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Deadfellow Soon To Release New EP

Poster:     Greg Geiger

Poster:  Greg Geiger

Philly artist Deadfellow is anticipating the release of upcoming EP, Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener, this Friday!

The singer is also prepping for an upcoming EP Release show, happening at The Grape Room! Support by the Slomo Sapiens. Also on the bill are The Primaries, The Classic Hunt and The Sly Foxes! RSVP here.

If you haven't already, make sure to visit the Deadfellow page to stay up to date, watch his appearance on WXPN's WXPN Folk Show and look out for a special cover video coming very soon. In the mean time, you can check out the music video for the single "I Dreamed I Lost My Girl" down below (also available on iTunes and Spotify)!

Woke Up Waiting Release Lyric Video

Canadian pop punk trio, Woke Up Waiting, are up-and-comers who are ready to show their explosive sound with the world. Their debut EP, Better Off This Way, is dropping on October 20th. The band has released a lyric video for their lead single, “Best Of Me,” which you can watch right here!

The song is catchy and poppy, and it clearly gives a sample of what to expect from the full EP.

The band's YouTube is fun, as the frequently cover recent pop songs in their own pop punk style. The band isn't afraid to step out of their own material to showcase what they can do. Anything from 5 Seconds of Summer to Justin Beiber to Zayn, Woke Up Waiting can do it.

Make sure to check out the band's social media and stay tuned here at The Hook for more announcements regarding Woke Up Waiting and the release of Better Off This Way towards the end of October. The album will be available on iTunes and Spotify when it comes out!

Check out their social media below!

Woke Up Waiting: Website // Twitter // Facebook

Wild Americans Debut New EP

Montclair NJ based indie-pop trio Wild Americans have just released their brand new 4 track EP, entitled Lighten Up. 

Lighten Up is Wild Americans’ first ever release. It delivers in its promises of a laid back indie vibe. The perfect kind of music for when you want to unwind a little bit. Originally the band had no intention of sharing the music with the world, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Milea elaborates…

“When Mike  and I were still in college, we collaborated on his senior thesis project. The idea was to create original musical content, record it ourselves, and come up with a hypothetical marketing plan for it. We went with a few tunes that he had written, and a couple of mine too. We spent every day of, what felt like a very long and extremely cold winter in our studio space, where we demoed and arranged the material. We showed the project to friends and they were all really encouraging. We picked out our four favorite songs, put a band together, and recorded them live at Portrait Recording Studios, with a few overdubs here and there.”

The record was mastered by Scott Hull, who has worked with Sting, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, and a number of others. 


1. Afternoon
2. Ocean
3. I Wanna Take You Home
4. Loser Freaks





I for one am very glad that Wild Americans chose to put the record out. You can check out the music video to Lighten Up’s lead single “I Wanna Take You Home” right here!

For more on Wild Americans, check out their social media below!

Wild Americans: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp

Boat Race Weekend Announce New EP, Debut New Single

Boat Race Weekend, an emo group out of Spokane, Washington, have just announced the release of their new EP, Throw Your Head to the World! The band is also streaming their debut single, "Broken Teeth", right now!

Boat Race Weekend released their debut album The Talisman back in March of 2015. Since then they’ve received a number of accolades including being featured on Indie Rock Café’s “Best DIY Music of 2015”, and Music Connections “Hot Live and Unsigned Bands of 2015”. 

"It's [“Broken Teeth”] about having the strength and the courage to continue on, to work hard and persevere through the pain with your chin up,"It's about smiling when it seems the world has given you nothing to smile about and knowing that despite whatever you have been through, or done, or seen, you are loved, and a blessing to many." – Evan Kruschke (Guitar, Vocals)

Throw Your Head to the World! will drop on October 14. The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dawson Scholz at Talk Studios in Rathdrum, Idaho. 

1. The Winter
2. Broken Teeth
3. Better Days
4. She, The Ocean





You can also check out Boat Race Weekend live at a few upcoming shows in Washington!

