlist. 

Rodriguez said that “Wildfire' is a song I've been eager to release for a while. A song about desire and an intense physical attraction that's so good & addicting, you'll go through any pain & torture to feel it again. It's a very fun & upbeat jam that's perfect for a drive with the music full blast.”

Beautiful Mess EP Art.png

Here is the tracklist for the upcoming Beautiful Mess EP!
1. Wildfire
2. On Top Of The World
3. Say What You Want From Me
4. Don't Be Shy
5. Find My Way
6. Coming Home To You

Make sure you check out Mayberry at their social media links for more info about the EP and any other summer activity!

Mayberry:  Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // Instagram

HEIRSOUND Announce Debut EP

HEIRSOUND, the colorful alternative pop duo of Alexa San Román & Dane Petersen (formerly of Love, Robot) have just announced their upcoming debut EP!

The release is called Merge and it is set to come out on August 5th!

The band has been releasing music videos from the album. Each song represents a color, which represents a theme. The color theme is present in the music videos. You can watch the videos for “My Own” and “Do It Over” right here!

Petersen and San Román formed HEIRSOUND in December of 2014 as the two were moving on from previous musical outlets.

The band has said that “this EP represents to us both the collaboration of two artists from different hometowns, as well as a metaphorical bridge from both of our older bands' previous sounds to what HEIRSOUND is now. As our old bands were more heavily rock-influenced, this EP has both elements of that as well as more electronic sounds letting long-time fans ease into this new sound." 

Keep an eye out for more music videos in the lead-up to the release of Merge. Here is the tracklist, along with the corresponding color theme to each song. 

Merge Tracklist:
1. Choke - RED
2. My Own - BLUE
3. Slow Motion - ORANGE
4. Hoods Up - PURPLE
5. Fell Again - GREEN
6. Do It Over - YELLOW

Here are social media links for HEIRSOUND! Check 'em out!

HEIRSOUND:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram