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New Music Video Wraps Up Story Untold's Year

With the most recent release of their album Waves, Story Untold has been busy keeping up the hype as time continues forward.

They begin December with a brand new music video for “Chasing Feelings.” The black & white music video lends itself perfectly to this somber track, full of emotion and heart, as they usually are.

We’ve got the music video down below for you, so check it out!

Earlier this year, Story Untold also shared the Waves (Acoustic Sessions). The songs are taken from Waves, which was released on February 2nd of this year. Currently, they are on a tour throughout Canada, with Selfish Things. Early next year, they will kick off a North American tour with Makeout, Handguns, and Oh, Weatherly.

For a full list of dates, please see below.

Upcoming tour dates:

December 5 - Windsor, Canada @ Phog Lounge

December 6 - London, Canada @ Rum Runners

December 7 - Hamilton, Canada @ Absinthe

DecemBER 8 - Toronto, Canada @ Adelaide Hall

w/ Makeout, Handguns & Oh, Weatherly

January 11 - Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry

January 12 - Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge

January 13 - Detroit, MI @ The Shelter

January 15 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose

January 17 - New York, NY @ Knitting Factory

January 18 - Boston, MA @ Once Ballroom

January 19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge

To follow Story Untold & what they’re up to, check out their social media links down below!

Story Untold: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Action/Adventure "Parachute" Into Fall

Photography: Kaitlyn Johnston

Photography: Kaitlyn Johnston

Chicago’s very own Action/Adventure are here to turn pop punk upside down & right side up with their melodic, passionate vibe. The band is enjoying themselves after their most recent music video release for their track, “Parachute.”

The five piece premiered the track at ThePunkSit - an anthem to the Creatives in the hustle, and damnit we’re listening. Check out the energetic camaraderie of Action/Adventure in their music video for “Parachute,” down below!

“It's about confronting the unknown," says vocalist Blake Evaristo. "It’s really easy to have fears and doubts that prevent you from reaching your desires and goals; however, it takes real courage to attempt a try amongst all odds. We’re at this point in our lives where the band dream is dwindling, but we’ll be damned if we give up without a fight. We hope the video illustrates that. Shout out to all the cast, crew, and friends that made our first video a reality. We can’t thank them enough. We hope people enjoy the song and dig the video."

If this music video isn’t enough to quench your Action/Adventure thirst, check out their social media down below so you never miss a beat in what these guys have got coming their way!

Action/Adventure: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Secret Nudist Friends Start Off 2018 With 'Lima Beans'


Secret Nudist Friends jump started their 2018 with a brand new music video to accompany their track "Lima Beans," and we can't share it enough with you!

One of the hardest working Philadelphia DIY bands encompasses all areas of DIY that we love, and their music video doesn't fall short in that area at all. With that do it yourself mentality, and sheer musicianship, it's not hard for Secret Nudist Friends to succeed - and we're here to share that with them!

Check out "Lima Beans" below!

Their fun loving nature and good vibes radiate out of this music video. Set in the infamous Tralfamadore, Secret Nudist Friends are playing to a host of artists (or maybe people who just like looking at it) and the video moves between images of the band playing (live!!!), newest member Missy, and spectators surrounded by Philadelphia basement aesthetic. 

Leave it to SNF to give us exactly what we want!

Keep up with Secret Nudist Friends in the future, the band is playing Johnny Brenda's on February 6th, so you can catch a live performance of "Lima Beans" and support a great band! Otherwise, check out their social media down below!

Secret Nudist Friends: Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter // YouTube

Catch Up On Rich People's Latest Music Video

unnamed (4).jpg

Did you miss Rich People's latest release & music video? Well, let's bring you up to speed then. Earlier this month, Philly/Jersey band Rich People shared a brand new music video for their track 'Back Step,' another emotional song from the band - one you're sure to fall in love with.

Check out the video below!