Boat Race Weekend Show Dates:
9.10 @ The Charleston - Bremerton, WA
9.26 @ The Pin - Spokane, WA
10.15 @ The Big Dipper - Spokane, WA

Boat Race Weekend: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Daniel Amedee Shares "Life" Music Video

unnamed (1).png

New Orleans singer and songwriter Daniel Amedee shares the video for his chilling forthcoming single “Life,” a track from his greatly anticipated and forthcoming Life.

Coated in gold, the video places it’s listeners in the heart of the wild and forces them to reconnect with the foundation and essence of their existence. The synthetic repetition of “Hu-Ah-Oh,” a chant that came to Amedee in a dream, over his haunting vocals makes the song both meditating and eerie. 

Life represents the idea of everlasting consciousness and the cyclical nature of existence.

Though Amedee was born and raised in New Orleans, he established himself as an artist and musician in Cork, Ireland after relocating there at the tender age of 18 after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He developed his song writing and production while touring all over England and Ireland as the bassist for popular Cork band Remma of Attack Records. When the band dismantled in 2010, Aemdee relocated again, this time to San Francisco where he began recording his debut solo album Themes… in 2011. Since his relocation, he has put forth three singles and has toured across the United States and Canada. 

Recently, he has performed at the Milwaukee Summerfest, just a fan sampler for his upcoming tour in August and September. Life will be available August 16 through Record Office Records/ Saguna Records. 

8.13.16  Collbran, CO / CO Hemp Fest
8.14.16  Pueblo, CO / The Daily Grind
8.19.16  Wichita, KS / Ryan's House
9.10.16  Monroe, LA / Sal's Saloon
9.14.16  Iowa City, IA / Gabes
9.19.16  Omaha, NE / The Down Under Lounge
9.26.16  Muncie, IN / Be Here Now
9.28.16  Columbus, OH / Space Bar

Follow Daniel Amedee Online: 

Daniel Amedee: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Matthew Stewart Shares New EP

June 29th folk-inspired San Francisco indie singer/songwriter Matthew Stewart released his new EP Sex Was Gold, along with the four-track album of the same name. Opening with Stewart's soft guitar strums, it quickly dives in with the first line: "She listens to love songs to fill the hole in her heart". Shortly after, the main sentiment of the song is established: an emotionless relationship pursued for the sake of great sex, as exemplified by the line "Our love was fire, but our hearts glass". 

The record takes a softer turn with the slow-burning "A Cheating Affair", showcasing Stewart's darker side along with some pretty impressive finger-picking skills. Things get upbeat again with "Electric", the throwback rock-inspired romp about the elation that comes with figuring out exactly where you're supposed to be. Wrapping up the album, "Never Gonna Be Your Man" returns to the somber, as Stewart finds himself abandoned and alone, once again bathed in the turmoil of wanting what he can no longer have. 

Matthew Stewart is an acclaimed performing, touring, writing and recording artist based in San Francisco, California. Having toured North America and Europe at a young age, Matthew Stewart is a veteran performer. Matthew draws from many genres that include Folk, Alternative, Classical, Soul and Spanish music.

Matthew Stewart: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud

Stages Streams New EP In Full

Imminence Records has been supporting some seriously talented up-and-coming bands as of late, including Pennsylvania’s own Perdition and French hardcore hellraisers No Jogging For Today, both of whom were recently covered by The Hook. One of its most recent catches, the Florida metalcore quintet Stages, is letting fans listen to their label debut EP entitled New War.

It can be enjoyed in its entirety right here

On this bite-sized EP, which came out on June 24th, Stages makes an effort to imbue their static brand of metalcore with experimentation, including using electronica to create atmosphere and melody and allowing the guitars to focus on pulverizing the listener with varied, sometimes hardcore-esque riffage.

According to vocalist Aaron Berkshire, the band is very happy to see the EP finally released, as the band waited a long time to release the material in order to ensure a polished final product. It shows throughout, from the tight structure of the songs to the superior production quality. 

