GreyMarket Share New Single

Fresh off of the release of their fourth full-length LP, The Stress Kills, alt-punk electro-pop duo GreyMarket has released “Tied In A New Knot” as a single. This song is indie-pop oriented and is a great example of their dance sound. 

You can listen to “Tied In A New Knot” here!

In recent albums, GreyMarket have been furthering their electronica sound after taking workshop classes at the University of South Flordia. Mike Garguilo and Cave McCoy were interested in the diverse sounds they could produce, making their music cinematic and grander with each release. These two are set to be a big name in power-pop. 

The Stress Kills was released last month. The album features a diverse array of influences that shine together on different flavored tracks. Everything from the more indie-rock “Tied In A New Knot” to more dance-heavy tracks like “Welcome To the Blackout” make it a sure thing that there's something on the album for everybody. 

Here is the tracklist for The Stress Kills:

The Stress Kills Tracklist:
1.    Minutiae
2.    Tied In A New Knot
3.    Airplane
4.    Lunacy
5.    Reality
6.    Don't Let It In
7.    I'm Warning You
8.    Thrown To The Wolf
9.    Welcome To The Blackout
10.    Almost An Always
11.    Malady
12.    Consider Phlebas

Check out GreyMarket at their links below!!

GreyMarket: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

GreyMarket Releases New Album

GreyMarket, a Tampa-based alt-punk electro-pop duo, has released their fourth full-length LP, The Stress Kills.

This album furthers the sound of the band by taking their taste for electronic and heavy beats to the next level by introducing a heavier, punk-based element and a harder edge! The Stress Kills blends equal parts indie, pop/punk, and chiptune-y electro - while also including a bit of abrasive glitch thrown in to make for an incredibly eclectic and intense album from front to back!

Check out the album teaser below!

This all coming from a band formed over a "Bassist Wanted" advertisement put up by Mike Gargiulo that was answered by Cave McCoy. The two bonded over musical interests and eventually developed into an electronic outfit while taking classes at the University of South Florida!

There's bound to be something for everybody on this album and you should definitely give it a listen. You can follow the band on social media for more updates!

Definitely check out the album, and check out this up & coming duo!

GreyMarket: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Soundcloud

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties Release New Track

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties recently released a brand new song from their upcoming EP, Bittersweet.

Bittersweet is due for release on May 20th and will feature three new songs, and the recent new track “Goodbye, Carolina Blues,” is one of them! The song starts soft and somber, and grows in volume and instrumentation as it builds up the emotion. The horn section stands out against the acoustic guitar and banjo sounds in the climax. 

You can listen to the song here!

Dan Campbell, the brains behind the concept of “Aaron West” as a project, continues the storyline of the title character of the band. “This EP serves as a bridge to future full lengths. The songs place a period at the end of We Don’t Have Each Other and open up a new chapter for Aaron to start rebuilding,” Campbell says. 

The EP is available for preorder here!

Check out the EP Tracklist below!

Bittersweet EP Tracklist:
1. '67, Cherry Red
2. Goodbye, Carolina Blues
3. Green Like the G Train, Green Like Sea Foam

Dan Campbell is also taking Aaron West on the road in a tour from May until mid-June, featuring Allison Weiss, Can’t Swim & Cold Collective. We have those tour dates for you right here!

Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties Tour Dates:
May 28—Howell, MI—Bledfest*
May 31—Boston, MA—The Sinclair
June 1—New York, NY—The Studio @ Webster Hall
June 2—Philadelphia, PA—Underground Arts
June 3—Syracuse, NY—The Lost Horizon
June 4—Buffalo, NY—The Studio @ Waiting Room
June 5—Cleveland, OH—Mahall’s
June 7—Chicago, IL—Subterranean
June 8—St. Louis, MO—The Firebird
June 9—Nashville, TN—The End
June 10—Charlotte, NC—Visulite Theatre
June 11—Atlanta, GA—The Masquerade
June 12—Orlando, FL—Backbooth
June 14—San Diego, CA—House of Blues
June 15—Anaheim, CA—Chain Reaction
June 16—Oakland, CA—Oakland Metro House
*Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties only

Fore more on Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, check out their social media below!

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Wreck & Reference Announce Album

Wreck and Reference, the California duo of Ignat Frege and Felix Skinner, have announced their third LP!

Indifference Rivers Romance End is due out July 22nd through The Flenser, and is a collection of songs about discussing purpose and the lengths a person can go to for their love-life. The album takes a nihilistic stance on these themes, while also creating a sonic landscape of experimental synth noise pop. 

Check out the track-list below!

1. Powders
2. Flight But Not Metaphor
3. Ascend
4. The Clearing
5. Liver
6. Modern Asylum
7. Manifestos
8. Bullwhips
9. Languish
10. Unwant

The dark pop tone of Wreck and Reference has been building over their career as an experimental synth band since their formation in 2011, when they  also released their debut EP, Black Cassette

Their first single, “The Clearing,” is out and available to stream on Soundcloud or Youtube!

The album is available to pre-order now here, and you can keep on their social media for future announcements and new singles!

Wreck and Reference: Facebook

Love In October Releases New Album

Rocketing up from the northern mountains of Sweden, pop-rock pair Love in October releases their EP, Love in October III!

Giving the world a gem to compensate for their four years of absence. Given a limited amount of time to work, the boys proved that they work well under pressure by managing their time efficiently and pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Vocalist and guitarist, Erik Widman states, “We decided on a limited setup a month before entering the studio where we were only going to use two guitars, two amps, and this one synth, and nothing else... and we would rely on or songwriting experience to see if we can make some magic happen.” They went into the studio with just ten fragmented concepts emerged with four produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered tunes, an entire EP within the short frame of two weeks. Bassist Kent Widman chimed in with, “We really enjoyed working in this quick and spontaneous format….I think we’ll stick to this kind of recording format in the future as it forces us to be creative on the spot and make quick decisions. It becomes more of a snapshot of where we currently are in our lives."

Though Love in October had remained silent since 2011, their sound is organic and consistent with the stellar quality of their music of the past. The digital drumming grouped with indie rock guitars and synthesizer bass lines mirrors the stylistic choices of electronic band, Eight Bit Tiger, and suggests they may have taken inspiration from them. 

The group originated in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2006. Though members breezed in and out like a wind tunnel, the group started and ended just the Widman bothers, Kent and Erik. They currently reside in Stockholm, Sweden and Chicago, Illinois, and so far has toured both the United States and Canada, released five albums, and have magnetized enough attention to gather features from Spin magazine and Paste magazine. “Love in October III” is the third, but not the last, installment of their self-titled album series. 

Listen to “Love in October” now below!

Follow them online for more music and information!

Love In October: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

As Days Fade Unleash New Music Video

Earlier this month, Queens, NY metalcore outfit As Days Fade came out of hiatus with the announcement of their EP Resurrection, which drops June 3rd. To follow this up, they have released a lyric video for the debut single “I Don’t Want You”. The song has an interesting mood, as though rising from ashes, which is perfect considering the subject matter. Says the band of the single: 

“The main message behind this song is knowing you’re in a bad relationship and having the strength and courage to step out of your comfort zone and say “you aren’t the one for me, you are hurting me and I need you out of my life right now”. Musically, we incorporated both groove orientated/up-beat rhythms to symbolize the euphoric feel of a relationship as well as aggressive breakdown rhythms to emphasize the distraught emotion towards one another.”

The diversified musicality will be appreciated by fans, and if this is any indicator of how the rest of the album is going to be, the band is set to have quite the triumphant release.

Check the video out below!

Since 2008, As Days Fade has been playing a thoughtful brand of metalcore which focuses on darker subject matter and how it is on us to be positive and keep going despite adversity.

Their message and intense live set has resonated with audiences, allowing them to play with prominent genre companions Eyes Set To Kill, Texas In July, and Ice Nine Kills, as well as melodic hardcore masters The Ghost Inside and even Bam Margera. Though they were derailed by the departure of their former drummer in 2014, the band has come back with full force. They are very much the As Days Fade fans fell in love with, now new and improved.

You can check out the band’s last EP, Carpe Noctem, on Spotify and iTunes. Be sure take a look at their merch and to follow the ADF boys in their adventures on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Big things are in the works, stay tuned!

All Your Sisters Announce Album

Photography: Olivia Lee

Photography: Olivia Lee

Weird, surprising, and undefinable darkwave band, All Your Sisters, have announced a new LP!