Lead singer Rob had this to say, 'The lyrics are from the perspective of a very self-involved musician who is often so wrapped up in their own writing and playing that they forget to maintain relationships. The attitude of being better-than and isolating from others starts with the first words. “I always start to finish just before you start to come up” refers to the narrator’s struggle with seeing others as lazy and incompetent at times and by the conclusion of the second verse his cool indifference has amassed and been distilled into the statement “Love is cool, Love is fine, Love is wondering if I have the time”. The truth is that the writer is just lazy and incompetent in matters of interpersonal relationships and humility.

It’s hard for like minds like mine to set aside some together time when our passions call for so much solitude. The farther we pull apart, the more the threads seem to pull and leave us exposed and threadbare. There’s a balance between our commitment to the things that make us interesting and attractive to others, and our need to spend ourselves on each other. I haven’t found that balance but I will continue to write about my efforts and make pretty visuals with my friends to further express what I am feeling.'

This one really hit home for us, honestly. The unraveling of the track matches the unraveling of the video, of the way we feel even. We've been a fan of Rich People for a little while now, and while their tracks our always succeeding in connecting with listeners on a deeper level, 'Back Step' is a really poignant track to end the year with, so definitely check it out above.

As always we've got their social media down below if you wanna check out more!

Rich People: Website // Facebook

New Music Video Out Now From Amanda Jayne


Hailing from Long Island, NY Amanda Jayne has been bringing the energetic, emotional touch to her music since her debut album back in 2016. To wrap up 2017, however, Jayne has shared the second part to her first music video, 'Bruising.'

'Bruising Pt. II' video was filmed inside the Pollock-Krasner House in East Hampton, NY: the home to artists Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner. As the music and meaning converge, this historic landmark becomes the space that Jayne and her characters inhabit. In addition, the video was shot in one continuous take.

Check out the video below!

“This song and video are extremely personal to me,” says Jayne. “I am creating from
experience. Every detail you hear in ‘Bruising’ is accurate to the situation I was in. Making
this song has been a cathartic experience, and I’m glad I got to rework it to highlight the
themes and attract the listener even more.”

Check out the video up above, and if you dig it, check out Jayne's social media down below to keep up with what she's got in store for the new year!

Amanda Jayne: iTunes  // Spotify  // SoundCloud  // Bandcamp

New Music Video From Lionheart Out Now

California heavy hardcore band Lionheart are celebrating a new music video for their new single "Still Bitter Still Cold." The track comes from the band's upcoming album Welcome To The West Coast II and premiered with Kerrang! Magazine.

Check out the music video below!

"The song title and lyrics are a continuation/tie-in to some of our older material," says vocalist Rob Watson. "The mid-tempo groove is heavy, dark, and helps tell the story perfectly. This is one of our favorite tracks on the new album and one we really look forward to playing live."

Welcome To The West Coast II marks the band's return after they announced their departure last year. The title of the record is a continuation to one of their most acclaimed albums that brought forth a new era in California hardcore.

To keep up with Lionheart check out their social media below!

Lionheart: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Album Announcement Comes From Roam Along With New Single


ROAM has officially announced they are releasing their second album titled Great Heights & Nosedives on October 13th, 2017 via Hopeless Records. The first single from the album, "Playing Fiction", premiered in the UK on BBC's Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter and can now be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

Check out the music video for it below!

Alex Adam (Guitar / Vocals) explains the thinking behind the track, "Playing Fiction is really a song about pretending, and the realization that things aren't always how they seem. Maybe you're pretending you're ok, saying nothing's wrong when it actually is, or, as is the case in Playing Fiction, you're pretending a relationship hasn't run its course when it has.

The video for the song centers around myself and Costello walking through a town with strange scenes appearing as the day progresses. It all builds towards our realization that we're stuck in a fairytale daydream, and we end up being a part of the fantastical world. It was a lot of fun to shoot with all our friends and some cheeky special extras in various costumes. We'll let you guess as to their identities..."

The album is now available for pre-order through the band's site, or on iTunes with an instant grat download of "Playing Fiction" here.  

Sun Kin Share 'Under Standing Waves' With Listener

After a premiere on Impose Magazine, Oakland's Sun Kin is sharing "Under Standing Waves" with listeners everywhere. The project consists of Kabir Kumar (lead vox, guitar) along with Kevin Lehner (guitar), Phil Di Leo (keys and guitar), Nick Blossom (drums), and Bryan Lovett (bass), and eccentuates an electrifying post-pop sound that fits right in with this new music renaissance we're experiencing. 