Stages also took the opportunity to release a list of tour dates that will bring them around their home state, with a stop in Georgia. The band will be supported by A Dying Breed.

Check out dates below!

unnamed (6).jpg

This band will be busy and busting their asses to bring us prime progressive metalcore tunes, so keep an eye out for new activity. Pick the new EP up at iTunes and MerchNow, and feel free to follow them on their various social media accounts. As always, stay down-tuned for some metalcore mayhem!


Stages: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

From States Away Debut New Video

Photography: Jordan Beschel

Photography: Jordan Beschel

If you’re a fan of the Van’s Warped Tour, you may be familiar with a pop punk band from New York called From States Away!

The band has just completed their second EP, Hypervigilant, which was produced by Chris Piquette, and have also recently shared the first single off the record called, “Fight Or Flight.” 

"'Fight or Flight' is the introduction to the story of 'Hypervigilant'," says vocalist Chris Lauletti. "It depicts the initial journey a person begins to go through when they start to feel anxiety/depression for the first time. We shot the video over a span of two days with Alex Tuttle from Idealist Media Services, who we've worked with in the past. We attempted to capture the energy of our live performances, and utilize time manipulation to communicate the lonely feeling that often comes with the beginning of that initial journey. "

The band formed shortly before winning a Warped Tour battle in Hartford, and their band name alludes to the fact that the members come from a few states away from one another. They have released an energetic video for their new single and are excited to share their newest EP with fans!

Pre-order Hypervigilant here and receive an instant download of "Fight or Flight" now.

From States Away: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

Moon Jellies Announce Summer Tour & EP


Philadelphia psychedelic band, Moon Jellies, share their plans for upcoming Summer tour and a single off their new EP expected for July!

Founded by co-frontmen Eoin Murphy and Kevin Moran, the Moon Jellies established their spacey, hypnotic sound through elements of psychedelic, indie, and funk music. Upon moving to Philadelphia, the two acquired drummer, Derek Sattazahn, and bassist, Kevin Segal, to complete their lineup. In addition to several singles, The Moon Jellies’ released their first record, MOON PHASE 1, in August of 2015. Since then, the band has been compared to dream pop groups like Tame Impala, all the way to “The Beach Boys on Acid”. 

The guys are currently in the process of creating their new EP and expect to release it by July of 2016. Check out their single “Time Frame,” appearing on the upcoming EP. Murphy says “I got the idea (for “Time Frame”) while messing around over winter break from school. The riff just sort of came to me and after I brought it in we just kept collaborating on it.”

If you’re a fan and want to catch the Moon Jellies jam this summer, you’re in luck. They’ve made plans to tour around the U.S in states/cities including Philadelphia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Baltimore. They expect to announce specific venue locations and dates of their shows very, very soon!

To hear more from the Moon Jellies, check out their Facebook and Soundcloud pages and be sure to see them live this summer in a city near you!

The Stolen Announce I'm So Dead Tour With Mike Schiavo

Photography: Felipe Gomez & Kenny Lewis

Photography: Felipe Gomez & Kenny Lewis

The Stolen, a pop-rock band based out of New Jersey consisting of Dom Cuce, Rob Chiarappa, Kevin Smart, and Mike Chiarappa are setting out on the I’m So Dead tour with Mike Schiavo in support of their new record! 

The tour starts July 3rd in Boston and will make it’s way down the east coast. The band's EP, I’m So Dead, premiered on TWIST magazine back in April. The 5 song EP has a heavy 90’s influence while still being modern pop and R&B, and features lead single “Can’t Get Enough”.

If you like bands like The 1975, The Maine, and The Summer Set then you will definitely like The Stolen, with hooks and lyrics sure to get stuck in your head! The band says they wanted to create a record that grooves musically, but also expresses the personal and drastic changes that they had gone through this past year.

This album is drenched in personality while being nostalgic and melancholy all at the same time. You can now stream the EP on TWIST MAGAZINE and check out the music video for “Can’t Get Enough” here!

For more on The Stolen, check out their links below! Tour dates below also!