Uncomfortable Skin is set for release on June 8th, and All Your Sisters recently released a single from the album! "Open Wide" is an interesting track for the band to release - steeped in nostalgia, but entirely contemporary and it seamlessly shifts between genres, yielding a sound that is both brooding and catchy.  

Check out the Soundcloud stream below!

Jordan Morrison, the frontman of All Your Sisters, had a major influence on the dark lyrical content. He says this about this experiences: "I was 19, living in Las Vegas and driving an ambulance. I became a full blown paramedic by the time I was 23. I eventually moved to Reno and worked for a few more years. The job started to wear on me. I saw the worst things you can imagine. People in their worst, most vulnerable states. There was definitely no sign of a god anywhere. I can't un-see a lot of what I saw. These images might be in my head forever. So the feelings from it kind of sneak their way into the lyrics”.

You can check out the track-list for Uncomfortable Skin below!

Track List:
1.  Nothing Is Sacred
2.  Open Wide
3.  Black God
4.  Heater
5.  Loss
6.  Remains
7.  Filled With Waste
8.  Shame
9.  No Hope
10.  Reconcile

Keep an eye out on the band's website for more updates!

All Your Sisters: Facebook

Secret Arcade Releases New Album

Portland's Secret Arcade has released a new album entitled Quarter Century. Indie-pop artist, Secret Arcade is a mix of light and dark synth, inspired by Depeche Mode, Morrisey, and The Cure.

Secret Arcade consist of Babak Govan, and Quarter Century is about the experience of a lifetime of love and loss, in just about a third of a lifetime. The album was meant to cover the topic of Govan's first 25 years of life, but releasing it took quite a bit longer than he expected. He's been working on this album for nineteen years and is just now finally able to release it.

"I’m fortunate in many ways, and have had lots of “I’m that guy” moments, but much loss has come my way," Govan says, "There’s definitely that sense of melancholy and existential crisis over the album. Some say without loss there cannot be love, and so there are some deep love elements there too. Given that I am a clinical psychologist, lyrics reflect psychological struggles and the importance of introspection, vulnerability, and validation."

Secret Arcade has released a single for the album; along with a music video for the song "Fall For Me," which you can check out above!

Quarter Century by Secret Arcade is officially via a self release, so head on over and check it out! You can also keep track of Secret Arcade via social media! Links below!

Secret Arcade: 
Website // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Instagram // YouTube

Van Damsel Releases Debut Album

Pop/Rock act Van Damsel has recently released their self-titled full length album!

The band, consisting of bassist Matthew “Renny” Rennehan, drummer Matthew Barron, guitarist Rich Bregoliss, and singer Sebastien Ste Marie. They've performed with acts such as Tokyo Police Club, Mother Mother, and Yukon Blonde! The group is known for their energetic and electric live performances.

Filled with 80's-influenced synth pop and different styles and tones, Van Damsel has something for everybody! Their singles are memorable and infectious, taking influence from popular bands such as Phoenix, The 1975, and PHASES with their retro sound. This is a band you want to keep your eyes on!

You can check out the Van Damsel track list below!

VAN DAMSEL - Tracklist
1. Foreword
2. Domino
3. Caught
4. Best Of Everything
5. Sophia
6. The 21st Century
7. Circular Symphony
8. Jericho
9. People In The City
10. Post Script
11. Sentences

Van Damsel are supporting this release with a Canadian tour throughout the months of April and May - check those dates below!

Van Damsel On Tour:
April 28 - Saskatoon, SK @ Capitol Music Club
April 29 - Winnipeg, MB @ West End Cultural Centre
May 4 - Sudbury, ON @ The Asylum
May 5 - Toronto, ON @ The Cave
May 6 - Toronto, ON @ Canadian Music Week
May 7 - Montreal, QC @ Hemisphere Gauche
May 12 - Quebec City, QC @ Dagobert
May 14 - Moncton, NB @ Tide and Boar
May 19 - Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
May 20 - Sault Ste Marie, ON @ Loplops
May 27 - Kamloops, BC @ Cactus Jack's
May 28 - Vancouver, BC @ The Media Club

The album is available on Spotify and iTunes for listening!

For more on Van Damsel and what they're up to, we have their links below!