Check out the single below!

While the song was being written, Kabir’s Nani (maternal grandmother) passed away suddenly from a stroke, and the song feels lit with her vivid passion and pride for making her loved ones feel loved, even thousands of miles away. "Under Standing Waves" follows and is paired with Sun Ray's recently released single, "Bijak."

To keep up with Sun Kin, check out their social media below!

Sun Kin: Facebook

Exclusive Premiere: Two Brand New Tracks From Maitri

Brooklyn's own Maitri have teamed up with The Hook to exclusively premiere the release of two brand new tracks, "Today" and "Flying Stars." 

Created in Brooklyn, NY, Maitri describes themselves as a "new sound that reflects modern day struggle and offers hope for a better reality. With the release of Today/Flying Stars, gospel returns to Africa through delay pedals and arpeggiators and country-western meets outer space."

"Today" and "Flying Stars" are the first of a collection of songs that will make up the full-length album, After Glow, anticipated for release this fall. Check them both out exclusively streaming below thanks to Soundcloud!

Translated from Sanskrit, Maitri (”my tree”) is an unconditional friendship and acceptance of yourself that extends outward to the world. This group was formed by Caroline Davis (voice/woodwinds) to embrace both the hardship and ecstasy of life through song, and it is now a collective songwriting outlet for both herself and Ben Hoffmann (voice/keyboards).

Featuring driving keyboards and a powerful rhythm section led by Sam Weber (bass) and Jay Sawyer (drums), Maitri incorporates a heavy dose of soul and R&B, while also drawing upon indie influences. The band self describes their music as "a unique sound in the Brooklyn musical landscape, Maitri is the soundtrack for the inevitable ushering in of the new world order."

The two tracks are the predecessors for After Glow, and are sure to fire up listeners for what sounds like is going to be a really exciting and innovative release. In the meantime, check out Maitri's social media so you never miss an update!

Maitri: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Exclusive Premiere: Goodfight Share New Music Video

Anticipating their upcoming East Coast tour, power-pop duo Goodfight is celebrating with a brand new track and music video for listeners! "Lucy" is a trippy, funky little video sure to make you fall in love if you aren't already!

Check out "Lucy" below!

Based in Brooklyn, New York City, Goodfight are cooing songs for both the lovers and the broken hearted. Andrew Forman and Annique Monet float as the yin-yang of young love with their pastel melodies and goosebump anthems. The duo are on a self organized east coast tour from July 14-28, Goodfight is spreading the band's gospel and song before their debut EP's fall release. 

On July 14th you can catch Goodfight at The Hook's July Showcase, so you definitely don't want to miss out on that, and their kickoff to tour as well - so you're in for a treat!

To keep up with Goodfight, check out their social media so you don't miss a moment!

Goodfight: Website // Facebook

Playing To Vapors' Live Music Video Celebrates Debut Album Release

Photographer: Brennan Kurfees

Photographer: Brennan Kurfees

Five-piece indie-pop band Playing To Vapors is celebrating the release of their debut album, Shred The Master Design, with an awesome live music video for the album’s title song. Along with that, the full stream of Shred The Master Design is now available here, accessible to all fans.

Check out the video below!

Playing To Vapors hails from Columbus, Ohio, and their sound is described as “sonic ambience.” With a description like that, they’ve gotta be worth a listen.

Before Shred The Master Design, Playing To Vapors released two other EP’s and a series of singles, and they’re excited to unleash their first official full-length album on the world. The band’s vocalist Lucas Harris had a few words to say about the album: “We sought to throw out many of the practices we’d used in the past to make a record (hence the title). It was the first album we’d recorded to tape, many of the decisions were made in the moment, and songs were literally crafted as we were tracking them.”

Shred The Master Design captures the raw aesthetic and powerful musicality of Playing To Vapors’s live shows and performances. They took inspiration from live shows they’d done in the past and brought that energy to the recording studio, and it can be seen in the live music video for “Shred The Master Design.”