The Stolen: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Lesley Barth Shares New DIY Music Video

Rising singer/songwriter, and Philadelphia native (now living in New York), Lesley Barth, has released a new single and a charming new music video to go along with it! 

Having spent the last few years in New York honing in on her folk/pop/rock and soulful sound, Lesley was inspired on a recent trip to Silver Falls state park in Portland, where she gained inspiration for her new DIY video. 

“Good For This” is described as a heartfelt piano ballad and Barth says, “It was so green, overwhelmingly vibrant and lively. I think that there’s something related about the setting and the meaning behind that song.” Lesley has partnered with SunCity Paradise to give you this enchanting music video with an accompanying travel profile of her adventure in Portland. 

Check it out below!

After her first album was crowd-funded by her loyal fanbase, Lesley has committed to keeping her honest and personal touch through this new video and is returning to the studio in 2016 to record and release her first full length album!

For more on Lesley, check out her links below!

Lesley Barth:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Wreck & Reference Announce Album

Wreck and Reference, the California duo of Ignat Frege and Felix Skinner, have announced their third LP!

Indifference Rivers Romance End is due out July 22nd through The Flenser, and is a collection of songs about discussing purpose and the lengths a person can go to for their love-life. The album takes a nihilistic stance on these themes, while also creating a sonic landscape of experimental synth noise pop. 

Check out the track-list below!

1. Powders
2. Flight But Not Metaphor
3. Ascend
4. The Clearing
5. Liver
6. Modern Asylum
7. Manifestos
8. Bullwhips
9. Languish
10. Unwant

The dark pop tone of Wreck and Reference has been building over their career as an experimental synth band since their formation in 2011, when they  also released their debut EP, Black Cassette

Their first single, “The Clearing,” is out and available to stream on Soundcloud or Youtube!

The album is available to pre-order now here, and you can keep on their social media for future announcements and new singles!

Wreck and Reference: Facebook

Roots Like Mountains Announce Tour

This summer, Denver metalcore merchants, Roots Like Mountains, will be supporting the infamous experimental post-hardcore stars I Set My Friends On Fire on their return to touring post-hiatus! 

Starting in Rochester, NY on June 21st, the country-spanning tour will manage to hit dates all over the place from the east to the west. Featuring further support from Alive/Alone, the tour will be ending in Indianapolis, IN.

Take a gander at the tour dates below!


Roots Like Mountains will be embarking on tour sooner than you think, though; they are supporting Along Came A Spider on their “Overlooked To Overbooked Tour” which is gonna span the heart of the United States from June 9th to the 19th. Consisting of Nathan Alexander and Matty Wardlaw, as well as touring members Elijah Petty and Jaime Nelson! The band has cited Underoath, Being As An Ocean, and Beartooth amongst their influences. With only one EP and a badass Selena Gomez cover under their belt (all of which are available on their Bandcamp right here), the band is making waves with their musical presence. 

Be sure to check out their social media, and don’t miss this tour! Along with ISMFOF, these boys will be bringing the heat onstage. Come out and support the anger, love, and energy that is Roots Like Mountains.

We promise you won’t regret it!

Roots Like Mountains: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram



One Gone Thus Premiers New Video

LA two-piece One Gone Thus, who play an exhilarating brand of experimental electronic post-hardcore, have put out a new lyric video for their song “Self & Soul!"

A self-proclaimed “studio project,” consisting of guitarist/vocalist/programmer Ryan Sabouhi and guitarist/vocalist Greg Eagle, the band aims through their lyrics to address the message that “all things are impermanent and subject to change”.

Check it out below!

The video comes at the heels of the announcement of their upcoming EP, aptly titled Impermanence, which comes out on June 3rd. It will be available for free on their Bandcamp, which currently holds a 75-cent single called “Porcelain."

Of the EP, Eagle exclaims that it is “comprehensively DIY and we are both extremely proud with what we have made and accomplished thus far. We care about the message that we send because it carries with it an immense weight and responsibility and though it’s obviously meaningful to us, we hope that others will be able to find meaning in it as well.”