Van Damsel: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud

Oxymorrons Release Remix

Blooming from the crevices of Queen’s concrete, alternate-urban hip-hop and pop pentad K.I., Deee, drummer, Marty Mayz, guitarist, Adam November, and guitarist, Joe Jordan, collectively known as Oxymorrons, afforded the world happy holidaze on 4/20 after debuting “Hello Me” (Colino Fresh Remix) shortly before their show with Waka Flocka Flames at Webster Hall in New York City. The group’s name epitomizes the dynamic of their sound.

The hard delivery of their hip-hop punchlines, ran away or preceded by smooth, synthetic vocals, layering mild loops of the accompanying instrumental, is often interrupted by cacophonous, glorious percussive reverberation. This is most evident in their song, “808 Clap;” Their rap verses ride womanly operatic vocals, the repetition of the phrase “808 Clap,” occasional bass kicks and claps, and at the end of the tune, the heavenly strumming of harp playing overlaying the singing drapes a blanket of flowers over the gravel and grime of their flow. 

Their contrasting artistic style has classified their music as an entire spherical force of its own, rolling them into the direction of success, magnetizing the desire for collaborations from well acclaimed artists such as Travie McCoy, Saba, Marian Hill, Pharrell Williams, and Wynter Gordon. It has also led to band partnerships with companies such as RedBull, Rocawear, Converse, DeadBolt, Karmaloop, and Modify Watches. 

Their all-encompassing, organic modus operandi in “Hello Me” (Colino Fresh Remix) and has set many stages ablaze including those which the band played on alongside Outkast, Gym Class  Heros, Ludacris, and Common. Check out the mesmerizing track in the link below: 

The original, and a song that will be in their upcoming EP, Complex But Basic (anticipated release for later this year by Tommy Boy Entertainment), “Hello Me,” can be purchased on iTunes, or can serve as mood music for their custom online video game on their website!

Upcoming Shows: 
Apr 26 - Knitting Factory - New York, NY (w/Mr. Lif)
Jun 4-5 - Free Press Summer Festival - Houston, TX
**more dates TBA

Keep Up With Oxymorrons by following them online!

Oxymorrons: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Youtube

In Letter Form Releases Single

Bay Area quartet, In Letter Form, treated listeners to a track off of their upcoming release!

"Face In The Crowd," comes off of the group's upcoming album Fracture. Repair. Repeat. and is an exciting single for fans and listeners to experience. The single is a psychedelic, indie purgatory you can get so easily lost into - which is made clearer by In Letter Form's drawn inspiration: Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Imagine post punk and synth pop, which is everything I've been looking for in music lately (let's be real.) But, you don't have to imagine because you can just check out the stream of "Face In The Crowd" below!

The upcoming album will explore the whirlwind of emotions that come with grieving and repairing, which is why the foursome considers their formation a fortunate turn of events, as they were all experiencing heartbreak on some level when they came together!

Indie Minded wrote of In Letter Form, “theirs is that rare, reverential sound that not only makes you want to revisit classic artists, but pushes you to want to know more of the story behind the intriguing new band inspired by them.”

You can check out the track-listing below for the May 20th release of Fracture. Repair. Repeat.

Track List:
1. Face In The Crowd
2. Won't Get The Best Of Me
3. Wait Now
4. Audio Drones; Adagio For Terror
5. Terror (is a State of Mind)
6. High Line
7. Edison's Medicine
8. 111
9. Rain Prelude
10. Reflecting The Rain
11. Mal de Mer


Besides the release of their new album, In Letter Form also has tour dates available, and we highly recommend you go and check this group out! Dates below!

In Letter Form Tour Dates:
5.21 New York, NY @ Pianos
5.28 Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedros
6.4 Mountain View, CA @ Shorline BFD
8.27 Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro Operahouse

Otherwise, you can check out In Letter Form on social media!

In Letter Form: Website // Facebook // Soundcloud

Vo'Devil Stokes Announce Debut Album

Russian Alt-Rockers Vo'Devil Strokes have announced their debut LP, Black Snake. The album is set to be released on June 6th. However, they also released a music video for their single, "Banshee," in anticipation for the upcoming album!

Vo’Devil Stokes includes Dallas Crowley on vocals, Alex Mallovsky on drums, Toli Modestov on guitar, Alex Radchenko on bass and Boris Plaksin on guitar. Vo'Devil Strokes formed in 2012 and released a big EP, Katharos, in 2014 which garnered them success. While Vo'Devil Stokes has played with huge heavy hitters including Emmure, Defiler, Bury Tomorrow, Wildways, Tasters, Upon This Dawning, The Browning, The Ocean, Rise Of The Northstar, War From A Harlots Mouth, Iwrestledabearonce, Devil Sold His Soul, Thy Art Is Murder and has toured with Architects. Lead vocalist Dallas was also a session vocalist for Betraying The Martyrs!