Check it out, and stream the full album now!

Playing To Vapors: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

New Music Video From Lakeshore Out Now

Connecticut-based rock band Lakeshore, formed by Emmure founders/brothers Ben and Joe Lionetti, recently announced details for their debut EP, 41 (out 8/4/17 via Outerloop Records).

The band recently partnered with Alternative Press to premiere the official music video for their newest single off the EP,  "Future." The video is a call-to-arms of sorts, penning the line "we are the future" along with stunning imagery of the marches and political climate of the year.

Check it out below!

This is what Ben Lionetti had to say about the video: "In a time where the world seems so divided and our generation's words sometimes seem to fall on deaf ears, we wanted to touch on subjects that we feel strongly about as well as provide a positive message. Regardless of race, gender, political view the bottom line is we are all here now, we are all human beings with dreams and aspirations and the decisions we make now directly affect the future of our world. It may sound cliche but it's very true. It's a message that means a lot to the band and something that came about very  naturally from writing to filming - Thank you to our friends around the world who helped us with the video we had a lot of fun making it and we hope you enjoy it!"

For more on Lakeshore, and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Lakeshore: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube

Night Auditor's Animated Music Video Will Blow Your Mind

unnamed (5).jpg

Single "Higher," from Night Auditor's forthcoming debut, Soul Junk LP, has one kickass music video you don't want to miss. "Higher" was previously released as a 7", the Drugz EP, by Folktale Records in 2016, but is now being re-released on the upcoming LP!

Check out the funky, groovy animated music video below!

This is definitely a jam you don't want to miss!

For more on Night Auditor, check out the video above and check out their social media below to stay up to date on any news or upcoming releases!

Night Auditor: Facebook // Bandcamp

Fathom Farewell Release Their New Video Take This World

Fathom Farewell is a rock ‘n roll/blues-core band based out of Worcester, Massachusetts, and they have just released the music video for their song “Take This World” off their new EP, Decomposition.

Check it out below!

The band had a little something to say about the video, “We put a whole lot of time into this song and video combined. Fathom Farewell was a somewhat different band when we initially recorded the song, yet throughout the process of building this work we have the pleasure of presenting to you today, we have grown into something that we believe will make a difference for people craving a response to the environment in which we currently reside. Our aim with this video is to let people know that we are all in this together, we all suffer, we all crave the next step or something that can truly satisfy whatever gap may be left inside of us, and we all inevitably struggle together.”
That last sentence really gets me. “We all crave something that can truly satisfy whatever gap may be left inside of us.” We all want something to fill the void. At least I know I do. And sometimes the best way to fill that void is with music.

You can listen to “Take This World” and watch the video through the link. Fathom Farewell also has a couple of live shows coming up, so be sure to follow them on social media for updates. 

Fathom Farewell: Facebook

The Bandicoots Share "Dead End Street"


In anticipation of their July 23rd release, Zolly, The Bandicoots have shared with listeners a brand new EP, "Dead End Street." Impose Magazine premiered the track, and the band says they may have had a music video for it, but decided to hold off!

Check out "Dead End Street" streaming below!

According to the band, this was their process on the new single, "When I’m writing songs, I usually find myself hiding behind the words as often as possible. I’ll pile on as many metaphors I can so that when I eventually get up to sing them in front of people, the ones I’m singing about might not realize its about them. With this tune though, I basically said fuck it and tried to be as clear as I could. Doing that kind of helped me smooth out the edges of the thing I was dealing with, since I was forcing myself to stare straight at it."

For more on The Bandicoots and their psychadelic sound, check out their social media below!

The Bandicoots: Website // Facebook

"You Fell From Me" Music Video Out Now From Children's Books

Photography: Ben Wainwright

Photography: Ben Wainwright

Philadelphia based band, Children's Books, has been busy creating new, exciting content that we're excited to share with you! 