Here at The Hook, we're looking forward to hearing what One Gone Thus has in store! The band hopes to bridge a gap between commercial accessibility and creative experimentation as they move forward. The band will strive to create a new and meaningful experience for their listeners, as they value their ability to impress unique ideas upon their captive audience, and they're just getting warmed up.

Check out the band’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with the latest One Gone Thus news and follow them on Soundcloud to hear more of their music as it comes out. Stay tuned!

Nevruary Releases Sophomore Album

unnamed (3).jpg

Nevruary, a Pop-Rock group from Los Angeles, has released their second album, Noegenesis

Since 2013, Nevruary has been delivering stadium style anthems with a relaxed pop rock groove. The first single of their new record was released on April 29th, and you can check it out below along with a stream for the rest of the album! 

"The Runner" is electronic, but also acoustic, relaxed, mesmerizing, and soulful. “This is Nevruary: a band rooted in rock but not limited to the genre.”

Check out the track-list below!

unnamed (2).jpg

1. Jupiter
2. Crest Point
3. Untamed
4. The Runner
5. Alone To Lead
6. No Strings
7. Backslide
8. Steep Faith
9. Distraction
10. Under Microscope
11. In Black and White
12. Unsatisfied

All of Noegenesis is available for listening and stream! You can check back soon for an upcoming tour date announcement!

Nevruary: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Alive & Well Announce Sophomore EP

San Diego, CA pop-punk/rock trio, founding member and trombonist, Matt Vernon, Eric Brozgold, and Mike Mule, collectively known as Alive & Well announced their sophomore EP, From Basements to Beaches! 

The EP is
due for release on June 3rd. Fuck Yeah Pop Punk Raves: "Alive & Well's EP, From Basements to Beaches, embodies so many things I love; music that reminds me of the sunny beaches of California, aggressive riffs where I can feel the members emotions, and lyrics that hit home on so many aspects of my life. What more could you want in a pop punk band?"

The 4 track EP was engineered and mastered by Beau Burchell at The Cottage, and mixed by Alan Douches at West Side Music. This concept album explores the ideas of positivity, determination, and perseverance; focusing primarily on overcoming life’s trials and tribulations. Matt States, “Bad things will happen, you'll have to encounter heartbreak, death, and tragedy and you'll have to move through it." Proving that determination years ago, the group self-produced an EP, The Escapism Sessions.

Matt started playing the trombone at a very young age, and continued to play in college where he learned classical and jazz. Most of his passion to pursue music generated I high school, and it was there where he decided to form Alive & Well. The group went through a few phases and drafts, but after several years, Matt teamed with Mike and Eric to form the group that has such a large following today. They’ve performed alongside musical geniuses such as Light Years, Driver Friendly, Such a Mess, Head North, and A Will Away. 

For music and more information, follow them online!

Alive & Well: Facebook // Website


Super Unison Announces Partnership With Deathwish Inc.

Punk trio Super Unison, from Oakland, CA, have announced that they are teaming up with Deathwish Inc. to release their first full-length debut LP later this year!

Super Unison formed in 2014 and released their self-titled EP last year as a physical vinyl and cassette release. The band consists of bassist and vocalist Meghan O'Neil Pennie (from PUNCH), drummer Justin Renninger (from Snowing), and guitarist Kevin DeFranco. The band is making an impact on the scene for their energetic and frantic live show performances. 

They are currently about to embark on an East Coast tour throughout the month of May, so if you're near one of the stops, make sure to go and check them out. 

May 4 Belchertown, MA @ Cold Spring Hollow
May 5 Lancaster, PA @ Single File
May 6 Richmond, VA @ Sour Haus
May 7 Washington, DC @ 16th St. House
May 8 Philadelphia, PA @ Philamoca

Information about the full-length album is sparse as of right now. We know that the album was recorded this year back in February, and there will be twelve tracks. Make sure to keep an eye out for further announcements. 

Follow Super Unison on Facebook and check out their Bandcamp while you wait for more info! 