Dallas Crowley, the lead singer of Vo'Devil Strokes had this to say about the announcement: “We are very excited to be able to finally announce our debut full length "Black Snake". We have put a lot of work in the this release and are very excited to see how fans respond. We wanted to give you all something early, so we are releasing our music video for our first single, ‘Banshee’. We hope you enjoy!”

You can check it out below!

For more info on Vo'Devil Stokes, take a peek at their social media!


LIINKS Release Video

Canada bred power duo, LIINKS, grants us a new tune through a compelling, nearly intoxicating music video, now available on Youtube. The song masterfully blends soul, electronic, and R&B into one soothing, catchy ear-worm. The song, like all of their tunes, does what it was intended to: captivate an audience with a romance that embraces tightly before walking away without looking back. Georgia states, "All our songs come from personal experience and this tune is about falling in love with an understanding that nothing lasts forever. Nothing stays easy and we just wanted to write about those love-at -first-site feelings and wanting to hold on to them forever."

In just two years time, alternative R&B-soul singer, Georgia and producer, writer and studio engineer, DWhiz,  has already stepped foot on the road to stardom, signing to The Universal Music Publishing Group! The home of Adele, Future, Demi Levato, Mariah Carey, and many more. 

Mentored by maestro and producer, Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss, Hollywood Vampires), LIINKS has already been charted on Billboard, had presence on radio airwaves and have, has partnered with Dastik and Travis Barker for new classic, “Darkstar,” have shared the stage with noteworthy musicians including Macy Gray, Method Man, and Talib Kweli, and have been titled “Artist of the Year” by Beatport’s Breakthrough

Even prior to their partnership with Ezrin and the solidification of their group, LIINKS, they have been all-stars in the music industry, especially after writing a #1 hit song in South Korea that had created so much of a gravitational pull that it ended up between the sticky fingers of Korea’s most popular singer of the time and had been at the top of the charts for almost a month before the scandal was revealed to the public. They also received a nomination for the ‘Urban Recording of the Year’ at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and had been chosen to perform on CBC’s televised reality show, Cover Me Canada. 

Check out their mesmeric single, “This Feeling,” and their first single, “The Break,” a masterpiece that reached #35 on CHR Billboard and #18 on the Emerging Artist Billboard chart, in the links here & here

Follow their moves and music on their social media below!

LIINKS: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Night Argent Debut EP Before Release

Pop/Rock group Night Argent are releasing their debut self-titled EP in a few days on 4/22/16. The band has been working on this release for years, perfecting the sound that they want to be able to deliver. They have cultivated a pop-driven, power rock sound and are proud to be able to release this collection. 

Night Argent consists of vocalist Chase Manhattan, guitarist Jeff Stachofsky, bassist Evan Taylor, drummer Zac Burrell, and Shane Santanna on keys. The band uses a high-energy, dramatic, cinematic style, similar to popular Top 40 pop groups. They write tight, precise infectious pop melodies with an edge of power rock.

Check out what Shane Santanna had to say about the EP, "Four years we've been working on this EP. Four years spent writing and rewriting, trying to find our sound. So much has been invested in finding a cohesive creative platform that truly expresses both our individual, and our collective natures. The resulting music has granted us so many opportunities we never could've imagined. Including an amazing management company, fantastic publicity team, a partnership with AGI, and the chance to work with the legendary John Feldmann on our next project. We're so proud of what we've built together, and no matter how it's received, we know we gave everything we had to this project, and have no regrets. We're excited to finally share what we've made." has an exclusive stream of the EP available to listen to ahead of the release. The EP is available to pre-order via Apple Music. Physical pre-order bundles are available at the band's website,

Follow these guys on social media to keep up to date with shows, tours, and further upcoming releases!

Night Argent: // Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud  // YouTube

Muscle And Marrow Share New Single

With a dark and foreboding experimental sound, "Black Hole" is the second single off of Love, the upcoming second album from Portland's Muscle And Marrow. Muscle And Marrow formed in 2013 and released their debut album from Belief Mower Records, "The Human Cry", in 2014 to critical acclaim. They recorded this second album last October in Providence, RI. 