Out now from the alt-rock, 90's inspired trio is their latest music video and brand new single, "You Fell From Me." The group is comprised of Kyle Bosler (guitar), Jon Wojcik (bass), and Ramon Gadea (drums/vocals). "You Fell From Me" was released on June 2nd officially on all streaming platforms. Children's Books recorded the track at Philly Sound Studios with Tom Conran (Cllctyrslf, Pelican Audio) and Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Algernon Cadwallader, Joyce Manor) as producers for the track.

Check out the video below!

The video is a fun, clear new way for Children's Books to express themselves, and here at The Hook we're all about it! Check out the video above, and then check out Children's Books social media to stay up to date with whatever they're up to next!

Children's Books: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Bandcamp

"Make Believe" Music Video Out Now From Royal Street


Funky pop/rock band Royal Street is back with a fresh new music video for the brand new single, “Make Believe.” The single, which serves as the lead for their upcoming LP “Flavors” (out next week, 6/7/17), is a catchy, groovy track that highlights lead vocalist Viana Newton’s bluesy chops. Although simplistic, the video captures the raw essence of Royal Street; fun, energetic, and full of zest. 

Check it out below!

About the song, the band states, ““Make Believe” is the closest thing to a ballad on the album, and it always evokes a strong reaction from fans at live shows. The slow burning introduction sets up the story of a yearning, a desire for a love that never was and may never will be. The song is an emotional one for the band, and one that we hope is open-ended enough people can interpret in their own way and make their own connection with, because that’s what we think making music is all about.”

Check out the funky video above, and to stay connected with Royal Street, visit their social media links below!

Royal Street: Facebook

Alex Bent + the Emptiness Share 'Vanilla Blue'

Canadian singer/songwriter Alex Bent + the Emptiness have recently released a brand new track in preparation for a future LP release!

The track is a smooth, R&B inspired track perfect for the coming summer months. Check out the music video for it below!

Alex Bent explains, "I decided on the title “Vanilla Blue” several months before I started writing the song. It originally came to me as a description of my appearance, but after running the name by several friends I realized that those two words could be interpreted in many different ways. One friend interpreted the title to mean "a sweet kind of sadness" and it stuck with me. I started working on the song shortly thereafter and wrote it with that meaning in mind."

"Vanilla Blue" takes a step back from the typical for Alex Bent, and we'd say it's a nice change of pace! Check out Alex Bent + the Emptiness' social media links below to stay up to date!

Alex Bent + the Emptiness: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud

Honey Shares New Single From Forthcoming EP

unnamed (4).jpg

In anticipation of their upcoming EP, Mock Pop, Pittsburgh trio Honey are streaming their newest single "Drag Dealer" to hype it up! Mock Pop, the group's debut on Wild Kindness Records, combines dreamy guitars, slick songwriting, catchy melodies, and a punk rock sensibility. 

Check out "Drag Dealer" below!

Mock Pop was written while the group was spread out through Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and serves as a cohesive piece of music that will be the "soundtrack to your summer." The record was tracked in a desolate cabin in Virginia, and mixed at Mr. Smalls Recording Studio!

Definitely stay tuned with Honey for their upcoming June 30th release, and in the meantime stream "Drag Dealer" above or on the band's bandcamp.

Check back with The Hook for our review of the EP soon!

Honey: Facebook

Lane Change Share New Music Video

unnamed (1).jpg

Rock inspired quartet and Phoenix, AZ based group Lane Change have released the official music video for "Floodwater." Directed by RedBlackFilms, "Floodwater" is off of their recent four track EP, RISE.

Check out the video below!

Lizzie Shafer (Bass and Vocals) had this to say, "Even to the four of us in Lane Change, "Floodwater" means something different each time we play it. We really wanted to write a song that reflected everything we saw going on in the world, but didn't want tell the listener how to feel. In the concept for the video, we set out to capture the energy and message of the song visually to compliment the sonic element. We really wanted the ending to leave the viewer feeling a positive emotion no matter what the song and video meant to them.. We tried to focus on the live performance aspect while adding in a minimal, but yet emotional story line. We couldn't be more excited with the way it all came together!"

To keep up with Lane Change, and their upcoming release, check out their social media links below!

Lane Change: Facebook // Twitter