The Maytags Announce Debut Album

unnamed (2).jpg

Soft pop-alternative R&B/soul band, The Maytags announces their first debut album, set for distribution for July 1, 2016, Love Lines by releasing the single, “Mary Ya.” The tune take it’s listeners on a bit of a time trip. Their use smooth, synthetic strumming of an acoustic guitar accompanied by mesmerizing vocals atop a slow pulsing percussive bass and drum makes their band’s music a direct reflection of 1950’s boy bands such as Righteous Brothers, The Drifters, and The Temptations. In fact the leading reverberations in “Marry Ya” mirrors most the song “Earth Angel” by classic boy band The Penguins. 

Love Lines explores romance in a signatures, authentic way, exhibiting non-conventional angles of love. Unlike most R&B-soul music, the tunes in this album skips past the “honeymoon,” “head-over-heals” phase of relationships and takes it’s listeners to the aftermath of a break-up. Songs such as “Pushing Up Rivers” and “Suite For Greene Eyes” audibly portrays the mixed emotions of pain, acceptance, reflection, lust, and confusion. Vocalist and lyricist, Dustin Smith states, “Musically we worked our asses off on this….Me and Tim got together for the initial writing sessions and really tried to draw a lot of inspiration from the Daptone crew, Stax, Al Green. Just to name a few.”

Love Lines Track List: 
1. Pushing Up Rivers
2. Business Trip
3. Marry Ya
4. Rita
Suite For Green Eyes
5. I - Abused
6. II - Love Lines
7. III - Street Clothes
8. Call Me
9. Problems

Keep up with them online!

The Maytags: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter


Alive In Barcelona Releases Music Video

Spokane's own Alive In Barcelona just released a music video for “Back To Life”, their latest single! 

The music video features the band, silhouetted against spotlights, performing the heavy, emotional alt-rock track in a darkened room, filled with eerie fog. Check it out below!

Alive In Barcelona's Jesse Barton said that “'Back To Life' is a very personal song to the members of this band. We have all, in very recent times lost important people in our lives, and the pain that comes with loss is not something easily overcome. We hope the listener can find comfort in the lyrics of this song, and that it may inspire them to overcome their struggle.”

The song was co-written by 30 Seconds to Mars' Steve Aiello and the video was direct by Dawson Scholz from Talk Studio. The video is available on iTunes and Youtube! 

Alive In Barcelona is receiving radio airplay in the Pacific Northwest and are getting recognition for this track, so make sure to keep an eye out for more announcements, which we can surely expect. You can check out their site, and follow the links to keep in touch with their updates!

Alive In Barcelona: Website  // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Roanoke Releases New Single

Americana/Folk band Roanoke has released a new single, “Heavy Goodbyes” from their upcoming self-titled LP set for release on May 13th!

This track is a soft and striking duet about a couple's last night together, trying to make the best of things.

Joey Beesley and Taylor Dupuis are the lead guitarists and vocalists for Roanoke, from Nashville, TN. The rest of the band comprises of Zach Nowak on mandolin and vocals, Kyle Breese on drums, banjo, and harmonica, and Jo Cleary on the violin. 

Roanoke has a modern country vibe that captures a spirit of intimate Americana. Their music tells stories that touch upon common themes of going through life, having the whole album being deeply personal and universally relatable. 

Lead singer Taylor Dupuis said this about the single: "Saying goodbye to someone you love is one of the hardest things to do. "Heavy Goodbyes" is a song that captures the bittersweet moment of two people's last night together. I wanted to write something that listeners could relate to. I wanted to write something beautiful and tragic." 

Follow the band on social media and give a listen to “Heavy Goodbyes” here!

Roanoke Tracklisting:
1. Jordan
2. The Light
3. This Love
4. Without You
5. Heavy Goodbyes
6. Interlude/Mountain Man
7. Trouble
8. Losing You
9. Makeup
10. Red and Gold
11. Never Gonna Love Again

Roanoke: Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // SoundCloud