"Black Hole" is deep, heavy, operatic, and dramatic. It touches on themes that will be relevant to the overall scope of the album; death, loss, decline, and the love you can give to push through. The album also deals with feminism and the archetypes that surround that topic. 

Kira Clark sings the track with odd and intriguing vocals delivering literary lyrics. She has described this song to be about pain and the internal struggle with loneliness. 

The album is set to be released on May 27th!

Track Listing:
1. My Fear
2. Black Hole
3. Womb
4. The Drooling Mouth
5. Sacs of Teeth
6. Bereft Body
7. Light

For more info on Muscle & Marrow, check out their social media below!

Muscle & Marrow: Facebook // Bandcamp

WRONG Share New Music Video

Last week, the Florida heavy noise rockers WRONG graced listeners with a video for “Mucilage”, the third single from their upcoming self-titled debut album. Set to be released through none other than Relapse Records, located just outside of Philadelphia, the album will be available for purchase on April 29th!

Composed of vocalist/guitarist Eric Hernandez, drummer Brian Hernandez, guitarist Ryan Haft, and bassist Andres Ascanio, WRONG formed in 2014 and released their Stop Giving EP shortly after, establishing their broodingly brutish sound early on.

The single, which has equal parts influence from noise rock greats Unsane and alternative metal titans Helmet, culminates into something that sounds like a sludgier, pissed off, and marginally more misanthropic Clutch. The video is a mash-up of footage depicting the devastating power of the atomic bombs, during and after detonation, imagery which is fittingly paired with the swirling chaos of noise that looms over the song. It’s a torturous two-minute trudge through a tar pit full of nuclear waste; you can practically hear a Geiger counter going ballistic in the background. 

Check it out below!

The other two singles, “Turn In” and “Boil”, have rolled out for your streaming pleasure on Noisey and Metal Sucks, respectively, since the band announced the self-titled album’s release date back on March 1st. The album is up for preorder on Relapse Record’s website, and you can listen to and get the current singles as well as their Stop Giving EP, on their Bandcamp!

Lastly, WRONG announced that they’ll be embarking on a country-wide tour from June 5th to July 3rd in support of the album. If you’re interested in seeing them, come out to one of the shows listed below!

WRONG, Tour Dates:
June 5 Boston, MA @ The Sinclair *
June 7 Toronto, ON @ Lee’s *
June 8 Detroit, MI @ El Club *
June 9 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class *
June 10 Chicago, IL @ Sub T *
June 11 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock *
June 12 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown *
June 14 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater *
June 15 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court *
June 16 Boise, ID @ Neurolux *
June 17 Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern *
June 19 Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios *
June 21 San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s *
June 22 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar *
June 23 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo *
June 24 Phoenix, AZ @ Yucca *
June 25 Albuquerque, NM @ Sister Bar *
June 27 McAllen, TX @ Yerba Cultura *
June 28 Austin, TX @ Sidewinder *
July 2 Tampa, FL @ Local 662 *
July 3 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth *
 * w/ NOTHING, Culture Abuse

If you’re interested in staying up to date in all things WRONG, feel free to follow them on Facebook and Instagram

As Days Fade Announce EP

Queens, NY metalcore quintet As Days Fade has come back from a year and a half long hiatus in prime form, officially announcing the arrival of their new EP, Ressurection. This comes on the heels of a preview clip the band released on March 21, featuring a hashtag with title of the release, amongst other hints. The EP, due out on June 3, will mark the band’s first release since their 2013 Carpe Noctem EP, which garnered them a considerable buzz in the metal community for incorporating infectious melodies and rock-esque power chords into the mosh-worthy mix without sacrificing any of its incredibly beefy bite.

This time around, As Days Fade have a vision they are hoping to convey. The band views this as a fresh start, elaborating on the subject: "This release is titled 'Resurrection' because it's the band's awakening after a year or so hiatus from losing our old drummer. Him quitting the band was a shock to us. Some of these songs on this release were either in the process of being written when he was around or after he left, and the 3 of us worked on new and old riffs, not really knowing if these songs were to see the light of day. We became more passionate and interested as the songs started to come together more and more. As they did, Chris and Rush joined the band to complete these 4 songs to what they are today. So henceforth, 'Resurrection' represents a new day, a new chapter, a new era to the band As Days Fade."

Resurrection track list:

  1. I Don’t Want You
  2. Resurrection
  3. Taking Over Me
  4. Requiem

With this kind of game plan for the future, it’s hard to think that anything will stop the reinvigorated metalcore band, which consists of vocalist/guitarist Blake Thomas, guitarists Tony Brienza and Brendon Rush, bassist Anthony Augusta, and drummer Chris Barenz. Having formed in 2008, it was clear that As Days Fade made a wise choice in letting their sound progress along with them. Not that their brand of melodic metalcore wasn’t cutting it; the band has only put out solid music since its conception. As if their tunes didn’t reflect just how driven and passionate they are, listeners will soon be able to witness their notoriously crowd-pleasing, theatrics-heavy live sets which got them on stages with the likes of Eyes Set To Kill, The Ghost Inside, and Texas In July, amongst others. Based on these results, you can tell they’re doing something right! 

To keep up with this band’s progress, one can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and be sure to pick up their prior releases on their Bandcamp if you dig what these Big Apple boys have got to offer!

Creepers Release New Song

Creepers, the San Francisco Bay psychedelic post-rock band formed in 2010 by Shiv Mehra and Daniel Tracy of Deafheaven, just released a new single today! Not only did the the band, which includes guitarist Chris Natividad (Golden Drugs, Useless Eaters), bassist Andrew Oswald (Recorded Fell Voices, Ash Borer, Black Spiritual, +more), and synth/electronics expert Ross Peacock (Mwahaha, Clipd Beaks), release the superb single, but they also announced tour dates to boot!
The tour will bring them to venues around the northern East Coast, and they will be playing dates with the bands No Joy, Sad Actors, and PC Worship, to name a few. You can see the full list of dates below:

Creepers tour dates: 
4.30 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ No Joy, Cool Angels
5.1 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ No Joy, Sad Actor
5.2 Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint w/ tba
5.3 Allentown, PA @ The Alternative Gallery w/ Planning for Burial
5.4 Pawtucket, RI @ Machines with Magnets w/ Twin Foxes, Snowplows
5.5 Jamaica Plain, MA @ Deep Thoughts w/ New England Patriots, PC Worship
5.6 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Bar

As we said earlier, these tour dates were released along with a song, entitled “Lost”. It stands alone, having not been released with their debut LP Lush, but it does so effectively. Clocking in at just over seven minutes, the single adventurously leads the listener through different realms of existence, breaking down and building back up with increased vigor at each turn, returning to the opening passage at the half-way point just before climbing into a glorious, phase-laden jam-out just as the time passes five minutes.

Given that the band’s Facebook page labels their genre as “drug visions”, the structure of the song makes sense: the way in which the it goes through waves of heightening intensity and then comes back down, eventually ending as gently as it begins, is similar to how people experience psychedelics. This feeling is aided by the enigmatic nature of the chords they make use of, as well as the reverb-laden vocals, which float through the song as though to sooth the listener on their journey through the song. 

Will this single precede another official release? That remains to be seen. Their LP, Lush, which was released on October 28, 2014, is available for stream here for those who were left craving more. “Lost” feels a more matured effort than a majority of the album, but it definitely proves an interesting listen.

Keep up with Creepers on their Facebook, and check out All Black Recording Company, who the band releases their music through, for more intriguing up-and-coming acts.

Whosah Premier Music Video

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Indiana grown indie-pop group, Whosah just recently dropped their sophomore EP, Work, last month! The EP was met with rave reviews, and in support of Work, Whosah release a brand new music video last week for their leading track, "Ghost Towns."

The video contrasts between frontman Spencer Grimes vocals on the track's upbeat, danceable tune compared to a picture of a desolate, isolated world amidst familiar settings. Whosah had this to say about the concept behind the video: "We wanted to capture the live, high energy feel of our performance but in a introspective, contained way. We really wanted the video to feel like a journey, an adventure in another world in which we're traveling --longing to find life but only finding empty spaces. For this video we wanted to contrast the literal nature of our moving picture for the rest of the record. The imagery in this song plays between an office space and an old ghost town, so we wanted the video to leave a little more space for the viewers to have their own creativity and connect with their own reality."

Check out the video below!

For more info on Whosah, check out their social media below!

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